Images From Hong Kong

Images From Hong Kong.

Zen And The Art of Making Money

Zen and the art of making money presents: Zen And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance & Power of Now.

Behind the Great Chinese Firewall

We are behind the Great Chinese Firewall and continue blogging later when leaving the country. Nothing seems to work here. See you!

Impressions of the Philippines

Impressions of the Philippines including weather and beaches, getting there and around, dangers and annoyances.

Kampung Life on Borneo, Malaysia

Kampung life in a chinese-run Takuli chili farm on Borneo, Malaysia. We spent four months in a farm in the middle of nowhere enjoying immensely peace, quiet, the lack of internet, our own compost, washing with rainwater, and the local laid-back rhythm of life.

Fancy Brunei

Making a visa-run from Sabah in Malaysian Borneo to fancy Brunei. Tiny Brunei is extremely friendly for visitors. During our short trip, many people came spontaneously to talk with us, cars stopped politely for us pedestrians, and in the market we got a bunch of bananas as a welcome gift.

Built-In Failure

Have you ever wondered why people buy so much medicines? Or why there are always more problems than solutions?

Impressions of Travelling by 3rd Class Train in Thailand

We recommend the third class with wooden seats for more cultural experience. Video impressions of travelling by train in Thailand.

Monkey Temple in Prachuap Khiri Khan

Watch a video of our visit to monkey temple in Prachuap Khiri Khan, Thailand.

Truth Today: A Red Shirt Demonstration in Bangkok

Bangkok was in chaos because of "Truth Today" demonstration by the Red Shirts who oppose the dictator and army.