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Finn-Savotta Challenge: The Conclusion

We have been travelling more than five years with our new Finn-Savotta backpacks, Savotta LJK12 and Savotta 906, in dozens of countries all over the world . The backpacks are still in one piece and in usable condition. There are some scratches and bumps in the aluminium structure and the fabric has worn out a bit here and there but nothing major. On the other hand, there were some minor usability challenges.

San Marino and Malta, Visiting Microstates

We were missing three microstates in Europe on our travel bucketlist and decided to fix the situation by visiting two of them: San Marino and Malta.

15 years on the road and our 100th country: Azerbaidjan

It's been 15 years since we left Finland to wander the world. Azerbaidjan became our 100th country as we visited Baku, which is within a short train trip from Georgia.

15th Wedding Anniversary: broccoli, boobs and dolphins

Photos of Päivi & Santeri's 15th wedding anniversary with broccoli, boobs and dolphins in Batumi, Georgia on their never-ending honeymoon trip.

Around The Black Sea: Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Bulgaria

Travelling around the Black Sea in Minsk, Belarus; Odessa, Ukraine; Chisinau, Moldova; Constanta, Romania, and Varna, Bulgaria.