Some 3711 Tweets and 1023 Days Later

In 2013, we wrote about using Twitter for marketing. After sending 3711 tweets during 1023 days I can confidently confirm: Twitter works perfectly for nothing. Using Twitter for business and advertising is a similar waste of resources as LinkedIn or Facebook, although they are all nice toys for fooling around, showing off, and killing time. And Google+, well, they remain as dead as always waiting to be shut down like Google Picasa. For many companies including Asian airlines, Twitter has been a channel for spamming followers. They don't bother to read replies or answer questions. Perhaps they don't even understand them. If you have been wondering why there are so many spelling mistakes and stupidities in our tweets, it is because Santeri has been using Twitter alone. Päivi is too busy with her own projects to get engaged in social media save for rare visits at Please do not show these tweets to Päivi as she will most certainly not agree with any of them. Thank you.

Twitter might not be around for much longer, so let this article be a tribute to

  • censoring links and content, following Google's and Facebook's excellent example
  • paid, promoted tweets and trends, which I gladly report as spam and block
  • missing business model, which drives Twitter to experimenting
  • losing key personnel, which at least cuts personnel costs and lower the cash burn rate

A treasure trove for rants of a madman

In Twitter, people are not really looking for conversation. It is more like a sewer that is spewing out excrements and retweeting whatever funny, harmless nonsense your followers have tweeted to you. Just like in all social media, being critical means being negative. Being critical without being critical effectively prevents intellectual interaction.

Acting as a conscience to multinational NGO's like Greenpeace is futile. Their hands are tied by those who are funding them making them unreceptive to new ideas. The same applies to political parties, although I'm not convinced whether those ultra-nationalists are even able to read. I must confess that people do engage more on Facebook and they are easier to troll and provoke, but Facebook sucks even more than Twitter. So I will keep tweeting until Twitter dies, or ditch it happily as soon as I find something cooler.

As you can see from my tweets below, I have been using Twitter for technical support, giving feedback to companies, chatting with friends, and activism. Twitter has been almost as hip and pop as sending text messages with number pad telephone, except that I use a decent keyboard, which spoils the experience. The following tweets have been manually processed, so there are plenty of errors. If something doesn't work, please check my Twitter.



21.03.2016 08:09:02

@amazon wants to update @AmazonKindle devices, but do not want to reveal changelogs. Are they pushing malware & crippleware or what? #kindle

21.03.2016 07:43:31

Muslim countries are best for Easter and Christmas. Christian countries rock during Ramadan and Chinese New Year. New Year sucks globally.

21.03.2016 07:11:33

@VIPLimosSG @AirAsia @Malindo_Air Malindo is hilarious. They promote online sales of tickets but their card payment gateway is broken.

21.03.2016 06:48:50

Can you figure out why #Dell #deleted the #review?

@Dell's review rules:

A #censored review:

21.03.2016 06:33:09

#LoveTwitter for knowing better what is good for me and what I want, and censoring the rest. Try tweeting automaticretweet[removethis].com

21.03.2016 06:25:45

The sheer amount of #plastic #surgery in @thexfiles makes it pretty #disgusting to watch. The #old was #better.

21.03.2016 06:17:29

@VIPLimosSG Here are two more:

@AirAsia - Never

@Malindo_Air - Never

20.03.2016 23:29:26

In our reality created by media and movies, there are a lot of smokers, sound travels in the speed of light and everything is black&white.

20.03.2016 23:01:29

The #admiration of #USA is spreading, not only in the ranks of military, but also in @SuomenPoliisi. Yesterday they #shot and killed a #man.

20.03.2016 22:45:47

It could be worse, it could be raining. Actually, that's not true at all. Rain would be awesome. We need it to finish a film project.

20.03.2016 13:41:32

Are #UK and #Sweden also rejecting @UN #InternationalDayOfHappiness, or just International human rights? #FreeAssangeNow

20.03.2016 10:16:15

@Dell is deleting critical reviews from their website: #laptop #computer #Vostro #V5459 @DellCares #DellMalaysia

20.03.2016 05:28:04

@ecb Time to start spending the helicopter money you will soon be distributing to everyone... or perhaps not. #LessIsMore #Degrowth

20.03.2016 04:25:40

"If You Meet The Buddha On The Road, Kill Him", but how can you kill something that is already dead? #koan

20.03.2016 04:05:30

Men Are from #Mars, Women Are from #Venus -thinking is #detrimental to #relationships. Commonalities and individual differences matter more.

20.03.2016 00:23:15

RT @wikileaks: Hillary Emails: Google tried to boost Assad defections More:…

19.03.2016 23:22:30

@TMConnects @TMCorp Thank you for stopping using #nervesis #midas dns-spoofing #malware.

19.03.2016 23:07:28

@wikileaks @facebook Nothing new, fakebook has been lying to users for a long time. @Twitter started only recently.

19.03.2016 23:02:42

RT @AlArabiya_Eng: WikiLeaks accuses Facebook for censoring Clinton’s email release

19.03.2016 21:49:43

Better Earth Lifetime than @earthhour.

19.03.2016 02:46:14

In 2015, we spent for accommodation 0 $/€/₲//₩/¥/£/₮ thanks to making work exchanges (working for room and board):

19.03.2016 02:11:59

@iflixMY keeps paying to @TMConnects/@TMCorp for dns-spoofing their customers with #Midas #Nervesis #malware. #iflix

19.03.2016 01:23:17

@Calle_Haglund No tulihan se kutsu Niinistölle valkoiseen taloon. Toivottavasti ette saa myös aikaan Yhdysvaltojen toivomaa sotaa Venäjälle.

18.03.2016 22:13:54

Yhdysvaltojen hännystely kantaa hedelmää, kun presidentti pääsee kylään Valkoiseen taloon. Kyllä kannatti ärsyttää ja provosoida Venäjää.

18.03.2016 03:44:57

What someone says is never #negative, #cynical or #nihilist in itself. Only the one passing judgement on you makes it such.#DontBeJudgmental

18.03.2016 02:05:41

@asklazadamy @shopbackmy @TMConnects @TMCorp Looks like their are running your own add now, too.

18.03.2016 01:59:58

@TMConnects Stop dns-spoofing your customers making them re-install their computers and browsers. The #Nervesis #Midas you use is #malware.

18.03.2016 01:54:53

@asklazadamy @shopbackmy Your adds were away for a few days but now they are back running again at @TMConnects/@TMCorp. Very bad. #malware

18.03.2016 01:06:13

@Dell @MichaelDell

17.03.2016 22:42:46

Review: Dell Vostro 14 5000 Series Laptop @Dell @MichaelDell #V5459-50814G-DOS #Malaysia #DigitalNomads #TAG_JV5JK82

17.03.2016 15:10:41

Don't feel like trusting @google anymore after #picasa, so here we come @flickr. Some Old Photos (2004-2016): #free

17.03.2016 08:29:31

@Twitter is censoring links. Try posting this: http://automatic[removethis] and you get:

17.03.2016 08:14:49

Seriously, @Microsoft. Requiring users to run bluetooth service for being able to detach USB devices is pretty retarded, #Windows #Windows10

17.03.2016 07:55:33

@WandermustDays @Yahoo @Flickr @google We just registered. Had to borrow our friends phone number to do that.

17.03.2016 04:49:10

Pretty dumb. @Yahoo requires users to have a mobile phone for registering @flickr. Have to find some other option for dying @google #picasa.

17.03.2016 02:36:56

Wishing safe travels implies travelling is not safe. However, most accidents and deaths happen at home. We prefer wishing happy travels!

17.03.2016 02:35:18

Only 2 weeks of free access left to Päivi's article "Extreme Mobilities: Challenging the concept of ‘travel" in ATR:

16.03.2016 22:17:37

Securing Windows 7 against Microsoft and Other Threats Microsoft

16.03.2016 08:44:39

@VIPLimosSG @united Those sustainable biofuel palmoil plantations are driving orangutans from their homes before cooking our planet with co2

16.03.2016 05:11:19

@AnferneeC Not sure if the rules have been changed. Have been out of business for 11 years.

16.03.2016 04:49:51

@AnferneeC That did not apply to #IT startups 15 years ago. Cash burn rate had to be at least 10 times higher than revenue to be #credible.

15.03.2016 23:43:42

Digital nomads connected by a USB cable

15.03.2016 22:27:48

Has your computer been attacked by malware? Check the root directory of your Windows install drive for this hidden folder: $WINDOWS.~BT

15.03.2016 14:03:40

@kvnwdigital Be prepared that some day you may lose access to your Google apps account and make sure your emails will still be working.

15.03.2016 14:02:11

@kvnwdigital Domain registrar did not do anything wrong. It was google that created the whole mess. Better not to trust them too much.

15.03.2016 13:30:04

@kvnwdigital @Digital__Nomad @google That happened to one of our hosts whose domain got hijacked. Didn't believe that could happen either.

15.03.2016 13:29:04

@kvnwdigital @Digital__Nomad @google Yeah. When someone manages to contest the ownership of a Google account they lock it permanently down.

15.03.2016 13:20:56

@kvnwdigital @Digital__Nomad @google The solution is to use your hosting email server with free, disposable gmail accounts to access it.

15.03.2016 13:19:55

@kvnwdigital @Digital__Nomad @google With a little phishing a hacker can get the gmail account permanently locked so nobody can access it.

15.03.2016 09:35:25

Strange #dots appear on top & below #text in @libreoffice #writer is a known #bug. To fix disable "Use OpenGL..." from Tools/Options/View.

15.03.2016 02:38:28

Meet the Global Nomads

15.03.2016 01:25:02

@intlspectator @VIPLimosSG It is truly an expensive privilege to be in prison.

15.03.2016 00:32:18

@kvnwdigital @Digital__Nomad Don't agree with google business apps: Gmail is easy to hack and @google lacks long term reliability (#picasa).

14.03.2016 23:12:34

The word truth in a #newspaper #article is a certain sign of #untruth, especially when on the #headline.

14.03.2016 22:37:14

Securing Windows 7 against Microsoft and Other Threats

14.03.2016 22:25:42

@GoodRipple @Digital__Nomad @tomhuntio No so sure about heroin...

14.03.2016 10:07:34

How to secure your laptop for the road?

14.03.2016 05:59:03

Toddlers kill more people than #terrorists in the #US. For the sake of effectiveness, the next great #American war should be #WarOnToddlers.

13.03.2016 21:49:04

Objectivity is a convenient charade.

13.03.2016 11:21:17

@Travelicia @Digital__Nomad Not to mention the country and their visa policy :D

13.03.2016 07:10:18

The definition of #sisu: nobody ever hits anything when shooting moving cars from other moving cars, and still they keep shooting in films,

12.03.2016 23:51:48

@VodafoneGroup Did you know that your Malaysian @TMCorp is using dns-spoofing #nervesis #midas #malware to attack their customers?

12.03.2016 23:41:05

How many @TMConnects users will have to re-install computers and web browsers before they stop dns-spoofing with #nervesis #midas #malware?

12.03.2016 23:23:02

@YellowPages_my & Attached Leather Co. are spamming using @TMConnects dns-spoofing #nervesis #midas #malware.

12.03.2016 10:57:43

Kohta on myöhäistä. Superrikkaat ja rutiköyhät vielä pari päivää ennakkohintaan Atenalta:

Tarjouskoodi: REPPUREISSU

12.03.2016 03:57:27

Already 5 Years of Less Harmful Nuclear Power: #Fukusima #tsunami #EndlessStupidity #WeAreTheChampionsOfTheWorld

12.03.2016 02:09:28

The leaked Isis staff list with salary details: #isis #leaked #staff #files #salaries

11.03.2016 21:54:53

What do Global Nomads really do? #DigitalNomads #Travel  #TTOT

11.03.2016 13:23:04

Our most popular article so far with 28.773 page views and 390 comments: #Blogger #DynamicView #DigitalNomads

11.03.2016 12:47:34

Installing updates create more problems than solve. #SoftwareEngineering101

11.03.2016 12:11:01

Purkkihernekeitostakin syntyy gourmet-illallinen, kun nimetään yhteiskustasopimus kilpailukykysopimuksen kautta Suomen malliksi. #Upeeta

10.03.2016 05:45:01

First there was Internet Exploder, then came Over the Egde. What next?

10.03.2016 05:36:08

@asklazadamy Thank you for taking the action! I am most likely not the only one who got computer infected from the malware :(

10.03.2016 04:00:19

@asklazadamy Nice to hear! You can fix the issue by ending your co-operation with @shopbackmy and forbidding them to use your trademarks.

10.03.2016 02:08:03

Kirjan Superrikkaat ja rutiköyhät traileri: #Ilmestyy03/2016 @AtenaKustannus #KirjaEsittely

10.03.2016 01:58:30

@TMConnects Today would be a perfect day to stop dns-spoofing your customers with #nervesis #midas #malware. Could you do that, please?

10.03.2016 01:49:15

@iflixMY is spamming their customers using @TMConnects #nervesis #midas #malware.

10.03.2016 01:43:17

@shopbackmy is spamming their customers using @TMConnects #nervesis #midas #malware.

10.03.2016 01:41:25

@asklazadamy You are mentioned in that add connecting your brand to the scam which is equally bad. Sometimes they show only your adds, too.

09.03.2016 02:52:15

@ihp000 We saw it today on our morning walk and we were thinking it must be an eclipse. People were taking photos of it.

08.03.2016 12:20:42

@asklazadamy Here is the screenhot you asked regarding @TMConnects dns-spoofing with #nervesis #midas #malware.

07.03.2016 22:50:25

@PayPal has become #useless. It can't be used without a #MobilePhone anymore and no replies from their support other than #automated #spam.

06.03.2016 22:13:52

Oletko lukenut tätä vapaata sähkökirjaa? Parisuhdekirja Onnelliset yhdessä #parisuhde #seksi #kirja #vapaa #ilmainen

06.03.2016 06:42:35

The Best Laptop For Travel And Work On The Road #ttot #DigitalNomads #Tips

06.03.2016 06:06:49

Salon uusi matkapuhelintehdas on taatusti vähintään yhtä erinomainen r̶a̶h̶a̶r̶e̶i̶k̶ä̶investointi kuin Helsingin Guggenheim. #Parhaimmuutta

06.03.2016 05:21:36

@WorldWarTerror @FreePublicTrans Not pointless, but a taxpayer funded subsidy to arms industry like Greek bailout subsidised German banks.

05.03.2016 02:31:53

Talous on ympäristön pahin vihollinen.

05.03.2016 00:35:27

@Dell My bad, the amount of video ram was indeed correct, but the type of GPU what resellers sold was not GT940M but GT930M. And no fingerpr

05.03.2016 00:28:41

@WandermustDays @steam_games You certainly are lucky :D Win10 is extremely bad on the road. We are preparing a detailed blog post.

05.03.2016 00:05:43

#Microsoft is pushing game makers away from closed Win10. Hope @steam_games supports Win7 & ramp up GNU/Linux efforts. No games = no users.

03.03.2016 22:12:52

@google will soon kill #Picasa just like @Sony killed their #Imagestation. Any suggestions for the replacement? @googlephotos is no good.

03.03.2016 10:59:29

The #administrative #fee of #Malaysia #GST #refunds is 15%, over twice more than GST (6%). No wonder why they keep it secret.#administration

01.03.2016 23:01:28

The Finnish variant of #KuKluxKlan: #SoldiersOfOdin

01.03.2016 17:24:39

@Dell There is no dos either, but @ubuntu GNU/Linux which was a nice surprise. Still, can't help feeling scammed.

01.03.2016 17:21:15

Don't get scammed by @Dell: "Dell Vostro 14 V5459-50814G-DOS" has 1GB video ram (not 4) and no fingerprint reader. Check Service Tag JV5JK82

01.03.2016 09:40:39

Got our first laptop with factory installed GNU/Linux :)

29.02.2016 15:11:47

Ongelmana ei ole työttömyys, työn tuottavuus tai huoltosuhde, vaan

kansallinen pakkomielle työnteosta ihmisarvon ja menestyksen määreenä.

29.02.2016 14:11:13

Suomessa kaivataan työtä työttömille, mutta pannaan työlliset tekemään yhä enemmän töitä. Loogisempaa olisi alentaa työaikaa ja eläkeikää.

29.02.2016 06:43:19

Mikä siinä voi olla niin hankalaa tajuta, etteivät parin euron leikkaukset lomarahoista ja eläkkeistä tuota tuhansia uusia työpaikkoja?

29.02.2016 04:51:58

Hallitus keksi bonk-laitteen: mitätön pilkunviilaus turhan yhteiskuntasopimuksen detaljeista työllistää tekijöitään vuoden. #OnhanEdesToivoa

29.02.2016 01:15:34

If you are on a monthly pay you are not getting any salary today. Why to work for free? Why not to quit for good? #LeapDay #LeapLife

28.02.2016 23:49:40

It is time to #leap. Just let it go and never look back.

28.02.2016 21:43:46

@wikileaks They are simply unveiling the reality. Human rights have always been a load of old bollocks. Learning the truth is actually good.

28.02.2016 05:34:30

Which documentary would you like to watch next? We are open to your suggestions!

28.02.2016 00:41:35

Re-edited Crossing the Darién Gap documentary film (2013, 2016)

- re-organized chronologically

- new score


26.02.2016 23:15:41

#Sweden swiping ass with @UN human rights revealed their true nature; empty words without substance. #Assange #Wikileaks #UnitedNations

26.02.2016 11:57:28

RT @wikileaks: Erdogan's presidential spokesperson just used the detention of Assange as an excuse for his attacks on Turkish journalists. …

26.02.2016 05:04:42

@VIPLimosSG Actually a mobile phone does the same trick without any worrying.

26.02.2016 00:56:29

Trying to save the world is the most certain way to destroy it.

26.02.2016 00:09:45

@codepink USA is paying #Sweden for framing Assange too much for them to care about human rights or international law. #USbitches

25.02.2016 21:55:06

Leap day is the best time to do anything requiring annual commemoration. You need to remember one more arbitrary date only every four years.

25.02.2016 21:38:13

Vielä ehdit tilaamaan Kirjatohtorin kuukausikirjeen ja mukaan Superrikkaat ja rutiköyhät -kirja-arvontaan:

25.02.2016 11:10:44

Assumption is the mother of all screw-ups. #SoftwareEngineering101

24.02.2016 23:15:26


24.02.2016 23:13:53

@wikileaks First things first. For the same reason war and killing people is more important than peace. It's all about making money.

24.02.2016 13:38:10

RT @Routledge_Socio: New: Global Nomads & Extreme Mobilities ht…

24.02.2016 08:06:01

@mudah Your people just insisted to get a copy of #passport by email confirming our suspicion that your service is nothing but a #scam.

24.02.2016 06:40:26

Hullunkurista keekoilla laihdutuskuvissa kuntosalilla. Oleellisempaa on syödä vähemmän kuin mitä kuluttaa. #välineurheilua #pätemistä

24.02.2016 05:37:02

Not being there is the best thing in many countries.

23.02.2016 22:08:56

Enjoy the present of presence by freeing yourself from mobile devices.

23.02.2016 10:56:06

@mudah OK, seems that we figured out what your problem is. Posting ad works with  @firefox but it fails every time with @googlechrome.

23.02.2016 05:31:30

@mudah Thank you!

23.02.2016 04:22:52

@mudah Sent the email.

23.02.2016 03:57:00

@mudah Have not posted any adds and get "You have exceeded the maximum ads allowed for this category. Please register a PRO Niaga account."

23.02.2016 01:54:25

There is no right and wrong, justice, freedom, fighting for democracy, #war. It's all geopolitical interests & business; killing for #money.

22.02.2016 11:40:38

Miksi mitata kannatusta tai käsitellä kansalaisaloitteita, kun eihän demokratialla ole mitään tekemistä kansalaisten tahdon kanssa?

22.02.2016 06:39:30

@mudah Postng a private, individual laptop sales ad is not free.although you advertise in your website "POST FREE AD".

22.02.2016 05:32:28

@chiraqthemovie is naive, educational propaganda made for idiots trying to make them stop killing each other. #DarwinAwards #waste

22.02.2016 04:55:38

@asklazadamy Will post it to you have next time when accessing TM. If you use TM, you are see it by putting a wrong web address to browser.

22.02.2016 03:36:07

@LazadaMY @TMConnects Ping @mycert

22.02.2016 03:33:36

@LazadaMY is buying online advertising from @TMConnects using #Nervesis #Midas DNS-spoofing #malware  Very bad idea, suggest you stop that.

22.02.2016 00:41:47

@mudah is a scam. They advertise free ads but insist on paying for them.

21.02.2016 01:25:15

@TMConnects Quit spoofing your customers' DNS with nervesis midas malware page-Not-Found spam. That's outright dumb and dangerous. too. OK?

20.02.2016 09:45:07

3.5 year old HP Pavilion dv4-5009tx Entertainment Notebook available in Malaysia. Broken keyboard & battery. DM if interested. Thank you.

20.02.2016 08:52:31

@nowherenoone You had troubles with a large USB hard disk earlier? Which brand was it?

20.02.2016 01:29:58

#Finland has invited the #US invasion forces to provoke a #war with #Russia. Are they really so desperate and in hurry to win #Karelia back?

19.02.2016 09:34:15

@AnferneeC Nope, but good old water fasting does the same trick completely free in natural way.

18.02.2016 22:19:01

@paivisanteri If you receive an error message "[SD-008]" when accessing the article, delete all @sciencedirect cookies and try again. #SD008

18.02.2016 22:17:27

Extreme Mobilities: Challenging the concept of ‘travel’ #ResearhArticle #ATR #FreeDownload #PäiviKannisto

18.02.2016 11:49:07

@zbleumoon @VIPLimosSG @Tesco Same goes with all products containing flesh. It's really a shame how badly humanity treats animals. #GoVegan

18.02.2016 11:23:22

RT @mousavian: @paivisanteri @TMConnects Yup. it was so annoying. I have set my DNS manually to fix this.

17.02.2016 03:38:38

Screw the planet as long as our country does well. #NationalismInANutshell

16.02.2016 14:43:42

The world is ready. Now you can stop trying to change it and relax, sit back, and enjoy your life. Thank you.

16.02.2016 14:35:56

@DellCares So I should first buy a telephone to be able to contact you?

16.02.2016 13:06:23

Liittymällä heti Kirjatohtorin postituslistalle ehdit mukaan uuden Superrikkaat ja rutiköyhät -kirjan arvontaan

16.02.2016 10:35:42

Uusi kirja: Superrikkaat ja rutiköyhät

16.02.2016 05:41:08

@keithrozario @syawal @drahfa Both ISP and the maker of midas #malware, #nervesis, are to blame. @AdblockPlus

16.02.2016 04:01:19

@mousavian @TMConnects @AdblockPlus Still spamming and endangering your customers with #nervesis #midas #malware. Stop it right now #TM!

16.02.2016 01:58:32

@VIPLimosSG @DellCares @MichaelDell Happy for you. Hope it works, too :) Good luck and take care!

16.02.2016 01:45:16

@VIPLimosSG @DellCares @MichaelDell That happens often with companies in the panic mode just before they fall.

16.02.2016 01:25:24

@VIPLimosSG @DellCares @MichaelDell They have some 10 times more complaints than other brands while their market share is only 14%.

16.02.2016 01:24:04

@VIPLimosSG @DellCares @MichaelDell If you read these, it becomes pretty obvious they will not deliver or serve you:

16.02.2016 01:10:57

@VIPLimosSG @DellCares @MichaelDell Good luck, you really need it. Have you though about cancelling the order and selecting another brand?

15.02.2016 12:23:32

@wikileaks @margotwallstrom @UN is pretty corrupt anyway and it's probably just good that people lose faith to the "imaginary" human rights.

15.02.2016 09:06:58

@mousavian @TMConnects One can block the spam by adding to @AdblockPlus spam filter. Still #VeryBad #TM #StopItNow.

15.02.2016 09:04:05

@mousavian Extremely intrusive for @TMConnects to push such #malware to their customers using page-not-found spammer

15.02.2016 04:50:03

#Positivism is highly negative.

15.02.2016 04:45:43

There is an enormous amount of positive things, e.g. plus sign and an infinite amount of numbers from which almost half are all #positive.

15.02.2016 02:26:14

#zerowaste would be awesome if only #recycling was not a scam for getting us to consume more:

15.02.2016 00:41:05

@VIPLimosSG @DellCares @MichaelDell That was helpful, thanks for sharing.

14.02.2016 09:52:30

Unohda #ystävänpäivä ja vietä sen sijaan #TosiYstävänPäivää vuoden jokaisena päivänä.

14.02.2016 09:50:39

Forget #HappyValentinesDay and celebrate instead #HappyTrueFriendsDay every day of the year.

14.02.2016 09:06:45

Watch out for "Love 618 Supermarket Co,.Ltd" in @AlibabaTalk. They are selling very bad quality @hp laptop keyboard spare parts as genuine.

14.02.2016 07:56:35

Extreme Mobilities: Challenging the concept of ‘travel’

#FreeDownload #ATR #ResearchPaper #PäiviKannisto #2016 #ttot

14.02.2016 02:05:57

@google @Sony Any ideas where to move next?

14.02.2016 02:04:57

@google is doing the same to #picasa users what @Sony did with #imagestation, leaving them stranded. We were stupid to trust both. #BadMove

14.02.2016 01:47:34

Deutche pankkiin (EU:n veronmaksajien taskuista) virranneet Kreikan apupaketit eli liian helppo raha suistivat pankin talouden rapakuntoon.

13.02.2016 23:12:22

@dell has quite a handsome load of reviews here:

13.02.2016 14:55:26

@Dell Where can one buy replacement parts to your laptops in Malaysia?

12.02.2016 10:23:31

Installing Linux...

11.02.2016 22:12:41

Annals of Tourism Research Volume 57 03/16

Extreme mobilities: Challenging the concept of ‘travel’ by Päivi Kannisto

11.02.2016 01:37:55

Uusi kirja: Global Nomads and Extreme Mobilities

11.02.2016 00:28:11

New Book: Global Nomads and Extreme Mobilities (Ashgate/Routledge, 2016)

10.02.2016 23:45:23

"Prayer is better than sleep"

10.02.2016 10:21:09

@mikko Still the same shit with all different power plugs in every country.

10.02.2016 06:30:34

When travelling in #Finland, don't get arrested. Most of the deaths happening in the custody of @SuomenPoliisi or in prisons are "suicides".

10.02.2016 04:51:16

When you treat people for a long time like idiots, eventually they become idiots. The trend is visible in some countries.

09.02.2016 16:42:11

@wikileaks There are no good options. All candidates are supported by the US arms dealers making them pursue war over peace. #DontVote

09.02.2016 06:58:00

#Fallout4 was somewhat disappointing. Only 9 days and the whole game explored. Must have been the shortest of all fallout games.

08.02.2016 08:59:52

Wow, now @twitter is forcing promoted tweet spammers even when they have been properly blocked & reported. Pay more to keep spamming? #WTF

08.02.2016 02:43:32

Burning fake paper money to please fake gods for getting more money to buy more fake paper money. #WhatIfBothMoneyAndAllOtherGodsAreAllFake

08.02.2016 01:09:57

Now is the best time to stay away from #China and countries with many Chinese. Public transportation is jam packed. #ChineseNewYear

07.02.2016 11:28:17

Mikä siinä voi olla niin vaikeaa tajuta, ettei KUKAAN halua tulla Suomeen pakolaiseksi huvikseen tai paremman elintason toivossa?

07.02.2016 02:44:12

@FearDept Yeah, it's called the White House and it's in Washington :)

07.02.2016 00:17:16

@WandermustDays We are in Asia. Switched the continent for new work exchanges, cheaper food and flights.

06.02.2016 14:51:10

@SuomenPoliisi Another frontier justice dead sentence & execution today by @SuomenPoliisi, this time a male prisoner. #capitalpunishment

06.02.2016 13:23:31

First they lost key personnel, now customers and next their shareholders are likely to follow. #RIPTwitter

06.02.2016 02:40:43

True terrorists of our time are nation states enslaving, depriving of freedom, murdering our brethren and taking away our civil liberties.

06.02.2016 02:10:41

How does anyone dare to travel in such countries like #Sweden and #UK that have no respect for human rights and #freedom of #travel? #rogue

06.02.2016 01:23:39

@wikileaks Sure, and the future leaks are likely to uncover all the new dirt related to this case as well. Shame on #UK and #Sweden.

05.02.2016 23:38:49

@Snowden @wikileaks UK & Sweden act more like a dictatorship than those countries they blame to be such. They simply follow the US example.

05.02.2016 21:46:28

A Finnish woman and a murder suspect died in the hands of @SuomenPoliisi. Naturally they will keep investigating their doings by themselves.

05.02.2016 11:20:57

The United States edition of War and Peace: War and War.

05.02.2016 10:02:07

@wikileaks #USA did not pay enough for a better judgement? Next we shall see the true freedom of press: who will run this news.

05.02.2016 06:46:49

@wikileaks It is very good that they finally admit that their human rights are nothing but a bloody stupid joke.

05.02.2016 02:42:40

Suomessa tapahtuu hienoja asioita: #LoldiersOfOdin #Keppihevonen #kettutytöt

05.02.2016 02:38:58

@j1moris @independentaus @wikileaks They are probably just too dumb to understand they should be ashamed...

05.02.2016 02:36:30

@QPR4Me @SkyNews #Sweden would extradite him immediately to the rogue state #US torturing prisoners and violating human rights in #gitmo.

04.02.2016 01:48:16

@TPKanslia @niinisto Ei kukaan halua elää sodan keskellä eikä pakolaiseksi. Vetäkää sotilaat kotiin ja lopettakaa Yhdysvaltojen tukeminen.

03.02.2016 23:12:46

@reissuesa Thaimaassa huomasimme, että paikalliset hymyilevät ja ovat iloisia vain kun joku ulkomaalainen katsoo, muuten on hapanta naamaa.

03.02.2016 12:41:30

@reissuesa Noissa karnevaalikuvissa on maasta riippumatta myrtsin näköisiä ihmisiä. Taitaa olla paikallisillekin aika stressaavaa touhua.

03.02.2016 10:40:06

#Malaysia has started internet #censorship blocking some #torrent sites probably to please their masters in the #USA.

03.02.2016 06:17:03

@Malindo_Air Might be nice, if only your online ticket sales was not completely broken. How about fixing it?

03.02.2016 06:13:48

Erinomaista toimintaa #kettutytöt! Jokaisen eläimen elämä on arvokkaampi kuin mikään rahasumma pankkitilillä tai ulosotossa.

03.02.2016 06:06:17

@Malindo_Air online tickets sales still broken and their customer service keeps bullshitting that everything works fine. #incredible

03.02.2016 01:38:36

FIX: #1Malaysia -> #1CorruptMalaysia

02.02.2016 22:26:21

@avilarenata @wikileaks That would be a miracle as USA is pulling their strings:

01.02.2016 10:03:55

@reissuesa You can contact @TerraFuocoCielo for more information.

01.02.2016 09:56:03

@reissuesa Well, one of our friends tried to get it removed and he got really frustrated. It was accessing his followers against his will.

01.02.2016 09:21:40

@reissuesa That thing @SumAll is spammy #malware. You might want to consider removing it.

01.02.2016 02:08:26

@nokia finished what @Linus__Torvalds started: #WindowsPhone is dead and the crappy #Windows10 will sink the rest of the ship. #Finland #ICT

30.01.2016 23:24:08

Again @SuomenPoliisi arrested and punished citizens opposing anti-refugee demonstration. They need the racist fear to justify more jobs.

30.01.2016 14:40:33

Sometimes a date is better than a date, but it depends on the date and the date. #date

30.01.2016 05:11:05

@arikemppinen Voi paska :( Olis pitänyt jäädä sinne :)

29.01.2016 23:35:53

@google is pirating books and using the stolen content for selling books in google books. #GoogleBooks.

29.01.2016 23:03:46

Yesterday @SuomenPoliisi announced statistics of the crimes committed by refugees. Today they demanded more jobs. #WhoCouldHaveGuessed

29.01.2016 08:33:56

@twitter is blocked

Are you sure you want to view these Tweets? Viewing Tweets won't unblock @twitter.

27.01.2016 23:39:55

Why would anyone follow power and money hungry, petty, revengeful, murderous and warmongering gods that have no respect to animal life?

27.01.2016 12:59:50

Animal #Auschwitz

27.01.2016 03:53:36

@arikemppinen Miten reissu meni?

27.01.2016 02:52:35

@FearDept Hilarious farce. No matter who (or what) gets elected, the arms dealers and banksters keep running the country.

27.01.2016 00:18:46

@kiwibangkok The prosecutor may have just become an incredibly rich man, eh? #najib

26.01.2016 05:45:26

@AnferneeC if she had bought a color printer, she could have made 100 times more.

26.01.2016 05:22:26

The best way to do good is not to do it.

25.01.2016 11:45:06

@DrJudyStone Freedom of movement is another human right requiring showing ID. Without buying a passport you are stuck. #HumanRights4Sale

25.01.2016 10:16:50

@Eija_Makinen Juttu käsittelee samaa asiaa. Tosin siinä annetaan ymmärtää, että heidät olisi pistetty pellolle suunnitelmallisesti.

25.01.2016 09:46:40

@Eija_Makinen Twitterin ylintä johtoa on irtisanoutunut ja sitä seuraa yleensä pienellä viiveellä liiketoimintojen lakkautus tai myynti.

25.01.2016 09:41:48

RIP @twitter

25.01.2016 09:41:33

@Google is again stealing books to their crappy #GoogleBooks service.

24.01.2016 23:16:27

@SuomenPoliisi is arresting and punishing clowns for making fun of dead serious, right wing @persut-Nazis threatening refugees. #PoliceState

24.01.2016 22:29:28

@anthonyasael @starwars Always glad to help :) We are still waiting for it to be pirated to watch it. Long live #thepiratebay!

24.01.2016 08:42:03

World peace is achievable when arms dealers are no longer controlling the #US politics.

23.01.2016 03:31:29

If it works, don't touch. Any IT system that does what it needs to do should be left alone. #SoftwareEngineering101

23.01.2016 03:28:34

@nytimesworld Anxiety caused by "the [US] pizza chain based in Ohio" that did not pay salaries? Yes, USA is the reason. You want a new war?

23.01.2016 01:31:44

RT @wikileaks: Are western 'feminists' useful idiots of war?

22.01.2016 05:31:33

@IKEASuomi Kun jätetään huomioimatta epäsuorat päästöt puhumattakaan rumista hajonneista tuulimyllyistä. Vähentäkää mieluummin kulutusta.

21.01.2016 21:59:21

@iltalehti_fi Tutkimus on aina jonkun rahoittamaa ja palvelee maksajan interessejä, vaikka se esitetäänkin puolueettomana & riippumattomana.

21.01.2016 21:52:10

@SamsungMalaysia Reported and blocked. Stupid spammers.

21.01.2016 04:38:23

@SuomenPoliisi järjesti järjettömät jonot sotkemalla hakuprosessin ja puolittamalla passien voimassaolon lisäturhakkeiden työllistämiseksi.

21.01.2016 01:27:16

RT @wikileaks: Why the US Library of Congress is Blocking WikiLeaks

20.01.2016 11:28:47

@TheyCallMeEllis Not you but @Microsoft. They do it by trying to force users to migrate to Windows 10 and lose control of their systems.

18.01.2016 23:54:29

@TheyCallMeEllis And @Microsoft push users towards GNU/Linux and other alternatives. Windows 10 means lost control which is unacceptable.

18.01.2016 10:43:42

@TheyCallMeEllis That load of M$ bollocks means @Microsoft will not support new processors in old windowses to force using windows 10.

18.01.2016 10:00:28

New photos from Sri Lanka

18.01.2016 07:54:23

@ihp000 Might be because we were working and you were on holiday.

18.01.2016 07:40:47

@paivisanteri Here are our experiences of Sri Lanka, @ihp000. Hope to see you soon in Penang!

18.01.2016 07:36:57

Sri Lanka — A Visit to the Tourism’s Past #newpost #srilanka #colombo #mirissa #yala

18.01.2016 02:51:57

@cher What an INCREDIBLY #STUPID idea producing massive amount of plastic trash instead of fixing their water processing, @IcelandicWater.

17.01.2016 13:06:01

@BlueberryRoom lol

17.01.2016 12:20:42

The antonym of #capitalism and #free #market #economy is not #communism but #freedom,

16.01.2016 22:37:36

@AnferneeC And never too late to quit.

16.01.2016 11:50:35

@Cloudbeds LOL, you actually encourage hotels to use wordpress for their websites? Seriously, its a blogging platform for personal weblogs.

16.01.2016 10:02:12

@Cloudbeds Please follow us, otherwise we can not direct message you. We are following you now.

16.01.2016 03:08:19

@Cloudbeds Can not direct message you if you don't follow this account.

16.01.2016 03:00:41

@Cloudbeds Done

16.01.2016 02:17:57

@Cloudbeds There is a misundersanding. We are not OTA but a hostel who wants to use your API to integrate MyAllocator to our own website.

16.01.2016 02:11:28

Nation states make people to pay for their political prisoners as well as for their own suppression.

16.01.2016 02:07:04

Jesus had great ideas and ideals which #Christianity corrupted. The same happened with prophet Muhammad and Buddha. #SayNoToReligions

15.01.2016 14:17:06

@TerraFuocoCielo And also the indefinite detention of Julian Assange. And nuke #Sweden, please :)

15.01.2016 05:36:22

Something positive: +

15.01.2016 02:23:24

@Cloudbeds 8 days and counting... still nothing.

14.01.2016 10:54:00

@puspa_rizka Religion is a religion, no matter what it's called. They represent evil in the purest form perverting & corrupting everything.

14.01.2016 10:51:28

@ernezpjy God told George W. Bush to invade #Iraq - still burning. Now also #Syria. Jakarta is part of the same continuum of holy crusades.

14.01.2016 10:47:22

@puspa_rizka Is that because god is a white man, too? Thank god smart people are never wrong.

14.01.2016 10:12:00

Why #PrayForJakarta? Isn't gods and their religions already killing enough people all over the world?

14.01.2016 10:08:12

@Cloudbeds Thank you, we are eagerly waiting for that.

14.01.2016 08:19:13

#WTF @firefox? My updates are (naturally) disabled and still every time #Firefox starts it requests admin rights for running updater.

14.01.2016 06:19:20

Made 4 new websites for @HostelFirst:

14.01.2016 04:56:16

@FreePublicTrans It's not total waste. Those planning & supporting #carbontax  can feel good about doing at least something. #FoolsParadise

14.01.2016 00:23:18

That's what happens when a lapdog is so eager to please its master.

