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From O.R. Tambo to Johannesburg Park Station Like Locals

Instructions how to travel from O.R. Tambo Airport to Johannesburg Park Station like locals using Metrorail Gauteng. The whole trip takes about 1.5 hours, involves 15 minutes of walking and costs 8.5 ZAR per person (less than 1 dollar/euro). The fancier Gautrain is 19 times more expensive (162 ZAR).

The Promised Land of No Plastic Bags: Rwanda

We entered Rwanda knowing about their dislike of plastic bags. The idea sounded truly wonderful. Everywhere in the world we had spotted plastic trash, even in the Darien Gap. Plastic seems to be the most visible sign of civilization and the legacy of human kind that will last for hundreds of years after we are all gone. What happened in the Ugandan-Rwandan border was a bit less wonderful.