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Taiwan - China without Culture Shock

When we arrived in Taiwan, the news were all about the relationship between Taiwan and China. Locals were speculating whether the big brother would invade, and Taiwan strengthened its coast guard. We came from South Korea where there was a border dispute with North-Korea with similar speculations. Unlike the two Koreas, Taiwan and China have coexisted under a consensus. They accept that there is “One China”, but they have different interpretations of what it means. This time the upcoming election was causing tensions in Taiwan. We travelled to Taiwan for work exchange like to South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, and Costa Rica earlier this year.

Mobile-Friendly Non-Flash Picasa Photo Slideshow

The death of Flash has left Picasa users stranded as Flash is the only official way Google is offering for embedding slideshows into blogs and websites. Flash is not mobile-friendly, and many users have disabled it thanks to security issues. How to embed Picasa slideshows into blogs and website without flash?Why not iframe or slidemypics?It was possible to show slideshows using iframe until Picasa website started sending X-Frame-Options (XFO) headers to prevent clickjacking. Now it would require using a reverse-proxy for getting rid of XFO, making it both slow and dependent on the proxy provider. Another solution is to use a third party webservice called slidemypics. However, their service requires you to give them your Picasa login and password, which should not be necessary as Picasa API allows unauthenticated access to public albums, and slidemypics might vanish soon leaving you again stranded.For us, having to fix all slideshows in 200+ posts was not a tempting idea. Instead, we d…