13.01.2016 22:12:23

@Cloudbeds Hostel First,

13.01.2016 15:09:08

The best thing in #Windows10: you don't have to use it.

13.01.2016 11:49:04

@myallocator appears to be #dead. Requested 6 days ago APi credentials, they promised them "shortly" and still nothing. #AreTheyClosedDown

13.01.2016 02:06:48

More lies #SOTU #ClosingGITMOin1year

13.01.2016 01:36:57

#Erdoğan should perhaps pay a better price to #ISIS for oil to make them stop bombing #Istanbul.

12.01.2016 13:19:10

@paivisanteri ...  Johnny Worricker

12.01.2016 13:17:42

What kind of idiot makes an English film with short parts in German in the middle without hard coded subtitles? #SaltingTheBattlefield #crap

12.01.2016 07:00:06

@BlueberryRoom Miltä tilanne näyttää Egyptissä?

12.01.2016 05:45:07

@AndyroidNet Forcing users to let your software accessing internet when uninstalling makes it look like malware. Why you do it? #spyware

12.01.2016 03:10:17

@Ulkoministerio: Miksi suomalaiset päästävät jenkit maahan ilmaiseksi, vaikka jenkit rahastavat suomalaisia ETA-maksuilla? #vastavuoroisuus

11.01.2016 12:45:53

RT @wikileaks: Swedish police admit to concealing mass sexual assults by migrants inorder to suppress vote for anti-migration party https:/…

11.01.2016 09:27:33

There is never enough money except when there is none.

11.01.2016 08:23:55

He was not the first or the last of their victims...

11.01.2016 06:16:45

How are you doing Anf? Still entrepreneuring in OZ? Greetings from Sri Lanka! @AnferneeC

11.01.2016 05:02:27

@paivisanteri And those spammed works are often so horribly bad that nobody would refer to them without forcing it when peer reviewing.

11.01.2016 04:22:02

#Scholarly #PeerReview in #AcademicPapers is not about better #quality, improvements or #credibility. but #spam'ming the works of reviewers.

10.01.2016 23:45:34

#perustulo'ssa on järkeä vain, jos samalla lakkautetaan kaikki päällekkäiset hallintohimmelit: #sanasto #toimeentulotuki #kela #sossu jne.

10.01.2016 23:40:52

Somehow @BillCosby witch-hunt smells like the crucifixion of

Michael Jackson. #OnlyInTheUSA

10.01.2016 11:05:11

@AbleArcher7 @RuchiraSingh7 We were just a few months ago in Korea and saw with our own eyes what is happening there.

10.01.2016 10:35:53

@AbleArcher7 @RuchiraSingh7 The US is trying their best to ignite yet another war in Korean peninsula. All we can do is hope that they fail.

10.01.2016 10:25:33

@AbleArcher7 @RuchiraSingh7 @m_cetera Prejudice, believing in hearsay, and blindly trusting authorities&media makes you are a model citizen.

10.01.2016 10:19:53

@AbleArcher7 @RuchiraSingh7 @m_cetera Have you been there and seen that by yourself or are you just reciting the Western war propaganda?

10.01.2016 10:15:48

@AbleArcher7 @RuchiraSingh7 @m_cetera Actually they are more free than South Korea occupied by the US. They are not occupied.

10.01.2016 09:33:01

@AbleArcher7 @RuchiraSingh7 @m_cetera @wikileaks You are just spreading the totalitarian fear mongering bullshit.

10.01.2016 09:06:15

@AbleArcher7 @RuchiraSingh7 @m_cetera @wikileaks Anarchy can't be organised, it is the opposite of organised. Don't buy that crap.

10.01.2016 08:39:38

@AbleArcher7 @RuchiraSingh7 @m_cetera @wikileaks Anarchy is personal, total disregard of all authorities. It does not harm per se anyone.

10.01.2016 08:34:09

@AbleArcher7 @RuchiraSingh7 @m_cetera @wikileaks We would rather be free and in anarchy than prisoners and property of a totalitarian state.

10.01.2016 07:06:08

In our website there was visitors from 31 different countries within the last two days:

10.01.2016 03:14:20

Is #nationalism causing #stupidity, does nationalism attract #idiots, or is nationalism exploited by the elite to #manipulate #weak-willed?

10.01.2016 03:00:59

Leimasitte taas kerran kaikki pakolaiset yms. ulkomaalaiset raiskaajiksi. Kerrassaan isänmaallista & hienoa työtä, @SuomenPoliisi. #idiootit

09.01.2016 23:41:35

@AbleArcher7 @RuchiraSingh7 @m_cetera @wikileaks Security, i.e. fear, is a perfect tool for stripping away civil liberties. See e.g. the US.

09.01.2016 23:39:22

@AbleArcher7 @RuchiraSingh7 @m_cetera @wikileaks Europe is becoming totalitarian, too, thanks to them attacking to #Libya, #Iraq and #Syria.

09.01.2016 18:03:30

@AbleArcher7 @RuchiraSingh7 @m_cetera @wikileaks You can invent whatever excuses that please you most.

09.01.2016 15:36:34

@AbleArcher7 @RuchiraSingh7 @m_cetera @wikileaks Only after Mumbai attacks. Don't read this: #NationalismIsCancer

09.01.2016 15:11:04

For an #AnimalLover #buddha is better god than christian #god or #allah, he does not require animal sacrifice and encourage devouring flesh.

09.01.2016 14:43:48

@AbleArcher7 @RuchiraSingh7 @m_cetera @wikileaks Only totalitarian states force people to show passports when they visit internet cafes.

09.01.2016 14:38:34

@AbleArcher7 @RuchiraSingh7 @m_cetera @wikileaks Everything you fail to understand is nonsense or just that what you disagree? So patriotic.

09.01.2016 14:33:23

@RuchiraSingh7 @m_cetera @wikileaks They got pretext for taking away civil liberties&turning #India towards totalitarianism. Just like 9/11.

09.01.2016 13:51:11

@m_cetera @wikileaks Not really a surprise. Indian government was the only one benefiting from Mumbai attacks. It was their own 9/11.

09.01.2016 13:14:56

@ZeroAnthro @FearDept @CNN Naturally all dissidents and every single opinion not supporting #US policies must be #ISIS. #WeAreAllTerrorists

09.01.2016 06:36:21

@markkuahdeoja Jos levitys/esitys sallitaan, on elokuva poliittisesti korrektisti pitänyt fiktioida suojelemaan viranomaisia & poliitikkoja.

09.01.2016 05:24:14

@persut-johtoinen @oikeusmin ärsyttää tahallaan Venäjää ja hännystelee jenkkejä. Sitä se #NatsiSuomi'n #VenäjänPelko ja #RyssäViha teettää.

09.01.2016 04:43:07

A good day starts by petting dogs. #aGoodDayStartsBy

08.01.2016 23:59:38

@oikeusmin Pääseekö #Niinistö kiitokseksi Valkoiseen taloon vai oliko tarkoituksena vain provosoida Venäjää Yhdysvaltojen miellyttämiseksi?

08.01.2016 23:52:48

#Finland has joined #Sweden in helping the #US by extraditing foreigners. They wish to please their masters. #Senakhin #Assange #LapDogs

08.01.2016 13:49:07

#US business interests are getting people slaughtered all over the world.

08.01.2016 09:13:28

@thisisFINLAND @guardian @ValioFi Tribute or #shameful attempt to exploit  #Lemmy's fame for selling #calf #blood #tainted products? #valio

07.01.2016 02:22:29

@FearDept Why would he cry just for doing his duty as an American patriot? All of them were non-US, potential future terrorists. #HailObama

06.01.2016 12:05:10

@ihp000 @Microsoft Apple sucks even more than Windows thanks to vendor locking and their evil terms and policies.

06.01.2016 12:03:32

@ihp000 @Microsoft No idea about android apps (still have no phone), but it's a GNU/Linux so you should find them easily for GNU/Linux, too.

06.01.2016 12:02:01

@ihp000 @Microsoft You need to check the drivers before purchase by booting it from a USB stick with GNU/Linux in the shop.

06.01.2016 10:58:30

@ihp000 @Microsoft What did you fail to do with GNU/Linux? We are already using mostly Open Source that actually runs way better on Linux.

06.01.2016 10:43:37

@ihp000 @Microsoft When these current computers die we will move to GNU/Linux.

06.01.2016 10:42:48

@ihp000 @Microsoft We have old windowses from which we have permanently deleted all update functionality. We will never take Windows 10.

06.01.2016 10:40:57

A Buddhist temple in Sri Lanka is abusing elephants for riding and mutilating their tusks: #SriLanka #animalabuse

06.01.2016 10:38:22

@ihp000 @Microsoft Your privacy settings will be reset and software messed up with forced updates whenever they please. You have no control.

06.01.2016 06:24:27

@ihp000 You are brave to let @Microsoft steal your secrets and mess up your computer :)

05.01.2016 23:29:14

@AnonQC What else can you expect from a country occupied by the US? North Korea is at least free, independent, sovereigm and not occupied.

05.01.2016 02:50:22

@FahadAldabaan @Independent Actually all gods in every religion needs money, lot's of money. It is very expensive to be a god.

04.01.2016 07:24:10

RT @wikileaks: Saudi secretly paid £100k to obtain UK vote to place #Saudi on UN Human Rights Council…

01.01.2016 13:25:18

Really stupid, @PayPal. You need to login to get support when you need support for logging in. #wtf

01.01.2016 11:07:49

Starpukes – The Best Pukes in Town #fanart #coffee #starbucks

31.12.2015 09:40:27

@mikko At least for competitors and what is left of Nokia. The leftovers of Nokia's mobile phone business are sinking Microsoft image-wise.

31.12.2015 06:30:36

Wish people would stop worshiping the illusion of time by inventing every year new arbitrary numbers to remember. Damn stupid #HappyNewYear

30.12.2015 23:56:05

No more new years ever #NewYearsResolutionIn5Words

30.12.2015 02:16:21

@mikko Anyone still using flash must be utterly insane :)

29.12.2015 01:40:19

About #volunteering, #charity and #safaris in #Africa: #ttot #travels #oldpost

28.12.2015 06:41:46

@markkuahdeoja @SuomenPoliisi on ihmisen paras ystävä eikä sen tekemisiä sovi rangaistuksetta repostella, #poliisi

27.12.2015 06:50:13

@arikemppinen @Finnair @timesofindia Offering nothing on short flights is actually pure vegetarian :)

26.12.2015 02:00:54

Developed countries make us lazier and we usually just walk while in developing countries we often go jogging, too. #DevelopmentMakesLazy

25.12.2015 14:27:14

@Pontifex: Mercy, compassion, empathy and justice for everyone [except Muslims, ISIS and other infidels & heretics]. #NotUnconditionalLove

25.12.2015 04:29:50

It was quite sad to witness all the evil #USA is doing in #Japan, #SouthKorea and #Taiwan just like in Europe, Central and South America.

24.12.2015 12:04:32

@paivisanteri After the execution #UK will have their blood on their hands...

24.12.2015 11:54:54

#Thailand will kill 2 Burmese for British backpacker murder. They didn't probably even understand what happened in the court. #framed #shame

24.12.2015 11:40:50

Internet #porn videos provide awesome sexual education for young #India'n men: all #white #women are #sex-crazed just wanting to be #rape'd.

22.12.2015 08:05:02

@arikemppinen Päivi ryystää pelkkää oolongia & vihreää teetä kun täältä löytyy kuulemma mustaa. Raahattiin niitä sitten rinkassa ... plääh.

22.12.2015 04:38:26

@arikemppinen Very true :)

22.12.2015 04:38:09

@arikemppinen Oma moka. Jäätiin Taiwaniin liian pitkäksi aikaa ja talvi sai kiinni. Onneksi nyt alkaa helpottaa ja Sri Lankan lämpö hellii.

22.12.2015 04:29:15

First impression of #SriLanka: someone put his dirty rucksack on our camping mattress in Airport and stepped on it when he took it back :(

21.12.2015 03:05:27

Damn you, @videolan. Without you showing us your christmassy logo icon with a christmas hat we would have completely disregarded christmas.

21.12.2015 02:56:10

Although Buddhism claims to be a peaceful and peace loving religion, there are awfully lot of skinheads and swastikas in Buddhist countries.

20.12.2015 06:57:59

It will be exciting to see will the new Star Wars The Force Awakens be even more #pathetic than the preceding episodes of @starwars.

20.12.2015 05:51:01

6 days in under 20c made our bodies to start #winter transformation including itches, running nose, aches, and seasonal affective disorder.

20.12.2015 03:36:45

Which is worse: having only one testicle or no balls at all like the leaders of the so called free world? #PeaceTakesTrueCourage #DemDebate

19.12.2015 14:27:27

17 hours in #Thailand was quite enough and we didn't see any chicken-yellow shirts.

19.12.2015 14:12:04

@arikemppinen Kuulostaa oikein hyvältä. Hauskaa reissua!

19.12.2015 03:11:16

Earlier people were too busy seeing sights to enjoy travelling. Nowadays they are too busy taking selfies to enjoy sightseeing. #MobileCurse

18.12.2015 14:09:01

#USA is driving a wedge between #Taiwan and #China by arms delivery. They want to provoke yet another war destabilising South China Sea?

18.12.2015 13:46:34

Hemmetti, vähästä jäi kiinni että olisitte saaneet lavastettua #Auerin murhaajaksi. Parempaa onnea Aarnion ajojahdin kanssa, @SuomenPoliisi.

17.12.2015 11:54:11

Poople #GoogleDoodle

17.12.2015 02:44:44

All ipads, smartphones and car parts made in China have polluted our air unbreathable in Taipei today. It's 4x over the limits. Thank you.

16.12.2015 04:03:06

Hurting and killing people is acceptable as long as #USA gets #Iran and their #oil by destroying Iran's allies including #Syria, right?

16.12.2015 02:03:21

New photos from Taiwan: #Taiwan #Photos #CopyrightFree #PublicDomain

16.12.2015 01:44:34

Taiwan — China without Culture Shock #TTOT #blog #Taiwan #NewPost #ROC #Formosa

14.12.2015 13:49:01

Environmentally Friendly Way To Use Cars #eco #cars #PollutionFree

14.12.2015 01:34:28

RT @wikileaks: Swedish government continues erasing history re: Assange

13.12.2015 08:26:35

‘A major leap for mankind’ ... backwards. They are all still in denial watching over national, anti-climate interests more than ever. #cop21

11.12.2015 07:08:13


11.12.2015 07:05:07

Finnish publicly funded high tech by @HumanCharger: stick a flash light to your ear and your jet lag & winter depression is magically cured.

11.12.2015 03:54:51

#Turkey finance #ISIS buying their oil, shoot down #Russian fighter defending #Syria, and now they are invading #Iraq. #NATO #Erdogan #Nazis

10.12.2015 15:27:42

Write protected should actually be change protected because it prevent deleting as well.

10.12.2015 14:11:29

Today we should all be laughing our asses off as it is #HumanRightsDay and we all know that human rights are just a joke. @Justice4Assange

10.12.2015 04:01:06

@realDonaldTrump @BillGates can't help you. The internet is in the UK. You need to talk to Moss to switch it off:

10.12.2015 01:23:28

@FearDept Silly Trump and HIllary. The internet is in the UK and they need to talk to Moss to switch it off: #Idiots

10.12.2015 00:39:19

@CruiseNorwegian has started scamming their customers with obligatory tips. If obligatory, they must be included in price. Shame on #NCL.

09.12.2015 16:48:37

@zorpiasupport No worries, we are no more getting spam from you. Everything you send gets immediately and permanently deleted.

09.12.2015 16:39:15

@zorpiasupport We keep getting spam from you and never had anything to do with you...

08.12.2015 13:22:44

Why #anonymous fails to connect #ISIS with #USA? Because It is already all out there in public thanks to @wikileaks, no need for any hacks.

08.12.2015 04:58:37

What makes news in #Finland: A rapist that is not a foreigner and refugee, but an authentic, genuine, and racially pure Finn.

08.12.2015 02:58:10

Onko inhimillisempää tappaa väärinajattelijoita ja muita @SuomenPoliisi'a pelkäämättömiä rikollisia muovikuulilla kuin ampuma-aseilla?

08.12.2015 02:53:47

Kantasuomalaiset olivat ruotsalaisia ja venäläisiä. Siksi kantahurriryssät olisi kohdallisempi termi erityisesti suurille isänmaanystäville.

08.12.2015 02:44:37

First it was #communists, now #Muslims, and next you, me and everyone else who is not living in the #USA. Why should anyone tolerate that?

08.12.2015 00:59:29

We believe in #slavery. Please enslave us! #WorkExchange #WorkingForRoomAndBoard #Websites #Films #Photography

07.12.2015 06:42:03

Countries are the root cause of #climate change, competing with each other and using national interests to justify polluting. #COP21

07.12.2015 06:22:36

@SteverinoC @wikileaks More like avoiding extradition from Sweden to the US, the worst rogue country in the world.

07.12.2015 06:20:33

@wikileaks And some silly people keep believing in human rights, laws and authorities.

07.12.2015 01:24:52

RT @AnonQC: ISIS profiteers at five year financial high #raytheon #followthemoney

07.12.2015 00:41:45

There is nothing fair in #FairTrade, all trade is unfair.

06.12.2015 14:03:45

#Independence days are the best abroad: no #nationalistic pathos and revering past atrocities and murderous war #veterans. #CountriesAreEvil

06.12.2015 10:34:39

Mobile-friendly Non-Flash Picasa Photo Slideshow

06.12.2015 05:41:35

Only terrorists disagree or do not obey.

06.12.2015 01:41:20

Critical tourism is sustainable tourism: #ttot #travel #oldpost

06.12.2015 00:06:51

Stupid spammers: @zorpiaofficial @zorpiasupport

05.12.2015 16:54:47

@TerraFuocoCielo Remember this?

05.12.2015 15:34:40

Nuclear power is less harmfull

05.12.2015 14:42:37

Living forever is a mental barrier, not medical nor religious.

05.12.2015 14:30:28

Nämä Santerin vanhat vaaliteemat auttaisivat edelleen Suomen nousuun:

05.12.2015 07:01:40

@FreePublicTrans If enough people will die in disasters, the survivors can continue their growth orgies.

05.12.2015 06:21:15

Liberty, equality and justice are very noble, empty words.

05.12.2015 02:37:36

Save money and pollute environment with #EnergySavingLamps

05.12.2015 02:34:44

Our New Quarterly Newsletter Is Out:

South Korea and Taiwan (Q4/2015)

04.12.2015 15:12:03

#CleanEnergy is a scam, there can not be any clean energy. Energy is always polluting. Therefore it is much better to consume less.#degrowth

04.12.2015 04:11:26

Marimba Master Juan from Masatepe, Nicaragua

04.12.2015 03:15:15

6.94 ABSOLUTELY Vital Travel Tips: #ttot #TravelTips #UltimateList #TopSecret

03.12.2015 10:05:50

@AlibabaTalk is otherwise nice, but there is no way to leave product feedback about the low quality Chinese pirate trash they are selling.

03.12.2015 04:09:12

Companies trying to force their customers to update are insane and should be avoided. It is simply stupid to update software that works.

03.12.2015 02:27:06

@ArtMaterialist We are checking manually all budget airlines flying to the destination. Please let us know if you find something better.

03.12.2015 00:48:43

@AnonQC War is good for business, especially #OilWars in the Middle-East. See how the stocks of the US arms dealers are soaring. #Kill4Money

02.12.2015 17:24:12

USA is helping to suppress the evil of democracy all over the world. #SyriaVote

02.12.2015 15:55:23

Heading towards the next glorious invasion after liberating and stabilising so successfully Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan. #SyriaVote #OilWars

02.12.2015 10:11:07

@CostaCruises is scamming their customers by forcing them to pay tips but not including those tips into their prices. #BoycottCostaCruises

02.12.2015 08:06:11

"Error 404 Not Found" @twitter managed to censor something again? Earlier got also a weird authorisation error.

02.12.2015 07:03:25

@miiakrause @iltasanomat Miten kokelas reagoisi jos joku sanoisi hänelle saman jumalasta? Lapset ovat sentään nähneet joulupukin :)

02.12.2015 05:40:47

Great, now #Finland will also be attacking #Mali. Apparently #Syria & #Afghanistan is not enough. Crazies are building #GreatFinland again.

02.12.2015 04:01:26

How about you tell your puppets #Turkey & #Ukraine to stop assaulting #Russia and quit your oil wars in favor of #FreePublicTransit, @potus.

01.12.2015 14:51:28

Made a new website:

01.12.2015 06:11:40

Päivin tuoreet kuulumiset: Skoottereita skoottereita (12/15)

30.11.2015 06:28:10

Renewables are placebo for fools.

30.11.2015 06:11:40

Solving #climate issues with technology is like putting out flames with gasoline. #StopAutoSprawl #FreePublicTransit #NoMoreOilWars

29.11.2015 15:23:41

Zombies are actually nothing to be afraid of. They are the ideal citizens of every nation state and all societies.

29.11.2015 11:31:32

@NarcosNetflix is pretty OK excluding twisting the history to whitewash all the evil Americans did in #Colombia, and they still do it there.

29.11.2015 09:01:29

The problem with the current #climate debate is that it already includes invisible limits of what means are acceptable forcing its #failure.

28.11.2015 16:22:56

Take a banana,and eat it 15 minutes, tiny bites, chewing each carefully, slowly, and tasting every bit focusing only to eating. #HereAndNow

28.11.2015 14:51:22

@paivisanteri Eikä tilannetta muuta se, että sotilaita kutsuttaisiin "rauhanturvaajiksi", "kouluttajiksi" tai edes joulupukiksi.

28.11.2015 14:49:49

Suomalaisiakin lähtisi taatusti pakolaisiksi ulkomaille, jos Afganistan ja Syyria lähettäisivät palkkamurhaajiaan Suomeen. #SitäSaaMitäTilaa

28.11.2015 01:22:39

@BillGates So you want to pollute with renewables instead of fossil fuels? Better get rid of cars. #AutoSprawl #OilWars #FreePublicTransit

27.11.2015 07:37:30

@HP #keyboard of a high-end #DV4 laptop broke only after 3 years of use and the spare part broke in 7 months. Have you had similar problems?

27.11.2015 03:31:23

@cordeliers What's wrong with #eliminating #competition? That's what #YugoslavWars and the destruction of #Serbia was all about, too.

26.11.2015 12:14:59

#ImThankfulFor remembering those over 70 million native Americans massacred during the colonisation of America instead of overeating turkey.

26.11.2015 08:41:25

@mikko Looks like Europe finally got the war they have been so desperately trying to start in #Ukraine, #Libya, #Afghanistan, #Syria, #Iraq.

25.11.2015 11:25:35

What's the difference between military service and prison? In prison murdering is optional.

25.11.2015 11:19:41

RT @glcarlstrom: The US is struggling to keep up with its allies' surging demand for weapons: $46.6 billion in arms sales this year. https:…

24.11.2015 16:29:15

@FearDept What a perfect way to commemorate the colonisation of Americas and the massacre of some 70 million natives. #HappyThanksGiving

24.11.2015 14:49:25

The #US puppet dictator #Erdogan is doing a superb job promoting 3rd world war in #Turkey. #OilWars #Russian #WW3

24.11.2015 08:35:53

Made a new website: #kaohsiung #cozyplanet

23.11.2015 14:32:35

France is doing their best to help #ISIS to recruit more fighters from France. Good luck with your #OilWars and #AutoSprawl. #PreyForParis

23.11.2015 12:28:18

@Skyscanner We reported all of those to you with feedback system on your website before quitting. Hope you will clean up your website.

23.11.2015 06:13:55

Future car is a paradox. We can have either future or car, but not both. You choose. #FutureCar #OilWars #AutoSprawl #FreePublicTransit

23.11.2015 02:44:40

Our Darien Gap crossing video has attracted 30.000 views.Thank you for watching and commenting it!

23.11.2015 01:58:51

The dominance of English language in creating barriers to non-natives and inequality in Science seriously impairing output. #monolithic

23.11.2015 01:45:35

Ridiculous: #brusselslockdown

23.11.2015 00:51:55

Praying is preying.

22.11.2015 17:54:01

@Zalando It's actually @ZalandoFI that is sending spams from email address

22.11.2015 17:49:55

@Zalando Have sent emails dozens of times with no answer...

22.11.2015 06:57:03

@Zalando is hopeless. They keep spamming us although we never used them, gave them permission or even our email address. #spammers

22.11.2015 06:08:54

@FreePublicTrans Problem is that people will revolt and streets burn if USA will try to end #AutoSprawl, it happens when gas price hikes.

22.11.2015 04:58:25

@FreePublicTrans Cars have become holier than cows in India.

22.11.2015 04:45:14

RT @FreePublicTrans: Whole world complicit in burning children alive in Iraq/Syria. Just to stop #IslamicState from controlling the oil the…

21.11.2015 17:41:37

@Skyscanner has become useless crap. They are just pushing tickets of well-known scammers like #tripsta and @ExpediaUK. #RIP

21.11.2015 15:37:11

@lwtharoId CIA 1 - HUMANITY 0

21.11.2015 12:07:52

What is the biggest difference between #Bush administration and #Obama administration? The name. #BushAndObamaAreBothBloodthirstyWarmongrers

21.11.2015 05:26:16

@TheSunTrip promotes polluting our planet with renewables instead of fossil fuels. That is a noble cause. #AutoSprawl #OilWars #Scam

20.11.2015 12:41:54

@avast_antivirus Thanks for the tip. Will try it in a sand box first as all the previous program updates so far have been a step to worse.

20.11.2015 04:06:50

Computers are evil. There are many deamons running inside of them.

20.11.2015 01:54:45

@avast_antivirus is doing their best to make their product so annoying with constant, useless spam that I will uninstall it real soon now.

20.11.2015 01:29:47

@hsfiuutiset Nuo norsureservaatit rääkkäävät eläimiä ihan yhtä lailla tehden rahaa maksullisella vapaaehtoisturismilla. Sairasta touhua.

19.11.2015 13:23:15

@ioerror @AnonQC France could have their own Guantanamo Bay concetration camp. There is plenty of free space near Aubusson.

19.11.2015 09:27:28

Crossing any of these flight price barriers is way more expensive than changing continent.

19.11.2015 06:47:57

@matcho3tk_info 健康で理解することがあるのに役立ちます冬の精霊の祝福。

19.11.2015 01:39:38

@workthailand Why would anyone want to work for such a shitty company doing bait and switch scam in their ticket sales website?

19.11.2015 00:57:29

@MalindoAirMY Hopefully bankrupt, real soon now. You lured us in with low price to steel our credit card number. Shame on you, scammers.

19.11.2015 00:56:00

@Malindo_Air Don't join these scammers who are just phishing credit card numbers and cheating with prices. What a shame airlines company.

19.11.2015 00:53:46

@Malindo_Air is a #scam. They advertise cheap flights but their booking system is broken and they don't reply to any messages. #MalindoAir

18.11.2015 09:28:17

@FearDept @thinkprogress It would have been horrible if those people would have died for nothing.#PayForParis

18.11.2015 05:18:33

@Ulkoministerio nimeää rauhanturvatehtäviksi ne operaatiot, joissa ulkomaille lähetetään tappajia ja aseita. #Afganistan #Syyria

18.11.2015 02:39:19

To beat #AlQaeda and #ISIS, #USA has to be defeated first.

17.11.2015 08:30:05

@VAALIT @johanbek Suomi on ollut sodassa 14 vuotta siitä lähtien kun Suomi lähetti sotilaita Yhdysvaltojen avuksi Afganistanin invaasioon.

17.11.2015 05:15:55

Al Qaeda & evil dictator Saddam Hussein where the pretext for invading Iraq just like ISIS & "evil dictator" Bashar al-Assad Syria. #OilWars

17.11.2015 03:37:05

Gods are evil, more like devils. They are greedy for money, power hungry and raise wars against infidels. All gods. Don't #PrayForParis.

17.11.2015 03:31:45

@Malindo_Air How can anyone buy anything from you when your webshop is completely broken?

16.11.2015 17:31:34

@the_intercept @AnonQC What an excellent investment. #ParisAttacks

16.11.2015 17:00:36

Let's kill the planet with renewables instead of fossil fuels because it is hip, pop, and so much greener. #degrowth

16.11.2015 15:29:23

@AnonQC War. War never changes.

16.11.2015 15:22:25

@AnonQC Or people driving cars and consuming oil products as they finance these oil wars. #Obama just does what he is paid to do.

16.11.2015 08:08:40

@Malindo_Air Your website's Credit card payment is broken, just redirects to and then nothing. When will you fix it?

15.11.2015 16:55:35

@twitter has gone totalitarian or began to receive government "sponsorship"? It''s offering only police officers and war mongers to follow.

15.11.2015 16:52:38

@mikko That's hilarious: @google spy on everyone, reveal secrets to the US gov., manipulate, censor competition, undermine @wikileaks ...

15.11.2015 14:12:26

The biggest innovation in the world:

15.11.2015 04:01:30

Olisiko sinulla aikaa ja mielenkiintoa kommentoida vielä julkaisematonta kirjaesittelyvideota?

15.11.2015 02:52:57

RT @wikileaks: Saudi: #Syrian state must be destroyed to avoid revenge for what we've done to them…

15.11.2015 02:28:56

Oil and cars killed the people in #Paris and 14 years ago in #WTC and millions in #Iraq, #Syria, #Libya and #Afghanistan. #CarsKill #OilWars

15.11.2015 01:30:31

Cashing out with #ParisAttack is pretty ridiculous, those bloody tricolor colours that represent the very countries causing all this misery.

14.11.2015 15:46:39

It's actually praying that is causing all this shit so if you want more of it, go and #PrayForWorld.

14.11.2015 14:52:45

We are all victims of the power hungry nation states completely disrespecting life. #NoMoreCountries

14.11.2015 08:00:45

Wouldn't be surprised if #ParisAttacks were orchestrated by the #CIA inciting #France to step up the #US #OilWars. #RMSlusitania #CarsKill

14.11.2015 05:48:24

Ranger Walker Season 3 Episode 6: "Hallucion does not sweat".

14.11.2015 03:55:07

@deivudesu More like dragonian policies, but anyway, that's what they gotta do keep the oil flowing and cars selling. #OilWars #AutoSprawl

14.11.2015 00:47:27

In November alone the US police has killed the same amount of people that died in Paris so far. #PuttingThingsInPerspective

14.11.2015 00:27:11

Losing a few lives is nothing compared to preserving the freedom of car industry to annihilate biosphere. #ParisAttack #OilWars #AutoSprawl

13.11.2015 23:42:20

@wikileaks It's not the first or the last time dog bites the owner, but don't worry; they will never learn. #OilWars #AutoSprawl

13.11.2015 09:08:43

It's horrific to notice how bad own text can look, albeit fortunately it has not been printed yet.

12.11.2015 12:30:57

@twitter can't sell favorites like could sell likes, they are just implementing what @facebook is doing. Expecting more #promoted #spam.

12.11.2015 05:42:24

@SuomenPoliisi alkaa tarkastamaan ulkomaalaisten papereita muttei suomalaisten.#JaKohtaItketäänTaasLisääMäärärahoja #rasismia #turhakkeet

11.11.2015 07:12:21

@arinassi KL:ssä?

11.11.2015 07:11:35

#JariAarnio ja #AnneliAuer ovat avanneet silmät siitä, kuinka #likaista, #moraalitonta ja #laitonta @SuomenPoliisi'n toiminta on. #poliisi

11.11.2015 07:09:14

Your motor vehicle is not only killing you and animals, but also millions of people in #Syria, #Iraq, #Afghanistan&#Libya.#OilWars #CarsKill

11.11.2015 03:38:31

Dragon Age Inquisition is a great game with annoying bugs: movement freezing and the character running ages by itself. #DragonAgeInquisition

10.11.2015 13:03:36

@ExpediaUK Quit doing bait and switch, the scam is still ongoing on your website. The story on the posted link has the details.

10.11.2015 08:39:25

@Independent Sounds seriously dumb. Don't think that happiness has anything to do with being rich, it's more like the opposite @LegatumInst.

10.11.2015 06:50:52

#sanasto'n lakkauttamista odotellessa... #VeronmaksajienKuppausta #PerustuloOlisiParempi #mafia

10.11.2015 03:20:05

May flower or may not. #YouNeverKnow

10.11.2015 03:09:14

It's easy to blame #China for #AirPollution, but it is caused by the cheap products sold in the Western countries. #ipad #iphone #wholefoods

10.11.2015 02:21:38

@ExpediaUK appears to be scamming their customers with bait and switch pricing:

09.11.2015 23:40:05

@wikileaks Did you have any doubts that Swedes are not just stalling and lying to please their American masters?

09.11.2015 03:15:47

Keep polluting while you are still alive. #Haze #ClimateChange #AutoSprawl #OilWars

08.11.2015 14:52:27

Perhaps someone managed to smuggle some shampoo, tooth paste, nail clippers or a lighter to the airplane causing the crash in Sinai.

08.11.2015 13:59:35

Get rid of all #countries and world #peace will follow.

08.11.2015 02:04:46

@FreedomofPress @wikileaks Sounds exactly the same what the "anonymous US officials" were saying after #MH17 crashed in #Ukraine...

07.11.2015 04:55:57

#US is truly a leader on climate change as @potus claims thanks to their autosprawl, the global leader of causing the climate change.

07.11.2015 02:37:31

Why pollute the air driving a scooter if you have to wear a mask to protect yourself from air pollution? #TryWalking

06.11.2015 08:34:29

Burned out light bulb does not waste any electricity.

06.11.2015 00:33:11

@HarriMoisio @Persut tipahtavat korkealta ja kovaa jos nyt tulee uudet vaalit. Saattaa hyvin olla taktinen veto. #antijytky

05.11.2015 10:43:28

@wikileaks TPP is omnipotent; fixed future and also past events giving us everlasting peace, greener planet & made the sun shine brighter.

05.11.2015 08:04:03

Voluntary slavery is the best form of employment at least for us:

05.11.2015 06:38:01

#Renewable's is a similar #scam as #recycling. The whole idea is to trick you consume and pollute more: #NotGreen

05.11.2015 06:20:38

#China and #Russia are lame compared to #USA: #Iraq, #Afghanistan, #Libya, #Syria, #Ukraine,#Kuwait, #Yugoslavia, #Vietnam, #Haiti, #Panama

04.11.2015 15:44:58

What happens when a good old game is completely misunderstood and laced with violence and aggression? #AmericanFootball

04.11.2015 14:52:00

Money is good for two things only: corrupting and polluting. Which one is your favorite?

04.11.2015 14:49:39

@Privatecarfree @FreePublicTrans Manufacturing pollutes as well. Cars are never environmentally friendly, no matter how green the paint is.

04.11.2015 02:42:36

#SouthKorea appears again to be more totalitarian than their brothers in #NorthKorea. Government will rewrite their history study books.

03.11.2015 10:13:09

@mikko @thorsheim More sock-puppets to attract paying men perhaps?

03.11.2015 07:14:58

@BobRossGameDev @nbenari At least as long as you don't try to compile it, run it or deliver it to a customer...

03.11.2015 04:19:04

It is becoming harder and harder to keep up the appearances in #Finland: #NaziLegacyLives #RacistCountry

03.11.2015 04:03:44

The idea of nationality is racists. Why can't we all be friends with fellow human beings disregarding the countries that claim to own us?

02.11.2015 15:08:19

Promoted tweet: report to @twitter and block. #spam

02.11.2015 13:35:07

@FreePublicTrans Because they create jobs and people are obsessed having jobs, no matter how ridiculous those jobs are. #NothingIsBetter

02.11.2015 13:33:36

RT @FreePublicTrans: Capitalism. Spending money we don't have, to bomb people we don't know, to fuel cars we don't need, to ruin a planet w…

02.11.2015 06:25:46

A draft of the new constitution of #Turkey: "There is only one president and will always be: #Erdogan. Violations are punishable by #death."

02.11.2015 04:53:38

@FearDept They are part of NATO and none of the NATO countries has any  authoritarianism as NATO is the vanguard of freedom

02.11.2015 03:59:39

Having a penalty for not voting is pretty insane, it's like enforcing democracy by sacrificing freedom. Not voting is a basic human right.

01.11.2015 10:50:26

@arinassi Vuodenajan mukaan paikkaa vaihtavat ovat elämäntapasiirtolaisia eli snowbirdejä, vaikka liikkuminen muistuttaa pastoraalinomadeja.

01.11.2015 06:53:10

If you want your name to live forever, become nameless.

01.11.2015 02:18:53

#Obama is a stain on humanity. #Guantanamo #GuantanamoBay #Gitmo

31.10.2015 09:39:08

@FearDept Well planned is half-done.

31.10.2015 09:28:30

#MH17, #MH370, #KGL9268 (in Sinai), what next?

31.10.2015 09:14:16

RT @FearDept: Russian airliner has crashed in the Sinai. When we chose to supply jihadists in Libya and Syria with MANPADS this was always …

31.10.2015 04:01:42

@Grumpy_Demo @FearDept Well, he could be, someday. You never know. The whole humanity should be locked up to #Guantanamo, just in case.

31.10.2015 02:59:11

@Streitapfel thank you

31.10.2015 02:54:40

@Streitapfel Is anybody who does not  agree with you "drunk" or did you just run out arguments? I feel sorry for you. #AdHominem

31.10.2015 02:53:07

@Streitapfel Should #NATO also invade #USA as the #police is there murdering unarmed black minority on the streets and it's an evil country?

31.10.2015 02:46:39

@Streitapfel So Taleban is as evil as Nazis because they treat badly Sunny minority? Tell me a country that does not treat badly minorities.

31.10.2015 02:19:24

@Streitapfel Have you been there and seen that? Or your friends? Or do you believe in CIA-sponsored propaganda in Western media? #pretext

31.10.2015 01:25:04

@Streitapfel Do you believe that Taleban is like Nazis? Or Saddam Hussein? Or Syrians? Or Libyans? Plus everyone who dares to oppose #USA?

30.10.2015 17:27:24

@Streitapfel Do you seriously believe that it is possible to make peace by killing people and invading countries? NATO is pure madness.

30.10.2015 14:08:48

@wicked_nikita Some friend of ours from Africa told the same story.

30.10.2015 12:49:36

@wicked_nikita @Milan_Chovanec A sustainable way would be to stop bombing their homes so they could stay at home and forget their oil.

30.10.2015 12:48:11

@wicked_nikita They can't use malaria anymore for creating global panic and selling placebo with nasty side effects as cure. #SwineInfluenza

30.10.2015 06:59:55

@Streitapfel You are sure they would be coming even if the NATO didn't invade Afghanistan?

