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Ukraine: Make Peace, not War

To help the world move one step closer to world peace, there is something we all can do: question the black-and-white media in their search for scapegoats. This questioning can start simply by asking what lies behind their stories—where do they get their information from and whose interests are they defending? The only trustworthy source of information are people whose lives are affected by the current world politics, those who live in Ukraine, Russia, and other related areas; those who experience these events first hand and will suffer most from the consequences. Peace cannot be made by searching for someone to blame. Peace is made by people who strive for mutual understanding instead of conflicts.

The L-countries: Luxembourg and Liechtenstein

We hadn’t visited the tiny Central European countries of Luxembourg and Liechtenstein before. This time they were on our way from Brussels to Bavaria, Germany, so we ticked them off on our country list.