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Perpignan and Montpellier, France

We returned to France to explore the South coast. Our route started from Perpignan near the Spanish border. We were welcomed in a French way: SNCF (the French railway monopoly) was on strike so we had to take a bus instead.We were told that Perpignan is the poorest city in France. There are a lot of immigrants and gypsies, who wore black clothes instead of the traditional gypsy outfits. The city is pretty divided and there are separate areas for each group. The city centre is old and quite dilapidated and thus one of the poorest areas. The alleys are narrow and colourful with a lot of laundry hanging on lines in front of windows.

The Most Dangerous Country In The World

[Suomeksi] People have been asking us what is the most dangerous country we have ever visited. The answer is—quite unexpectedly—Spain. We have been in Brazilian favelas, South-African shantytowns, Bali after the 2005 bombings, Thailand during the 2006 military coup, and dealt with the Russian militsiya-mafia without any problems. Then we went to Alicante, Spain, and got robbed. That was the first robbery during the four years of our travels in over 50 countries.