30.10.2015 06:35:13

@Streitapfel The the problem is NATO invading the country in the first place. Or did you see so many Afghan refugees before the invasion?

30.10.2015 06:32:54

@Streitapfel So you believe that NATO has the right to overthrow democratically elected government and invade the country?

30.10.2015 04:54:38

@Streitapfel Bombing hospitals and murdering women and children in Afghanistan is only creating more refugees.

30.10.2015 04:16:24

If you think everyone should join #NATO and the invasions of #Syria, #Iraq, #Libya and #Afghanistan are good, you should enjoy refugees.

29.10.2015 12:17:18

@mikko Yeah, only 20, what a shame. A hundred more could annihilate all the field hospitals in every possible  war zone in just a hours...

29.10.2015 03:28:10

@Ulkoministerio @vikesverkko @welikadaf @YleFem Kannattaisiko ensin hoitaa sananvapaus asiat kuntoon Suomessa?

29.10.2015 03:13:58

@SuomenPoliisi'n tekemä oikeusmurha: . Poliisi leimasi Matti Nikin lapsipornon välittäjäksi ja sensuroi mielipiteet.

29.10.2015 02:26:01

@SuomenPoliisi pidätti @MolariJuha'n kiduttaakseen häntä eriävistä mielipiteistä: #oikeusvaltio

28.10.2015 11:22:56

Insurance companies are great as long as nothing happens,

28.10.2015 08:58:41

Luokkayhteiskunnasta löytyy yhtä monta luokkaa kuin yksilöäkin.

28.10.2015 05:36:29

Although the air quality has not been horribad in #Taiwan, today they tried to fix it by burning tons of papers. Gods must be thrilled.

28.10.2015 03:43:00

Nobody cares about #dengue or #malaria, when there is #mers and #ebola, although they are way more dangerous and lethal. #NoveltyValue

28.10.2015 02:58:11

Labeling terrorists is a matter of opinion.

27.10.2015 03:58:46

@Puolustusvoimat generals are demanding armed bodyguards for protection. Must be truly professional soldiers, can't even defend themselves.

26.10.2015 12:18:18

@Rodenstock Thank you for your help. We will buy the replacement spectacles from another manufacturer and optician. #BadGermanQuality

26.10.2015 10:37:58

Jokaisella natsipuolueella on aina ollut oma diktaattorinsa, jonka kanssa ei sovi olla eri eli väärää mieltä.#persut

25.10.2015 11:00:22

@mikko It sucks as much as the concept of time itself. #Timeless

25.10.2015 02:43:28

Onko muiden vihaaminen Isänmaanrakkauden arvoista? Onko joku hikinen maapala ihmisten tappamisen ja vahingoittamisen väärti? #sairasta

24.10.2015 03:58:49

Sotatieteen tohtori kuulostaa vähän samalta kuin autonkorjauksen diplomi-insinööri tai tiskaustieteen ekonomi. #NatoTrolli

23.10.2015 16:54:44

RT @WikiTerms: The basic thing to remember,before you take any protest action,is that you're paying the corporations to do the harm you're …

23.10.2015 11:49:57

Of Wedding Anniversaries: Goldfish-Ficus-Pineapple

23.10.2015 09:02:53


23.10.2015 00:19:38

It is just a matter of time before #Erdogan from #Turkey and other politicians all over the world make not voting them illegal. #democazy

22.10.2015 10:39:23

Hyvin näyttää @iltalehti_fi toimivan ilman evästeitäkin. Voitte huoletta ottaa evästeet ja varoituksen pois sivuiltanne. #TurhaaVakoilua

22.10.2015 01:49:10

Kyllä @SuomenPoliisi'n pitää saada leimata erirotuisia ja pakolaisia sekä kertoa rasistivitsejä jo ihan sanavapaudesta. #yhteiskunnallista

22.10.2015 01:43:38

@FA_Chaudhary @FearDept Same freedom and prosperity in Iraq after Saddam.  Bloody Russians that help Assad prevent the same joy in Syria.

21.10.2015 05:44:44

@ihp000 Soon there is enough cars in the world to make the haze permanent everywhere.

21.10.2015 04:28:19

@Maahanmuuttovir Myös Syyrian ja Afganistanin voisi luokitella turvallisiksi ja lähettää sinne lisää sotilaita tappamaan pakolaisia

21.10.2015 04:13:20

@persut Myös Syyrian ja Afganistanin voisi luokitella turvallisiksi ja lähettää niihin vähän lisää sotilaita tappamaan pakolaisia.

21.10.2015 03:03:12

Lautakasat palaavat Suomen poliittiselle näyttömölle.

20.10.2015 10:13:58

@FreePublicTrans @extinctsymbol @SunflowerAction The only one you can change is yourself, and that's quite a lot already.

20.10.2015 10:13:02

@extinctsymbol @FreePublicTrans @SunflowerAction Disregard of life, all life, a key element of the problem. That includes animals.

20.10.2015 08:50:29

@FreePublicTrans @SunflowerAction @extinctsymbol Another option is to keep driving cars, consuming & eating flesh while preaching to other.

20.10.2015 08:48:58

@FreePublicTrans @SunflowerAction @extinctsymbol If we all degrowth in our own lives, the world will eventually degrowth, too.

20.10.2015 06:58:38

@FreePublicTrans @SunflowerAction @extinctsymbol Recycling is a bad example as it is just a scam to promote growth and polluting.

19.10.2015 23:36:25

Helppo uskoa: . Viranomaiset tuntuvat välillä valehtelevan lämpimikseen eivätkä kanna tekemisistään vastuuta.

19.10.2015 20:09:19

@SunflowerAction @FreePublicTrans @extinctsymbol It's not an answer but example and a step to right direction. We can only change ourselves.

19.10.2015 07:27:34

@juhasipila Onko Suomen sotilaallisen tuen ideana avittaa Yhdysvaltoja tappamaan potentiaaliset pakolaiset jo Afganistanissa? Entä Syyria?

18.10.2015 11:57:34

Some Taiwanese drivers are red-green colour-blind and scooter drivers think they are pedestrians.

18.10.2015 04:32:51

Hyvinvointiyhteiskunnasta ilmiantoyhteiskuntaan viranomaisten älyvapaassa johdatuksessa. #EiNäytäHyvältäEi

17.10.2015 12:46:22

RT @TheAntiMedia1: US Runs Tank over Evidence Before Afghan Hospital Bombing Investigation Begins…

17.10.2015 11:07:38

Money does grow on trees, #ItsJustPaper

16.10.2015 05:52:43

Your car is a reason why our our planet is dying.

15.10.2015 14:25:31

@paivisanteri Yes, 1 letter.

15.10.2015 14:23:01

Is there a difference between dope and pope?

15.10.2015 13:37:04

RT @betsyreed2: Whistleblower says military is "addicted to this machine," explains why he shared drone papers by @…

15.10.2015 05:19:29

Most countries are sock puppets of another country, especially those that call themselves free.

15.10.2015 03:22:41

Never use any #credit/#debit #cards in #Taiwan. It's an incredible rip-off: you lose almost 10% of your #money. #TheWorstInTheWorldSoFar

15.10.2015 01:41:45

Erinomaista: @SuomenPoliisi'n talousrikostutkijoiden määrä vähenee säästösyistä. Saavat @Kotipizza jne. olla rauhassa @AnneJutta'ilijoilta.

14.10.2015 15:16:57

Killing our planet and #climate with renewables is much more ecological than with fossil fuels. However, the end result remains the same.

14.10.2015 10:56:48

@SiniHarkki_GP @vihreat @Greenpeace

14.10.2015 10:12:22

@SiniHarkki_GP @vihreat @Greenpeace Uusiutuvat ovat yhtä huonoja kuin fossiiliset, sillä ne harhauttavat huomion pois leppoistamisesta.

14.10.2015 10:11:06

@SiniHarkki_GP @vihreat @Greenpeace Ongelma on nimenomaan kehityksessä ja sokeassa teknologiauskossa. #degrowth

14.10.2015 10:10:07

@SiniHarkki_GP @vihreat @Greenpeace Aurinkopanelit ovat siistejä, kun saasteet ja riisto jäävät Kiinaan. Ja niilläkin luodaan kasvua.

14.10.2015 08:27:17

@SiniHarkki_GP @vihreat @Greenpeace Ja välineenä ovat uusiutuvat energiamuodot, jotka eivät saastuta ja siksi pelastavat maapallon.

14.10.2015 08:25:32

@SiniHarkki_GP @vihreat @Greenpeace Englanninkielinen greenpeace toitottaa kasvuorgioiden tartuttamista kehitysmaihin tasa-arvon nimissä.

14.10.2015 07:08:00

Ovatko @vihreat samoilla linjoilla kuin @Greenpeace eli kasvuorgioita on jatkettava hinnalla millä hyvänsä ja uusiutuvat ratkaisevat kaiken?

14.10.2015 02:23:52

If you think that the Finnish police @SuomenPoliisi is a bad joke, look at the Finnish defense forces @Puolustusvoimat. #TooCheapPizza

13.10.2015 12:13:28

We are truly lucky that #ChuchNorris didn't make his career as a #singer. #WalkerTexasRanger

13.10.2015 07:16:38

@HarriMoisio @StaraFi Selvästi suurrikollisia. mahdollisesti jopa pahempia kuin romanit ja muut ulkomaalaiset. @AnneJutta puskii @Kotipizza!

13.10.2015 04:23:12

Verottaja on omaksunut #Stasin roolin kommunismin jälkeisessä Suomessa usuttamalla kansalaiset vasikoimaan toisiaan. #verottaja #verot

13.10.2015 02:07:53

Gezi Park massacre was a disaster as there was no ISIS to blame. This time it worked much better. #TurkeyAttack

12.10.2015 22:41:12

@suomenpoliisi tutkii pitsan hintaa. Toisaalta parempi tuokin, kuin rasistivitsit ja ulkomaalaisia panettelevat lehd.tiedotteet. #turhakkeet

12.10.2015 11:52:05

Top secret means it is so evil that it can not be disclosed. Full disclosure is the only remedy. Thank you @wikileaks.

12.10.2015 10:28:20

Conscription is a shining example of the sick idea that countries own citizens and can do whatever with their lives. #CountriesAreEvil

12.10.2015 09:56:25

Nokia toilet paper was good. Not too thin and comfortably soft as well. #GoodOldTimes

12.10.2015 09:19:08

@Rodenstock We will try to send them an email.

12.10.2015 01:55:58

@akaSassinak @AnonQC @AJENews Humanitarian bombings and peace killings do not count.

11.10.2015 11:25:36

@Rodenstock Germany

11.10.2015 05:11:11

A piece of lens dropped off 1 year old @Rodenstock eye glasses. We informed them but they didn't even bother to reply. #BadGermanQuality

10.10.2015 11:57:59

The only party that benefit from massacring peace demonstrators are the American puppets ruling Turkey. #Ankaradayız #AnkaraBombing

09.10.2015 15:37:36

@EMQuangel @FearDept Check this out @FreePublicTrans, brilliant :)

Ping @Greenpeace

09.10.2015 13:49:53

Only terrorists disagree and do not comply. Right?

09.10.2015 12:43:29

Why unicorns poop rainbows?

09.10.2015 10:44:23

@FearDept As the inventor of dynamite he should appreciate boosting the sales and popularity of his invention. #NobelInventedDynamite

09.10.2015 06:34:44

About Päivi Kannisto

09.10.2015 01:19:54

Funny, Islamic state is using Islam as a reason for attacking another Islamic state. Christians should do the same. #ReligionsAreEvil

09.10.2015 00:45:58

@SputnikInt @wikileaks They are teaching to all of us that only dumb care about laws and follow them, they don't. Time to learn the lesson!

08.10.2015 11:03:21

@persut ratkaisivat Kreikan ongelmat lahjoittamalla sinne lisää rahaa ja pakolaisongelmat täyttämällä Suomen pakolaisilla. #HyvääTyötä

08.10.2015 10:37:26

RT @Snowden: AC-130 warplanes record the gunner's video and audio. It's time to release the tapes to an #IndependentInvestigation. http://t…

07.10.2015 11:28:57

Finns are welcoming warmly refugees from #Syria, #Afghanistan and #Iraq by trying to light up refugee concentration camps. #FightingCold

06.10.2015 10:19:27

@fransmayra Vai ammutaanko oksaa?

06.10.2015 10:18:35

@FreePublicTrans Wish @Greenpeace et al. would get the idea, but it's too much to ask.

06.10.2015 02:12:41

Perimmäinen ongelma on työn riittämättömyydessä ja nyt sitä hoidetaan karsimalla vapaita ja pidentämällä työaikaa ja -ikää. #älyhoi

05.10.2015 16:01:02

@wicked_nikita Happy travels!

05.10.2015 15:52:40

@wicked_nikita @MSF @AzG_nl @NOS Both UK and Dutch media work for CIA, don't expect much from their reporting.

05.10.2015 14:47:30

@wicked_nikita @MSF @wikileaks @xychelsea @Reuters It's called humanitarian bombing/peace killing, they have a long track record of those.

05.10.2015 14:24:22

@MSF @Greenpeace Don't think it can happen when #USA is involved. Remember how they are disregard all laws with @JulianAssange_ & #gitmo.

05.10.2015 14:09:41

Is @NATO-#USA desperately trying to fabricate a pretext for attack against Russia in #Turkey after failing to provoke a war in #Ukraine?

05.10.2015 08:31:00

RT @onekade: How hard is that

05.10.2015 05:16:05

@paziij @AtenaKustannus Auttoiko vapaa jakelu myyntiä? Paulo Coelhon ajatuksia aiheesta:

05.10.2015 05:10:07

@paziij @AtenaKustannus Juttu kuulosti hyvin ikävältä Atenaa kohtaa. Tietty voi olla että Image on editoinut tekstiä vastoin ajatuksiasi.

05.10.2015 05:08:44

@EcoSenseNow @Greenpeace @gpthailand Do you feel guilty for having animals murdered for your food? I don't.

05.10.2015 05:07:13

@paziij @AtenaKustannus "Uudella kirjalla on muutama viikko aikaa herättää median ja suuren yleisön mielenkiinto" kirjalla -> kirjoittajalla

05.10.2015 05:04:32

@paziij @AtenaKustannus Ei purkaus vaan neuvo, rutkutit julkisesti julkisuuden puutteesta. Pitää itse myydä itsensä.

05.10.2015 05:00:56

@EcoSenseNow @Greenpeace @gpthailand Are fish vegetables? It''s not ecological to eat any living beings.

05.10.2015 04:59:28

@paziij @AtenaKustannus Imagen juttu.

05.10.2015 04:33:45

@Greenpeace @gpthailand There are no animal product that do meet. Please quit promoting murdering sentient beings, thank you. #vegan

05.10.2015 04:23:31

@paziij ei kannattaisi syyllistää @AtenaKustannus'ta siitä, jos on itse käsi PR:ssä. Kirjat ei myy itse itseään paitsi unelmissa.

05.10.2015 03:56:21

A historical fix to Finnish refugee influx would be re-opening Karelian concentration camps and starving them to death like Russians in WW2.

05.10.2015 03:37:54

@Greenpeace Keep driving cars and you will soon see it everywhere on earth.

05.10.2015 03:04:12

Saw carton @Pontifex on a church door in Taiwan. Much more harmless, does not wage holy wars and ignore priests raping children in churches.

05.10.2015 01:01:10

The reason for aggression against Syria might not be only #oil, but the defensive alliance with Iran, having to destroy #Syria before #Iran.

05.10.2015 00:13:27

@Greenpeace They invest heavily into renewables because dumb people are willing to pollute our planet with renewables instead of #degrowth.

04.10.2015 11:31:11

Need some #slaves working in exchange for food and room? #WorkExchange #Volunteering #WebDesign #SoftwareEngineering

04.10.2015 03:32:55

Why is it so hard to believe we are already in heaven? By not believing we only make our lives a hell.

04.10.2015 01:31:50

It's wrong if Russia bomb #US funded terrorists trying to invade #Syria, but when #USA bomb hospitals and kill doctors there is no problems.

03.10.2015 12:27:48

RT @FearDept: Within 12 hours, we'd killed 9 Doctors Without Borders medics. Imagine our reaction if the Russians had done it.…

03.10.2015 07:16:15

Dear Allah, please fix Mecca ASAP, it sucks. People die there for nothing and we infidels can't go there either. Thank you. #MeccaStampede

03.10.2015 06:59:06

@persut Voisitte aloittaa vetämällä suomalaiset sotilaat pois Afganistanista ja Syyriasta. Tukenne USA:n invaasioille lisää pakolaisvirtaa.

03.10.2015 06:38:53

Jos @persut todella haluavat ratkoa pakolaisongelmaa, he voisivat aloittaa vetämällä suomalaiset sotilaat pois Afganistanista ja Syyriasta.

02.10.2015 15:20:33

@ihp000 A bit here and there, they have multiple sites.

02.10.2015 12:23:14

RIP @worldoftanks_ru

02.10.2015 12:03:43

@BNPParibas_SAV Done, thanks!

02.10.2015 08:09:14

Historian siipien havinaa:

02.10.2015 05:05:39

@ihp000 We got a work exchange place from Sri Lanka and will be heading there next after we get our current assignment done.

02.10.2015 04:54:29

Global citizen is an oxymoron. Truly global is stateless while all citizens remain the property of the nation states that own them.

02.10.2015 04:47:45

@economicsNZ You must have mistaken according to @Greenpeace. It's not cars that cause haze, but forest fires. #GreenpeaceEmbraceAutoSprawl

02.10.2015 04:04:25

It appears that the usage of Fahrenheit correlates to the amount of warmongering. However, it is not very likely a causal relationship.

01.10.2015 17:33:11

Want to make Finland great again? Split it to half and give one part to Sweden and another to Russia. Then get rid of the rest of countries.

01.10.2015 15:28:27

@paivisanteri ... and Ukraine.

01.10.2015 15:27:20

@Greenpeace @NASA Probably not so much from deforestation as from those precious tin cans you drive. Haze is in all big cities, everywhere.

01.10.2015 14:49:03

Inspired by how stable, happy and prospering Iraq currently is, the western countries continue the good job in Afghanistan and Syria.

01.10.2015 14:37:23

@persut tahtovat näemmä Suomeen lisää pakolaisia Syyriasta, kun Soini tukee Obaman invaasiota. Eikö niiden pitänyt vastustaa maahanmuuttoa?

01.10.2015 14:18:30

We were about one week almost completely disconnected. What an awesome time. Wish internet would vanish,and mobile phones. #InternetFreeLife

01.10.2015 11:20:45

@BNPParibas_SAV No luck, emails bounce back from Also the link at your website is still broken. Clicking it gives error.

01.10.2015 11:16:22

@BNPParibas_SAV Thanks, will try it.

01.10.2015 07:20:58

@johanbek Wikileaksin diplomaattisähkeissä on ollut samaa asiaa ja myös viitteitä siitä, että ISIS olisi Al Qaidan tapaan CIA:n juttuja.

01.10.2015 05:17:50

@FreePublicTrans Russia in Syria might be better than letting USA destroy it all alone. At least they can balance and question US actions.

01.10.2015 04:06:31

@BNPParibas_SAV What's your webmaster's email address? The address "PARIS COMGRPE" on is broken.

01.10.2015 03:51:21

Päivin uusi kuukausikirje Made in Taiwan (10/15): #ttot

30.09.2015 18:16:27

RT @FearDept: Our NGO partner used a Sept 25th photo to document Russia's Sept 30th strikes against ISIS and AQ. #BestPractices…

24.09.2015 09:37:41

Isn't it somewhat hypocritical to criminalise drugs while allowing way more lethal alcohol, cigarettes, coffee and sugar?

21.09.2015 01:17:10

Cold War in South Korea #Seoul #SouthKorea #EUcrisis #USoccupation #mers #ttot #tourism

21.09.2015 00:44:09

True independence is independence from countries.

20.09.2015 22:17:50

@Greenpeace The same applies to us furless monkeys, too.

20.09.2015 20:29:15

@HeikelaJussi Pokeri piti, onnittelut kovasta suorituksesta!

19.09.2015 23:48:00


19.09.2015 06:16:54

@Pontifex It's good you took a decent faithful CHRISTIAN family. Those horrible dirty Muslim dogs serving false god must be no good. #bigot

19.09.2015 02:26:38

@Partisangirl @FearDept Which borders aren't artificially drawn&conquered by murdering other human beings? #AllCountriesSuck #NoMoreBorders

19.09.2015 01:30:23

Pistävätkö @persut pian rajat kiinni aivovuoden estämiseksi ja tulee liikekannallepano puolustamaan isänmaata vääränrotuisilta pakolaisilta?

18.09.2015 23:04:40

Humble heads hurt less in low rooms.

18.09.2015 22:42:53

One more new website: #volunteering #workexchange

18.09.2015 07:53:50

Paying for volunteering alters the transaction from charity and exchange to a business relationship and rip-off. #dumb

17.09.2015 23:13:59

Cars are not freedom but pollution and oilwars; harbingers of death and destruction. Stop feeding the evil and choose #PublicTransportation.

17.09.2015 22:20:33

#Finland is paying for its continued support to the #US invasion of #Afganistan, #Syria and #Iraq as thousands of refugees are flooding in.

17.09.2015 22:14:18

Political correctness is a perfect reductio ad Hitlerum for those who are not able talk about various opinions without denouncing opponents.

16.09.2015 21:06:59

Want to have a #WorldofTanks account in SEA server with 59.70% winrate, WN8 1,351, and 6500 battles? Can change nickname and email for you.

16.09.2015 18:43:18

@digitalvillages Me paiskitaan töitä kellon ympäri ilman lomia kun lopettiin palkallinen työnteko. #PalkatonTyöKunniaan #RahaOnPaha

16.09.2015 18:41:16

@digitalvillages Hyvä ratkaisu. Ehkä ne nyt älyää lopettaa työnteon. Maailmassa on jo ennestään aivan liikaa ihmisiä.

16.09.2015 18:20:23

@digitalvillages Se on sitä todellista imaginäärikasvua, kun siirrellään rahaa taskusta toiseen ja lapetaan sitä pohjattomiin kaivoihin.

16.09.2015 18:16:54

@digitalvillages Eikö toistaiseksi höyläilty lähinnä yksityistä eikä julkista? Vaikea kuvitella että yksikään poliitikko pystyisi siihen.

16.09.2015 13:46:57

RT @joshua_landis: 82% of Syrians say ISIS is a US creation in new poll

15.09.2015 14:55:01

@stacyherbert @AnonQC True. You need big army to kill all everyone else, after that peace is guaranteed.

15.09.2015 11:28:14

When you see in the news "everything you need to know" rest assured, that they tell you nothing worth knowing but merely manipulate you.

14.09.2015 23:30:31

Vihapuhe on uusin synonyymi väärinajattelemiselle ja muutoinkin virheellisille mielipiteille. #EinVolkEinReich #YhtenäinenNatsisuomi

14.09.2015 23:09:38

@Greenpeace Fail to see the point why life should be a zero-sum game where one has to take a life to survive, be it insect or cow. #vegan

14.09.2015 22:26:19

The greater good is always the biggest evil.

14.09.2015 17:31:47

RT @FearDept: Explaining our efforts to prevent Russia from helping #Syria defeat ISIS makes us sound like jerks, so we don't.…

14.09.2015 12:43:36

Made 2 new websites:

12.09.2015 20:29:48

Tie naisen vatsaan kulkee suun kautta.

12.09.2015 11:46:27

There are good, honest, and kind cops in Hollywood films only.

11.09.2015 18:15:22

Even one country is one country too many on our tiny planet. #BorderlessWorld

11.09.2015 17:31:46

The biggest threats to the #US world domination is uncensored personal international communication revealing their atrocities everywhere.

11.09.2015 17:03:45

@johanbek We met a young Syrian traveller in Istanbul few years ago. He hoped to return and that USA will not turn Syria into another Iraq.

10.09.2015 18:53:21

@FearDept @Hamartolus Happy 9/11!

09.09.2015 17:34:43

@Greenpeace Yes, if only cars were somehow environmentally friendly and clean way of transportation, but they aren't. #FeedingCarsprawl

08.09.2015 21:19:26

Changing the world is really easy. You just have to change yourself.

08.09.2015 14:28:29

@Greenpeace It's a perfect time to put an end to the oil madness: quit using cars & other products requiring oil.#OilWars #FreePublicTransit

08.09.2015 13:21:04

@matschlegel @pcjh1988 @Greenpeace Thanks for the update. Still believe that only sustainable and green option is #degrowth, not technology.

07.09.2015 18:29:45

Rahalla voi yrittää ostaa hyvää omaatuntoa. Tosin rehellisempää olisi toimia niin, ettei huonoa omaatuntoa pääse syntymään. #ane #itsepetos

07.09.2015 18:14:27

@alicemazzy Happy #LaborDay

07.09.2015 17:21:48

@stacyherbert @FearDept They can't. That would make their masters and the masters of their masters very angry.

07.09.2015 14:07:24

The Land of the Greed and the Home of the Depraved

07.09.2015 13:53:53

RT @alicemazzy: reminder that labor day was invented to stop americans from commemorating on may day those killed by the government as a re…

07.09.2015 11:56:48

If you fear #ISIS, remember who created it, funded it and trained it's forces to overthrow sovereign Syria's president Bashar al-Assad. #USA

07.09.2015 10:07:42

If you feel bad about dead Syrian children and #refugees, quit using cars and other oil products. They are the ones causing all that misery.

06.09.2015 22:23:27

#Nationalism: willingness to #discriminate and #murder others over an arbitrary piece of land known as #homeland. #sickness #patriotism

06.09.2015 15:36:00

@_Kytis @juhasipila Jep. Sama politiikka on toiminut Kreikassa vuosia kuin junan vessa. Tosin maton alla pullottaa pahasti. #itsekusetusta

06.09.2015 14:55:27

@juhasipila Eikö olisi järkevämpää painostaa Yhdysvaltoja lopettamaan Syyrian invaasio kuin lumelääkitä oiretta antamalla koti pakolaisille?

06.09.2015 14:52:27

@BobGeldofFans: Accepting refugees to your home instead of focusing to get the problems forcing them to leave fixed is placebo red herring.

06.09.2015 14:11:23

@pcjh1988 @Greenpeace Including marketing, transportation, service, disassembly, and recycling? Subsidies are also distorting figures.

06.09.2015 11:36:36

@Greenpeace That does not change the fact that they waste more energy than create and pollute our environment. #degrowth

06.09.2015 09:08:14

@Greenpeace Then stop using & buying cars. Without #autosprawl there is no reason for destroying climate and killing people in #OilWars.

06.09.2015 08:44:17

@Juhani76 Kaikki jotka kehtaavat keskustalla tai olla jostain asiasta eri mieltä ovat lapsellisia ja/tai tyhmiä? Hyvää jatkoa ja menestystä.

06.09.2015 08:42:47

@Juhani76 Ja sinä suurelta isänmaanystävältä?

06.09.2015 08:41:45

@Juhani76 Heti kun saan minkä tahansa toisen tilalle. Mieluiten olisin ilman mitään typeriä kansallisuuksia, jos vaan jotenkin onnistuisi.

06.09.2015 08:35:08

@Juhani76 Jep. Eivät tiedä, että Suomi on konkurssikypsä, elinkelvottoman kylmä ja siellä asuu läskejä itseään täynnä olevia persurasisteja.

06.09.2015 08:28:55

@Juhani76 Suomi tukee Yhdysvaltojen hyökkäystä, Suomen media julkaisee CIA:n propagandaa ja Syyriassa on suomalaisia sotilaita...

06.09.2015 08:20:29

@Juhani76 Pakolaisten ottaminen on idioottimaista, jos samaan aikaan aiheutetaan pakolaisuutta tukemalla jenkkien rähinöintiä Syyriassa.

06.09.2015 08:14:00

@Juhani76 Eikö rasismi kumpua isänmaallisuudesta ja nationalismista, jotka ovat keskeisiä elementtejä natsi-ideologiassa?

06.09.2015 08:10:10

@Juhani76 Jep, Natsit ovat rasisteja.

06.09.2015 08:05:45

@Juhani76 Kaikki jotka ovat eri mieltä? Eikun ne oli terroristeja. Yleisesti ihmisten erottelun toinen toisistaan millä tahansa perusteella.

06.09.2015 07:52:41

@Juhani76 Natsit pelkäävät natsiksi leimaantumista? Tuloksekkaampaa olisi lopettaa Yhdysvaltojen hännystely ja Syyrian invaasion tukeminen.

06.09.2015 07:43:23

The worst possible way to wake up: Päivi listening to some mother fucking opera.

06.09.2015 07:29:42

Winter and cold weather is good only for hemorrhoids.

06.09.2015 07:25:03

Hienoa,@persut! Vain kristittyjä, mielellään katolisia pakolaisia Suomeen. Vaatikaa vielä arjalaisia sinisiä silmiä ja vaaleaa ihoa. #natsit

06.09.2015 06:29:35

#USA should take the refugees they are driving away from their homes, or even better, stop meddling in Syria. #WarOnOil #CarsKill

05.09.2015 20:14:11

@Greenpeace Why should we hate insects so much that we start murdering them for food? #VeganIsWayMoreGreen

05.09.2015 16:07:26

You have the right to remain silent as nothing you say or do matters in a court of law where you are guilty until proven innocent.#MirandaV2

05.09.2015 11:55:44

There are so many things to be afraid of that nobody has absolutely no control of that it's time to let the fear go and start trusting.

05.09.2015 11:27:39

@google gmail is down. Time to start looking for other options.

05.09.2015 10:32:30

@arinassi There was some news earlier that Tallinn has #FreePublicTransit all the time,

04.09.2015 22:27:16

If more sex doesn't lead to increased happiness, does less sex lead to increased unhappiness? #Boondoggle #0research

04.09.2015 11:01:59

@TheElders @Greenpeace And after that they drove back to home with their cars and continued polluting like business as usual.  #charade

04.09.2015 07:27:12

Overthrowing Al Assad in Syria would work as well as the murder of Saddam Hussein providing instability to the region for years to come.

04.09.2015 07:02:29

@Energydesk @Greenpeace Unfortunately that is not enough for balance. A lot more should die, preferably car users who are causing the issue.

03.09.2015 18:09:06

@ChicagoSchlager Tried by emptying browser cache, still not visible. You could try the same and see if it helps, and re-install browser.

03.09.2015 15:54:33

@SeSaares Jos Suomi&Ahtisaari olisivat vastustaneet Yhdysvaltain rosvoretkeä Jugoslaviaan, olisi koko kriisiltä ehkä välttytty. #VrtSyyria

03.09.2015 15:18:46

Is there any intelligent life on earth? So far it looks like not.

03.09.2015 14:49:47

@ShoebridgeC @FearDept The most responsible are those using #cars. That #killing is all about #autosprawl and the control of #oil reserves.

03.09.2015 14:39:54

#EU is supporting the ongoing #US invasion of Syria causing the refugees influx. Do they really want to make yet another #Iraq? #DamnIdiots

03.09.2015 08:21:46

@johanbek Linkkasit Sanoman mediaan....

03.09.2015 05:23:24

@ChicagoSchlager We are still using it. Which email address is not working?

02.09.2015 19:55:13

@nehanature We can stop that by getting rid of cars. These wars like many others are driven by oil and autosprawl. #FreePublicTransit

02.09.2015 18:18:07

RT @FearDept: Here's a chart our media partners will almost never show you: #China's military spending vs NATO.

02.09.2015 06:02:16

@persut-toilailuja ei voi seurata tuntematta sääliä ja syvää myötähäpeää.Tekeekö isänmaallisuus ihmisistä idiootteja vai mikä? #persut

01.09.2015 18:54:19

@wikileaks That¨s money well spent. Has saved so many lives of Syrian civilians who would otherwise been murdered with that money.

01.09.2015 16:18:25

Not merely enough people #die in #car accidents to balance the pollution and oil wars deaths #autosprawl cause. #CarsKill #FreePublicTransit

01.09.2015 08:47:33

RT @wikileaks: #HillaryEmails: US reporter "ratted out" WikiLeaks to State Dept four months prior to Cablegate. #StateJournalism http://t.c…

01.09.2015 08:03:53

Päivin Kirjatohtorin uunituore uutiskirje Kylmää sotaa Koreassa (09/15): #kirjatohtori #päivikannisto #uutiskirje

31.08.2015 18:16:28

@Greenpeace It's pretty stupid to hope he would bite his feeding hand...

31.08.2015 12:31:59

@Greenpeace @prgetsocial When you travel from Sweden to Denmark by land there are always piles broken, still windmills on the way...

30.08.2015 19:39:16

@_Kytis Just citing local South Koreans...

30.08.2015 16:28:34

Democracy is a scam. #democrazy

30.08.2015 15:44:59

30.08.2015 15:43:56

30.08.2015 15:42:52

30.08.2015 15:00:27

30.08.2015 13:51:29

Fallout #OneWordToDescribeBestAllOurAchievementsAndProgress

30.08.2015 09:48:34

Seoul is a city without soul under #US occupation.

30.08.2015 09:47:57

Coffee, tobacco and beer taste horrible if you are not addicted.

29.08.2015 12:16:42

#Environmentalism in in 2015: sugar-coating issues, lying, creating false hope and doing whatever necessary to secure corporate funding.

29.08.2015 09:28:51

@arinassi @persut Ehkä niiden älynlahjat riittävät pelkästään kateuteen, erirotuisten pelkoon ja muuhun älyvapaaseen isänmaallisteluun.

29.08.2015 04:32:47

Saksan natsit laativat mustia listoja kuten #Suomen #persut. Hienoa työtä, @persut ja työmyyrä Putkonen. #roolimalli

28.08.2015 08:01:19

Breathing is pretty important, not just in qi energy healing. If you stop breathing, you are likely to die.

27.08.2015 18:13:56

#RacialSupremacy is an excellent concept for imbeciles to feel better, like peeing in your pants for warmth in winter.#NaziFinland

27.08.2015 16:08:49

RT @FearDept: Got Nazis running things? Got yourselves into a war lately? You may qualify for a debt write-off.

✓ ✓ #Germany

✓ ✓ #Ukraine…

27.08.2015 12:48:24

#Finland helps #USA to cause instability in #Ukraine, #Afghanistan & #Syria, but complain increase in refugees they are thus causing. #dumb

27.08.2015 11:52:07

@mikko So is @JulianAssange_. Could well be yet another #USA attack against Russia and a try to impair further Finnish-Russian relations.

26.08.2015 16:10:03

@ShoebridgeC @hrw The same worked perfectly in Yugoslavia, too. Photos of massacred  Srebrenica Muslims were in fact Serbs. #MadeInUSA

26.08.2015 15:31:21

@persut #lol #NatsejaVaiIdioottejaVaiMolempia

26.08.2015 13:51:02

It is utterly disgusting how badly we treat animals; exploiting, torturing and murdering them just to make money and eat them. #HumanScum

26.08.2015 13:31:43

@MaryEvansYoung @Greenpeace Only clean and green option is #degrowth.

26.08.2015 13:31:28

@MaryEvansYoung @Greenpeace Very polluting, far away from clean. For example manufacturing release super poisons.

26.08.2015 13:07:35

@Greenpeace The best thing is that most of that energy was water power instead of more polluting solar and less efficient wind energy.

26.08.2015 08:16:40

Oooh, kamalaa, @persut'ja on solvattu. Miten joku on uskaltanut? Siitähän voi joutua kamalasti mustalla listalle. Kritiikki on ikävä asia.

26.08.2015 07:19:18

@digitalvillages They need badly a new war so that they can steal modern equipment from enemy. The good old Russian stuff is breaking up.

26.08.2015 04:28:44

RT @FreePublicTrans: USD 0.25M to kill one #IslamicState soldier, but 100 join every day. Cheaper to make #publictransit free & reduce oil …

26.08.2015 04:11:28

While #NorthKorea is more independent, #SouthKorea is a #US sock puppet. For #Korea to unite, #USA has to fall first.

26.08.2015 01:40:46

@Greenpeace Solar is cheaper thanks to major Chinese manufacturers polluting unlimited and exploiting labour. Do you want even more of that?

25.08.2015 13:07:31

Mitä virkaa on niiden työpaikkojen säilyttämisellä, jotka on keinotekoisesti luotu tuottamaan pelkästään tappiota? #TemppuTyöllistämistä

25.08.2015 01:25:20

Vain todelliset älykääpiöt uskovat Suomen sanavapauteen: #ViranomaismielivaltaTappaaSanavapauden

23.08.2015 06:01:51

@digitalvillages Autoteollisuus tuhoaa luontoa ja aiheuttaa öljysotia (Iraq, Syria, Libya jne.). Ilmainen julkinen liikenne olisi parempi.

22.08.2015 23:28:27

@Greenpeace More like: while people keep paying for the flesh of the fish and eating it, fish will be murdered and sold. #VeganIsGreener

22.08.2015 22:51:16

@Greenpeace As long as people are purchasing palmoil in any form,  Malays rather deforest and keep making ashtrays out of #orangutans hands,

22.08.2015 15:00:46

@Greenpeace Money is and will always be the biggest enemy of environment, no matter whose money and where making polluting a trade-off.

22.08.2015 11:35:36

Just spoke with an old #Korea'n who was pretty pissed how their #US puppet government is trying to provoke a new war with #NorthKorea.

22.08.2015 06:29:20

RT @FearDept: Volume down by 5:30pm? Unacceptable. We will defend South Korea's #FreedomToParty on a Saturday night.

22.08.2015 06:02:02

@mikko There are so many government goons in the database that all potential crackers will probably be murdered with a drone without trial.

22.08.2015 01:05:43

Now it would be a good time to rise against the United States of America before they start yet another war in Korea to destroy all of us.

21.08.2015 10:38:34

Kim Jong-un is simply reacting to a completely needless provocation. Hope he is wiser than his #US and South Korean counterparts.

21.08.2015 07:48:12

#USA is truly a master in turning brother against brother making them kill each other for selling arms. #NorthKorea #SouthKorea #Ukraine

21.08.2015 04:06:12

@Greenpeace Probably not. The kidney damage inflicted by cadmium poisoning is irreversible.

20.08.2015 23:01:36

Last time we were in war zone 9 years ago in the middle of Thailand civil war, this time in Korea. Both pretty peaceful for a war, and dumb.

20.08.2015 09:35:15

After assisting #USA invading #Afghanistan, #Finland is now preparing to assaulting #Syria in a joint #NATO exercise. #NaziLegacyLives

19.08.2015 21:35:34

Results of old #US war on communism are still present in #Thailand suffering under military dictatorship. How long will the war on oil last?

