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Marimba Master Juan from Masatepe, Nicaragua

Nomads episode 9: Santeri

This is the 9th episode of the mini documentary series we made for the Nelonen Maailma TV channel in 2012. We believe it was never broadcast in the TV. Perhaps there were too many naughty words and heretic opinions for the Finnish TV. The film is in Finnish but there are English subtitles thanks to Ian.

Touristy Costa Rica with a Dark Side

We stopped by in Costa Rica to make a commercial for a local hostel in exchange for food and lodging. You can watch the film here:

Travel Plan 2013–2014

We have often received complaints because we have not planned our travels in advance. Understanding how stressful surprise visits and last minute changes are, we have decided to make this up by planning a year ahead starting from today. We have booked all the tickets and made hotel reservations and bought the bus tickets, so there is not even a slightest possibility that this schedule would change. Please check when we will be near you and book an appointment in advance to make sure we will have time to meet with you. You can simply click the date when you would like to see us to reserve a time slot. If you want to invite us over in 2014, you can do that, too, by clicking the calender below. See you around!