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Building An Ecohouse (Passive) in Franche-Comté

Our friends Thomas and Li are constructing an ecological house of straw bales in Héricourt in the province of Franche-Comté, France. We helped them doing all kinds of construction work without much prior building experience and got hands-on with ecological challenges. We painted, plastered, varnished, worked on parquet and tiles, cleaned dust and construction waste, cut the grass, weeded the garden, cooked, etc. It was fun to do some physical work for a change, or not really work because we were volunteering. We were especially happy because it was not our house as we are perfectionists. All tiny gaps and unsymmetrical lines here and there in any house would drive us crazy if we had to own it.

ASUS International Warranty

Our previous laptop broke about 1,5 years ago. It was a no-brand one with just one year warranty. When we were selecting the new one, we wanted to have one with two years international warranty to make sure it would serve us for at least that time. After comparing various models and their warranty conditions we ended up trusting in ASUS. The laptop had quite a good price-quality ratio while it was not broken. There were minor compatibility issues with sound card which never worked for simultaneous playback of midi’s and recording the output to audio. Some drivers that came with the laptop were crappy and others crappier, but without using them it was pretty OK.