19.08.2015 20:45:15

#Halpuutus on harvinaisen typerältä kuulostava sana. Mitä vikaa hintojen laskemisessa oli?

19.08.2015 19:15:46

@zerohedge Remove the rest of the sentence after "when..." and you have summarised the essence of scientific research. #ResearchIsCorrupt

19.08.2015 18:50:39

@Greenpeace @thedailymeal So why do you keep eating tuna financing the slaughter and the abuse of fishermen? #VeganIsGreener

19.08.2015 12:02:38

@greenpeace_gr @Greenpeace There are already plenty of broken panels, inverters and batteries all over Greek islands, too expensive to fix.

19.08.2015 05:26:48

@greenpeaceusa @Greenpeace @POTUS And when she will be elected with the money of the oil industry, her coat will turn as quickly as Obama's.

19.08.2015 03:32:39

Earlier communism was a perfect excuse for warmongering, now it's oil (aka terrorism/extremism/Islam). What will be the future pretext?

17.08.2015 23:45:01

@Greenpeace Correction: #Palmoil USERS are  threatening #primates. Quit paying for it and they stop production, It's our fault, not theirs.

17.08.2015 10:20:27

@johanbek Löytyykö jostain netistä helposti englanninkielisenä Venäjän ja/tai Kiinan versiota tapahtumista? Wikipedia vaikutti mainokselta.

17.08.2015 10:16:41

@johanbek Onko sinulla tietoa Venäjän näkemyksistä Korean sodasta? Olisi mielenkiintoista kuulla onko tämäkin jenkkien sotkema maa.

16.08.2015 02:38:22

Japanese Anarchy in Tokyo and Kyoto #jamhouse #charanke #sharedliving #sharehouse #longstay #kyoto #tokyo #japan

15.08.2015 04:39:15

@ihp000 Luckily we have all a choice to ignore money and live outside economies and the grasp of those powers.

15.08.2015 04:13:14

@ihp000 The best option is moneyless economy and society. It would be far less evil and more equal, plus no more poverty and salary slavery.

15.08.2015 04:11:33

@ihp000 Yeah. Our credit card was misused after buying the #USA #ESTA visa. There are also scam sites selling those ESTAs. #ShameOnUSA

15.08.2015 04:02:16

@ihp000 True. When you buy that stupid ESTA your credit cards details will be stolen and sold to criminals. Same happens with the #US esta.

15.08.2015 03:52:28

@ihp000 The visas sounds a bit like #Indonesia and #India visa scam, same old same old. We are thinking about going there. Thanks for blog!

14.08.2015 08:13:39

When "a price" becomes "a fee" you are going to be ripped-off by something that is pretending to be an authority. #anarchy

14.08.2015 07:39:18

@gpph @Greenpeace ... and forbids contraception which would help to the overpopulation problem driving the climate change. #MixedMessages

14.08.2015 06:38:56

@RoyalCaribbean Please consider stopping port calls in #India. Visas to such a corrupt country are too troublesome to obtain. #ShowStopper

14.08.2015 02:08:32

Finn-Savotta Challenge: The First Year On The Road #savotta #finnsavotta #backpack #ttot #rtw #hiking #backpacking

14.08.2015 01:19:17

@GreenpeaceAustP @Greenpeace Awesome, so why not to stop  murdering and eating them unless you want to kill everything you love? #vegan

14.08.2015 00:21:22

@Greenpeace Don't worry, promoting growth by sustainable, clean, and renewable energy and embracing cars & consumerism will solve the issue.

13.08.2015 21:55:26

There is actually one uninteresting country in the World: #Bhutan. They want only rich tourists for ripping them off, and we are not rich.

13.08.2015 21:04:46

RT @Worldwatch: #oShoot! It's already Earth #Overshoot Day. It's getting earlier every year @EndOvershoot

13.08.2015 03:18:38

@wikileaks Why would the hardcore criminals running the Swedish justice system ever release anyone from the hook? #FalseHope

13.08.2015 00:05:34

@Greenpeace Silphium

12.08.2015 23:58:23

@wikileaks Not wasted. Spending the money for surveillance instead of murdering innocent civilians in #Syria etc. has saved many lives.

12.08.2015 21:15:37

@Greenpeace The problem is not shipping fins or murdering sharks, but those who buy and eat their flesh, or in fact any animal flesh. #vegan

12.08.2015 05:50:15

@Greenpeace Who could have guessed? It's good that also those will suffer for the pollution who cause it by consuming their products.

11.08.2015 22:52:45

@femalenomad @Workaway This one is free of charge:

11.08.2015 04:20:19

@gpjen @Greenpeace Three atom bombs were enough in Japan: #Hiroshima, #Nagasaki, and #Fukushima.

11.08.2015 03:03:53

@wikileaks Some say he is also a pervert:

10.08.2015 23:51:01

@wikileaks What did you expect? @UN is a #US sockpuppet.

10.08.2015 22:44:17

@gp_warrior @Greenpeace Keep having tunas murdered by buying and eating their flesh, and you finance these atrocities. #MeatIsMurder #vegan

10.08.2015 20:46:30

@Greenpeace As long as we keep giving money to oil companies, don't expect anything to change. #FreePublicTransportation  #Degrowth

10.08.2015 03:46:49

@Greenpeace Another thing that survived the atoms bombs #USA dropped on civilian population, is the ongoing #US occupation of #Japan.

10.08.2015 02:13:48

@Greenpeace They will not understand why. China has catered all for the Western polluters to reap higher profits. #BetterBoycottMadeInChina

09.08.2015 23:30:44

@persut-Soini todisti juuri demokratian olevan puolueesta riippumatta pelkkää oopiumia kansalle. Leipä ja sirkushuvit tulisivat halvemmaksi.

09.08.2015 21:54:54

RT @myfairobserver: The persecution of Julian Assange is about to flare again as it enters a dangerous stage: #UK

09.08.2015 03:16:20

RT @FreePublicTrans: US $25B army in Iraq fell to #IslamicState. One year of bombing has failed. Why not stop the killing and invest in #pu…

08.08.2015 18:08:30

@peterbayley @wikileaks We are happy for you for your faith.

08.08.2015 17:31:08

RT @femalenomad: Don’t let your possessions own you. Get rid of as much as you can; it’s liberating!

08.08.2015 05:05:02

Fair trade is paradox.

07.08.2015 22:20:50

@wikileaks The US censorship looks exactly like the Great Firewall of China blocking wrong opinions and dangerous words. #TheLandOfTheFree

07.08.2015 20:36:03

@wikileaks All justice is rule of man. It is absurd to assume it would somehow be just, fair, equitable, righteous, legitimate or rightful.

06.08.2015 21:31:47

@7seasTRAVELmag @Greenpeace Wish people would just leave those turtles (and all the other animals as well) be and stop bothering them.

05.08.2015 20:56:38

@Greenpeace ...and someone had to go there & disturb them to sell magazines, and you had to help them marketing the intrusion? #AnimalAbuse

05.08.2015 20:01:13

If the American culture becomes prominent in the world, we are all doomed. #cars #wars #violence #fear #consumerism #polluting #trash #lies

05.08.2015 19:59:49

RT @wikileaks: Japan suspends work on US base in Okinawa after spying revelations, local protests More…

05.08.2015 17:57:12

#USA, as the only country in the world ever, used #AtomicBomb against #Japan 70 years ago murdering over 100.000 civilians in 2 blasts.

05.08.2015 17:50:49

Veronmaksajien sijoitusosaaminen hakusessa? Ostetaan konkurssikypsä kaivos saastuttamaan ja uusi ydinvoimala vaikka edellinenkin vaiheessa.

05.08.2015 07:22:42

@guycalledshyam Japan. Doing a work exchange here, websites and films.

04.08.2015 07:42:49

@Jagesta Yeah, though so that you meant Audacity instead of Audecity. Have used it a bit and at least 1.2.6 was pretty easy to master.

03.08.2015 23:29:03

@VABarb It's even better to report and block all those accounts. No more spam after that.

03.08.2015 23:22:35

If you want to be a spammer, buy a #PromotedTweet and we will be happy to report and block you. Good luck!

03.08.2015 17:37:54

@Jagesta Audacity?

03.08.2015 16:47:51

@p_vanostaeyen @FreePublicTrans It actually is. The solution they seek is to increase instability & fear to have more control & arms sales.

03.08.2015 16:38:43

@greenpeaceusa @Greenpeace @POTUS Do you guys seriously think that this is something more than yet another false promise & election trick?

02.08.2015 20:39:57

@FreePublicTrans Not to mention nation states. Citizens are their wealth. Should get rid of countries, too.

02.08.2015 13:42:12

Is @persut (True Finns) a Finnish Neo Nazi party stabbing and assaulting people who oppose their nationalist agenda?

01.08.2015 21:29:06

Cars are indeed freedom, freedom to destroy our planet.

01.08.2015 16:06:46

@ClimateReality @Greenpeace

01.08.2015 15:09:13

@guycalledshyam How are you doing our friend? Have you recovered from the great loss? Miss you.

01.08.2015 13:03:33

Fasting is the only ethical reason for eating flesh as it is your own flesh that your body consumes.

01.08.2015 04:39:01

Päivin uusi kuukausikirje otsikolla 2000 temppeliä (08/15):

31.07.2015 19:13:53

If we see beautiful flowers, what urges us to pick them up and kill them slowly in a vase? Free and alive would be way more beautiful.

31.07.2015 16:00:25

Human history is filled with suffering, murders, wars, exploitation, enslaving, famine, poverty, desperation, and greed. #WeAreHumanScum

31.07.2015 11:46:21

#Time is not your enemy or friend, it is an #illusion,

31.07.2015 10:26:10

@mikko @HSBCUKBusiness Actually all the money is created by banks everywhere. It's just more transparent in Hong Kong. #MoneyIsJustPaper

31.07.2015 08:39:21

RT @wikileaks: NSA's latest must spy terror suspects: Japan's Central Bank, Finance Ministry, Trade Negotiators and... Mitsubishi https://t…

30.07.2015 18:19:43

@greenpeaceusa @Greenpeace That Fennica is from #Finland meaning #Finland is helping to destroy Arctic.

30.07.2015 15:40:31


30.07.2015 14:31:51

#Finland is again very worried about #Russian invasion while the #US is practically puppeteering it's media and ruling elite. #LapDogs

30.07.2015 12:09:29

@yokoono @Greenpeace Sure, if it only was clean, but it is not. Better promote sustainable #degrowth instead.

30.07.2015 08:39:12

@greenpeace_gr @Greenpeace More like: how to pollute China ever more with super poisons released when manufacturing solar panels. #degrowth

30.07.2015 08:12:01

It's OK to give support to #Ukraine nazis, but not to #Greece communists. That sounds a bit like the #US policy of murdering all communists.

30.07.2015 07:31:43

Cars are not only killing animals but also our planet. The only responsible use of cars is not using them at all. #NoCars #AutoSprawlSubsidy

30.07.2015 07:24:43

@Umweltgutachter Flying only when there is no other options. Mostly public transportation and walking, and never ever cars or taxis. #NoCars

29.07.2015 22:49:37

@Umweltgutachter Mostly public transportation.

29.07.2015 21:09:34

@thandienewton @Greenpeace @Shell The only effective way to stop oil companies is to quit buying and using their products. #NoCars #Degrowth

29.07.2015 19:46:42

@FastFurious is a stupid #autosprawlsubsidy commercial while the rest are mostly smoking advertisers.

29.07.2015 16:42:34

Modern life is waiting for social media updates to appear providing life it's content and meaning: I update therefore I am. #NuntioErgoSum

29.07.2015 11:26:42

Hope hardware manufacturers will skip the new piece of shit 10 as well as the previous release and stick with the less shitty 7. #Windows10

29.07.2015 11:20:47

Buddhist (and Shinto) shrines and temples in Japan are as corrupt as their Tibetan and Mongolian counterparts. #EntranceFees

28.07.2015 15:34:00

@bobblebardsley @google @Blogger Just checked and blogger does not place new cookies, just warns about them. Perhaps it's only preparation.

28.07.2015 15:22:20

@bobblebardsley @google @Blogger Is that a new law? Don't remember blogger placing cookies before, and it certainly should not need cookies.

28.07.2015 14:57:46

If you know that something is hurting you and others by polluting our planet, why do you keep using them and justifying the use? #cars

28.07.2015 10:37:44

Great, now @google has started to spy on those who view @Blogger blogs using cookies. #wtf

28.07.2015 06:55:03

@markrussinovich @mikko That's hilarious: our shit software just crashed on you so better install another shit software of ours as a fix.

28.07.2015 05:40:52

Would you like to taste some freedom? Get out of your car and forget it. #autosprawlsubsidy

27.07.2015 07:33:57

RT @FreePublicTrans: Preventing one unwanted birth is better #Degrowth than 100 windmills.

26.07.2015 19:07:08

@wikileaks @SnoopDogg Stupid Swedish authorities @polisen_riks are once again ridiculing themselves. #ThePirateBay #Assange #USlapdogs

26.07.2015 15:21:10

@LolaWallinkoski Kerran nettiin ladatut kuvat säilyvät välimuisteissa ja arkistopalveluissa käytännössä ikuisesti.

26.07.2015 14:28:27

Anarchism is not so much rejecting rules & regulations, but the authorities inventing them & thinking by yourself following your own ethics.

26.07.2015 07:17:57

New quarterly newsletter is out: Banzai and kampai (Q2-Q3/2015)

26.07.2015 04:15:04

Burning recyclables is not recycling. It's a scam to keep people buying, consuming and pollution the planet with good conscience.

25.07.2015 19:57:47

RT @Yardfarmers: Japan converts abandoned golf courses into #solarfarms. #goodidea though real farms would've been better! @jnthnslmn http:…

24.07.2015 12:24:14

@SuomenPoliisi His only crime was questioning the illegal, arbitrary actions of the Finnish police that is not able to take any criticism.

24.07.2015 12:22:00

@SuomenPoliisi Information in English:

24.07.2015 12:21:23

The Finnish police (@SuomenPoliisi) is falsely publicly defaming Matti Nikki for distributing child pornography.

24.07.2015 11:12:32

@LOU_sLOUch Mutations and cancer caused by the Fukushima radiation leak will happen all around the world, even 220km away. Nobody is safe.

24.07.2015 07:38:27

Nothing is always way better than the better than nothing options.

24.07.2015 05:40:15

@matcho3tk_info When there is no hair, dust settles to head so you need to wipe the dust off.

24.07.2015 05:32:47

@matcho3tk_info Can shave your head if you want, it is the least expensive and most easy option to take care of, just wiping off the dust.

23.07.2015 17:23:58

@wikileaks It's really a shame how @UN has become a mere #US puppet.

23.07.2015 15:44:28

Matti Nikki on pedofiili ainakin jos @SuomenPoliisi:a on uskominen. Ks. #SuomenViranomaismielivaltaaParhaimmillaan

23.07.2015 14:07:06

RT @wikileaks: U.S. secretly backed Syrian opposition groups, cables released by WikiLeaks show (archive, 2011)

23.07.2015 10:26:28

@diskis @archiveis Here you can read how the Finnish "law-abiding" public officers including @SuomenPoliisi operate:

23.07.2015 09:03:13

@san_kaido Haven't seen those in Tokyo...  yet.

23.07.2015 08:58:47

@Greenpeace So you can quit murdering and eating fish. For lower mercury levels don't promote polluting solar panels.

22.07.2015 20:17:24

@diskis @archiveis That's hilarious claiming that Finnish customs would follow some kind of laws. They are arbitrary at best.

22.07.2015 12:22:39

RT @alaturkanews: Thai PM denies buying spyware for use on opposition: Report claimed data provided by WikiLeaks revealed Thai a... http://…

22.07.2015 09:53:50

@avast_antivirus The problem is not really popups, but forcing program updates against user will that will increase the amount of spam.

22.07.2015 08:09:27

Why would anyone want to update @avast_antivirus program? You will just get ever more annoying spam popups. #AvastMalware

22.07.2015 06:37:30

@matcho3tk_info Could you help us to buy a flight ticket, please? The site in only in Japanese. Thanks!

21.07.2015 04:27:45

@avast_antivirus. Your free product reminds more and more #malware: it forced a program update and updates produce just more spam. #avast

20.07.2015 15:27:55

@HarriMoisio Lähes yhtä ärsyttävää kuin kirkonkellot sunnuntaisin.

20.07.2015 04:04:58

@Rustafa555 @finnsaturn Can flesh devourers eat smashed meat that is baked into a shape of carrot and painted orange? #GuiltFreeFoods

19.07.2015 16:26:16

@UltimateLonnie @Greenpeace You simply can't put out fire with gasoline even if you want. #TooHardToUnderstandEh #OrEasierToLabelDoubleSpeak

19.07.2015 16:20:07

@UltimateLonnie @Greenpeace And our current system requiring eternal growth in the planet that has limited resources is nothing but insane.

19.07.2015 16:18:39

@UltimateLonnie @Greenpeace Exactly. We are polluting the planet in the name of progress hoping future techs save but they wont.

19.07.2015 14:11:53

@Greenpeace The worst climate deniers are those pushing renewables. It not fossil fuels but growth and progress that drives the destruction.

18.07.2015 05:42:16

You can't get rid of poverty with money, only by getting rid of money.

17.07.2015 08:31:16

@wef @mikko Sure, if fucked up economies, murdering innocent civilians and fear are the key metrics for measuring global competitiveness.

17.07.2015 04:08:12


16.07.2015 15:46:41

@meta_guide_id So it appears to still be a scam, even though some people have managed to get in. #ShameOnIndonesia

16.07.2015 15:37:28

The biggest threat and enemy of every singly nation in the world is not some other nation but it's own citizens.

16.07.2015 14:23:12

@Greenpeace @guardian As long as we keep buying oil-based products, they keep drilling it wherever it is profitable for them...

16.07.2015 10:46:33

Näin kääntyi takki ja nyt @persut ovat ajamassa lisää rahaa Kreikalle. Lisälahjarahan vastaiset äänet päätyivät nähkäätten puliveivareille.

16.07.2015 10:41:39

@Greenpeace Manufacturing renewables, servicing, transporting, etc. pollute as well. They are not as clean as your corporate sponsors claim.

16.07.2015 10:32:17

@Greenpeace You need to choose whether you want to be ecological and green, or feasible and pro-development. You can't be both. #degrowth

16.07.2015 10:30:38

@Greenpeace Not feasible, convenient, nor comfortable, but still THE ONLY sustainable and ecological option other than killing the planet.

16.07.2015 09:51:21

@Greenpeace It is also equally sadly easier to resort to renewables than creating true sustainability through #degrowth.

15.07.2015 14:44:06

@Greenpeace Supermarkets sell what people buy.It's the buyers who must take responsibility. The more you buy&consume, the more you pollute.

15.07.2015 14:02:30

@followaffiliate @Greenpeace Yes, it's not a dream but nightmare if it allows to keep growing, consuming and killing the planet. #degrowth

15.07.2015 07:28:24

Freedom is a fancy word, but that's all what it is - en empty fancy word used for manipulating masses. #FreedomIsIllusion

14.07.2015 15:55:36

@dhimmel @ncweaver @wikileaks @google Actually @Facebook has done same for a long time. Post link to a website selling likes and you'll see.

14.07.2015 15:47:18

@dhimmel @ncweaver @wikileaks @google Soon they will sell "smearing" campaigns just like now top appearance in search results.#ShameOnGoogle

14.07.2015 15:04:54

@ncweaver @wikileaks The same happens with kickass torrents etc. It's @google 's latest smearing campaign.

14.07.2015 12:19:03

@wikileaks They need to please their master, too, just like #Sweden. Next perhaps #UK and then the rest of the #US puppets?

14.07.2015 10:38:58

RT @RaqueemB: @FearDept i'd call it Memento. For all the amnesia going around.

14.07.2015 10:23:40

#IranDeal is a charade designed to buy #USA time to destroy their (and Israels) other arch enemies first: Syria, Russia, China, North-Korea.

14.07.2015 09:51:19

Christian God is more tolerant than Allah. He does not force to wash asshole after farting before praying. But both welcome pedophilia.

14.07.2015 04:37:22

@paivisanteri Here is the presentation: It's probably more accurate than the Finnish history of shame can ever be.

14.07.2015 04:35:51

@paivisanteri "The Liberation of Karelia"

14.07.2015 04:34:39

#Finland is sore as #Russian historians don't recognize the great Finnish victories in #Karelia they invaded with their #Nazi German allies.

13.07.2015 15:15:42

RT @wikileaks: #Hackingteam was asked by Kenyan intelligence to 'bring down' anti-government corruption website

13.07.2015 14:15:24

Poliitikot ovat vaalirahoittajiensa kumileimasimia.

13.07.2015 13:16:54

@Greenpeace Why to torture and exploit cows for producing more polluting plastic trash? Does not make much sense.

13.07.2015 09:26:24

Democracy v 0.1: free men decide.

Democracy v 1.0: election campaign supporters decide.

Democracy v 2.0: #IMF decides.


13.07.2015 03:52:50

RT @FearDept: Europeans took the lead in destroying #Libya in 2011, got behind our coup in #Ukraine, & now they're turning Greeks into slav…

12.07.2015 04:06:00

@google @wikileaks Torrents are nowadays also DANGEROUS according to #google : #PaidSmearCampaing #CopyrigthsAreEvil

12.07.2015 03:33:06

Stupid #US-puppet @google is trying to label @wikileaks as harmful content and blocks access to #Chrome users:

12.07.2015 03:25:29

@jam_house_ The link is broken, but this works:

11.07.2015 19:09:28

The price of online presence is real life absence. #HereAndNow

11.07.2015 17:17:12

@wikileaks Obviously he was not an enemy of their masters: #USA. #Sweden

11.07.2015 15:04:08

@arikemppinen Toki, mutta nykyhistoriankirjoitukseen se tuntuu pätevän erityisen hyvin.

11.07.2015 14:48:43

In the Western countries, If you read modern history and it does not make sense, it has probably been produced to serve ulterior motives.

11.07.2015 10:17:18

Srebrenica genocide photos in the Western media were not Muslims but Serbs #SrebrenitsaSoykırımı20Yıl #FalseFlag #USA

10.07.2015 08:17:45

Which one do you prefer: Japanese pasta or Italian noodles?

10.07.2015 08:01:51

@Greenpeace Would be better not to produce them at all: the raw material oil is fueling wars and polluting planet.

10.07.2015 07:39:58

RT @zerohedge: How The Media Confuses Americans About The Most Common Ways To Die

10.07.2015 04:55:26

There are no specific terror states as all states are terror states.

10.07.2015 04:31:14

On vaikea kuvitella, miten veteraanisukupolvet saatiin kusetettua mukaan natsien hirmutekoihin ja hyökkäämään Venäjälle. #VaikuttaaEdelleen

09.07.2015 19:09:31

@rvkgrapevine @wikileaks It appears that everywhere in the world, the police are the biggest criminals.

09.07.2015 18:18:09

RT @wikileaks: Hacking Team CEO on learning WikiLeaks was tracking his mobile phones all over the world: http://t.c…

09.07.2015 11:04:19

Learning to make websites in Japanese: 産手利

09.07.2015 04:14:31

@bingobongolintu @johanbek It must be very uncomfortable that someone is sharing such wrong opinions that nobody should be allowed to think.

08.07.2015 17:57:43

@mikko That\s excellent news. Hope they will both, #NYSE and #United, stay down permanently. Our world would be a much better place.

08.07.2015 16:56:17

RT @wikileaks: RELEASE: US Intercepts Merkel Upset about Toxic Bank Assets and the U.S. Federal Reserve--she wants China in the IMF https:/…

08.07.2015 13:41:28

Päivin uusin kuukausikirje Tokiosta:

08.07.2015 07:41:23

RT @FreePublicTrans: Americans hating #IslamicState because it is "brutal" is an irony only years of brainwashing can accomplish. US most b…

07.07.2015 15:40:52

@Greenpeace Finns have a right for their own Chernobyl disaster, they can not be worse than their former masters, Russians.

07.07.2015 13:34:24

@Ulkoministerio:n typerykset sössivät ryssävihassa & natokiimassa Etyjin, eikä syylllisistä löydy miestä myöntämään mokia, selitellään vaan.

07.07.2015 08:57:08

@Greenpeace No worries, at least some of it will decompose and be digested by the fish ending up poisoning fish eating murderers ;)

07.07.2015 08:40:35

@UNFCCC @Greenpeace In reality: "Science and progress are the reason and driving force behind climate change." #degrowth

05.07.2015 11:35:30

@joshystuart @350 @Greenpeace Current level is far away from sustainable. Only sustainable way is serious and radical #degrowth right now.

05.07.2015 09:26:39

@joshystuart @350 @Greenpeace Using more energy, manufacturing goods,consuming, polluting... less is more.

05.07.2015 05:50:44

The best things in life are #free and the rest are not worth the money anyway.

05.07.2015 04:00:11

@joshystuart @350 @Greenpeace All growth is bad and renewables are pushed to fuel growth and create an illusion that they are somehow clean.

04.07.2015 15:28:48

It's no longer about massacring red Indians and other natives of the America, but the rest of the world as well. Happy 4th of July

04.07.2015 15:05:04

@joshystuart @350 @Greenpeace Fix: It's fueling growth just like fossil fuels, providing good conscience falsely for continuing growth.

04.07.2015 11:28:21

@joshystuart @350 @Greenpeace It's fueling growth just fossil fuels provides good conscience for future growth.

04.07.2015 06:29:11

@joshystuart @350 @Greenpeace Instead of ever more and better we should consume and produce less.

04.07.2015 05:58:32

@joshystuart @350 @Greenpeace Don't see any value in polluting the planet with renewables instead of fossil fuels. Degrowth is much better.

04.07.2015 03:46:53

@joshystuart @350 @Greenpeace Not using/owning any phones & this computer is not mine. But believe whatever that makes you feel any better.

03.07.2015 16:17:49

@mikko Have they started to offer advertising, and (private) information of their users and their secrets, for free? Didn't know that.

03.07.2015 15:44:52

@persut : "liikkuvat äänestäjät palaavat, kun hallituksen toimenpiteet alkavat näkyä." 1) Venäjä suututettu, 2) Kreikka kumossa. Mitä vielä?

03.07.2015 14:05:05

@femalenomad #Thailand is no good. They forbid visa runs and give visa-free access only for 2 weeks in arrival. Its military dictatorship.

03.07.2015 13:03:23

@joshystuart @350 @Greenpeace Polluting Peter

03.07.2015 12:40:07

@350 @Greenpeace It's pretty convenient not to calculate the amount of fuel wasted to manufacturing, transportation, service etc...

03.07.2015 11:50:28

@Greenpeace @5gyres Take it back to burn it? Bad idea. Plastic can not be recycled profitable. Better avoid it just like all oil products.

03.07.2015 10:38:12

@Partisangirl @FearDept @UNESCO Who cares about world history when there is #oil at stake!

02.07.2015 18:59:45


02.07.2015 18:59:19


02.07.2015 16:24:21

@HeikelaJussi Nähtiin vastaava lafka Tokiossa eilen. Menussa oli gump-ruokia ja motto "keep running" (ei kai sentään laskua maksamatta?).

02.07.2015 10:26:04

A new academic book on the way:

02.07.2015 06:13:14

@Ulkoministerio You really want to push #Finland to #Nato & war with #Russia so badly, that you block Russian delegation to #OSCE? #crazy

02.07.2015 06:04:30

@Ulkoministerio You really want to push #Finland to #Nato & war with #Russia so badly, that you block Russian delegation participating OSCE?

02.07.2015 05:11:32

RT @FreePublicTrans: US spending $9M per day bombing muslims. That money could buy a lot of #freetransit.

01.07.2015 10:49:09

@NRDC @Greenpeace A more effective approach is to  get rid of all the countries. They are the source of evil and destruction.

01.07.2015 03:12:05

@Greenpeace They can only win. Continuing polluting our planet manufacturing renewables is more acceptable..Even you love it.

30.06.2015 15:03:34

@Greenpeace But we can recycle it (i.e. burn it) and pretend that everything is OK. Similar thinking works with renewables, too. #degrowth

30.06.2015 14:10:02

To fix lack of work and unemployment, weekly working time is prolonged and retirement age increased. That does not sound #contradictory?

30.06.2015 11:31:30


30.06.2015 10:47:50

@klub_putnika opens a free open travel house for 2 months in Athens on July 1. You can apply to visit here:

30.06.2015 10:20:18

RT @FearDept: The original Greek bailout was contingent on #Greece buying arms from France and Germany. #Grexit

30.06.2015 10:11:30

@wbclimatechange @digitalvillages It is investing that pollutes future, there is no real difference if it's cleaner or low carbon. #degrowth

30.06.2015 04:54:46

RT @FreePublicTrans: Attention: @Consensus911 Advert for crisis actors.

29.06.2015 14:56:27

@kuminaidoo @Greenpeace You can't fight climate change with money. Money is exactly what's driving it, and development. #degrowth

29.06.2015 13:15:04

@matcho3tk_info 腹痛?

29.06.2015 12:30:35

To break #free we need to liberate ourselves from the illusion of being alive to stop the compulsion of staying alive from imprisoning us.

29.06.2015 02:37:37

Finnish media has become a mouthpiece for #USA promoting #Nato and publishing #CIA propaganda provoking #Russia. Hope they are well paid.

28.06.2015 14:09:46

@novitaparrish Thanks a lot!

28.06.2015 13:35:50

@novitaparrish Not that it would change anything. Not going to go there again any time soon. One scam was enough.

28.06.2015 13:35:10

@novitaparrish Nope. We are still waiting for some foreign traveler to actually go there and confirm that is not yet another lie.

28.06.2015 11:47:25


28.06.2015 07:50:55

#TTIP is as beneficial as a 240V toaster in Japan.

28.06.2015 02:40:12

RT @wikileaks: Greek judge lifts lid on NSA tapping, PM assassination plot, cites WikiLeaks docs

28.06.2015 02:27:09

@AkavaRy,@STTKMikonkatu,@duunarit: Did you know the US has razed their own labour unions? Finnish labour unions push #TTIP to support #USA.

27.06.2015 14:17:35

RT @FearDept: Resistance to the Iraq War convinced us to start collecting dirt on every European leader. Hence, the surveillance. http://t.…

26.06.2015 15:25:30

RT @wikileaks: #SaudiCables: #Turkey smuggled 300 RPG launchers with 12,000 RPGs and 500 Kalashnikovs to #Syrian insurgents…

25.06.2015 13:35:10

@damanaki @Greenpeace We should probably do less: throw less trash to oceans, murder & eat less fish and consume less products & services.

25.06.2015 11:21:28

@Puolustusvoimat Has #Finland delivered to #Ukraine through #Poland a couple of hundred lethal #Patria AMV 8×8 armored assault vehicles?

25.06.2015 06:57:57

Money can buy only evil and eventually harmful things, nothing good like for example love, world peace and clean nature. #MoneyIsEvil

25.06.2015 02:39:49

Free is the cheapest and the best when talking about transportation, free public transportation. #FreePublicTransportation

25.06.2015 02:24:25

Ilmainen on halvin ja paras kun puhutaan julkisesta liikenteestä.

24.06.2015 18:36:34

Kusi sukassa johtunee tähtäysvirheestä.

24.06.2015 12:44:11

The world's biggest slaver nation has evolved from blacks to enslave all the rest of the world for serving their evil empire of chaos. #USA

24.06.2015 12:27:24

RT @LatuffCartoons: Cartoon of the Day: #saudileaks #SaudiCables #SaudiArabia Via @MiddleEastMnt

24.06.2015 11:28:13

American troll factory: CIA.

24.06.2015 11:05:41

Si vis pacem, para bellum. The only way to peace is an arms race, provoking & waging wars, and killing people in the name of peace.

24.06.2015 10:58:43

RT @wikileaks: Satire: France unveils changes to the Statue of Liberty in response to US spying on France http://…

23.06.2015 18:44:26

Here is a website for buying @amazon reviews: Works just like sales of @facebook and @twitter likes. #ItsAllForSale

23.06.2015 15:14:18

@Greenpeace No. The greatest chance is understanding eternal growth in limited planet with limited resources is simply impossible. #degrowth

23.06.2015 12:52:43

@FearDept It's natural as they can afford it. Must make the country a great ally and customer for you, guys.

23.06.2015 04:16:00

@Greenpeace How much did you got for this? Have you sold your green values for the big and polluting solar money?

22.06.2015 15:51:57

@OMHBi Yeah, they do humanitarian bombing and peace killings. Any better? Don't think so.

22.06.2015 15:26:04

@ebtesam2345 @wikileaks Nice, and all that for reading "lies".

22.06.2015 14:11:00

RT @FreePublicTrans: The biggest danger to the human race is the fake solutions to our problems.

22.06.2015 13:40:02

@wikileaks They appear to be the real Putin trolls.

22.06.2015 12:38:08

@wikileaks Good job @UN!

22.06.2015 11:38:20

@TheScruber_ @wikileaks #GITMO  would be way worse, imprisonment and torture for life.

22.06.2015 11:28:52

@wikileaks What does it say? They cut your head?

22.06.2015 11:18:17

RT @wikileaks: Saudi government threatens everyone with 20 years in prison for tweeting #SaudiCables

22.06.2015 08:09:32

Neuvotteluissa epäonnistumisella olisi drakmaattiset seuraukset.

21.06.2015 13:48:53

@LukasSchlogl OK,it is understandable to be afraid of an arbitrary regime treating foreigners like shit. Good luck dealing with them.

21.06.2015 13:40:05

@LukasSchlogl What makes you defend Indonesian government so vigorously? As a bule you must know it well that they are thoroughly corrupt.

21.06.2015 13:32:51

@LukasSchlogl It is as authoritative as the government tourism minister who gave the statement they printed word by word, isn't it?

21.06.2015 13:27:27

@LukasSchlogl In the newspapers it was presented as a fact with a fixed date when it will start, not an "intent", without any reservations.

20.06.2015 16:33:38

@crypticalley @FreePublicTrans Obviously you are just trolling for the polluting solar industry and don't really care about our planet.

20.06.2015 15:44:29

@crypticalley @FreePublicTrans So everyone who dare to claim that solar pollutes, too, is pro fossil? Sounds pretty simpleminded. #degrowth

20.06.2015 02:11:25

@crypticalley @FreePublicTrans Solar is very far away from clean.

19.06.2015 10:13:36

@totvl @travelblogandne As you know, they don't bother answering emails so people have to just believe in their false stories in newspapers.

19.06.2015 10:11:30

#Obama: "[Charleston] type of mass violence does not happen in other advanced countries" ... nor bombing and attacking other countries. #wtf

19.06.2015 09:32:10

@GlobetrotterHQ Well, we read the news in March claiming it will start April 1 and went to Indonesia to find out it was just a scam.

19.06.2015 09:15:34

@FreePublicTrans @crypticalley As an opposite to rapid extinction where we are now heading?

19.06.2015 08:50:32

@UNHCR_NE @TerraFuocoCielo @NorwayMFA @borgebrende Might be more effective to stop attacking Syria and massacring Muslims instead...

19.06.2015 08:01:07

@ironsider They talked 2.5 months ago about the visa free access, too, but it was bullshit. With or without Australia.

19.06.2015 07:49:26

@totvl @travelblogandne Find it hard to believe, they already lied to us once and we went there and had to pay.

19.06.2015 05:58:02

@crypticalley The problem is not fossil fuels but growth. Manufacturing and repairing renewables pollute equally. #degrowth #SelfDeception

19.06.2015 03:55:11

@GreenpeaceEAsia @Greenpeace Soon, after killing the environment with production of more solar panels, the whole China will look like that.

19.06.2015 03:05:32

@MeilinWS OK, that's cool. Hope they have stopped scamming travellers.

19.06.2015 02:04:40

@akrgsrni They said the same 2.5 months ago and it was not true:

19.06.2015 02:04:13

@TourbelitungID They said the same 2.5 months ago and it was not true:

19.06.2015 02:02:10

@baliexpat They said the same 2.5 months ago and it was not true:

19.06.2015 02:01:57

@askafrench They said the same 2.5 months ago and it was not true:

19.06.2015 02:01:46

@NurudinBS @traveltiga They said the same 2.5 months ago and it was not true:

19.06.2015 02:01:36

@gede_suryawan88 They said the same 2.5 months ago and it was not true:

19.06.2015 02:01:27

@translatorbali @KompasTV They said the same 2.5 months ago and it was not true:

19.06.2015 02:01:21

@PergiDulu They said the same 2.5 months ago and it was not true:

19.06.2015 02:01:12

@plaid_Widodo They said the same 2.5 months ago and it was not true:

19.06.2015 02:00:54

@cctvnews They said the same 2.5 months ago and it was not true:

19.06.2015 02:00:45

@maukemanaflight @thejakartaglobe They said the same 2.5 months ago and it was not true:

19.06.2015 02:00:35

@MeilinWS They said the same 2.5 months ago and it was not true:

19.06.2015 02:00:27

@iKrisnaw They said the same 2.5 months ago and it was not true:

19.06.2015 01:59:55

@JavaBaliTrips They said the same 2.5 months ago and it was not true:

19.06.2015 01:59:25

@devianti12 They said the same 2.5 months ago and it was not true:

19.06.2015 01:59:11

@thejakartaglobe They said the same 2.5 months ago and it was not true:

19.06.2015 01:59:04

@travelblogandne @totvl They said the same 2.5 months ago and it was not true:

19.06.2015 01:58:56

@KBRITokyo They said the same 2.5 months ago and it was not true:

19.06.2015 01:58:49

@PDChina They said the same 2.5 months ago and it was not true:

19.06.2015 01:58:37

@GaYBaLiTravel They said the same 2.5 months ago and it was not true:

19.06.2015 01:58:27

@thegrugq They said the same 2.5 months ago and it was not true:

19.06.2015 01:58:12

@EuropeCongress They said the same 2.5 months ago and it was not true:

19.06.2015 01:58:00

@ironsider They said the same 2.5 months ago and it was not true:

19.06.2015 01:57:51

@GlobetrotterHQ They said the same 2.5 months ago and it was not true:

19.06.2015 01:57:36

@BAL_Immigration They said the same 2.5 months ago and it was not true:

19.06.2015 01:52:58

It is actually pretty simple: do you want to have peace or #NATO spreading?

18.06.2015 14:24:16

@femalenomad Loved that video. Miss you!

18.06.2015 05:52:24

It's #Ramadan: feasting at night while starving on the day time. Not very healthy but who cares as it's for good deeds and helping others!

18.06.2015 02:34:36

It's really strange why #Russia does not want warmongering #Nato and it's invasion forces in it's neighbouring countries, isn't it?

