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Brasil Bra$il! - Guía de turismo para brasileros

Libre PDF   |   In English   |   In FinnishEsto es una versión simplificado para web y no contiene layout o fotos. La versión completa se puede consequir aquí para leer y imprimir. Brasil Bra$ilGuía de turismo para brasilerosPrimera edición.La edición original finlandesa fue publicada electrónicamente en 14.2.2005 (Päivi & Santeri).La traducción al castellano rioplatense fue publicada electrónicamente en 23.8.2005.

Respect and Honour

We made a one day ferry trip to Colonia, Uruguay, to fix our expired visas. It was the cheapest and easiest way to do that. Colonia is a very small village that seems to exist only because of Argentinian tourism. It is not worth the pain of sitting six hours in an old, Soviet-style ferry. The Buquebus ferry was actually exactly like George Ots that used to cruise between Finland and Estonia. The physical resemblance was not the only similarity. Purchasing tickets required queuing in front of four different desks and the conditions of the ticket were inflexible. The company did not allow us to change our tickets to a faster ferry despite the fact that the actual conditions written on the ticket clearly allowed that. There was also a nice Brazilian-type of surprise when leaving Uruguay. We had to pay 10 pesos extra to Buquebus as “departure tax”, an additional surprise fee.