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Our wedding anniversary and a hostel review

These photos are about our wedding anniversary in Sydney, Australia. The following review was originally posted to Lonely Planet’s thorn tree forum, but it has expired. The photos related to that review are at the end of the story.

Bali, Lombok and Gili Air in Indonesia

Desperate Indonesians and bad tourism We started preparations to this trip already weeks before the actual d-day by visiting Indonesian embassy in Buenos Aires to get an appropriate visa. However, they advised us to kindly make a 15.000 km round trip to Helsinki for applying the visa there, and refused to serve us. Hmm. We decided not to do it even though there are heavy penalties for overstaying. If you overstay more than 60 days in Indonesia, they will put you automatically to prison for five years. We were wondering what happens if you get very sick or kidnapped, are you imprisoned also in that case because you cannot leave the country in time?

Is time money?

Aftermath comparison: Argentina vs. Finland Santeri has been busy composing music. We wrote a farewell letter to our Greentower neighbours in Spanish. This is our last day in Buenos Aires. We have spent here altogether eight months and will head next to Indonesia to visit Santeri's old school friend and enjoy the wonders of world including early New Year fireworks and coughing birds (bird flu).