17.06.2015 14:02:37

@wikileaks That if anything should prove that human rights are all bullshit.

17.06.2015 10:08:16

RT @FearDept: To further escalate tensions with Russia, we're looking at sending F-22s to Europe.

17.06.2015 08:43:15

@PeterLoh They wrote the news about it like it was, and gave the exact date April 1, too. No guarantees this time either. Once a liar,always

17.06.2015 08:42:10

@PeterLoh And good luck!

17.06.2015 08:41:51

@PeterLoh ;Let us know.

17.06.2015 08:41:33

@PeterLoh Last time they let us believe exactly the same. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Will not try it again.

17.06.2015 08:36:10

@PeterLoh Are you sure? We find it hard to believe as they scammed us already once.

17.06.2015 07:04:07

@Greenpeace That we all should stop buying products manufactured in China including solar panels. They pollute the air and ground. #degrowth

16.06.2015 12:09:47

@pat_abroad @Greenpeace @mongabay There is no wild-life friendly palm oil, its a mere scam.

16.06.2015 06:11:27

Stupid Finns are doing their best to push #Russia over the edge helping #USA raising tensions and provoking. #AxisOfEvil #NatoNazies

16.06.2015 02:18:35

@GreenpeaceEAsia @Greenpeace @GeorgeMonbiot Stop using renewables as an excuse for continuing the growth orgies killing our planet.#degrowth

16.06.2015 01:46:57

Provoking #Russia to war in #Ukraine has failed, so now #USA is trying a more direct approach by moving invasion forces to its borders.

15.06.2015 16:41:03

@petterij Myös valtioiden luoma raha syntyy tyhjästä, vaikka painokoneet painavatkin sitä seteleiksi ja kolikoiksi. Eli voi luoda tyhjästä.

15.06.2015 07:05:57

@petterij @HarriMoisio Valtiot yrittävät ja suuri on niistä toimii hyvin bisnesmäisesti. Ei rahan(kaan) tarvitse olla valtioiden monopoli,

15.06.2015 07:03:50

@petterij @HarriMoisio Eli yhden firman tuote on huijaus mutta vastaavaa bisneslogiikkaa noudattava maailmantalous ei ole?

15.06.2015 04:19:57

Japan is ever so radiant.

15.06.2015 03:39:54

@Greenpeace Same food like everyday in the past 8 years: strictly vegan. #MeatIsMurder

14.06.2015 14:59:13

@Ryan13Morris @anastasialie83 @mandellalives @wikileaks People have plenty of time to read all that shit. Just release it and crowdsource.

14.06.2015 14:58:15

@arikemppinen @mikko Sitten sen käyttö pitäisi olla riu'ulla käymistä.

14.06.2015 14:37:27

@mikko Ah, ok, Hölmö muuten toi #hashtag, sen pitäisi olla risuaitarisuaitatägi. Ei kuitenkaan sentään pyöröraikastin.

14.06.2015 13:36:31

@mikko For me it will always be risuaita.

14.06.2015 03:36:06

@jam_house_ That address did not work, but this one does:

13.06.2015 16:49:20

@Ryan13Morris @mandellalives @wikileaks Countries suck, all of them. Wish we would be soon freed from all the evil they provide.

13.06.2015 16:42:42

@mandellalives @Ryan13Morris @wikileaks Hiding things harm everyone because nobody knows better than others.It's arrogant BS to think so.

13.06.2015 16:29:40

@Ryan13Morris @wikileaks So, they know better than everyone else what is good  and what is bad, and what harms? Pretty interesting thought.

13.06.2015 16:25:01

@wikileaks Why don't you publish the whole shit?

13.06.2015 15:02:20

@ElxMarto @FearDept Very true. All the police should resign immediately.

13.06.2015 08:56:12

It's not only sadist but also futile to torture prisoners of war because they will not reveal anything useful. #gitmo #USA

12.06.2015 16:56:25

RT @FearDept: Ali (aka @AmreekiWitness), a 17 year-old from the DC area, has pleaded guilty to being a Twitter Terrorist.…

12.06.2015 09:08:11

@FreePublicTrans It will work on the long run. When all the civilians have been killed, there is obviously nobody left to join IS. Good job.

11.06.2015 16:22:16

@Greenpeace If you really want to make Delhi safer, demolish arranged marriages & premarital sex taboos and silent acceptance of rapes.

11.06.2015 07:30:34

That's pretty pathetic that @Airbnb has snatched the Rainbow movement slogan "Welcome home". A good reason to #boycott them. #WelcomeHome

11.06.2015 06:00:18

@daVinely @greenpeaceindia @Greenpeace Sometimes it makes me wonder are you being paid by the solar panel makers to push their dirty tech.

11.06.2015 05:58:43

@daVinely @greenpeaceindia @Greenpeace It's not binary either or, there are better options even if you don't want to see them. #degrowth

11.06.2015 05:19:53

@greenpeaceindia @Greenpeace There is nothing clean is solar panels.

09.06.2015 17:22:04

@mikko @Pebble Feeling so privileged for not having to wear a watch or caring about time.

09.06.2015 14:38:07

@nbenari Try

09.06.2015 13:33:12

@arikemppinen Aika haipakkaa pistelit. Treenaatko maratoniin?

09.06.2015 13:22:13

RT @Hatuxka: Americans sign petition to nuke Russia (video) worlds most brainwashed people support the troops and the nukes…

09.06.2015 06:00:17

@mikko It could also be a change of policy due to a sudden burst of honesty.

09.06.2015 05:44:53

Our toaster requires at least 220V and electric toothbrush works only with 100V. Awesome. No toast in Japan and dirty teeth elsewhere.

09.06.2015 05:31:45

@isosavi Kuulostaa hyvältä. Se voisi lopettaa eläinkunnan ja maapallon raiskauksen.

09.06.2015 02:56:07

Jonkun voitto on taloudessa toisen tappio. Se on nollasummapeliä, jossa kaikki häviävät.

09.06.2015 01:39:19

@Consensus911 @FreePublicTrans @digitaljournal It looks like some major newspapers in #Finland, too, publish CIA's stories. Ping @johanbek

09.06.2015 01:37:24

RT @Consensus911: Editor of major newspaper says he planted stories for CIA under his own signature via @digitaljour…

08.06.2015 13:14:00

RT @hazelpress: UK confirms #Sweden asked to interview 44 people during 1,594 days it refused to question #Assange: …

08.06.2015 13:01:26

@pauljhilton @IrinaGreenVoice @Greenpeace Well, all you can do is show them an example and hope for the best.

08.06.2015 10:36:43

@FreePublicTrans Yeah, and @Greenpeace was aggressively pushing renewables telling people they are green and not polluting.

08.06.2015 10:06:43

@IrinaGreenVoice @Greenpeace @pauljhilton Eating any fish or animal product is equally bad. Veganism is the only sustainable & ethical way.

08.06.2015 06:34:43

@greenpeace_de @Greenpeace How come killing the planet with 100% renewables is better than killing it with non-renewables? #degrowth

07.06.2015 10:46:22

RT @johanbek: HS oli jakamassa Venäjää siirtomaaksi jo heinäkuussa 1941! #turpo

06.06.2015 11:18:46

@Greenpeace And manufacturing them pollute our air and environment. Long live progress!

05.06.2015 19:53:02

RT @wikileaks: Politician-lawyer who helped frame man for eight murders also behind Assange case More:…

04.06.2015 04:35:35

@Marthinuscademy Please do not spread these lies of the Indonesian government: #scam #support

04.06.2015 04:34:36

@ISDialogue True, but only if it was not just a stupid government scam:

04.06.2015 03:53:14

#TV is perfect for drying sweaty underwear and wet towels. Choose ordinary that has larger surface area. #television

04.06.2015 03:47:18

We have returned to the apex of civilisation with this investment. It is providing company to our water kettle.

04.06.2015 02:41:42

@Greenpeace There is no such thing as clean energy. All energy pollutes. Only clean energy is no energy.

03.06.2015 17:22:17

Twin towers were not collapsed by terrorists, look at the evidence. It must have been Godzilla. #911

03.06.2015 14:21:04

@Greenpeace Don't worry, palm oil plantations will take care of what is left for the precious bio fuel,& zoos will imprison orangutans.

03.06.2015 09:02:05

RT @FreePublicTrans: Hey, America, here is an idea, makes buses free and start getting off oil. Quit killing muslims!

03.06.2015 04:42:44

@GameOfThrones After white walkers, there will be even more horrible things coming: green walkers, blue walkers and finally johnny walkers.

03.06.2015 03:45:43

@Puolustusvoimat ei kykene puolustautumaan edes sen agressiivisia provokaatioita vastustavia omia kansalaisia vastaan. Tosi uskottavaa.

01.06.2015 08:11:06

@mikko Perhaps @IlvesToomas bought some twitter followers?

01.06.2015 03:22:48

@JesusFromMars @SuomenPoliisi @Puolustusvoimat

01.06.2015 02:28:01

@JesusFromMars @SuomenPoliisi @Puolustusvoimat Se lavastaa ihmisiä kuten Anneli Auer ja lavastaa/tekee rikoksia kuten Jari Aarnio jne.

01.06.2015 02:11:50

@JesusFromMars @SuomenPoliisi @Puolustusvoimat Toki, persu. Jokainen, joka ylittää rajan on taatusti suurrikollinen ja myös isänmaanpetturi.

31.05.2015 13:26:38

@mikko As you can buy the same amount of followers with US $65, it's hard to think that @EarthPorns is worth the trouble and the money.

31.05.2015 07:14:39

Suomen suurimman turvallisuusuhan muodostavat @SuomenPoliisi ja @Puolustusvoimat. #turpo #puolustusvoimat #poliisi

31.05.2015 06:23:31

Which is better: a country paying for trolling, censoring dissidents or intimidating and arresting everyone with wrong opinions?

30.05.2015 15:08:25

@isiswie @Greenpeace100RE They promoted growth just like oil and coal. Growth is the problem and the only sustainable solution is #degrowth.

30.05.2015 13:42:29

@Greenpeace100RE @Greenpeace Please stop. The problem is "way forward". It is not solved by renewables, they make it only worse. #degrowth

30.05.2015 13:26:21

The politics in every country of the world: remain in denial and ignore everything until it all breaks down. Keep voting! #degrowth

30.05.2015 13:07:10

RT @FreePublicTrans: Has Zerohedge joined the #degrowth movement? Oh my!

30.05.2015 05:54:37

@worldoftanks_ru Your moderators and producer are doing their best to drive people away from SEA server. Time to act before its too late?

30.05.2015 04:43:57

@Valavuori @jhaklis Cooper on paha juttu, paljon pahempi kuin ruotsin kieli. Sehän on vierasperäinen (hyi!) sanakin. #SuosiSuomalaista

30.05.2015 04:21:30

RT @wikileaks: Text of Putin statement on #Snowden and #Assange prosecutions https://t…

29.05.2015 06:13:25

@SarasvuoJari @jhaklis Mitäpä sitä realismista kunhan laskupää on kunnossa, kohta ovat kirstut taas pullollaan mammonaa ja hyvinvointia.

29.05.2015 06:03:45

@SarasvuoJari @jhaklis Niinpäs olikin, nyt on kaikki kunnossa :) Se olikin reaali se iigori.

29.05.2015 05:36:54

@SarasvuoJari @jhaklis Niinpä, pysy lama kultainen laskutaidottoman valtionvarainministerin johdolla. #improbaturMatematiikasta

28.05.2015 08:32:11

It's soon #Ramadan: feasting at night to be able to pretend fasting and suffering on the day time. #HolyShit

28.05.2015 06:54:52

#Finland: The new right-wing extremist minister of "defense" demanded East Karelia back. Finns took it from #Russia with their #Nazi allies.

28.05.2015 03:02:25

Hallitus työllistää lisäämällä rikollisuutta, @SuomenPoliisi'lle enemmän rahaa & valtaa. #JariAarnio #MikkoPaatero #AnneliAuer #MattiInkinen

28.05.2015 02:35:09

Montako laskuvirhettä Stubbin 10 milardin säästöissä on? Löytyyköhän sieltä pilkkuvirhekin? #ImprobaturMatematiikasta

27.05.2015 17:24:21

@fransmayra Odotitko muuta valtiovarainministeriltä, joka kirjoitti matematiikasta improbaturin? #HimasilleKylläRiittääRahoitusta

27.05.2015 15:05:52

@FreePublicTrans We saw there plenty of drunk driving and those drivers were the most dangerous to us and other pedestrians.

27.05.2015 11:59:57

I:n matematiikasta kirjoittanut @alexstubb vastaa taloudesta vailla laskupäätä ja ulkomaita vieroksuva Soini ulkoministeriksi. #EiHyvinMeeEi

27.05.2015 09:59:07

What if money is just paper and possessions are possessions?

26.05.2015 14:49:01

@ioerror @wikileaks @brokep Why have faith in an arbitrary legal system & play by the rules even they don't follow?

26.05.2015 13:50:15

@DTWhitehouseDT @Greenpeace Manufacturing and servicing them is very polluting and can damage environment even more.

26.05.2015 13:29:55

@Greenpeace Correlates pretty well with how polluted those countries are, don't you think? Renewables are also killing our planet. #degrowth

26.05.2015 11:07:22

RT @wikileaks: RELEASE: Classified EU plan for military intervention against refugee boats in #Libya…

26.05.2015 09:09:12

@mikko Perhaps men consumed more Internet porn than women on those days. Anyway, most of the traffic was porn.

25.05.2015 13:50:29

The sense of duty is an effective way for making a feeble minded simpleton to commit horrendous acts & be proud of it. #MemorialDay

25.05.2015 13:32:20

RT @FearDept: Fortunately for us...

25.05.2015 08:14:04

@deivudesu Heh, funny.

23.05.2015 10:31:33

@TuijaPehkonen Voi paska.

23.05.2015 08:57:13

What if #ISIS is freedom fighter opposing the #US tyranny? #CheGuavara #OsamaBinLaden #SaddamHussein #Taleban #Serbia #VietCong #Gaddafi

23.05.2015 07:41:15

@digitalvillages Ever tried crossing the Atlantic? Repositioning cruises are cheapest. You can travel Europe - US for 12-14 days with 500€.

23.05.2015 06:23:35

Which religion is the most corrupt: #Buddhism, #Christianity, #Hinduism, #Islam or #Judaism? #poll

23.05.2015 06:17:37

We have been given many names: #laowai, #bule, #gaijin, #gringo, #mzungu, #tsuhna, #farang, #WhiteTrash, #ruskie, #fritz, and #foreigner.

23.05.2015 05:06:10

The sense of duty is an effective way for making a feeble minded simpleton to commit horrendous acts & be proud of it. #NationalismIsCancer

23.05.2015 04:16:37

If the #US agenda will succeed, the #world will soon be populated by sick, #overweight people #armed to the teeth watching #TV all day long.

23.05.2015 03:28:02

RT @FearDept: We won't hesitate to order a drone strike on a nobody, but we'll sit back and watch ISIS destroy spectacular world heritage s…

23.05.2015 03:19:57

@digitalvillages Where did you go?

21.05.2015 15:59:36

@digitalvillages Mitä pahaa se on tehnyt kun se on vangittu?

21.05.2015 13:52:37

@greenpeaceindia @Greenpeace Abandoning India is not a shame/defeat. It's too corrupt for anything sensible. Just leave the shit be & quit.

21.05.2015 09:02:02

RT @theLemniscat: US has spent 4 years arming and training terrorists to destroy Syria's army.

If ISIS wrecks Palmyra US is to blame http:/…

21.05.2015 07:34:36

@arikemppinen Parempi tallettaa se levylle ja odottaa lopullista versiota, ettei mene paperia hukkaan jos joutuu tulostamaan sen uudelleen.

21.05.2015 05:52:40

@SuomenPoliisi pahoinpitelee lämpimikseen kehitysvammaisia: #viranomaismielivaltaa #IhmisenParasYstävä

21.05.2015 04:02:01

@jaymetravel That's just a load of bullshit, please do not spread misinformation: #ThankYou

21.05.2015 03:58:48

#1Malaysia is becoming bumiputra only Malaysia, all the rest are unwelcome and should go and stay away. #Racist #Nationalist #Islamist

21.05.2015 03:23:03

Ei merkitystä onko Aarnio gansteripoliisi vai lavastettiinko rikolliseksi, poliisi jäi joka tapauksessa verekseltään kiinni. #PaateronMafia

21.05.2015 00:20:21

Luotatko @SuomenPoliisi'in on vähän sama kuin kysyisi oletko tyhmä ja yksinkertainen. #AnneliAuer #JariAarnio #MattiInkinen #MattiNikki

20.05.2015 16:51:01

@LA_Tuononen @johanbek Tässä ovat ne hyvin harvalukuiset, surullisen kuuluisat länsimaat eli kansainvälinen yhteisö:

20.05.2015 15:57:03

I am not, #DescribeYourselfIn3Words

20.05.2015 15:01:15

Why did Allah/God create foreskin, if he wants it to be cut off?

20.05.2015 07:06:20


20.05.2015 05:15:29

@FreePublicTrans They are doing better job than @Greenpeace that has strayed to renewables heresy over #degrowth.

19.05.2015 13:09:16

@HarriMoisio 10-6

19.05.2015 12:47:24

RT @Jellis1snv: "The International Community"

19.05.2015 10:04:25

Pitääkö joku Suomen oikeusjärjestelmää tai poliisia edes jollain tasolla uskottavina? Tuskin. #AnneliAuer #JariAarnio #ViranomaisMielivaltaa

19.05.2015 06:30:46

Oliko Kankaanniemi vikitellyt Bryggaren ja Wallinkosken rouvia, kun hakevat avioeroa? #salaliittoteoria

19.05.2015 06:18:10

@FearDept That's pretty bad. They should have shot him and the baby to the back or head several times to make sure they were not a threat.

19.05.2015 06:07:30

@arinassi Tekemättä jättäminen on merkitysellisempää kuin tekeminen. Inaction is a more powerful action than action. #jatkoAjatus

19.05.2015 03:05:09

@Puolustusvoimat is calling themselves "defense forces" while aspiring to join #NATO to invade Karelia from #Russia. #puolustusvoimat

19.05.2015 03:04:08

@Puolustusvoimat is calling themselves "defense forces" while sending mercenaries to Afghanistan to assist the US invasion.

19.05.2015 02:24:50

Is #USA losing their war of #Ukraine?

18.05.2015 17:05:45

RT @club4degrowth: The only sustainable growth is [global] degrowth.

18.05.2015 15:50:22

@Puolustusvoimat Jos teidän sotiin on pakko osallistua vasten tahtoa, on parempi auttaa vihollista rauhan palauttamisessa. #turpo #EiNatolle

18.05.2015 14:59:33

@strangerslog @Greenpeace Stopping @Shell is actually pretty easy: quit buying any oil products including gasoline and get rid of your car.

18.05.2015 12:41:54

There is one thing that will make people revolt in the US: the price of gasoline. Keeping it down is more important than human life abroad.

18.05.2015 11:30:09

@Greenpeace Quit buying any products made in #China and you will soon see even bigger drop. #ConsumingIsPolluting

18.05.2015 09:27:26

RT @greenpeaceindia: Why India's government is targeting Greenpeace:

18.05.2015 04:43:06

@HeikelaJussi Teki sitten Kanervat:

18.05.2015 04:22:37

@tanelitikka You know, you could just quit it and use your life for something more meaningful.

18.05.2015 03:18:35

Finnish guns help the US police to murder thousands of US citizens every year. #PeaceKillings

18.05.2015 03:15:25

Onneksi Suomen valtionmedia ei vääristele totuutta tai sorru propagandaan vaan pitäytyy Yhdysvaltojen ilmoittamien totuuksien uutisoinnissa.

17.05.2015 08:16:05

RT @FreePublicTrans: Only #degrowth can save the biosphere. Renewables promote false hope while putting more fuel on the fire.…

17.05.2015 07:02:47

@AtenaKustannus ping @TapaniKoivunen

17.05.2015 07:01:54

Realistisempaa kuvaa amerikkalaisesta unelmasta: Amerikkalainen painajainen (Tapani Koivunen, @AtenaKustannus, 2015)

17.05.2015 06:49:05

@Puolustusvoimat is dreaming of annexing #Russia using #NATO. Previous try together with #German #Nazis failed miserably as we all know.

16.05.2015 13:13:47

Suomen liittyminen natoon on yhtä fiksua kuin Meksikon varsovan liittoon. Tosin kaikista, liitoista ja maista, olisi ilo päästä eroon.

16.05.2015 05:33:15

Mennyt itä ja länsi vähän sekaisin? #KalankinMätäneminenAlkaaPäästä

15.05.2015 15:12:40

@johanbek Sellaista voi sattua, jos on päästötodistuksessa maantieteestä seiska: #ApprobaturYlioppilas #Keskiarvo6

15.05.2015 14:21:45

RT @wikileaks: Council of Europe reacts to revelations of collusion between NSA and BND More:…

15.05.2015 14:17:43

RT @wikileaks: Big picture: Revelations of BND-NSA collusion show that Germany is not fit to lead EU. How can Germany lead if it acts again…

15.05.2015 14:03:16

@greenpeaceindia @Greenpeace @HMOIndia They are not likely to give up unless they are bribed. That's how Indian govt works. It's #corrupt.

15.05.2015 07:41:40

Are you paying for products containing logos and other advertising? Shouldn't it be the other way around? #ConsumingIsPolluting

15.05.2015 05:45:29

@deivudesu Will do. Don't know yet exactly where we stay in Tokyo. We drink only tap water, but we could have a nice walk or something.

15.05.2015 05:34:53

@deivudesu Hehe. Are you in Tokyo? We are coming to Japan in 3 weeks.

15.05.2015 04:55:30

Any countries insisting a payment for entering or exiting are not worth visiting. #USA #Indonesia #Cambodia #Laos #India #Nicaragua #Mexico

15.05.2015 02:40:04

@deivudesu How about printing to a t-shirt "外人" and using it in Japan? What do you think,could it work?

14.05.2015 12:19:58

@Greenpeace @ponchohd Any animal products are as bad, and also unethical. Been there and done that for half a decade already. #BeVegan

14.05.2015 04:41:43

It's really pity that Allah hates animals, especially cows and goats, so much that he wants them all murdered and their flesh eaten.

13.05.2015 14:34:30

@Greenpeace @grist A green tech giant is paradox.

13.05.2015 13:22:00

@salenius The address and hastags require a whitespace before and after to function #Framtidsverkstaden #FutureWorks

12.05.2015 09:48:15

@BaliBHousing Scam:

12.05.2015 09:48:06

@BaliTimes Are you sure?

12.05.2015 09:47:36

@DTNIndonesia Most likely that is just another scam:

12.05.2015 09:47:15

@balinewstweet Are you sure that will happen? Their previous promise was a lie:

12.05.2015 09:46:39

@BaliTimes Probably just another scam:

12.05.2015 09:46:19

@PostcardandTag @DestinAsian_Mag Please do not spread misinformation:

12.05.2015 08:41:25

National Coalition Party (@kokoomus) leader got today life sentence for murdering an old, defenseless Russian woman in #Finland. #HateCrime

11.05.2015 10:01:11

@Greenpeace 0. We don't use that shit :)

10.05.2015 16:04:08

It's funny how @worldoftanks_ru SEA server can be so bad with idiot moderators & crappy missions compared to NA server, like day and night.

10.05.2015 14:49:19

Want to feel blessed? Quit @facebook

10.05.2015 10:38:32

Edellisestä maailmansodasta on vasta 70-vuotta ja jo nyt kusipäiset Karjala-fanit puuhaavat seuraavaa.

10.05.2015 09:12:28

The best thing about #Thailand is not having to go there or be there:

10.05.2015 05:06:47

RT @FreePublicTrans: It's physics. Humans are converting too much energy into heat. Even if all solar, we will cook the biosphere if we kee…

09.05.2015 15:56:54

@arinassi Ehkä lukija saattaisi muuten kuvitella, että kyseessä oli typerä nainen jolloin uutisarvo olisi menetetty. #MiesPuriKoiraa

09.05.2015 05:22:51

Persut myivät keskeisen Kreikka-periaatteensa ja pettivät äänestäjänsä. Kutsuvatko seuraavaksi maahanmuuttajia ja paranevat homofobiasta?

09.05.2015 04:09:52

@Puolustusvoimat yrittää epätoivoisesti ylläpitää mielikuvaa puolustuskyvystä. Halvemmaksi tulisi lopettaa valehtelu ja puolustusvoimat.

09.05.2015 03:51:45

Nyt kun NATO-RKP on ulkona, kaksikielisyyden voisi poistaa. Jos ei onnistu, niin kielet voi korvata englannilla & venäjällä. #SilkkaaSäästöä

09.05.2015 03:39:47

Who classified #ISIS a terrorist organisation? How? Why? You should be more afraid of them than ISIS. Tomorrow you might be a terrorist.

08.05.2015 16:20:01

Yhden totuuden Suomessa eriävät mielipiteet ovat disinformaatiota ja niiden esittäjät trolleja. #EiMeneHyvinEi

08.05.2015 08:54:48

@johanbek Suomen leireillä tapettiin tuhansia venäläisiä nälkään. Natsien kaasukammiot lienevät nopean armeliaita nälkäkuolemaan verrattuna.

08.05.2015 06:34:58

@ihp000 What is the cheapest way to get to Bangladesh from Malaysia? How did you go?

08.05.2015 05:42:06

Every time you do anything related to cars, you are fueling wars and conflicts all over the world. Don't do that. #StopOilWars #AutoSprawl

08.05.2015 05:38:32

@easyfolows287 Why not to sell also @facebook likes? Most of them are fake anyway and it is more lucrative: #Fakebook

08.05.2015 05:10:49

@FearDept Congratulations for starting to train and arm Syrian rebels. Same plan worked so well with #Ukraine, #Taleban, #Colombia, etc.

08.05.2015 04:45:19

If you were an alien and found a planet populated by warmongering idiots having no respect to any life, would you contact them? #HumanScum

08.05.2015 04:18:45

Kauanko kestää, että persutkin huomaavat äänensä menneen harakoille kun mikään ei muuta ja hallituksessa jatkuu sama päätön meno? #kysely

07.05.2015 05:11:54

@wikileaks Same mockery appears to apply to all US lapdogs including  #Finland.

07.05.2015 02:48:49

#Finland joins #NATO military exercise over Lapland to provoke #Russia. Why not  to just declare war and invade Karelia back? #WWII #Nazis

07.05.2015 02:18:51

There is actually one good thing in having countries: we sill have the joy left for getting rid of all of them. #OneWorld #SayNoToBorders

06.05.2015 06:30:23

@FearDept @zerohedge PDA is simply horrific crime while gunning down people on the streets is business as usual. He should be executed.

06.05.2015 06:12:22

RT @wikileaks: US cable: "whoever enters 10 Downing St. soon learns of the nature of the [US] relationship" http://…

06.05.2015 04:40:24

@FearDept You have mastered the international law principle of jailing nonconformists. If you don't agree and approve, you are a criminal.

05.05.2015 15:52:32

@TRAV3LSEURO Sure, thanks a lot. You too!

05.05.2015 15:52:00

@MoonsLounge That is a government lie, please don't spread misinformation:

05.05.2015 15:51:53

@Indonewsfeed That is a government lie, please don't spread misinformation:

05.05.2015 15:51:46

@antara_en That is a government lie, please don't spread misinformation:

05.05.2015 15:51:39

@h4ndor1 That is a government lie, please don't spread misinformation:

05.05.2015 15:51:33

@adamashary That is a government lie, please don't spread misinformation:

05.05.2015 15:51:28

@ReniSeptiyanti1 That is a government lie, please don't spread misinformation:

05.05.2015 15:51:23

@sardiun321 That is a government lie, please don't spread misinformation:

05.05.2015 15:51:18

@InfoUnikk That is a government lie, please don't spread misinformation:

05.05.2015 15:51:10

@hadiKolaroV That is a government lie, please don't spread misinformation:

05.05.2015 15:51:02

@AntaranewsENG That is a government lie, please don't spread misinformation:

05.05.2015 15:50:55

@iippam That is a government lie, please don't spread misinformation:

05.05.2015 15:50:45

@dlIndonesianews That is a government lie, please don't spread misinformation:

05.05.2015 15:50:38

@visainsider That is a government lie, please don't spread misinformation:

05.05.2015 15:50:29

@DTNIndonesia That is a government lie, please don't spread misinformation:

05.05.2015 15:50:20

@bisniscom_en That is a government lie, please don't spread misinformation:

05.05.2015 15:50:12

@t0_wire That is a government lie, please don't spread misinformation:

05.05.2015 15:49:51

@skalanews That is a government lie, please don't spread misinformation:

05.05.2015 15:49:34

@AASiiiaapacific That is a government lie, please don't spread misinformation:

05.05.2015 15:46:59

@MyNameIsReffi That is most likely yet another scam:

05.05.2015 15:46:37

@jakartainformer That is a scam:

05.05.2015 15:46:25

@izfinriaz That is a scam:

05.05.2015 15:46:14

@jowokere That is a scam:

05.05.2015 15:29:19

@frustmourne @Dresden_007 That's awesome, so now it's even faster and easier for politicians to buy votes:

05.05.2015 15:26:40

@Dresden_007 Half an year was pretty much enough. You point?

05.05.2015 15:20:52

@Dresden_007 Sorry, been there and seen that.

05.05.2015 14:13:35

@GreenpeaceSG @Greenpeace India is not democracy. Majority of the people are so poor they can't even buy papers required for voting.

05.05.2015 05:44:12

The infinite arrogance and self-destructive behavior of human kind regarding animals and our planet is simply astonishing. #HumansAreCancer

05.05.2015 02:42:18

Is your cursor jumping erratically while typing with your laptop having touchpad? Testing this for a solution:

05.05.2015 01:59:40

Eikö työajan kasvattaminen kuulosta pähköhullulta itsekusetukselta, kun jo nyt työpaikkoja puuttuu eikä työtä ole tarjolla? #LisääEiMitään

05.05.2015 01:17:43

@akielmon You too!

04.05.2015 13:53:32

@GSawision @clara_salina @cleanseafuels @robinsnewswire If modern means for you killing the planet with disposable trash, then not.

04.05.2015 13:50:51

@GSawision @clara_salina @cleanseafuels @robinsnewswire Both are equally stupid, just like recycling

04.05.2015 13:48:32

@GSawision @clara_salina @cleanseafuels @robinsnewswire Still, it is dumb idea.

04.05.2015 13:47:05

@GSawision @clara_salina @cleanseafuels @robinsnewswire Because something that is disposable is an integral part of the problem.

04.05.2015 13:45:17

@GSawision @clara_salina @cleanseafuels @robinsnewswire Ban is nonsense. It is enough not to buy them so that they quit making them.

04.05.2015 13:36:56

@GSawision @clara_salina @cleanseafuels @robinsnewswire Be the change you want to see in the world, politics and governments are failures.

04.05.2015 13:34:51

@GSawision @clara_salina @cleanseafuels @robinsnewswire It's still disposable that that is bad. The whole idea of plastic bag is crazy.

04.05.2015 13:31:02

@clara_salina @GSawision @cleanseafuels @robinsnewswire That's a perfect excuse for not doing anything to fix the problem: blame others.

04.05.2015 13:30:31

@GSawision @clara_salina @cleanseafuels @robinsnewswire What's wrong with textile bags?

04.05.2015 13:29:07

@GSawision @clara_salina @cleanseafuels @robinsnewswire Quit using plastic products, they are all equally bad & oil- and gas-based products.

04.05.2015 13:27:35

#sinivalkoinenjalanjälki on pikimusta. Vältä suomalaista kuin ruttoa.

04.05.2015 13:26:42

@clara_salina @GSawision @cleanseafuels @robinsnewswire Worry about yourself and be an example to others, that's the best thing you can do.

04.05.2015 13:24:56

@clara_salina @GSawision @cleanseafuels @robinsnewswire We can all do the decision personally in our own lives. Laws are nonsense.

04.05.2015 13:11:05

Presence is a present while future and past are a curse disconnecting us from from the presence. Which one you choose, presence or absence?

04.05.2015 11:18:33

@Greenpeace Unfortunately people don't have any power in democrazies so they have no say. #VotingIsSelfDeception

04.05.2015 10:57:43

@savethearctic @Greenpeace We should quit buying products that require oil or gas to stop their madness. #ConsumingKillsOurPlanet #degrowth

04.05.2015 09:48:17

@clara_salina @cleanseafuels It's possible if we stop fooling ourselves with recycling and other distractions. Tech's problem, not solution.

04.05.2015 09:40:40

@clara_salina @cleanseafuels Read the abstract, no worries. We believe to #degrowth as strongly as you believe in tech. Should quit plastic.

04.05.2015 09:35:30

@clara_salina @cleanseafuels

04.05.2015 09:34:19

@clara_salina @cleanseafuels Don't think technology/development can solve this issue as it has created it. Future tech is killing us today.

04.05.2015 08:59:59

@cleanseafuels Thanks, but don't want to promote recycling and consumerism.. Only #degrowth is sustainable and ecological; consuming less.

04.05.2015 08:56:39

@GreenpeaceEAsia @Greenpeace Otherwise OK, but promoting recycling is bad. Most plastic is recycled by burning. #scam

04.05.2015 08:46:03

@GreenpeaceEAsia @Greenpeace "We couldn't find your page (404)"

04.05.2015 07:43:58

Time to quit visiting #Indonesia once and for all. They #murder not criminally responsible people & lie about #free #visa #support #boycott

04.05.2015 05:55:17

@FreePublicTrans It's sad that they are still obsessed to drive cars everywhere in the States, so they gotta to keep killing people for oil.

03.05.2015 13:10:08

@FreePublicTrans @Lydia_Hills @TheGreenParty Yes, there is emergency: wars caused by oil and pollution caused by using and making cars.

03.05.2015 12:49:04

#Ukraine is a bit like #Afghanistan was. Use the analogy to figure out what's happening in Ukraine right now and what will be coming.

03.05.2015 10:45:31

@Lydia_Hills @FreePublicTrans @TheGreenParty Why limit it to 18? If we want to save what is left of Earth, cars must go. #StopAutoSprawl

03.05.2015 08:37:04

RT @wikileaks: Mel Gibson's Braveheart2 to give Scottish independence a boost #indyref #…

03.05.2015 07:44:12

@arikemppinen Kymmenen vuotta ilman eikä käy kateeksi :)

03.05.2015 07:43:33

There is often #MSG and #salt hidden in #spices. If you don't like to eat them, check the ingredients carefully. #spice

03.05.2015 04:03:05

#Finland managed to get the @Newsweek article regarding the mobilisation of the Finnish army #censored. It's good to be a lapdog of #USA.

03.05.2015 03:41:50

RT @FreePublicTrans: Western powers kill millions to plunder world resources, then #IslamicState fights back, and they say "how brutal!"

02.05.2015 11:44:06

@JSarsila Tämä taisi mennä poskelleen?

02.05.2015 10:13:17

@AnonyOps @FearDept @BaltimorePolice Free press is a persistent myth.

02.05.2015 03:24:40

#Finland is preparing army mobilisation. Some military, political & media leaders want #Karelia back from #Russia, no matter what the cost.

02.05.2015 03:09:29

@zaidbenjamin @FreePublicTrans Thank god it's only humanitarian bombing, otherwise it could looks like yet another #genocide by the #US.

02.05.2015 02:30:56

If it's a woman, it's female peace activist. Otherwise just a peace activist, not male peace activist. Has peace  become sexists?

01.05.2015 16:37:03

@Greenpeace Using cars is equally irresponsible. #FreePublicTransporation

01.05.2015 13:39:58

@Greenpeace Climate change is driven by profiting. #degrowth

01.05.2015 13:14:33

By all means, buy all mean's.

01.05.2015 10:18:40

@LBBofHotels @indtravel @balitravellers @BaliTravelGuide No, it was a scam:

01.05.2015 10:18:08

@meta_guide_id No, it was a scam:

30.04.2015 14:24:53

Hi @rob_keyes, read you story re free-to-win. Don't fully agree:

Care to comment? #WorldOfTanks #PayToWin

30.04.2015 08:12:17

@worldoftanks_ru How to remove/disable premium account?

30.04.2015 04:44:01

#Pollution and #ClimateChange are good things. They help to solve overpolution problem. Wish they would harm animals, too, only humans.

30.04.2015 04:29:24

@PCoelhoNews That is just a scam, please do not spread their lies:

30.04.2015 04:27:14

@renny_kd It's a typical scam: they have and eat the cake. The false announcement brings more tourists to #Indonesia plus income from visas.

29.04.2015 07:26:10

@FearDept Poor OZis lack the death penalty so this way they can easily execute their people. #Innovative

29.04.2015 07:25:17

RT @FearDept: Australia police told Indonesia to arrest their citizen (where the penalty for drugs is death).


29.04.2015 03:41:10

Tällä kertaa ei Mainilan laukauksia vaan venäläinen sukellusvene. Tsuhnia ei voi syyttää mielikuvituksen puutteesta.

29.04.2015 01:43:20

#Swedish paranoia has spread to #Finland. They are seeing and attacking #submarines #Russian everywhere and media is pushing #mobilisation.

28.04.2015 12:21:23

#Indonesia is too busy murdering lawbreakers to implement their lawbreaking visa-free promise that has turned into a lie. #TwoFaced #support

28.04.2015 12:16:18

Suomen vuoro munata itsensä Ruotsin tavoin fantasia-sukellusveneillä. Vai hyökkäsikö Venäjä niin että #NATO tuo vihdoin #Karjala:n takaisin?

28.04.2015 08:24:10

@TerraFuocoCielo @SumAll Check this:

28.04.2015 04:49:44

@DTNIndonesia Unfortunately that Indonesia Free Visa was a mere government scam and a lie: #support

28.04.2015 04:46:24

@peace_of_green No:


What was that link you posted, could not find anything relevant from there.

28.04.2015 03:56:39

Puolustuskyvyttömän venäläismummon murhanneesta @kokoomus-pomosta tuli "Laajasalon murhasta syytetty". #Russofobiaa #Kaunistelua #Salailua

27.04.2015 23:30:17

@TerraFuocoCielo @sumall is apparently still hijacking your account to spread their malware.

27.04.2015 15:49:30

Truth is in the eye of the beholder. What is your truth? Where did you got it? Why? #truth

27.04.2015 13:47:16

#Karjala takaisin vaikka höpöhöpöjuttu kerrallaan.

27.04.2015 11:35:23

Tsuhnat ovat tsuhnia vaikka voissa paistaisi.

27.04.2015 11:12:26

@Energydesk @Greenpeace Can't wait to experience all the pollution it will cause. The only sustainable and ecological way is #degrowth now.

