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Fancy Brunei

Tiny Brunei is extremely friendly for visitors. During our short trip, many people came spontaneously to talk with us, cars stopped politely for us pedestrians, and in the market we got a bunch of bananas as a welcome gift. It is easy to appreciate this wealthy, clean, and organized country. Sadly, it is just a stop-over for many tourists, including us. The capital Bandar Seri Begawan, BSB, has very little to offer. The city is easily walked around in an hour or two, and there is little to do except visit mosques or admire the old stilt houses of Kampong Ayer, the famous Water village. The country reminded us a little bit of Monaco in its wealth and quietness, although it is much less densely packed. It also bears some resemblance to Bhutan, except that Brunei is not arrogant and materialistic like Bhutan which only accepts rich tourists willing to spend a lot of money during their stay.

Built-In Failure

Have you ever wondered why people buy so much medicines? Or why there are always more problems than solutions in every piece of software? The reason to that and many other glitches in our world is the built-in failure. Think about it. What is the function of medicine manufacturers? To make and sell as much medicines as possible. If their medicines cured customers permanently, they would soon be out of business. They need to make people sick keeping them barely alive to be able to maximise their profits. Therefore it could be customers’ best interest to avoid using medicines. Which other built-in failures do you recognize?