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French Riviera, Provence-Alpes-Côte d´Azur, France

Eleven months and four seasons in the French Riviera plus altogether 1,5 years in France and still not fed up. Like Hong Kong and Brazil, France is one of the countries we are likely to return. If you are heading to the South of France and wondering what would be the best time to go, we recommend spring (March-June) when the area is less crowded and windy. Summer is nice, but there are far too many people. Beaches are jam-packed and traffic can be chaotic.

Annoying bug in Blogger: a work-around

Blogger has failed to fix the annoying bug in their search function that rendered our country selection non-functional. Unfortunate condition began in July 2009. As a workaround we rebuilt the country menu using labels. The solution is far away from elegant but appears to function properly.