27.04.2015 09:57:37

Itsenäisyys ja vapaus ovat järjettömiä tekosyitä ihmisten tappamiselle maapalan tai öljyn takia. Sodan ihannointi on sairasta. #veteraanit

27.04.2015 02:05:41

RT @wikileaks: Borgstrom, the Swedish politician-lawyer who led the charge against #Assange, has been photo-shopped out of his firm http://…

27.04.2015 00:32:22

#Australia knowing that refugees are not human beings and should be murder at the sea, is advising #Europe how to deal with #refugees.

27.04.2015 00:22:19

Disagree with the official lies of the Finnish government and you are a Russian troll and an enemy of the state. #Pathetic #Finland

27.04.2015 00:14:00

@TuijaPehkonen Ei mekään olla annettu viinaa tai rahaa, mutta banaaneja ja omenoita kyllä ja aina eivät ole olleet ihan mieleisiä.

26.04.2015 15:24:23

Yes, #ArmenianGenocide was horrible, but so is #SyriaGenocide, #IraqGenocide,  #AfghanistanGenocide, #VietnamGenocide, #LibyaGenocide, etc.

26.04.2015 13:24:06

@TuijaPehkonen Tässä toinen Ranskasta

26.04.2015 12:56:30

@TuijaPehkonen Eikö rehellisyydestä pitäisi palkita?

26.04.2015 10:19:17

RT @deivudesu: Was wondering why #NepalEarthquake was getting such coverage… then realised Everest avalanche meant white people also died

26.04.2015 08:11:35

@johanbek Suomen lehdistössä kadehditaan USA:n ja Viron sähköistä äänestystä. Se helpottaisi äänestystuloksen automaattista peukalointia.

26.04.2015 04:37:52

RT @FreePublicTrans: US worried about Kirkuk oil, but fighting #IslamicState from air like shooting ants with deer rifle. Why not just make…

26.04.2015 03:16:10

@news_briefly That is not going to happen.It's just a scam:

26.04.2015 03:10:11

#USA should not have assassinated #HugoChavez. They destabilised the region making things much worse for everyone. #StupidMove #Idiots

26.04.2015 02:57:35

#Karjala takaisin vaikka ydinsodalla. #Nato #Suomi #revanssi #NatsiperinneElää

25.04.2015 15:47:03

@JavaBaliTrips It would be better if you tell it's wrong info. Right now there are many people planning to travel because of visa-free.

25.04.2015 14:45:34

@JavaBaliTrips Well, that is the old news that was not true.

25.04.2015 11:42:54

Vapaana elämisen taito #kirja #elämäntaito #päivikannisto #santerikannisto

25.04.2015 07:19:28

Kokonainen sukupolvi samasta paikasta kotoisin olevia uskoo, että ihmishenkiä voi mitata maapalalla ja sota & Nato on hieno homma. #Sairasta

25.04.2015 06:59:49

@johanbek #Karjala on pian valloitettu takaisin, #Venäjä liitetty #Suur-#Suomeen ja #karjalaiset pääsevät palaaman #kotiin laulumailleen.

25.04.2015 02:45:11

@FearDept Do you happen to know if @billclinton stuck his cigars into @HillaryClinton as well, or only into @MonicaLewinsky? #Important

25.04.2015 00:05:11

As long as wars are fueling the US economy, peace is not easy to attain.

24.04.2015 16:41:36

@froomkin @FearDept Once a murderer, always a murderer.

24.04.2015 13:27:54

#IT on lyhenne sanasta #ITku.

24.04.2015 12:41:10

@GreenpeaceEU @Greenpeace Not so bad news. Those who consume GMO shit will give up their lives to ease overpopulation. #GMOyumYum

24.04.2015 12:25:56

@nukereaction @Greenpeace So they absorb radiation using children just like in #Finland after #Chernobyl nuclear.accident.

24.04.2015 08:24:10

@kimmojh Ei kestä välttämättä kovinkaan kauaa ennen kuin Washington vaalirahoittaa kokoomuksen ja rkp:n lisäksi myös kepun nato-rintamaan.

24.04.2015 08:10:08

@kimmojh Ja sitten taas itketään muita apuun talvisodan hengessä, kun on saatu kaivettua verta nenästä... #SuurSuomiElää #KarjalaTakaisin

24.04.2015 04:46:40

@rixstepnews @wikileaks @TheOliverStone What an infantile ad hominem, have a great day!

24.04.2015 03:19:13

@AppelsinUlla Sotaa, pelkoa ja "isänmaallista" äänestämistä lietsova Nato-Suomesi hävisi ja äänen itsellään pitäneet voittivat #vaalit2015.

24.04.2015 03:03:41

How to Win more in the World of Tanks? #WorldOfTanks #Freemium #WinMore #PayToWin #HowTo

24.04.2015 02:02:22

RT @wikileaks: Sony CEO had his WikiPedia page edited to praise his "leadership"

24.04.2015 01:54:47

#BarackObama is the #KimJongUn of the western world: wondrous, mysterious, unpredictable, aggressive, dangerous, and he has nuclear weapons.

24.04.2015 01:41:01

@wikileaks @TheOliverStone What an awesome way to prove to the masses how El Negrito is so superior in every way compared to puny Mr. Putin.

24.04.2015 01:28:47

@JavaBaliTrips Any luck checking that?

23.04.2015 10:43:23

@Greenpeace XP is probably more secure that the other newer @Microsoft poroducts, actually none of them are secure.

23.04.2015 09:32:03

@greenpeaceusa @Greenpeace Already in 2030, seriously that early? Why not year 2388328328 or a bit later? #EarthIsDyingRightNow

23.04.2015 09:25:50

@PeterLoh Because if announcing visa-free to start April 1st was not fool, then  it must have been scam. It didn't happen, it was a lie.

23.04.2015 08:46:45

@GuardianGDP @Greenpeace @greenpeaceindia Sounds typical for the worlds biggest mockery of a democrazy.

23.04.2015 07:40:39

@estemdevacances @Kaldorana Sólo mentiras

23.04.2015 07:19:43

@SuomenPoliisi Pelottelitte ihmiset sakon uhalla räntäsateeseen kesärenkailla saadaksenne kolareita selvitettäviksi. #PoliisiTyöllistää

23.04.2015 07:16:57

@PeterLoh We read this story and there was no indications that it was just an April fool...

23.04.2015 06:57:56

Vapaana elämisen taito #blogi #arvio #atenakustannus

23.04.2015 04:15:35

@mikko Somewhat mixed marketing message which you might want to re-consider.

23.04.2015 03:01:32

Promoted tweet #spam

22.04.2015 13:10:34

@SVuolteenaho @miiakrause @ylepuhe Olisi ikävää olla vastuussa omalla lapsella narkolepsian puhkeamisesta. Ei tulisi mieleenkään rokotuttaa.

22.04.2015 10:53:27

@johanbek @iltasanomat Ei auttanut venäläisten mummojen murhailu   vaalimenestykseen.

22.04.2015 05:53:29

#Finland is financing the US agressions in Afghanistan, Jemen and Libya with 900,000€. #HumanitarianBombing #PeaceKilling #HumanitarianAid

22.04.2015 05:43:12

@UUTISET247 Eduskunta ajattelee? Aika hurja väite erityisesti lähihistorian valossa.

22.04.2015 05:17:51

Crossing the Darién Gap #DarienGap #Panama #Colombia #JungleTrekking #Film #Documentary

22.04.2015 04:56:13

@VieBlackSwan Actually that is just a scam, please do not spread their lies:

22.04.2015 03:23:05

RT @FearDept: Our info partner Google disabled all adverting on @Antiwarcom b/c their site shows our Abu Ghraib abuses.…

22.04.2015 02:25:58

Perustuslaittoman Suomen ihmisoikeudettomuus saastuttaa yhä enemmän Euroopan ihmisoikeustuomioistuinta. #PaulineKoskelo #KotiinpäinVetoa

21.04.2015 12:17:55

@BackpackerStuff That does not change anything because the whole list is a mere scam:

21.04.2015 12:16:06

@renny_kd Unfortunately that was a load of bullshit:

21.04.2015 12:15:46

@indosurflife Unfortunately that was a load of bullshit:

21.04.2015 12:14:12

@philtourist101 Unfortunately that is a load of bullshit:

21.04.2015 08:54:44

Kyllä Venäjän täytyy olla aivan hirvittävän kammottavan pelottava kun Sofikin niin kovasti sitä pelkää.

21.04.2015 05:13:56

Vaalikarjan muisti on hyvä mutta lyhyt. #vaalit2015 #EnÄänestä

21.04.2015 01:27:15

It would be horrible to discover that Mr. god does not let you into heaven because your penis was not mutilated. #CircumcisionIsInsane

20.04.2015 07:18:38

@FearDept Yeah, you paid to wrong politicians this time.

20.04.2015 05:33:50

Traditional Indonesian Dance via @YouTube

20.04.2015 03:50:13

@uusisuomi Oletteko uusineet webbisivuston ulkoasun?

20.04.2015 03:23:01

Äänensäpitävät olivat ylivoimaisesti suosituin 30% äänivyöryllä. Toiseksi tullut keskusta sai vaivaiset 21% ja kolmas persut 18% äänistä.

20.04.2015 03:00:00

Visiting Friends in Jakarta, Indonesia #TraditionalIndonesianDancing #Photos #NorthJakarta #TravelBlog #Video

19.04.2015 20:49:37

Uudet iilimadot on valittu kansan verta kuppaamaan.

19.04.2015 16:13:01

@GoDaddy Stop spamming renewal notices. Sending many 3 months before renewal is desperate. You will just force me to change registrar. OK?

19.04.2015 15:08:38

Stopping #mutilating #Muslim, #Jewish and the #US #penises would free medical resources for less insane usage. Learn to #wash your #willies!

19.04.2015 14:43:31

RT @wikileaks: WikiLeaks Sony leaks show that the US copyright lobby is now the leading force for internet censorship, world wide https://t…

19.04.2015 11:16:58

RT @FreePublicTrans: No better way to destroy the biosphere than to subsidize people driving their SUV to the hamburger window. #Autosprawl

19.04.2015 11:06:39

@FreePublicTrans Are there any right reasons for having children in an overpopulated, dying planet?

19.04.2015 02:24:19

#vaalit2015 #EnÄänestä

19.04.2015 02:16:38

@wikileaks @RoyaltyExpert Broken link, please fix.

19.04.2015 00:03:37

@kalyanky That list is just a scam and those promises were lies:

17.04.2015 23:57:06

@CoupleCastaway Frankly after being earlier in Indonesia and learning their immigration we didn't expect them to honour their visa-free law.

17.04.2015 23:54:57

@novitaparrish @misssendy @jokowi_do2 Yes, there is no visa-free entry to Indonesia. That was a government scam.

17.04.2015 09:43:02


17.04.2015 06:43:27

Äänet pois tyhmiltä #vaalit2015

17.04.2015 04:05:12

RT @FearDept: CIA John Brennan confirms our "War on Terror" is a continuation of the Crusades.

17.04.2015 02:09:06

RT @FearDept: Every airstrike is a new order from Riyadh for replacements. > Saudi-Yemen Conflict to Boost Defense Sector…

17.04.2015 01:29:35

@JoakiMonserrate Unfortunately that is just a scam:

17.04.2015 01:27:07

@AFUJIINIKKEI Unfortunately that is just a scam:

17.04.2015 01:26:33

@greenhubsg Unfortunately that is just a scam:

16.04.2015 08:11:38

@misssendy @jokowi_do2 No worries, we just have to make sure that other travellers know there is no visa-free entry to fix this.

16.04.2015 04:59:11

@novitaparrish That's what we though, too, when we bought flights to Indonesia in March,

16.04.2015 04:58:11

@novitaparrish Looks like bullshit: a law that is not a law. There is no use to wipe ass after shit is already in the pants.

16.04.2015 03:27:06

@alexstubb, was it really Apple that destroyed #Finland,or you?

16.04.2015 02:20:14

@eR_Bim We travelled with Finnish passport after April 1st and should have had visa-free entry, but we had to pay 35 USD for VOA.

16.04.2015 02:16:03

Sunnuntaina on aika vaikuttaa pitämällä oma ääni itsellään ja sen jälkeen käyttämällä itse aktiivisesti omaa ääntään. #vaalit2015

16.04.2015 01:01:33

@novitaparrish April 14th with Finnish passports. Should not have been any problems.

16.04.2015 00:59:40

@OPPToday They already lied once, so we are pretty sure it will never happen. They just hope the truth will come out as slowly as possible.

15.04.2015 19:00:20

@lelycabe Yes we are, we have Finland passports.

15.04.2015 18:59:30

@novitaparrish @thejakartaglobe Yes,they forced us to pay even after we protested.

15.04.2015 18:58:34

@novitaparrish Finland.

15.04.2015 18:58:25

@novitaparrish April 14th.

15.04.2015 11:57:25

@photo_journ @AsianTrailsLtd Yes, we need to get this scam out in the public. There are a lot more angry travellers every day trusting them.

15.04.2015 11:55:34

@tmount @canadiankms Yeah, we need to voice the concern. Right now internet is bloated with Indonesian misinformation and many get scammed.

15.04.2015 11:54:29

@chanesteiner We though so until we entered Indonesia yesterday. A lot of angry people there and only misinformation in the Internet.

15.04.2015 11:36:46

@lelycabe Would have been nice, but it's just a scam:

15.04.2015 11:36:29

@AbishurPrakash Would have been nice, but it's just a scam:

15.04.2015 11:36:20

@obedkusman Would have been nice, but it's just a scam:

15.04.2015 11:36:06

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15.04.2015 11:35:55

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15.04.2015 11:35:21

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15.04.2015 11:35:10

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15.04.2015 11:34:58

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15.04.2015 11:34:47

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15.04.2015 11:34:36

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15.04.2015 11:34:26

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15.04.2015 11:34:15

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15.04.2015 11:34:09

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15.04.2015 11:34:01

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15.04.2015 11:33:53

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15.04.2015 11:33:38

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15.04.2015 11:33:30

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15.04.2015 11:33:17

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15.04.2015 11:33:12

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15.04.2015 11:32:59

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15.04.2015 11:32:51

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15.04.2015 11:32:36

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15.04.2015 11:32:17

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15.04.2015 11:32:08

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15.04.2015 11:31:58

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15.04.2015 11:31:50

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15.04.2015 11:31:16

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15.04.2015 11:31:02

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15.04.2015 11:30:38

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15.04.2015 11:30:30

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15.04.2015 11:30:21

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15.04.2015 11:30:08

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15.04.2015 11:30:00

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15.04.2015 11:29:50

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15.04.2015 11:28:47

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15.04.2015 11:28:13

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15.04.2015 11:27:59

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15.04.2015 11:27:45

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15.04.2015 11:18:11

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15.04.2015 11:17:52

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15.04.2015 11:16:53

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15.04.2015 11:16:42

@RokokDjarum @BloombergTV Would have been nice, but it's just a scam:

15.04.2015 02:01:19

Indonesia Visa Free Entry Cost 35 Dollars #Indonesia #VisaFree #Scam

13.04.2015 12:16:47

@Palmulehto Niin luulisi.

13.04.2015 11:30:15

@TerraFuocoCielo Your twitter is still being misused by those @sumall spammers. #malware

13.04.2015 09:49:18

Viikon vitsi by #carlhaglund: Suomella uskottava puolustus. Se ei ole koskaan ollut eikä tule sitä ikinä olemaan. #realiteetti

13.04.2015 08:09:20

RT @adamjohnsonNYC: An organized, mass effort to boycott the 2016 election until elections are 100% publicly funded wld scare the shit out …

13.04.2015 07:18:02

@ChrisBrosnahan @jyrkikasvi And if you register and vote, what is the reason then when it doesn't achieve anything? #KeepYourVoteForYourself

13.04.2015 06:59:53

Game of Thrones season 5 episodes 1-3 are freely available to all bittorrent users #GameOfThronesSeason5

13.04.2015 06:17:58

@Palmulehto EK:n ulkopuoliset eivät päätä Ylen saamista rahoista,

13.04.2015 04:40:54

#FInland is doing its best to provoke #Russia to please #Nato and #USA. And they are succeeding. #Idiots

13.04.2015 04:19:12

All #research is biased and the most biased are the ones pretending to be least biased. #AllResearchIsBiased

13.04.2015 03:57:54

Research bias is not caused by the scientists performing the research influencing the results, but those who finance it. #FundingForResults

13.04.2015 01:57:37

RT @FearDept: If you see someone criticize #Hillary2016, report the ISIS member to Twitter. @RiosJose559 #seesay

12.04.2015 10:58:09

RT @fransmayra: Average journal article read by only 10 people, "popular" contributions considered as waste of time. #…

12.04.2015 08:58:10

@brianfit @Greenpeace Actually it's the total opposite: nothing undermines the authority so much as totally disregarding it.

12.04.2015 08:10:28

What's happening?

12.04.2015 05:58:03

@neilstrauss @WheresP I am still unlearning.

12.04.2015 02:55:08

#Russia annihilating warmongering #Nato #Finland has upside. That will stop Finland sending mercenaries to #Afghanistan helping in genocide.

12.04.2015 02:12:54

RT @onekade: FBI's been creating a lot of terrorists lately. The prosecutions are reaching a fever pitch. I wonder if DC has asked for more…

12.04.2015 01:34:43

@Puolustusvoimat Teitä kiinnostaa sodanlietsonta ja Nato, minua ei. Jos yritätte pakottaa mukaan, autan vihollisianne. #EnOleKäytettävissä

11.04.2015 13:56:35

RT @Nutsflipped_z_1: No alqaeda or ISIS in #Iraq before US invasion

No Alqaeda or ISIS in #Syria before "revolution"

11.04.2015 11:16:49

@FearDept Drugs have been an excellent pretext for meddling in and messing up the whole Central America. This might work in #Ukraine, too?

11.04.2015 08:36:15

@johanbek @iltasanomat Isompi haaste lienee, mistä löytyy vielä ryvettymättömiä Nato-haukkoja lietsomaan sotaa ja pelkoa. #KarjalanPalautus

11.04.2015 07:08:11

@_Kytis Se on niin helppo uskoa kaikkea roskaa mitä Sodoma ja kumppanit suoltavat, kun ei ole itse nähnyt ja omin korvin kuullut mitään.

11.04.2015 03:28:32

RT @FearDept: Speaking in Jamaica (our last coup attempt: '76) en route to Panama (invaded: '89) Obama told China not to be a bully http://…

11.04.2015 03:06:00

@_Kytis Niinpä. Samaan tarinaan törmää kaikkialla maailmassa: Vietnam, Nicaragua, Honduras, Panama, Kolumbia, Irak, Afganistan, Syyria, ...

11.04.2015 02:06:17

Pakotteet romauttivat talouden ja Naton kosiskelu turvallisuuden. Tilanne korjataan ottamalla lisää velkaa, joka käytetään aseiden ostoon.

10.04.2015 03:53:03

@_Kytis @BarackObama @chavezcandanga Yeah, all Obama warmongering, killing and assassinations appear to be motivated by oil+gas. #AutoSprawl

10.04.2015 02:37:58

How long before #BarackObama assassinates #RaulCastro just like @chavezcandanga ? #Cuba #USA #Venezuela

09.04.2015 15:36:22

@Palmulehto Tai sitten ihan puhtaita vaalivaleita. Ei niistä kukaan vaalien jälkeen enää välitä.

09.04.2015 13:04:47

@Paradiseguide That's ironic: world's #1 warmonger visiting one of the most well known peace activists.

09.04.2015 12:32:37

@wikileaks It is way cheaper to down competitors' airplanes. #QZ8501 #MH17 #MH370

09.04.2015 11:35:30

@HarriMoisio Palkka vai paikka :)

09.04.2015 11:13:42

@k4rv1n3n @nikojokinen @h_ingo @Piraatit Hyvä homma, tsemppiä!

09.04.2015 09:32:17

@nikojokinen @h_ingo @Piraatit @Piraattipuolue Ovatko piraatit näissä vaaleissa vaaliliitossa isänmaanystävien kanssa?

08.04.2015 15:34:19

@Greenpeace Eating honey is somewhat understandable although wrong, but eating bees...

08.04.2015 14:56:54

RT @johanbek: Ylen trollikampanja todistettu valheeksi #turpo

08.04.2015 12:07:56

@ylepuhe @miiakrause Jättäytyä pois vaaleista ja olla äänestämättä.

08.04.2015 11:00:18

Tänään kansa on fiksua ja sitä ollaan kuuntelevinaan. Parin viikon päästä palataan normaaliin naureskelemaan tyhmille kansalaisaloitteille.

08.04.2015 05:04:10

@softmodeling @mikko Or it is now what it should have always been?

07.04.2015 14:27:05

#MadeInChina used to be a bad sign for the #quality of #products but nowadays it's also bad for the #environment in #China and our #planet.

07.04.2015 12:11:37

@paivisanteri Ping @SeaWorld

07.04.2015 12:08:17

All animals should start immediately killing people as much as they can, or people will soon distinct them. #SpreadTheWord #SaveThePlanet

07.04.2015 08:16:48

How to Win more in the World of Tanks? #WorldofTanks #PayToWin @worldoftanks_ru

07.04.2015 05:06:42

@isosavi And it's understandable that the police is trying to justify their actions by blaming them "drunkards" or "violent" or whatever.

07.04.2015 05:04:36

@isosavi What's the right term for the police taking forcefully in custody and locking up to a jail? Related Finnish words are all wordplay.

07.04.2015 04:52:21

@isosavi >

07.04.2015 03:05:00

There is no #DeathPenalty in #Finland, but arrested people keep dying mysteriously in the hands of the Finnish police. #Executioners

07.04.2015 02:59:06

RT @ppinternational: Bust of Edward Snowden sneaked into Brooklyn park; officials remove it shortly after arrival: h…

07.04.2015 02:57:30

Taas @SuomenPoliisi tappoi vangitsemansa putkassa. Korkea aika laillistaa kuolemantuomiot ja poliisin tuomio- ja lainsäädäntövalta.#pyövelit

06.04.2015 10:52:49

@TerraFuocoCielo Looks like that @sumall malware is still misusing your twitter account for spamming and spreading.

06.04.2015 07:59:53

RT @FreePublicTrans: Supporting #Autosprawl costs a lot of taxpayer money, for example, the millions spent denying that the war on terror i…

06.04.2015 07:27:16

@johanbek Suomen presidentti #SauliNiinistö ei sitten uskaltanut vastustaa Yhdysvaltain tahtoa. Aika säälittävää. #NukkePresidentti

06.04.2015 04:58:15

There is no justification to a war or killing anything, just bad excuses.

06.04.2015 03:11:18

@Pontifex gives his support to the war on Islam in his Easter speech. #21stCenturyCrusade

06.04.2015 02:13:42

Putin might be an idiot and oppressing gays is imbecile, but that does not justify the US warmongering and offence alliance Nato spreading.

05.04.2015 02:05:38

Helsingissä sijaitseva Yhdysvaltojen Nato-trollitehdas?

04.04.2015 17:10:03

Global Nomads #GlobalNomads #TheTruth

04.04.2015 11:00:20

@USNATO @FearDept Excellent! Maybe some humanitarian bombing in the area as well? And peace killings? Hope Russia gets provoked.

04.04.2015 09:53:13

Thank god that Easter exists only in Christian countries.

03.04.2015 17:07:06

@AdsLife84 @Greenpeace Have cruised across the Atlantic a few times and didn't see any plastic there. Where was it?

03.04.2015 13:59:34

Give money to church #ThingsJesusNeverSaid

03.04.2015 13:33:23

@Greenpeace Are you implying that democracy has been something more than a fancy word in a celebratory speech or a reason for declaring war?

03.04.2015 08:01:22

@Calle_Haglund Ja silloinko Venäjä ei tulisi Suomeen, jos Suomi olisi osa Natoa provosoimassa Venäjää hyökkäykseen? Kuulostaa sekopäiseltä.

03.04.2015 05:24:13

A preemptive #Russian nuclear strike in #Baltic might stop the #US/#NATO World oppression plans&warmongering in #Ukraine. Do you want that?

03.04.2015 04:05:21

@FreePublicTrans It is called humanitarian bombing, no bombing. And those with wrong opinions are anti-social while social media is social.

03.04.2015 03:39:34

@jyrkikasvi Tuore minttu on erinomainen tabbouleh & couscous mauste ilman murhattuja lampaan raatojakin. Pääsiäinen on kuin Eid al-Adha.

02.04.2015 14:28:36

RT @AnonQC: American police killed more people in March (111) than the entire UK police have killed since 1900

02.04.2015 03:02:48

RT @adamjohnsonNYC: U.S. to begin training Ukrainian Neo-Nazis on Hitler's birthday. Seriously.…

02.04.2015 02:12:06

Finnish PM @alexstubb is doing his best to help #USA to provoke #Russia by meeting Russian rebel #Khodorkovsky. Why not #Snowden? #puppet

02.04.2015 01:19:40

RT @FearDept: To discourage viewing, we've had Google put "content warnings" on videos of Ukranian Nazis. #Ukraine

01.04.2015 08:54:41

Free Porn From Malaysian Security Surveillance Cameras

01.04.2015 04:38:45

Did #Indonesia scam tourists with their visa free entry starting from the April 1st?

31.03.2015 14:48:13

@arinassi Vähän piti etukenottaa, että ehtii ajoissa nukkumaan ja saa kaverit ausseissa höynäytettyä heti aamusta :)

31.03.2015 14:33:39

Free Porn From Malaysian Security Surveillance Cameras

31.03.2015 07:25:59

@mikko .CancerResearch ?

30.03.2015 23:41:48

Laws are not there to protect you or grant you any rights, but to protect the society against you and deprive you of your rights.#FreedomNow

30.03.2015 12:50:24

@evemantu @gmail Quite often, but now it seems to work at least here.

30.03.2015 12:24:48

@TerraFuocoCielo Mauro, that @sumall thing is malware and it has hijacked your twitter account for spamming and spreading. Please remove it.

30.03.2015 05:53:44

What is the point for excluding one single species when eating the flesh of sentient beings?

30.03.2015 03:44:27

To widen a gap, promote differences. To create equality, celebrate similarities.

29.03.2015 16:53:13

Oikeusvaltioina itseään pitävät maat ovat pahimpia roistovaltioita.

29.03.2015 14:00:37

Why the Western media is so vigorously badmouthing #NorthKorea? Perhaps because they have no influence there to promote the US agenda.

28.03.2015 11:55:05

@WWF @Greenpeace No thanks. Been having that for years every day every hour and works better that way. #NoThanksEarthHour #BetterEarthLife

28.03.2015 10:02:49

This is so wrong. We were about to go to swim when a thunderstorm broke. Damn you, Thor.

28.03.2015 03:36:42

Work is slavery-

28.03.2015 02:59:13

RT @lauraroslin7: Who we bombin' today? Another day, another bomb. Follow the US' @FearDept to get the latest fear alerts…

27.03.2015 09:52:38

@FreePublicTrans @FreePubTransit Are you changing account?

26.03.2015 22:39:06

OK; so it was #USA who #downed the flight #4U9525 and their insane post 9/11 regulations. When will they admit 9/11 was their inside job?

26.03.2015 13:32:21

@mikko I remember that sometimes it crashed even quicker.

26.03.2015 10:34:14

There is no way for anyone to ridicule a country as countries do it by themselves. The whole concept of a country is ridiculous. #borderless

26.03.2015 10:14:48

@BiancaJagger @Greenpeace Money is the biggest enemy of the Earth. Get rid of money and the planet is saved.

26.03.2015 04:34:09

Finnish nationalists and militants want to get #Karelia back so badly that they are willing to start a nuclear holocaust. #Finland #Nazis

26.03.2015 02:31:40

Justice is nothing but revengeful arbitrariness administered by delusional lunatics, judges, pretending to be equal and independent.

26.03.2015 02:15:30

Documentary film: Crossing the Darién Gap (2013)

25.03.2015 12:06:51

#Karjala takaisin vaikka ydinsodalla.

25.03.2015 10:52:50

@mikko Does not matter without a home. And it gets even better without phone. Good privacy.

25.03.2015 10:12:02

RT @FreePublicTrans: Renewable energy does nothing to stop #sprawl. It literally throws fuel on the fire. First, end the private auto. No, …

25.03.2015 09:41:20

@Greenpeace Isn't that very positive?

25.03.2015 05:55:47

@arinassi Suomessa virat ovat yhtä pyhiä kuin Kreikassa eikä niitä pysty mikään poliittinen.elin leikkaamaan. #loiset

25.03.2015 02:37:00

Online presence is destroying presence which is the only true present in life.

24.03.2015 14:47:28

Vaalit: ehdokkaat kusettavat äänestäjiä vaalivaleilla äänestämään ja äänestäjät kusettavat itseään vaikuttamisella. Lykkyä tykö #vaalit2015

24.03.2015 13:44:43

@Greenpeace They decide, and not only that but much more, as long as we keep buying their products enabling polluting.

24.03.2015 12:01:51

Must have been yet another BUK missile, at least if you ask #USA and their lackeys. #Germanwings

24.03.2015 04:32:35

A day without #rice is like a day without rice.

24.03.2015 02:27:03

#Malaysian #economy is ailing thanks to falling oil price and airplanes. #GST introduced in the beginning of April is yet another huge blow.

23.03.2015 15:48:18

@jyrkikasvi Mäkkitausta voi olla selittävä tekijä. Vasta viime vuosina puuceesofta on tullut käyttökelposemmaksi graffa-ammattikäyttössä.

23.03.2015 14:04:07

@Greenpeace It is hydro power, not polluting solar power or wind turbines.

23.03.2015 12:34:37

@jyrkikasvi Pitää mainostoimistot ja AD:t leivänsyrjässä kiinni. Kokeileppa InDesignia niin Photoshop on siihen verrattuna lasten leikkiä.

23.03.2015 11:47:16

@digitalvillages @fransmayra Example:

23.03.2015 11:35:28

@digitalvillages @fransmayra Go to and try selecting apps. Not sure if it is there as we have not approved any apps.

23.03.2015 09:32:48

@digitalvillages @fransmayra Don't give to any third party applications rights to use your SoMe accounts. If you do, they can send spam.

23.03.2015 09:22:07

@jyrkikasvi Mahtaa tulla telkkari mustasukkaiseksi, kun sille ei enää jutella.

23.03.2015 07:19:08

@mikko Ok, muistin väärin.

23.03.2015 06:44:13

@mikko Oliko sulla käytössä sumall:n twitter-statistiikkoja automaagisesti viikoittain suoltava spämmipalvelu? Miten pääsit siitä eroon?

23.03.2015 06:42:13

Upea akkanen, kohta sataa kuin einarin perseestä.

23.03.2015 02:27:49

Money is the biggest single obstacle to equality, dealing with famine, stopping violence and living in peace. #NoMoreMoney

22.03.2015 12:31:15

@digitalvillages Ask @fransmayra, he is having exactly the same problem. Maybe he has found a solution.

22.03.2015 09:56:45

@digitalvillages You might want to get rid of that annoying @sumall malware. They will use your account for spamming even after you quit.

21.03.2015 08:35:28

@jyrkikasvi Onhan sillä työllistävä vaikutus vaikka projektit menevätkin puihin. Tarvitaanko heti ja helposti vai tehdäänkö tietokoneella :)

21.03.2015 05:30:40

RT @AdnanSadiq01: #IraqInvasionAnniversary and they achieved what? Exactly what they set out to

20.03.2015 07:31:51

It would be in everyone's best interest to join #Finland back to #Russia. There would be one less warmongering #Nato-wannabe in the world.

20.03.2015 03:48:05

Many budget hotels promise cold water ("only cold water available") but only a very few actually delivers. It's mostly lukewarm. #TrueLuxury

19.03.2015 13:51:32

@FearDept Excellent idea. They should also make it mandatory to vote Obama. That way the system would be more transparent, too.

18.03.2015 09:47:03

@fransmayra @SumAll Hehe, their software is true malware.

18.03.2015 09:41:47

@fransmayra Looks like @SumAll is not willing to stop spamming your account after all.

17.03.2015 03:39:16

Päivi is calculating with a calculator numbers she is inputting to a spreadsheet... oh well.

16.03.2015 12:23:29

@SomersetBean @wikileaks It's more a war on freedom than war on whistleblowers. USA is a terrorist state and its enemies freedom fighters.

16.03.2015 09:44:50

@Greenpeace Still not fast enough to eradicate humanity before we kill the planet and animals :(

16.03.2015 07:41:29

@jhaklis Ootko keksinyt mitään keinoa, milä valtoimenaan mahan tilalla roikkuvasti tyhjästä nahasta pääsisi eroon?

16.03.2015 05:06:57

Haven't see Obama for years. He must be dead or they finally figured out he is mad and locked him up. Or maybe it's a coup? Really weird.

16.03.2015 04:56:36

@paivisanteri And whose economy is getting better thanks to the suffering of others?

16.03.2015 04:55:06

#Arms trade rose 16%. #USA is the world's biggest arms dealer. Guess who is causing the #instability, provoking #conflicts and waging #wars?

15.03.2015 16:04:19

A Finnish nationalist politician murders an old Russian woman is business as usual, but foreigners raping a Finnish girl is a BIG THING.

15.03.2015 15:23:16

Laws are arbitrary and incite injustice. The only true justice is unconditional forgiveness.

15.03.2015 08:19:59

Economic growth is the future growth potential wasted already today because when you win, someone else must lose. #economy #PyramidScam

15.03.2015 07:54:41

Finnish PM #AlexanderStubb is a great triathlonist and an obedient US puppet pushing #NATO, but as a leader he was a total #failure.

15.03.2015 07:00:59

RT @FearDept: We're concerned about ISIS entering the U.S. by way of 4 Caribbean nations and #Venezuela. Yep http://…

15.03.2015 07:00:40

RT @FreePublicTrans: US spending $5,000 per second to keep #IslamicState away from oil in Kirkuk. Could spend that on #freetransit and save…

14.03.2015 12:04:58

@TomiAstikainen Noista risoista linkeistä puuttuu kaikista href:ssä osoitteen edestä "http://"

14.03.2015 12:01:42

@TomiAstikainen Samoin tällä sivulla oleva linkki arvosteluun on rikki:

14.03.2015 12:00:05

@TomiAstikainen Sun kirjailijaesittelyssä on toimimaton blogilinkki:

14.03.2015 11:58:44

@TomiAstikainen Nyt tuli, oli vaan sika hidas. Latautuminen kesti 2 minuuttia.

14.03.2015 11:58:11

@TomiAstikainen Sivu ei toimi Maleiasta. Toivottavasti sait siihen hyvän sopparin.

14.03.2015 11:50:53

@arikemppinen Ihan loogista. Eihän roskaruuassakaan ole roskaa :)

14.03.2015 09:57:52

@jyrkikasvi Tuskin tuo natsisuomen ajoilta periytynyt ajatus on parissa vuodessa mihinkään muuttunut persujen ja kokkeleiden keskuudessa.

14.03.2015 06:31:52

@h_ingo Have you got seriously Finlandized by the Sodoma News & co?

14.03.2015 05:31:14

@SciencePorn @HarriMoisio To pi or not to pi/to pee or not to pee.

14.03.2015 01:30:19

RT @NatCounterPunch: The United States has overthrown more than 50 foreign governments since 1945.…

13.03.2015 16:30:19

@HarriMoisio Tuskin. Amerikan mantereella ollaan hyvin tietoisia Yhdysvaltojen murhanhimoisesta ulkopolitiikasta. Che Guevara et. al.

13.03.2015 14:17:04

@erashish14 Not really, currently most of the produce and food goes to waste. And population needs to decrease, too. Too many people.

13.03.2015 12:58:47

@erashish14 Degrowth. We must produce less and consume less. In this case less is more. This way we can reach balance.

13.03.2015 12:53:34

@erashish14 And they refuse to even consider #degrowth as an option. We the people are a cancer on earth killing everything including us.

13.03.2015 12:52:45

@erashish14 Because people want to think that doing at least something is better than doing nothing, even if it makes more harm.

13.03.2015 12:47:10

@erashish14 We are rather skeptic about solar power and believe that #degrowth would be much better and sustainable.

13.03.2015 08:35:39

@mikko They seem to be also able block promoted tweets to users who block all promoters and report them as spam. #PromotedTweetsAreSpam

13.03.2015 08:24:11

@guycalledshyam Good advice is bad #GoodAdviceIn4Words

13.03.2015 06:57:02

@tiekery @jyrkikasvi @MikkoVuorikoski Ei ole. Sillä on @SuomenPoliisi:a työllistävä vaikutus:ihmiset anovat ja jonottavat niitä. #turhakkeet

12.03.2015 12:47:50

@Greenpeace Which is worse: oil leaks or toxic exhaustion fumes from cars and plastic trash filling the earth and killing animals?

12.03.2015 04:30:53

@facebook is lying to you. #fakebook

12.03.2015 04:17:59

RT @BenjaminNorton: BREAKING: Someone leaked a copy of the letter the #47Traitors GOP Senators sent to Iran

11.03.2015 15:42:30

FBI linked conman Mark Goeder Tarant behind fake "WikiLeaks Forum" attempts to remove photo #TwitterGoDown

11.03.2015 15:40:13

@wikileaks @twitter Censorship and threats? Next step is obviously removing all criticism regarding other paying customers, not just US gov.

11.03.2015 15:38:38

RT @wikileaks: .@Twitter says they will suspend @WikiLeaks account today unless we remove photo of this German conman/informer: https://t.c…

11.03.2015 14:18:57

@Greenpeace And the best way to reach it is serious #degrowth right now. The less is more when it comes to nature and saving the planet.

11.03.2015 05:14:04

@westernwitness @FreePublicTrans More like "they consider themselves as the nationa of peace makers". There is a big difference.

11.03.2015 03:26:45

Antamatta jätetty ääni on ääni korruptiota, viranomaismielivaltaa ja järjestelmää vastaan. Pidä äänesi ja käytä sitä itse. #vaalit2015

09.03.2015 08:55:35

@SuperSamuli Oliko tämä se typerä cd-maksu? Miten siinä kävi? Me ei käytetä enää fuckbookkia.

08.03.2015 08:16:37

RT @johanbek: Erinomainen todiste siitä, miten Suomi valmistelee nyt sotilaallista aggressiota Venäjää vastaan #turpo #rauhaakiitos http://…

08.03.2015 08:07:37

Celebrating international woman's day promotes inequality. In an equal world there is no need for such discrimination. #HappyWomensDay

08.03.2015 05:29:13

Finnish #elite is again pushing #Finland to join the axis of evil, this time the one lead by the #US and called #Nato. #NaziLegacyLives

08.03.2015 04:31:40

How to read #FinancialNews? Something will/is feared to happen=it has already happened. Do something soon=you should have done it long ago.

