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Living in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Listen to La Tango Santeri composed. We have settled down in Buenos Aires and will stay here as long as it feels good. We have a nice apartment, new friends and an easy-going lifestyle so there is absolutely no need to hurry onwards. Besides, our New Year promise devotes us not to develop ourselves in any way and travelling further might compromise that promise somehow. And there is a lot to see in Argentina itself.

Travelling in Cape Town, South Arica

We spent a few weeks in South Africa. Originally the idea was to stay there longer but we soon found out that this was not the place we were looking for. Anyway, we enjoyed our stay fully, especially the possibility to communicate in English and to be fully understood. The two major problems which changed our minds about this otherwise great country were unsafe and attitude toward women. Päivi could not walk alone after dark and even during daytime it was a bit uncomfortable.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

After one month of experience Argentina seems to be the total opposite of Brazil. People are honest and friendly, and there is no cheating. In restaurants, prices are as told in the menu (and you get the menu), there are no service fees or taxes added and you get the change back correctly. The city is safe and there are very few beggars. We mingle in quite well because people are white-skinned and usually of European descent, so nobody actually pays any attention to us. So, no material for another Tourism guide à la Brazil unless we will get an inspiration to write about the secret sexual back stage of Argentina.