08.03.2015 04:20:30

Next #US-#Israel will reveal, that #ISIS, #BokoHaram, #Syria & #Iran are #Putin's minions and part of his evil regime, true "extremists".

08.03.2015 04:13:36

RT @FearDept: Europeans accuse Gen Breedlove, Supreme Allied Commander Europe, of spreading "dangerous propaganda." That's his job! http://…

07.03.2015 13:52:26

@swedense @arikemppinen Isn't it illegal in #Finland?

06.03.2015 23:20:52

#Nato-haukka Torsti Siren tahtoo taas kovasti sotaa. Toisaalta siitähän sotilaille maksetaan siinä missä poliiseille rikollisista. #natofi

06.03.2015 14:37:16

#vaalit2015 tulossa? Eduskuntapuolueet lupailevat kilvan velkauttaa Suomea lisää @sanastoinfo:n huuhaalainauskorvauksilla. #TaiteilijaPalkka

06.03.2015 12:54:27

The US strategy in #Ukraine was success. #Europe and #Russia quarreling is weakening both making the #US stronger and boosting arms sales.

06.03.2015 10:55:00

@arinassi ping @HelMet_kirjasto

06.03.2015 10:52:57

@arinassi Tyollistävä vaikutus voi olla myös toivottu. Se lienee esim. @SuomenPoliisi:n passien voimassaolon puolittamisen syy. #turhakkeet

06.03.2015 09:25:28

@arinassi @twitter Well, freedom is in the eye of the beholder, but at least the captivity can be enjoyed without twitter....

06.03.2015 07:11:46

Time to #quit @twitter? They are starting to sell their spy-cookies to their customers and soon feed will drown in promoted #spam tweets.

04.03.2015 22:51:13

Burning trash is not recycling, it's a scam: #BurningIsNotRecycling #scam #degrowth #StopConsuming

04.03.2015 12:58:51

@Err0r10 @Burthammer @Greenpeace :( Better convince majority to stop shooting themselves in the foot instead of lulling them with recycling.

04.03.2015 12:39:51

@Err0r10 @Burthammer @Greenpeace Would prefer not creating the waste in the beginning, no matter it is recyclable or not. #degrowth

04.03.2015 12:25:21

@fransmayra @SumAll You are not the only one :)

04.03.2015 12:16:12

@Err0r10 @Burthammer @Greenpeace Worshiping technology, progress, and revering growth is exactly what is killing our planet today-right now.

04.03.2015 11:51:59

@Burthammer @Greenpeace

04.03.2015 11:22:39

@Greenpeace And how many of those "recycled" coffee pods do you think are really recycled other than burned into ashes? Recycling is a scam.

04.03.2015 10:17:14

@fransmayra That spammy @SumAll thingy looks pretty much like #malware. Wish there was a way to block their spam once and for all. #spam

04.03.2015 07:59:48

Only idiots #invest in #Finland where the legal system is unable to understand the difference between a loan and a risk investment.#GoodLuck

04.03.2015 07:32:39

@arinassi Käytiin eilen retkellä ja mentiin puiston läpi. Siellä oli taimia joissa oli kylttejä ja numeroita. Tuli mieleen sun projekti.

04.03.2015 03:34:43

@350Suomi @FreePublicTrans @NafeezAhmed Unfortunately it is still way too slow to eradicate the human scum before animals get hurt.

03.03.2015 11:13:55

@tanelitikka The whole concept is flawed. It's promoting violence, inequality and suffering.

03.03.2015 08:38:46

@tanelitikka A simple change of getting rid of money would fix the crises permanently.

28.02.2015 01:23:31

#Vaalit tulossa. Taas oiva mahdollisuus vaikuttaa pitämällä oma ääni itsellään. Antamatta jätetty ääni on ääni koko järjestelmää vastaan.

27.02.2015 23:54:09

If #god was almighty, he would make all his followers filthy #rich donating fortunes to his #church. #money #wealth #indulgence

27.02.2015 23:52:58

@SuomenPoliisi Erinomainen työllistämisidea teiltä tuo passien voimassaolon puolittaminen 5 vuoteen. Lisää virkoja ja jonoja. #turhakkeet

27.02.2015 23:49:18

@Paradiseguide Fine thanks, how are you?

27.02.2015 23:48:50

@Ulkoministerio Hassua, miten suomalaiset sirut ovat niin paljon huonompia kuin esim. Ranskalaisten ja Norjalaisten. Kiitos pointterista!

25.02.2015 03:24:36

Updated the fix: Blogger Dynamic Views Fails to Load Properly #dynamicviews #blogger #load #fails #google

25.02.2015 02:35:12

Visas are an excellent way to unwelcome tourists, and for travellers a reason to avoid countries requiring visas. #visa #tourism #corruption

25.02.2015 01:43:09

@wikileaks Only 100K? Though US murdered way over 500K....

25.02.2015 01:00:04

@Ulkoministerio : Miksi Suomen passien sirut "kestävät" vain viisi vuotta, kun esim. Ranskassa ja Norjassa sirupassit toimivat 10 vuotta?

25.02.2015 00:36:29

担潘福裕 #TamPoonFukYu :)

21.02.2015 04:33:16

Please re-consider tweeting @facebook status update links as we don't use that piece of shit anymore. Thank you. #spam

21.02.2015 01:14:26

Jää persut taas pyyhkimättä, kun jytkystä tulee jötkäle.

14.02.2015 04:48:16

@FearDept @CelebrityLeft Yeah, Saddam was truly evil when he refused to give away his oil not to mention his weapons of mass distraction.

14.02.2015 00:51:45

Anni Lassila väittää @hsfi:ssä, että deflaatiossa lainanotolla voi rikastua. Ei ole Sodomassa tyhmien kusetuksella mitään rajaa. #Pravda

12.02.2015 02:58:01

@timkmak @h_ingo Would work way better with Obama...

12.02.2015 00:36:35

The wet dream of #stevenhawking and #sidmayer is a true horror scenario: #humanscum polluting not only #Earth but also other planets.

07.02.2015 02:42:53

Why peanuts is not spelled peenuts?

06.02.2015 06:15:59

@jhaklis Jos sulla on jotain mitä voi tehdä etänä ja palkatta, niin ilmoittele ihmeessä!

06.02.2015 04:53:42

@jaipurinn Say hi to Pushpendra from us!

06.02.2015 04:34:53

@jaipurinn Nice!

05.02.2015 23:51:15

Body is the heaviest thing what we have to carry in life. Loosing weight makes life lighter.

02.02.2015 02:13:01

Fast is the best feast.

01.02.2015 06:40:40

@arinassi @hsfi Ihmisiä pitää pelotella ulkomailla, jotta pysyvät kuluttamassa kotona valmiina puolustamaan maata pahaa Putinia vastaan?

28.01.2015 03:06:09

@fxnighttrader Isn't it truly horrible when someone does not share your divine truth and dares to challenge it with wrong opinions? #lol

28.01.2015 01:28:15

@fxnighttrader Well, they have had no problems destroying Muslim countries like Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, and Libya and meddling others.

28.01.2015 01:17:37

@fxnighttrader Malaysia is a Muslim country...

28.01.2015 01:02:45

@fxnighttrader #US had #MH17 shot down to escalate #Ukraine crises and to create a pretext for aggression against #Russia. #DivideAndConquer

28.01.2015 00:42:50

Were #MH370, #MH17 & #QZ8501 collateral damage in the #US war on #Islam?

28.01.2015 00:39:48

2 things drive us in life: 1) avoiding #death & 2) being remembers after we have died. Realising there is no death can set you free. #legacy

27.01.2015 11:08:07

@Greenpeace And buying products made in China, or in general consuming feeds the destruction. We are all as guilty as those living in China.

27.01.2015 07:34:20

@HelenaNassi @arinassi Joo, meillä kävi mielessä että oli varmaan Eeva. Koskas tuutte kylään?

27.01.2015 00:22:22

@arinassi @HelenaNassi Joku teidän tuttu bongasi meidät perjantaina Pointin Giantissa ja kysyi, että ollaankos me niitä Nässien tuttuja :)

19.01.2015 05:59:01

@arinassi @HelenaNassi ennemminkin warm ja humid, niin kuin aina :)

19.01.2015 05:20:44

@arinassi @HelenaNassi Tervehdys Ampangista!

16.01.2015 23:04:16

Soon boarding @MAS flight, let's see if #USA will shoot down this one. #MH370 #MH17

15.01.2015 08:45:13

@JesusFromMars @arinassi Se kun vaan ei toimi niiin. Jos olet murharyhmässä mukana, on osallistuttava rosvoretkiin myös ulkomailla.

15.01.2015 07:27:58

@JesusFromMars @arinassi Siitä vaan, jos haluat olla mukana murhaamassa ihmisiä NATOn nimissä eri puolilla maailmaa.

15.01.2015 07:02:02

@JesusFromMars @arinassi Norja ja dynamiitin, yksi ihmiskunnan tappavimmista keksinnöistä, keksijä Nobel sopivat mainiosti natosakkiin.

15.01.2015 06:51:48

@JesusFromMars @arinassi Suomen näkökulma riippunee siitä, kuinka pahasti poliittinen eliitti ja media tahtovat olla Yhdysvaltojen sylikoira

15.01.2015 06:39:22

@JesusFromMars @arinassi Yhdysvallat on ainoa taho, joka on hyötynyt siitä että Venäjä ja Eurooppa ovat napit vastakkain...

15.01.2015 06:13:27

@arinassi Tuo Ukrainan kriisi ja sen roiskeet Suomessa vaikuttavat USA:n masinoimalta aseiden ja natojäsenyyksien markkinointitempaukselta.

15.01.2015 05:45:32

@arinassi Tai reagoivat Suomen natosapelinkalisteluun....

15.01.2015 01:44:56

Tin cans turn hairless monkeys into polluting assassins.

14.01.2015 08:27:01

@FreePublicTrans #Extremism=#terrorism=disagreeing with the #US government. They are the thought police of the Western world: #obey or #die.

14.01.2015 08:20:28

@jyrkikasvi Molemmat ovat myös ympäristöä saastuttavia ja hyötysuhteeltaan huonoja. Ainoa kestävä ratkaisu on leppoistaminen. #degrowth

14.01.2015 06:39:28

@tanelitikka Luckily the Finnish constitution is just a bunch of bullshit nobody obeys or enforces :)

14.01.2015 04:11:46

Our crafty leaders have renamed #dissidents to #terrorists treating us like mindless cattle. Do you choose to conform or become a terrorist?

14.01.2015 02:49:24

#Movies are the smoking advertisers of our time. #Smoking

13.01.2015 21:56:20

All the countries whose armies assassinate and murder people on the foreign soil call their soldiers "defence forces". #NiceTry #Idiots

13.01.2015 11:06:18

@tanelitikka Helped: common currency € and free movement. Hindered: CE-mark, insane restrictions, and lot's of regulations; bureaucrazy.

13.01.2015 10:49:52

RT @arinassi:

13.01.2015 05:55:08

@jyrkikasvi Tropiikissa riski on pienempi.

13.01.2015 00:26:00

Santerin ja Harrin ensimmäinen Commodore 64-peli Katear, KAdonneen TEmppelin ARvoitus: #katear #c64rom

12.01.2015 21:24:31

@Greenpeace Please note that @UN is corrupt. You are wasting your time with them:

12.01.2015 21:21:45

RT @jyrkikasvi: Rahoitan osan eduskuntavaalikampanjasta joukkorahoitetulla vaalikirjalla. Hinta15€/pdf & 30€/paperi. Ennakkotilaus http://t…

12.01.2015 20:51:38

Internet is useless without nuclear war.

12.01.2015 20:18:09

@mikko But apparently criticising USA is, if the account is used for that. No tyranny can stand freedom of opinions.

12.01.2015 11:03:00

RT @FreePublicTrans: So-called "war on terror" is the key to making poor pay for the wasting of the biosphere. #degrowth

12.01.2015 08:35:28

@nehanature @sophie_kleeman @micnews Do you seriously think the attack was not organised by CIA/USA? Nobody else benefited. #JeSuisAhmed

12.01.2015 04:06:25

@JamesFallows @FearDept @rupertmurdoch Our governments and politicians are way bigger cancer than the Jihadists they have fabricated.

12.01.2015 01:59:16

@AnonQC Organising "terror attacks" is a clever way to make people to accept limiting their free speech. It also helps to sell arms.

12.01.2015 01:05:23

@MiCabletica Problems again: 8% of packets are lost. Makes using internet a real pain. Pls fix.

11.01.2015 22:17:20

RT @johanbek: Miksi Pariisin iskun tutkinnanjohtaja ammuttiin?

11.01.2015 21:04:44

@EsaMakinen @jyrkikasvi Aika idioottimaista kuvitella, että mielivaltainen valvonta lisäisi luottamusta tai parantaisi turvallisuutta.

11.01.2015 02:55:44

RT @alihadi68: The question to ask is who benefits?Not the #French, not #Muslims but world hegemony by #USA! Keeping the "War on Terror" al…

10.01.2015 22:50:58

@ChrChristensen @arikemppinen Did you?

10.01.2015 02:37:32

Human race is the scum of the Earth; killing, murdering, torturing, and harming each other and the other animals.

10.01.2015 00:34:57

@Petri2020 @h_ingo @EliotHiggins @IlvesToomas Not to mention those guys who sat in the air traffic control or flew those fighter jets...

09.01.2015 20:52:48

RT @sallykohn: Muslim shooter = entire religion guilty


Black shooter = entire race guilty


White shooter = mentally troubled lone wolf

09.01.2015 08:42:50

#Murder is a murder, no matter if you do it with a chemical weapon, a drone or a riffle. There is no justification for taking any life.

09.01.2015 05:02:11

@MiCabletica Our cable internet is again very slow and losing packets in Manuel Antonio.

09.01.2015 04:59:11

@FreePublicTrans It surely smells like such.

09.01.2015 01:59:54

@FreePublicTrans What do you think, was CIA behind that attack?

08.01.2015 22:03:08

@mikko Can't help wondering is it such a good idea to tell to their customers to put batteries into a microwave oven, especially in the US.

08.01.2015 20:23:52

@wikileaks What do you think, how much did the CIA pay for that "piece of news"?

08.01.2015 18:40:01

RT @wikileaks: It's funny how Western leaders talk about "freedom of speech" while continuing their attempt to prosecute Assange for espion…

08.01.2015 05:55:10

@WheresP Too few for what? Would you like to be more ambitious? Why?

08.01.2015 05:39:39

@WheresP Why?

08.01.2015 00:43:27

Looking for a bit more durable backpack? Check out #savotta #finnsavotta

08.01.2015 00:40:49

@MizunoRunning You should bundle with your running shoes super glue to fix the sole pads that break apart. Otherwise your shoes are OK.

08.01.2015 00:16:30

Nobody really knows what they are doing. They just pretend to know to keep up the appearances in the eyes of the others. #CollectiveFailure

07.01.2015 22:59:58

Help to free @twitter from spam by blocking and reporting as spam all the promoted tweets.

07.01.2015 22:45:34

@AnonQC my bad

07.01.2015 22:42:01

@AnonQC that would be awesome, but I am right now feeling too lazy to study the twitter API for making that. You do it?

07.01.2015 22:39:48

@AnonQC There should be an automatic tool for that. Such that would block and report spam all promoted tweet. Would save the manual labour.

07.01.2015 21:30:17

@MondeAutostop We are no more submitting to the arbitrariness of @facebook. If you post it elsewhere we can see it.

07.01.2015 21:24:21

@MiCabletica Your cable internet is working again VERY SLOW (4x slower than normally, 7% packet loss) in Manuel Antonio. Please fix, thanks.

07.01.2015 21:18:59

Saw a #sloth for the first time today on the way to a shop to get some bananas. He looked pretty lazy and enjoying his life. #FineExample

07.01.2015 06:23:47

Kaikki ihmiset on rokotettava #ebola a vastaan, koska eihän sitä koskaan tiedä. Tauti kun on tappavampi kuin #sikainfluenssa. #HyväBisnes

07.01.2015 05:34:56

@jyrkikasvi @BI_Europe Car's, self-driving or not, are one of the best ways to keep polluting the planet and fueling oil wars. #CarsKill

07.01.2015 00:14:00

Stultus sapiens #OldMistake

06.01.2015 07:46:17

RT @FreePublicTrans: People, especially poor innocent civilians, are dying in #energy wars. Meanwhile, millions sit in traffic jams burning…

06.01.2015 04:30:16

Kristitty terroristivaltio murhaa kansalaisiaan.

05.01.2015 21:31:30

Mikä saa kokonaisen eläinlajin edustajat murhaamaan, hyväksikäyttämään ja syömään silmittömästi muiden eläinlajien edustajia? #HomoHomicida

05.01.2015 08:03:51

@facebook #RIPfacebook

05.01.2015 06:13:41

If you eat at night, your #breakfast does not break your fasting.

03.01.2015 22:03:34

@YourAnonCentral @AnonQC Actually no, but in-action will. Indifference and total disregard are the strongest weapons against any system.

03.01.2015 21:17:23

What drives new citizens and returned migrants to defend most vigorously nationalistic agenda and pathos? #guilt #deserters #acceptance

03.01.2015 08:20:01

RT @maxkeiser: Wow! - Oliver Stone's New Movie: "Ukraine: The CIA Coup"

03.01.2015 03:09:59

@MiCabletica Problems again. Very long ping times, but no missing packets this time. Please fix. Thank you.

02.01.2015 23:44:13

@KenKlippenstein @AnonQC Has Obama ever cared about evidence? All he cares for is killing people for making money and stealing their oil.

01.01.2015 23:15:47

@mikko Perhaps @google gets paid by the #US taxpayers for revealing the secrets of their users' to #NSA, and by other paying customers?

01.01.2015 20:05:36

@MiCabletica Problems again: losing packets and lagging more than usually. Please fix.

01.01.2015 20:01:32

Päivin uusin kuukausikirje otsikolla yhtä juhlaa (01/15):

01.01.2015 05:30:38

@arikemppinen Ooh, internetti puhelimessa. Kuka olisi uskonut? Toki tietysti edelleen push-himmeleitä yms. ilman kunnon nettiyhteyttä. #meh

01.01.2015 04:40:36

#2015? It's just an arbitrary number just like any other number, equally inane.

01.01.2015 03:43:17

@MiCabletica Thanks for fixing earlier issues. There are again serious problems, please take a look!

01.01.2015 03:38:51

@wikileaks #US got what they wanted in #Ukraine: increased fear&tension, Putin demonised, and a pretext to attack #Russia. #UnitedForUkraine

31.12.2014 22:40:32

RT @FrankTheDoorman: Americans in past year killed by…

Marijuana overdose: 0

Snake bite: 1

Ebola: 2


Police: 650

31.12.2014 21:56:40

The theory of everything: 1=0.

31.12.2014 20:59:15

@digitalvillages In India 70% of the population has (or are possessed by) mobile phones while only 50% have toilet. The rest shit on street.

31.12.2014 20:56:56

#Newyear is as obsolete as Christmas. Celebrating the illusion of time instead of this very moment is waste of time. Better do nothing.

31.12.2014 20:43:50

@digitalvillages We have seen their deteriorated signs and long ago closed shops everywhere, especially in the third world countries.

31.12.2014 10:26:42

RT @johanbek: IS kertoo kaikki yksityiskohdat paitsi sen, että murhattu oli venäläinen käyttäjältä @iltasanomat

30.12.2014 13:54:08

Keep bashing #Russia and your economy will suffer even more helping the #US economy to thrive.

30.12.2014 03:42:48

@MiCabletica Again troubles, please check. Thank you!

29.12.2014 21:20:25

#Taliban won. Congratulations for victory and evicting aggressors violating the Afghan democracy and sovereignty. Shame on @NATO invaders.

29.12.2014 21:07:00

Was @AirAsia #QZ8501 saving money at the cost of safety?

29.12.2014 19:37:45

@AnonQC @wikileaks Perhaps the US politicians and Obama get paid by the companies dealing arms, assassinations and mercenary services.

29.12.2014 01:25:02

RT @wikileaks: Spiegel releases NATO 'kill list' (assassination list) but redacts all the names, so the people are free to die.…

29.12.2014 01:17:50

@LRD90 We? You are so dumb that you talk about yourself in plural?

29.12.2014 00:23:44

@LRD90 Thanks, you just proved that.

28.12.2014 23:57:04

Fear is the best arms dealer.

28.12.2014 21:16:49

If a motivation behind downing #QZ8501, #MH14 ,and #MH370 was eliminating competition and incite fear, it was pretty damn successful.

28.12.2014 18:13:37

New quarterly newsletter is out:


PS. Sorry for messing up with the year and putting there 2012 instead of 2014.

28.12.2014 17:27:47

Kullatusta kakkalapiosta äänikirja

28.12.2014 06:33:12

#QZ8501: It must have been a BUK missile from Russia again, right? Or at least North Koreans, right? Seriously, nobody will buy this crap.

28.12.2014 06:29:31

@FearDept Incompetent lack of co-ordination. These things have to be carefully agreed beforehand and made sure everyone say the same things.

28.12.2014 02:51:07

RT @wikileaks: Sweden arrests blogger for criticizing police, calling prosecutor "racist"

28.12.2014 01:53:14

Business is scamming people to give money willingly.

28.12.2014 00:10:03

@ClimateReality @jyrkikasvi So we should just keep buying and driving to keep up the good work!

27.12.2014 23:16:37

Where to host a free 190MB audio book (MP3s) for free as permanently as possible? Damn you #Sweden for killing #thepiratebay.

27.12.2014 19:14:23

North Korea's logic: only a really stupid monkey would keep murdering his brethren for getting more green pieces of paper?

27.12.2014 18:55:17

A Country Hopefully Soon Gone #AmericaInFiveWords

27.12.2014 18:38:01

Kill murder steal assassinate lie #AmericaInFiveWords

27.12.2014 17:37:04

@Ghetto_CNN @FearDept Or:

World War III: expansionism of Nazi USA (Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, ...)

27.12.2014 17:28:14

@trevortimm @FearDept There is a big difference: Sony is serving US-interests while North Korea is not making freedom of speech a charade.

27.12.2014 16:47:46

@Calle_Haglund Onko Venäjällä kyse terveestä järjestä eikä kylmästä sodasta kun ei haluta NATOn agressiivista murhaajasakkia naapuriin?

27.12.2014 04:50:59

Perhaps #MH370 was a rehearsal and test for #MH17. So far it seems that both have succeeded.

26.12.2014 23:26:51

@AnonQC Well, a world without money and countries would be even better, they are the source of evil.

26.12.2014 21:49:20

@AnonQC It's the copyright mafia and evil corporations who reap the profits, not developers.

26.12.2014 21:34:46

@AnonQC Not really valid argument for those who choose to use only pirate software.

26.12.2014 21:08:41

@AnonQC @Vincent26685 It was evil North Koreans who wanted to ruin Christmas because of Sony's stupid movie. Clown Obama can confirm that.

26.12.2014 17:45:15

Nicaragua will be the next US target because their new Nicaraguan canal project threatens the US-owned Panama's canal.#WarOnProfit

26.12.2014 03:40:32

RT @wikileaks: ALERT: Google notified us on Xmas eve that they handed over all emails+metadata from one of our staff in response to a US se…

26.12.2014 02:14:52

@guardian calling a full-scale genocide "summer conflict" sounds like renaming concentration camps to "summer camps":

26.12.2014 01:20:07

@MiCabletica Manuel Antonio internet connections are lagging again. At worst 1/4 of packets are lost. Please check and fix.

25.12.2014 23:37:04

@badru75 @wikileaks It's not CIA?

25.12.2014 23:19:58

@siwelylla @wikileaks You don't need xmas or Santa for that. Just see who invaded Iraq and Afghanistan and is provoking unrest everywhere.

25.12.2014 21:19:05

@jyrkikasvi Trollikortti toimii yhtä erinomaisesti kuin natsikorttikin. Sillä saa kätevästi vaiennettua väärinajattelijat ja keskustelun.

25.12.2014 18:47:08

People travelling to tropical paradise to yell at their phones and endlessly play with them never seize to amaze. Humanity is overrated.

25.12.2014 12:36:41

The land of the scared and the home of the dumb...

25.12.2014 02:48:51

@worldoftanks_ru Good job with the latest update. It's actually better than the earlier version unlike all other updates in past 1.5 years.

25.12.2014 02:08:28

@wikileaks It's actually sad how they focus their efforts to hiding all their shit instead of stopping to be evil and doing bad things.

24.12.2014 22:38:03

@MiCabletica Connection again hanging and lagging in Manuel Antonio, please fix.

24.12.2014 20:49:58

@digitalvillages It's not really a surprise that movie industry has been harnessed to serve the US agenda just like the Western media.

24.12.2014 18:42:18

RT @FearDept: Why #Belarus? (h/t @DrPippaM)

-Financial crisis

-Strategic for Russia


-Warming to NATO

-Only 317 miles from bord…

24.12.2014 18:29:36

@arikemppinen They will help you to get rid of valuables in the form of paying bribes unless you are a female in which case they rape you :)

24.12.2014 18:28:14

@mikko Someone should make a similar mockery of the #USA. They have done way more stupid things ridiculing themselves than the #NorthKorea.

24.12.2014 16:32:03

What makes #USA to hate @MAS so much?

24.12.2014 16:17:20

Was #MH370 the second passenger airliner #USA downed before downing #MH17 for a pretext to attack Russia? #ShameOnUSA

24.12.2014 02:22:44

RT @NikolasKozloff: #Panama: victims commemorate 1989 US invasion My #WikiLeaks article about Panama and US http://t…

23.12.2014 23:48:45

Made a new website:

23.12.2014 16:42:59

Strange that the Western countries do not seem to understand that nobody wants to have @NATO-#USA warmongers as their neighbours #Ukraine .

23.12.2014 04:37:17

@MiCabletica Thanks!

23.12.2014 03:37:47

@MiCabletica Your Manuel Antonio cable modem connections are working very badly again, please check and fix. Thank you.

22.12.2014 14:36:22

@mikko We would not jump into any conclusions based on the western media. They just help CIA to create pretexts and spread war propaganda.

21.12.2014 20:31:03

@EuropeanUnion FYI @TravelGov

21.12.2014 19:35:59

@EuropeanUnion should start charging all the #US-citizens #ESTA-fees to maintain reciprocity, also #Mexico, #CostaRica, #Nicaragua, #Belize.

21.12.2014 19:22:25

@wikileaks has releases secret #US/#CIA instructions how to illegally enter #EU/#Shengen area with #falseidentity:

21.12.2014 17:29:07

@club4degrowth @Worldwatch @RobertEngelman Our best hope is that humans manages to kill themselves leaving other animals and nature intact.

20.12.2014 13:22:26

@MiCabletica You cable internet connections in Manuel Antonio have had lag and latency problems to USA today and yesterday, please fix asap.

19.12.2014 23:59:51

@arikemppinen @Finnair Heh heh

17.12.2014 16:42:38

The best Christmas gift is no Christmas gifts.

15.12.2014 20:17:34

@mikko It was pretty cool as it could show gif images without any external viewers.

15.12.2014 17:25:29

@AnonQC @Twitter is quickly becoming as evil as @google. Will they next start to sell the names of dissidents to governments for executions?

15.12.2014 17:21:17

RT @ShoebridgeC: West's media doesn't so far seem interested to report #SydneySiege gunman's anti Assad, anti Iran tweets…

15.12.2014 16:21:50

Veronmaksajien lypsämisen ja tekijänoikeusmafian tukemisen voisi lopettaa lakkauttamalla @SanastoInfo:n ja #lainauskorvaukset. #sanasto

15.12.2014 04:35:16

RT @FreePublicTrans: Commodity prices falling, bonds at risk, US losing to #IS on ground and on social media. Time for another #falseflag. …

15.12.2014 03:36:54

Following #Buddha is very different from following #buddhism, like day and night. Buddha leads to #enlightenment, buddhism to #suffering.

15.12.2014 00:10:21

@johanbek Tunnustamalla toisen maailmansodan hirmutyöt, pyytämällä niitä Venäjältä anteeksi ja lopettamalla veteraanien ja natsien palvonta?

14.12.2014 16:53:33

If corporations could make all the decisions, our planet would quickly be an uninhabitable junkyard. Isn't that already happening?

13.12.2014 19:01:01

Alarm clocks are often set to exact hours and round minutes. But why to have alarm clock, or even a clock?

13.12.2014 07:05:15

@paivisanteri @bookmooch #BookmoochIsScam

13.12.2014 06:49:00

The BookMooch Experience

12.12.2014 17:01:57

RT @FearDept: Our plot overthrow Cuba with hip-hop failed miserably. :(

12.12.2014 13:40:26

Suomessa kärsitään talouden maanis-depressiivisyydestä: ensin uskoteltiin kaiken olevan paremmin kuin hyvin ja nyt ryvetään pohjamudissa.

09.12.2014 16:41:25

@Independent @AnonQC Shame on #Finland, once again.

07.12.2014 23:16:32

@wikileaks Time to stop playing by the rules which even those who made them don't follow? To beat the system you need to ignore it and laws.

07.12.2014 12:10:47

Herran pelko on suomalaisuuden alku.

06.12.2014 23:03:46

Kerrankin on saatu rikolliset linnaan.

06.12.2014 20:06:45

Do you happen to know is there a @twitter bot that could automatically report all promoted tweets are #spam and block the sender?

06.12.2014 19:51:06

independent people don't need independent countries.

06.12.2014 16:54:52

Taas pedataan uusia sotia juhlimalla vanhoja.

06.12.2014 04:51:36

The bigger the massacre, the more glorious commemoration.

05.12.2014 17:13:00

@rosebudflorida @FearDept @USATODAY They might have just realised that overpopulation is a problem that needs to be tackled.

05.12.2014 15:45:43

Uusiutuva energia on huonoa, koska sen valmistaminen ja ylläpito saastuttaa ja vie huomion leppoistamisesta eli kulutuksen vähentämisestä.

04.12.2014 04:56:45

Do you need a couple of #HelpExchange slaves, a #HouseSitter, or even better, a #PetSitter beginning from February 2015 anywhere on Earth?

03.12.2014 16:10:31

@Greenpeace There is no fair fishing as all fishing is unfair; murdering sentient beings for money. Shame on you for promoting killing.

03.12.2014 15:19:14

@Greenpeace @EurActiv Ever more pollution from those stupid electric cars instead of @FreePublicTrans and more sustainable #degrowth.

03.12.2014 14:48:09

@ClimateReality @Greenpeace Promoting windturbines just because they create jobs and polluting transportation instead of degrowth is insane.

03.12.2014 04:21:18

RT @FreePublicTrans: Class division and the myth of renewables: Do you know how much fossil fuel is built into a ...…

02.12.2014 20:51:57

Remember to clean #AC. Just in a month or so they become so full of dust and mold that they make you sick. Check them in #hotels and #homes.

02.12.2014 01:37:58

@injustcef @FreePublicTrans Good work @Chevron, keep murdering innocent civilians!

02.12.2014 01:37:25

RT @injustcef: In Nigeria, Chevron has hired private military personnel to open fire on peaceful protestors who oppose oil extraction in th…

01.12.2014 21:36:23

@mikko That's the dumbest accusations for quite sometime. Only #USA can be dumb enough to fabricate such stories. What a bunch of losers.

01.12.2014 17:57:25

Verojen maksaminen on turhaa.

01.12.2014 12:15:47

@Greenpeace @guardian Stupid Germans keep polluting the planet for fueling their unsustainable growth. Shame on them.

29.11.2014 20:04:07

@jyrkikasvi Tiedotusvälineiden oma kanta tulee ainakin uutisoinnissa hyvin selväksi. Edustavat vähemmistöä.

29.11.2014 20:03:39

RT @jyrkikasvi: Onkohan tiedotusvälineiltä unohtunut,että nyt taitaa olla viimeinen päivä erota kirkosta,jos ei halua ensi vuonna maksaa ki…

29.11.2014 18:23:10

@comradewong @jrjohnson The pollution is caused by the western companies making their products in China, i.e. those who buy these products.

28.11.2014 20:24:33

@Sextronique It can, on personal level. Just don't give a shit and that's it: no more #christmas, #ramadan, #hanukkah, etc.

28.11.2014 19:29:56

The best thing with #Christmas is that it can be completely ignored.

28.11.2014 16:12:25

Win a luxury weekend in El Faro Beach Hotel #win

27.11.2014 22:26:36

@Greenpeace Commemorating the biggest genocide in the human history toppling even the Holocaust in the amount of corpses... #Thanksgiving

27.11.2014 15:05:41

#homophobia #finland

27.11.2014 12:17:40

The biggest genocide in the history, topples even Holocaust in the amount of corpses. Happy thanksgiving! #Thanksgiving

26.11.2014 22:09:16

@Greenpeace @cleantechnica @ClimateReality Poor earth for all the extra pollution this will create. Shame on #Germany, they should #degrowth

26.11.2014 19:51:30

@SputnikInt @FearDept That was not a surprise that #Finland abstained to cherish their still blooming Nazi legacy....

26.11.2014 19:28:36

RT @wikileaks: Today the FBI's "star witness" against #Assange has plead guilty to fraud against WikiLeaks and stealing 30 Mil…

26.11.2014 17:18:43

Justice is a mere charade and laws completely arbitrary. Cases like #Ferguson reveal that. #FergusonDecision #TimeForRevolutionIsNow

26.11.2014 05:01:56

RT @Asher_Wolf: Woman dies after airport scanner interferes with her pacemaker via @serkowski

24.11.2014 21:28:38

RT @ydklijnsma: Apparently @SonyPictures got hacked and this is on all PC screens nationwide. (Reddit:…

24.11.2014 19:57:49

A dear old friend and a former colleague, @villoks, who was also a vocal critic of shady #US policies, died unexpectedly at 37. #nsa #ttip

24.11.2014 18:19:29

@Greenpeace @nytimes

23.11.2014 19:00:15

Don't let @facebook screw your business: #Facebook #facebookpage #bug #annoying #badcustomerservice

23.11.2014 14:21:20

Win a luxury weekend in El Faro Beach Hotel #win

23.11.2014 11:24:51

RIP @villoks

23.11.2014 11:19:49

@hsfi @arikemppinen That didn't happen because he was criticising US-policies pretty loudly? He kept joking they might silence might.

23.11.2014 00:00:34

@gethorizonapp We don't have a mobile phone.

22.11.2014 23:59:34

@islamrevisited2 #ISIS is a terrorist organisation created by #USA and they do what their masters tell them. Don't believe what media tells.

22.11.2014 22:40:58

@Couchsurfing Here is a screenshot attached

22.11.2014 22:33:55

@Couchsurfing Thank you.

22.11.2014 22:33:15

@Couchsurfing Or if you can, you could turn the hosting off for us: Your system is too broken for using it anymore.

22.11.2014 22:31:59

@Couchsurfing And yes, we have reported the issue for you multiple times already and it has persisted days without any answer or fix.

22.11.2014 22:30:56

@Couchsurfing Would you mind fixing the problem that is preventing us from editing our profile so that we could turn hosting off, please?

22.11.2014 21:29:24

@pantherapardust So:happy&emotional die to heart disease, photographed die to respiratory infection and unhappy to AIDS, emotional=happier.

22.11.2014 18:38:49

@CENTCOM @FearDept By the way, why you bomb ISIS, an organisation you helped to create, train and finance? #ISIS #US

22.11.2014 15:38:57

@Greenpeace The is no fair fishing, all fishing is wrong. You should not support torturing and murdering sentient beings for profit or food.

21.11.2014 19:49:50

@CENTCOM @FearDept There is a typo, right? Shouldn't it read: Military Airstrikes Continue Against #Syria and #Iraq using #ISIL as pretext?

21.11.2014 19:39:06

RT @johanbek: Trolli-HS tunnusti, että "ei pääsääntöisesti ole kysynyt kansanedustajilta heidän kantojaan".

21.11.2014 01:44:01

@FreePublicTrans Excellent decision. @facebook is crap.

20.11.2014 22:42:46

#WoodyAllen, #MichaelJackson, #BillCosby. Who is next?

20.11.2014 18:26:23

@UkrProgressEN @FearDept Here is proof that Russia shot down #mh17

20.11.2014 17:10:40

RT @evacide: "Six links that show what Google knows about you" was taken down. But the Internet Archive remembers:

19.11.2014 22:52:25

RIP @Couchsurfing

18.11.2014 20:49:28

Rahan arvo on oxymoron.

18.11.2014 17:35:50

RT @FearDept: Civilians killed in #Gaza Wars

2008-9: 3 Israeli, 926 Palestinian*

2014: 6 Israeli, 1,523 Palestinian**



17.11.2014 21:20:42

RT @wikileaks: "Under President Obama, more whistleblowers have been prosecuted than under all other US presidents combined"…

17.11.2014 18:43:08

Onko @VRpalvelu:n verkkokauppa krakkeroitu viime keväänä ja siellä käytettyjä luottokorttinumeroita päätynyt huijareiden käsiin?

17.11.2014 01:04:49

@WheresP So that he/she could cheat you again?

16.11.2014 18:29:01

@WheresP Could you help with this, please?

16.11.2014 16:58:52

Remember to hoard as much #plasticbags as you even can because they are so bloody cool!

15.11.2014 22:02:04

Win a luxury weekend stay in Costa Rica

15.11.2014 21:53:35

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15.11.2014 03:42:36

This is how our news are being produced:

14.11.2014 23:45:26

Win a luxury weekend in El Faro Beach Hotel #win

14.11.2014 23:44:50

@Titirimatai @Greenpeace You can keep inventing excuses as much as you want if it makes you feel better, but that does not change anything.

14.11.2014 23:43:09

Gane un lujoso fin de semana en El Faro Beach Hotel !

14.11.2014 23:04:50

@mcdonaldscr #McDiaFeliz

14.11.2014 22:16:30


14.11.2014 13:51:56

Mahtava aamulenkki, ei yhtään autojen tappamaa eläintä tiellä.

13.11.2014 18:46:07

Laws are arbitrary.

13.11.2014 16:23:24

@Titirimatai @Greenpeace Obviously not if they keep murdering animals.

13.11.2014 07:54:00

@TheGoogleFactz @mikko There is surprisingly many suckers giving @facebook their money.

13.11.2014 06:20:41

@jyrkikasvi Riippuu siitä, kuuluvatko venäläisvähemmistöön. Osa "puhdasrotuisista" pelkää, mutta venäläiset pelkäävät enemmän jenkkejä.

12.11.2014 21:55:36

@Titirimatai @Greenpeace In any case, you will always find a way to live without killing animals if you really want to do that.

12.11.2014 21:54:27

@Titirimatai @Greenpeace How do you know which is edible and which not if you never checked that out and tried?

12.11.2014 21:14:47

@Titirimatai @Greenpeace Plenty of sea weed there, too.

12.11.2014 21:03:18

@Titirimatai @Greenpeace You can start experimenting with these:

12.11.2014 20:58:43

@Titirimatai @Greenpeace Stupid excuse. There are plenty of ways to feed yourself from the sea without harming sentient beings.

12.11.2014 20:57:12

@Greenpeace @climateprogress Only radical reduction of consumption has genuine effect on emissions and we can all do that. #degrowth

12.11.2014 20:50:24

@Titirimatai @Greenpeace We know where Kiribati is. Living on the sea does not justify murdering fish, nothing justifies abusing animals.

12.11.2014 20:18:38

@Greenpeace The issue is not monster boats, but eating tuna fish flesh. Without demand there is no need for supply. Promote #vegan instead.

12.11.2014 19:35:20

If you are considering using @facebook for paid advertising; don't. All your likes and the page address will be lost when page name changes.

12.11.2014 16:47:09

@Greenpeace Seriously? No.

11.11.2014 23:00:11

@FearDept You need to keep attacking and invading to employ. Sooner or later it might succeed Long live the m̶u̶r̶d̶e̶r̶e̶r̶s̶  #veterans!

11.11.2014 17:06:30

@AnonQC @twitter For business it would be better to censor according to the wishes of their paying customers, not just wrong opinions.

10.11.2014 15:46:39

@jyrkikasvi @henrikpaul Satutko tietämään, kuka maksoi tuon tutkimustuloksen?

10.11.2014 14:58:29

@SanastoInfo yrittää taas värvätä väenväkisin rahoittamaan Afganistanin kansanmurhaa. #KiitosEi

09.11.2014 17:52:35

Edellyttääkö kirjailijuus russofobisuutta?

09.11.2014 17:45:50

10 vuoden häämatka jatkuu yhä:

08.11.2014 21:11:53

Wow, yet another head-shot from a gecko. They really are skilled.

06.11.2014 19:56:52

Need to shave quickly.

06.11.2014 19:21:19

RT @YourAnonGlobal: Artistic Intervention on the US Consulate united states | RJ Rio de Janeiro in support

Free Julian Assange…

06.11.2014 00:08:54

Kuolema on elämän suurin seikkailu.

05.11.2014 23:10:40

@arikemppinen @jyrkikasvi Täältä saa tilattua 7 päivässä 50.000 seuraajaa 154 eurolla:

05.11.2014 13:06:52

@ClimateReality @Greenpeace And more polluting. Luckily all super poisons remain in the Chinese nature where those panels are manufactured.

04.11.2014 18:31:02

@club4degrowth Ebola seems to be too inefficient as well, but maybe the vaccination they will create will have some nasty side-effects.

03.11.2014 16:41:03

@Greenpeace @nytimes Do you know who paid for them for the warning and why? UN is corrupt:

03.11.2014 15:38:44

@Greenpeace @grist Is violence bad? The less there is people alive, the better condition our planet will be. We are the cancer of earth.

03.11.2014 12:49:52

@Greenpeaceafric @Greenpeace @david_barnard There are easier and more effective ways to pollute China than promoting solar energy...

02.11.2014 04:23:13

@arikemppinen Täytyyhän ne terassiaukioloaikakyttääjät, tullin viinavartijat ja muut alkoholimainostarkastajat jotenkin rahoittaa.

01.11.2014 01:51:13

@Sextronique @RT_com @FearDept USA had it planned already in 1960s, check Operation Northwood: #GoodOldPlan #USA

30.10.2014 15:35:09

@facebook is lying to you. Next step will be censoring user content according to the wishes of advertisers. #fakebook

30.10.2014 13:48:34

Yesterday was our 10th anniversary on the road and we forgot the day. Must remember in 2024 so that we will not miss the 20th, too. #ten

30.10.2014 07:24:27

@RT_com @FearDept Did they forgot to "threaten" with #MH17 ?

29.10.2014 19:21:23

Twitter and Facebook as Travel Marketing Tools #oldpost #FacebookCensorsAllLikeSalesLinksAndLieThatTheyAreMalicious

27.10.2014 22:05:04

@mikko happy hacking

27.10.2014 21:10:29

Onko taas tullut se aika vuodesta, kun pimeällä pallonpuoliskolla tungetaan lamput korviin?

26.10.2014 15:05:58

@Pontifex So you go to hell if you use condom, but molesting little boys in a church is OK? #catholic #religion

26.10.2014 04:32:48

RT @FearDept: We have "more than 100 multiagency task forces combing through bank reports, looking for accounts to seize."…

25.10.2014 22:52:42

Looking for tours in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica? Look here: #tours #ManuelAntonio #CostaRica

25.10.2014 22:51:42

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25.10.2014 22:50:36

The one and only container hotel in Costa Rica: #containerhotel

24.10.2014 18:13:44

The difference between #democracy and #slavery is that slaves don't pretend to be #free. #freedom

23.10.2014 20:53:14

Monkey-Palmtree-Peasoup #weddinganniversary #costarica #photos #10years

23.10.2014 16:07:37

@paivisanteri Still nothing in the Finnish media... they are just writing how the murderer was actually the victim, not the old Russian lady

23.10.2014 13:01:52


22.10.2014 23:08:49

@gonzelius @Nero Ok, ok, sorry, didn't realise that.

22.10.2014 23:02:53

@gonzelius @Nero Guys, no needs for invites anymore. Anyone can create as many gmail accounts as they want.

22.10.2014 19:15:19

@AnonyPress @AnonQC #Canada is looking everyday more and more like a totalitarian regime. It is strange how toothless Canadians have become.

22.10.2014 18:16:17


Means: Stealthy aircraft&missile systems

Motive: To turn Europe against Russia

Opportunity: #USA #NATO Rapid Trident military exercise

22.10.2014 16:26:25

Whenever a foreigner commits crime in #Finland, the police&media cry out laud it was foreigner. But when Finn kills foreigner, they hide it.

21.10.2014 18:58:36

@arikemppinen @SuomenPoliisi on oikeutta viisaampi sanomaan, mikä päätös on oikea tai väärä. Tuomioistuin on turha tietää edustaja Tolvanen.

21.10.2014 18:50:17

RT @arikemppinen: Ei saa kuulemma sana levitä: HS: Autoilijat kieltäytyneet puhallutuksista – vetoavat itsekriminointisuojaan |…

21.10.2014 17:38:12

@mikko Only with the floppy disc drive :)

21.10.2014 17:30:44

A Finnish right-wing party leader murdered an elderly Russian woman. Finnish media is hiding the fact she was Russian. #russophobia #nazi

21.10.2014 06:02:46

@arinassi Täällä tasaisesti 12h-12h joka päivä vuoden ympäri. Kesti vähän tottua tähän "pimeyteen" Euroopan valoisien iltojen jälkeen.

21.10.2014 02:37:07

@FearDept Not to mention shooting down passenger airplanes.. #MH17

21.10.2014 01:37:42

Burning #trash is not #recycling, it's #polluting.

20.10.2014 21:01:34

#FreeWill is a collective illusion. It works so that we eliminate first all unacceptable choices and then choose freely the only choice left

20.10.2014 12:48:49

We made this short film for the #ContainerHotel: #CostaRica #hotels #green #SustainableTravel #eco #ElFaroBeachHotel

19.10.2014 16:42:23

RT @AnonQC: Expert confirms what everyone knows already: Vote all you want but the secret government won’t change. #…

19.10.2014 08:19:59

@kokoomus/@Kokoomusnuoret/ Kokoomuksen Nuorten Helsingin Piiri ry:n sivu 1.9.2014: #romppainen #kokoomus #kykypuolue

19.10.2014 04:18:49

Are you travel blogger / writer / photographer coming to #CostaRica? There is a brand new #ContainerHotel offering promotional stays. #ttot

18.10.2014 18:58:25

A typical house-sit offer: I am a flexible person looking for big house to sit in Jayapura, Papua New Guinea January 23 6pm-February 2 11am.

17.10.2014 15:24:55

Stop doing that what makes you feel guilty, or get rid of the guilty feeling because guilt is poison to #happiness. #guilt #remorse

16.10.2014 14:28:42

@Greenpeace @guardian Walking is better, Manufacturing and servicing bikes pollutes.

15.10.2014 15:41:03

@Greenpeace For a more sustainable and permanent solution, how about stopping to eat and consume any products involving fish?

13.10.2014 18:32:25

@GoPro You software download page is broken, the download does not start:

13.10.2014 16:33:03

Vieraina Aamusydämellä-ohjelmassa

13.10.2014 16:21:39

@jyrkikasvi Rasistisilla vitseillä hauskuuttanut nettipoliisi kirjoittaa maahanmuuttajista...

12.10.2014 21:59:00

@wikileaks The Turkish US-puppet government is doing a good job in making them look like a joke. The whole world must be laughing at them.

12.10.2014 17:05:08

@jyrkikasvi "Ehkä" "Vähän", joopa joo. Sitä samaa tuttua viranomaismielivaltaa kuin aina ennenkin.

12.10.2014 07:12:14

Viski #Viski

11.10.2014 06:44:36

@FearDept That's only natural as Nobel's legacy is inventing dynamite used for weapons. Maybe #Kalashnikov gets #NobelPeacePrize next year.

09.10.2014 07:21:48

RT @savethearctic: BREAKING: LEGO announces it will not renew partnership with Shell. A victory for the entire #SaveTheArctic movement! htt…

09.10.2014 04:46:33

@wikileaks Isn't it just natural that #Norway has to please their masters just like #Sweden ?

09.10.2014 00:38:25

There are only 2 kinds of people in the world: old friends and new friends you have not yet met.

09.10.2014 00:30:33

Welcome to pool a party in Manuel Antonio beach this weekend:

07.10.2014 23:43:07

RT @AnonQC: Leading German journalist admits CIA 'bribed' him and other leaders of the Western 'press'

06.10.2014 23:17:21

How to Prepare Backpack for Flight #newblog #instructions #video #tutorial

06.10.2014 13:26:12

@Greenpeace @newscientist Is it a good idea to promote solar power for growth? a better solution and the only sustainable one.

05.10.2014 20:50:44

RT @AnonQC: Germany shared its citizens’ communication data with NSA for years #Surveillance #Showbiz

05.10.2014 20:50:15

RT @AnonQC: Coalition of the hypocrites: Canada's ally against #ISIS beheaded more than 79 people last year #cdnpoli…

05.10.2014 15:34:10

Our new quarterly newsletter is out: Welcome to Costa Rica! (Q3/2014)

05.10.2014 14:01:58

@jyrkikasvi @Tekesfi Se tietää paremmin kuin sinä mikä on spämmiä ja mikä ei.

05.10.2014 02:18:00

@worldoftanks_ru Nice update the latest one assuming you want to drive all non-paying players out. Made the game truly a pay per win.

02.10.2014 18:40:28

@Kampf_Kaefer @FearDept Obama want's to believe he executes divide and conquer strategy, but in reality he is just spreading fear and chaos.

02.10.2014 00:49:19

Photos from New York and Surroundings #ttot #newpost #photos

30.09.2014 18:41:30

@AnonQC Perfect tool for silencing wrong opinions. Every country should have one coupled with concentration camps to exterminate dissidents.

30.09.2014 15:41:18

We saw 2 baby crocodiles on the morning walk who got scared of us and jumped to water to hide.

28.09.2014 22:58:07

Rice, peas and love.

28.09.2014 21:53:00

@WheresP You have been flying with @JetBlue, too? :D

26.09.2014 22:58:05

@JetBlue OK, thanks. Unfortunately we don't have a mobile phone or a car, so we will just have to bite the bullet and learn from mistakes.

26.09.2014 22:40:44

@JetBlue OK; cool, thanks for the tip. We'll try that. Any suggestions how we should try to do it? We are staying in the appointed hotel.

26.09.2014 22:34:18

@JetBlue Don't want to sound ungrateful, but starving 24 hours in Florida due to your fault does not feel like courtesy... #EarlyAprilFool?

26.09.2014 22:26:01

@JetBlue: Do you seriously believe that 2 persons can eat in Florida with your US $24 meal authorization voucher for the whole day? #fasting

26.09.2014 17:17:51

Airlines kindly sponsored us a free hotel night in #FLL.

22.09.2014 05:05:24

@gpph @Greenpeace Cycling is not pollution free at all: Manufacturing bicycles pollute as well as repair parts etc. Walking pollutes less.

18.09.2014 12:42:12

The Islamic State ISIS is as legitimate and evil as the other states; all of them should be abolished. #ISIS #Syria #Iraq #USA #ISIL

18.09.2014 03:27:09

@WheresP Then just keep travelling, don't buy anything :) Manufacturing that that crap in #China is already killing our planet.

18.09.2014 00:21:11

@WheresP If you leave the fridge to the shop and quit drinking, you will have more time and money to travel the world and lighter backpack.

17.09.2014 21:07:02

Hoping #Scotland will be positive and #SayYesScotland.

17.09.2014 16:52:41

Transatlantic Cruise, the Northern Route #repositioningcruise #newblog #video #photos #ttot

17.09.2014 13:00:41

@ClimateReality @Greenpeace No thanks. #Degrowth is better instead of polluting wind turbines and solar panels. Growth is our root problem.

17.09.2014 12:34:41

@ForeignPolicy @Greenpeace Who paid for this message and why? @UN is corrupt: #ShameOnUN

15.09.2014 20:18:08

Aamusydämellä: Ulos oravanpyörästä. Miten elää onnellisuutta tavoitellen ja vailla omaisuutta, siitä kertovat ...

15.09.2014 01:51:25

@TayoRockson We are happy to comment it when you have it available outside @iTunes bloatware which already messed up our computer once.

15.09.2014 01:37:02

Nothing has changed in the past two weeks while we were cruising the #HighSeas over the Atlantic ocean without Internet connection.

30.08.2014 11:10:15


30.08.2014 10:27:25

Sitting a Cat in Bavaria, Germany #newpost #blog #ttot #travel

27.08.2014 11:44:26

@Greenpeace That's nothing compared to the gulf of Mexico oil spill. The only good fix is to boycott all products that contain or use oil.

27.08.2014 09:37:13

@Calle_Haglund Venäjän näkökulmasta tuo ei muuta mitään: Suomi kutsuu agressiivisen vihollisen naapuriin. Ajoitus on myös äärimmäisen huono.

27.08.2014 07:52:13

Et keksinyt parempaa tapaa ärsyttää ja provosoida Venäjää kun tuo #NATO sopimus, @Calle_Haglund? Turha sitten itkeä kun tulee turpaan.

27.08.2014 03:42:37

Looks like the #als challenge is more like a #scam and all the participants #suckers: #IceBucketChallenge #GoodLuck

26.08.2014 19:24:22

@UNHCRUK @TerraFuocoCielo How did you help and support Edward Snowden and Julian Assange? What do you plan to do to help them?

25.08.2014 18:35:09

RT @FearDept: To increase tensions, we've asked our NATO partners to move weapons to Russia's borders

24.08.2014 20:18:53

Zionists destroy apparently very dangerous 12-storey apartment building in Gaza: #MustHaveBeenAlotOfTunnelsInTheHouse

24.08.2014 13:57:24

Soon @twitter will only accept messages and imagines endorsed by their paying customers - the next step in their censorship. #ShameOnTwitter

24.08.2014 13:55:21

@twitter is censoring only muslim violence while christian & jewish remain acceptable, even desirable. Are they racist? #ShameOnTwitter

23.08.2014 15:46:06

RT @FearDept: Last year our staff permanently removed 409 citizens from the streets. #cleanstreeets @Kampf_Kaefer

23.08.2014 15:45:46

A good discount: -100%.

23.08.2014 10:43:45

The simple mindedness of some Finns who not able to tolerate any differences in opinions never seizes to amaze. #Finland #stupidity #NATO

22.08.2014 09:25:25

Holy Shit!

21.08.2014 13:11:55

Finnish general is prooving in his new book how Jews are bright and Muslims dumb: #finland #hagglund #islam #zionism

21.08.2014 07:30:30

RT @Ezilidanto: Video showing St. Louis Police killing Kajieme Powell #Ferguson

21.08.2014 06:34:35

@WheresP Nothing is very sweet, the sweetest thing there is.

21.08.2014 06:27:26

@WheresP Nothing?

21.08.2014 05:56:16

RT @jeremyscahill: US military bans access to @the_intercept after watchlisting docs published:

21.08.2014 05:55:34

@wikileaks "Not Found"

20.08.2014 11:04:19

RT @FreePublicTrans: Don't like beheadings? Here's what you have to do. Stop the craving for suburban life and start the the craving for #c…

20.08.2014 10:48:43

@Greenpeace @EurActiv Clean coal sounds like salubrious cyanide.

20.08.2014 10:35:19

@arinassi Myös sitä.

20.08.2014 10:17:31

Lääkkeet ovat uskomushoitoa.

20.08.2014 08:51:07

@DalaiLama is an example how #Buddha's teaching do not apply to #Buddhism or #Buddhists:

20.08.2014 07:20:26

#USA just got what they have been asking for when arming, funding and bombing ISIS:

19.08.2014 22:57:16

@FearDept You might have to get this beheading video censored ASAP:

19.08.2014 16:15:17

Help us to get 1 million likes! #1millionFBlikes

19.08.2014 13:11:21

@kuminaidoo @Greenpeace @EcoWatch @Phil_Radford @Winnie_Byanyima @Oxfam Having all flesh eaters eating each other would be quicker solution.

19.08.2014 11:22:23

@mervethelunatic @RadioRome What, money and power is not god? When did that happen?

19.08.2014 11:21:13

@RadioRome @mervethelunatic Jesus said we should turn the other cheek, not hit back, and now them true believers are bombing their brothers.

19.08.2014 11:19:02

@RadioRome @mervethelunatic I suggest abandoning all religions and their teachings, and only relying on what those wise men were saying.

19.08.2014 10:56:36

@RadioRome @FreePublicTrans I admire the teachings of prophet Muhammad, Buddha and Jesus, but all religions have twisted them to serve evil.

19.08.2014 10:38:33

@RadioRome @FreePublicTrans Yes, we are very fortunate that none of the crusades in any religion are not very likely to succeed.

19.08.2014 10:26:23

@RadioRome @FreePublicTrans Yeah, this is clearly the 21st century versions of the crusaders aimed to wipe out infidels.

19.08.2014 10:21:55

@RadioRome @FreePublicTrans George W. Bush said that god asked him to invade Iraq, so it would be natural to use the same divine excuse.

19.08.2014 10:17:50

@RadioRome @FreePublicTrans The whole thing looks more and more like a war on Islam. Sad. Pehaps their god ask Obama to murder all Muslims.

19.08.2014 09:33:31

@RadioRome @FreePublicTrans Guess having their Ukrainian Nazi puppets shooting down #MH17 was not enough after all.

18.08.2014 14:45:19

Yhdysvalloista on tullut Suomessa Pyhä Lehmä.

18.08.2014 12:49:38

@sustenvironment @Greenpeace It's the world's biggest democracy where the majority of the people can not vote:

18.08.2014 10:07:47

#USA is making "peace" in #Ukraine while having unrest in #Ferguson. How about fixing that first instead of meddling with other countries?

18.08.2014 08:19:47

Mihin katosivat uutiset Ukrainassa alas ammutusta malesialaislentokoneesta? Miksi?

17.08.2014 23:25:30

@JohnKleinRegina @FreePublicTrans @Greenpeace More people doing bad things doesn't make sense, even if more comfortable. Bad is still bad.

17.08.2014 20:34:31

@wikileaks Or obsessed to play the system by its rules when the system itself disregards those same rules?

17.08.2014 20:29:28

@YourAnonNews @FearDept Smoking kills, eh?

17.08.2014 19:52:37

If you feel like you would like to achieve something or make a change, go to wash dishes.

17.08.2014 19:04:45

@arikemppinen Helpompaa olisi poistaa koko työttömyyden käsite niin ei tarvitsisi pakkokouluttaa ja tempputyöllistää ihmisiä. Työ on rasite.

17.08.2014 16:36:41

Buddha, prophet Muhammad and Jesus shared wisdom that got twisted by evil religions.

17.08.2014 13:50:57

NATO-arviot ovat peräisin tuolta kaverilta, @alexstubb. Kannattaa miettiä, haluatko sinäkin Karjalan takaisin vaikka se johtaisi sotaan.

17.08.2014 13:25:49

Kaikenlaisia Torsteja (@ToSiren) sitä onkaan:

17.08.2014 11:54:42

@UN Don't you have any shame?

17.08.2014 10:20:56

@ApathyKills @FreePublicTrans #UN is a #US lapdog doing whatever they tell it to do. Your trust in @UN is misplaced.

17.08.2014 10:15:12

Sunday is the best cleaning day. There is no better way to worship the Sun. #sunday #worship #sun

17.08.2014 08:14:27

@digitalvillages Leppoistaminen.

16.08.2014 15:23:48

Finland today and 25 years ago #Finland #Russia #Estonia #NATO #EU #Mannerheim #Kekkonen #Nokia

16.08.2014 11:28:25

@Microsoft: Frequent accidental re-sizing of the windows 8 desktop relocation all icons makes #Windows8 suck deep and hard.

15.08.2014 22:12:43

You can't win those who have nothing to lose.

15.08.2014 13:08:44

Erinomaista toimintaa Niinistöltä mennä keskustelemaan asioita sapelinkalistelun ja kilpavarustelun sijaan. Sodat voitetaan puhumalla.

15.08.2014 10:18:51

@Greenpeace Why does Greenpeace promote polluting solar panels and wind mills instead of more sustainable and greener #degrowth?

15.08.2014 09:08:31

@FearDept EU believes that you are supporting and securing them, while you turn EU against Russia to maintain your world dominance. #clever

14.08.2014 17:12:10

EU:ssa luulllaan että USA on tuki, turva ja ystävä, kun tarkoitus on lyödä KAKSI suurvaltaa pois USAn valta-aseman tieltä - Venäjä JA EU.

14.08.2014 07:49:28

@WheresP If you want to make a difference, you often end up hurting others. Living in a way you set an example is an exception to that.

14.08.2014 07:42:35

@WheresP The more you know, the less happy you are. We choose to strive for simplicity and stupidity instead of knowledge and power.

13.08.2014 18:53:58

@wikileaks Seems that he has made Zionists mad leaking all those cables revealing genocidal Israel and warmongering US foreign operations.

13.08.2014 17:25:40

@jyrkikasvi Poliisilla on yksinoikeus ihmisten kiusaamiseen.

13.08.2014 16:05:56

@nikkijashley @GreenpeaceCA @Greenpeace Because of being hypocritical. They have chicken, cows and pigs happily murdered for food, too.

13.08.2014 14:20:10

@AnnaReettaK @arikemppinen Ei se haittaa, kun Venäjä ottaa Suomenkin edestä satoja tuhansia pakolaisia mm. Ukrainasta

13.08.2014 13:23:33

@Greenpeace @Bloomberg Importing solar panels from China and importing new panels and spare parts when they keep breaking all time...

12.08.2014 11:20:55

Does believing in science make it real and true?

12.08.2014 01:35:18

Stupidity is the one and only endless natural resource in the universe.

11.08.2014 10:42:05

@Liv_Boeree @arinassi Same applies to cows, chicken and pigs. They have hardly ever killed any people and pose no threat to humanity.

10.08.2014 08:26:41

Onko Suomi liian pieni maa eriäville mielipiteille?

09.08.2014 17:47:03

@FearDept Live long and prosper?

09.08.2014 09:34:35

Accepting and spreading #war propaganda is helping #USA and #Russia to ignite World War III. Is that what you desire? #Ukraine #MH17 #WW3

09.08.2014 09:07:12

Many Finns dislike Jews, but nowadays they fear and loathe even more #Putin and #Russia. Is that part of their #Nazi legacy? #Finland #NATO

08.08.2014 20:56:13

@wikileaks That money was well spent. Julian must feel much more secure and privileged now thanks to them guarding for his well-being.

08.08.2014 15:36:48

Countries are born out of wars and they strive for wars, to have peace we need to get rid of countries. #mh17 #ukraine #usa #russia #gaza

08.08.2014 10:40:03

@jyrkikasvi Intiassa ja Kiinassa oli sama juttu. Siellä tekosyynä oli terrorismin estäminen. Eikös Suomessakin kielletty avoimet wifit?

07.08.2014 12:49:39

@mikko It would be far worse if they had been crackers instead of hackers.

07.08.2014 12:36:27

RT @wikileaks: Snowden received a three year Russian residency permit today. It is telling that no "western" country was willing to protect…

07.08.2014 09:15:04


07.08.2014 09:10:47

Why #Finland can't ally with #Russia to support Putin for stopping the current #US & #NATO aggravated aggressions all over the world? #MH17

07.08.2014 07:03:42

@ConanOBrien @jyrkikasvi That piece of "news" was probably once again anti-Russian war proganda: #mh17 #ukraine #usa

06.08.2014 17:27:01

#Ukraine MEP: "Americans put pressure on the Government of Ukraine to start an armed conflict with #Russia." #MH17

06.08.2014 10:40:52

@jyrkikasvi Yhdysvaltojen provokaatio kantaa hedelmää.

05.08.2014 17:48:48

@FearDept #Putin may conquest #Finland to revenge starving to death thousands of Russians in Finnish concentration camps. #NATO #PutinHour

05.08.2014 09:51:35

@FearDept Feeling sorry for all those pigeons and rats near their restaurants :(

05.08.2014 01:12:06

RT @FearDept: "There's huge distress on both sides."

- CNN's Anderson Cooper #Gaza

04.08.2014 17:07:33

RT @wheeliesmom: @Shanehofer74 @FearDept

04.08.2014 14:29:07

@FearDept Not to mention your pharmaceutical partners. Sugar and fat are especially desirable.

03.08.2014 18:49:24

RT @wikileaks: Cable: US+Israel rewrote Ban Ki-moon 2009 report letter into #Israel's attacks on UN in #Gaza http:/…

03.08.2014 18:15:39

@wikileaks Yeah, that just shows how #UN is a mere bitch of the #USA. Human rights and UN security council are part of the same bullshit.

03.08.2014 17:30:46

@jyrkikasvi Seuraavat Suomen mallia. on edelleen @SuomenPoliisi:n sensuurifiltterissä väärien mielipiteidensä vuoksi.

03.08.2014 16:18:02

@LuciferTrust @FearDept @cwharlow Laws are written by idiots for idiots to follow. Courts sell justice to those who can afford to buy it.

03.08.2014 14:32:19

@LuciferTrust @FearDept @cwharlow More like "Bend over to your masters" :)

03.08.2014 12:52:59

@FearDept @Anon_Online They must have moved tunnels to upper floors to protect them. Sneaky Palestinians. #gaza

02.08.2014 21:09:14

RT @wikileaks: Israel secretly told US embassy in Telaviv its formal policy to keep #Gaza at the brink of a humanitarian crisis https://t.c…

02.08.2014 19:27:59

@wikileaks #UN is a toothless lapdog of the #USA so better not to have too high hopes for the outcome.

02.08.2014 17:40:43

@wikileaks Ever heard any law that is not foolish and short sighted? All laws everywhere are written by idiots for other idiots to follow.

02.08.2014 12:01:36

@Numeroyksi @jyrkikasvi Eikös se ole jo alkanut, mutta on vaan edennyt vähän turhan hitaasti?

02.08.2014 10:52:18

We bought a new car.

02.08.2014 08:58:12

@FearDept 0. People will believe in that bullshit without any conglomerates because even now they still believe on freedom and free press.

01.08.2014 11:50:43

#Finland is helping #Israel to murder Palestinians in #Gaza:

31.07.2014 18:36:23

Downing a civil airliner for pretext to attack #Cuba was planned by the #USA already in 1962: #mh17 #ukraineinvasion

31.07.2014 13:41:33

Onko ideana rakentaa #NATO:n kanssa uutta Suur-Suomea vähän samaan tapaan kuin toisessa maailmasodassa natsien kanssa, @alexstubb?

30.07.2014 19:44:21

RT @AnonQC: Bolivia declares Israel a terrorist state #GazaUnderAttack

30.07.2014 15:44:47

@sagamaraia @jyrkikasvi Venäjä-Yhdysvallat akselilla ylivoimaisesti suurempi määrä aseellista väkivaltaa on lähtöisin Yhdysvalloista.

30.07.2014 15:43:04

@jyrkikasvi Meidän käsitykset syntyvät paikallisten tuttujen omakohtaisten kokemusten eikä medioiden kautta,. Se saattaa selittää eroja.

30.07.2014 13:44:33

@jyrkikasvi Kannattaa muistaa, että Venäjä esti väliintulollaan Syyrian tuhon ja jenkkitodisteet osoittautuivat sielläkin tekaistuiksi.

30.07.2014 13:43:14

@jyrkikasvi Kumpi on parempaa? Toistaiseksi Venäjän propaganda on ollut vähemmän sotaa, vihaa, pelkoa ja väkivältaa lietsovaa.

30.07.2014 11:58:16

@jyrkikasvi Ei ehkä kumpaakaan. Käyttävät omia aivojaan ja puhuvat paikallisten kanssa sen sijaan, että uskoisivat sokeasti propagandaa.

29.07.2014 15:46:13

@usetrippy @jrjohnson That does not take in account that manufacturing bicycles and solar panels pollute as well. Only walking is green.

29.07.2014 14:50:16

@Greenpeace Read:

29.07.2014 08:41:04

#Obama needs your anger to start murdering Russians. The question is, do you want to give it to him? #choice #MH17 #Ukraine #Putin #Russia

28.07.2014 22:54:41

@GregGrigan @Greenpeace Your future is polluting our home planet today. Those possibilities do not justify that. #Degrowth is much better.

28.07.2014 21:16:37

Obama is really hard trying to make Putin to look like Saddam Hussein. Will he next find some WMDs from Russia? #mh17 #obama #putin #Russia

28.07.2014 18:30:36

@GregGrigan @Greenpeace The pollution stays in China where they are manufactured, but China is on Earth, too.

28.07.2014 17:09:42

@GregGrigan @Greenpeace Unfortunately not sarcasm.

28.07.2014 16:47:53

@Greenpeace Please start the same campaign against solar power. Manufacturing solar panels release loads of super poisons to nature. Thanks!

28.07.2014 13:49:49

A day without ketchup is a day without ketchup.

28.07.2014 09:06:01

@Greenpeace No, it is not. Growth is the greatest threat and remedy is #degrowth. Sustainable growth is oxymoron, even with renewables.

27.07.2014 23:48:03

Life would not be worth experiencing if you didn't think it is for real.

27.07.2014 16:22:39

@vovakasko @FearDept Not really, the whole thing was planned by the #USA already in 2008 in the #Wikileaks leaked diplomatic cables.

27.07.2014 15:44:17

@FearDept @vovakasko @RT_russian Evidently evident evidence evidently missing, eh?

27.07.2014 11:37:43

@FearAnchor @FearDept 0

27.07.2014 08:49:52

RT @FearDept: Why not take some intel we haven't backed up with any evidence and build an anti-Putin conspiracy theory around it? http://t.…

27.07.2014 08:23:09

There is always plenty of bad excuses for not fulfilling your dreams or at least delaying them indefinitely. #dreams

26.07.2014 18:45:28

@FearDept @charliearchy It is good that there is senate approval for the #Gaza genocide. Makes the ethnic cleansing sound more legitimate.

26.07.2014 17:56:02

@FearDept Actually I have a hunch that Putin might be arming Palestinians, too. You may quote me as reliable source, but don't tell my name,

26.07.2014 16:29:47

@FearDept Hilarious. Those people seem to fantasize that the ICC and human rights are more than a mere charade. #ICC4Israel #Gaza #Israel

26.07.2014 13:52:51

@FearDept That's a shining example of how Ukraine should be dealt, too.

25.07.2014 19:19:33

@FearDept It is good that the same does not apply to #Israel regarding #Gaza. Otherwise it could be a bit awkward.

25.07.2014 16:41:58

@AnonQC Taken from

25.07.2014 14:44:18

@jyrkikasvi Perimmäinen ongelma tuossa lienee se, että kaikki tarjolla olevat jumalat on heteroseksuaaleja miehiä eivätkä homot lisäänny.

25.07.2014 11:24:20

RT @FearDept: Score: # killed by each side

#Israel - 788 (605 civilians)

#Gaza - 34 (2 civilians)

24.07.2014 21:03:17

@AnonQC Never seen it cause anything more but legal fees :)

24.07.2014 20:36:22

@AnonQC They don't give a shit about law as we have seen so many times. We shouldn't either. It's written by idiots for idiots to follow.

24.07.2014 13:35:40

RT @wikileaks: Video: Rebel said #Ukraine airwar tactic of hiding behind passenger jets will lead to catastrophe... a month ago https://t.c…

24.07.2014 13:23:53

Fool me once (#Iraq), shame on you; fool me twice (#Syria), shame on me; fool me thrice (#Ukraine), shame on all of us. #mh17 #obama #murder

24.07.2014 08:33:06

@camanpour @jyrkikasvi @GeoffPyatt Exactly. They invented weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and Assad using chemical weapons in Syria.

23.07.2014 22:20:03

@AnonQC Are you sure?

23.07.2014 21:21:55

@AnonQC So in this case, as they are totally powerless not to mention brainless, they are mere puppets.

23.07.2014 21:01:41

@AnonQC Actually those #dumbass countries look more like puppets than vassals, but anyway. A good list, thanks for sharing it.

23.07.2014 15:37:17

@ossi_mantylahti Olet nyt selkeästi sekaisin. Israel harjoittaa Gazassa etnistä puhdistusta, eikä Hamasin peruskirja oikeuta kansanmurhaa.

23.07.2014 14:22:49

@ossi_mantylahti  Ilman Yhdysvaltojen hyväksyntää, rahoitusta, aseita ja tukea Israel ei voisi toteuttaa etnistä puhdistustaan Gazassa.

23.07.2014 12:55:28

Putin helped to prevent the destruction of Syria. Who will protect Putin against those same aggressors looking for yet another conflict?

23.07.2014 12:40:52

@ossi_mantylahti Ei kannata uskoa sellaisenaan ihan kaikkea Yhdysvaltoja palvovaa, tarkoitushakuista sodanlietsontaa, mitä mediat suoltavat.

23.07.2014 12:38:47

@ossi_mantylahti Israelilaiset ja palestiinalaiset ystävämme ovat sanoneet, että Hamas pelkkä on Yhdysvaltojen ja Israel luoma tekosyy.

23.07.2014 10:44:37

@ossi_mantylahti Mutta se oikeuttaa Israelin kansamurhaamaan sadoittain naisia ja lapsia?

22.07.2014 16:01:23

Ukraine: Make Peace, not War

22.07.2014 12:09:06

@ossi_mantylahti Väitit, että "Israel tekee kaikkensa siviiliuhrien välttämiesksi." Minä vain piruilin hatusta vetämäsi väitteen todeksi.

22.07.2014 10:19:39

#Finland was allied with Nazis to invade #Russia and create Great Finland. Now they want to join #NATO, too. Again for the same reason?

22.07.2014 08:14:08

Was #MH17 downed to obfuscate genocide in Gaza? #GazaUnderAttack #Israel #SupportPalestine #ConvenientTiming #FreePalestine

22.07.2014 07:42:48

@FearDept Israel is sprinting, good job! One final spurt and evil Palestinian terrorist  people are forgotten history and the world is free.

22.07.2014 07:40:13

@ossi_mantylahti Juu, mutta se oikeuttaa palestinalaisten kansanmurhan. Muslimit ovat lähes yhtä pahoja ja pelottavia kuin venäläiset.

21.07.2014 22:30:23

@WheresP Our average monthly spending in the past 8 years has been US $750 for the two of us including all possible costs.

21.07.2014 21:31:05

@ossi_mantylahti Tässä tilasto: #Israel 348 (251 siviiliä - YK) #Gaza 7 (2 siviiliä).

Et kai halua uskoa, että Israel murhaisi siviilejä?

21.07.2014 20:45:01

@ossi_mantylahti @jyrkikasvi Tottakai, tosin lapset eivät ole siviilejä vaan tulevia terroristeja ja äidit myös, kun tuottavat lisää lapsia.

21.07.2014 20:02:07

@cjyurkanin @FearDept Here is the evidence. There are no more any doubts. You should nuke #Russia. #mh17

21.07.2014 19:04:24

@ossi_mantylahti @jyrkikasvi Kuulostaa fiksulta. Aukioilta saadaan siviilit hävitettyä keskitetysti ja säästyy samalla kalliita pommeja.

21.07.2014 16:38:27

Fear is good for business.

21.07.2014 15:17:01

@Gruino @sagamaraia @jyrkikasvi @ossi_mantylahti Hyvä tietää. Pitää jatkossa varoa noita molempia :) Mikä tuo boingboing muuten mahtaa olla?

21.07.2014 14:28:17

@Greenpeace ...while the people, animals and plants near solar panel manufacturing plants in China die to pollution and toxic chemicals...

21.07.2014 11:59:08

Lending money is not always a good idea. The last time we did that mistake, the borrower could not pay back and hanged himself. #money #evil

21.07.2014 10:46:22

RT @FearDept: Canada's PM: We're building a monument to the victims of Communism. P.S. Putin was--and still behaves like--a commie. http://…

21.07.2014 09:11:44

@Gruino @sagamaraia @jyrkikasvi @ossi_mantylahti On antisemitististä olla eri mieltä Israelin&Yhdysvaltojen kanssa, joutuu NSA:n listoille.

20.07.2014 17:33:19

@jyrkikasvi @ossi_mantylahti Hassua, poistu alueelta minne? Gaza on täysin Israelin saartama eikä Palestiinalaisia päästetä sieltä ulos.

20.07.2014 11:48:34

Peace is bad news for world economy.

20.07.2014 08:08:40

Here  is the opposite story to read if you read that one:

19.07.2014 16:18:01

@FearDept Thanks for the tip. Have to remember to never put that #FreePalestine to any tweet.

19.07.2014 13:13:28

Myanmar Behind The Scenes #myanmar #burma #oldpost #blog #aung #junta #buddha #holygold #discrimination #scam #cheat

18.07.2014 23:53:23


18.07.2014 17:26:26

@FreePublicTrans @Steiner1776 @gbazov Thanks!

18.07.2014 17:22:11

RT @Steiner1776: #Novorossiya The bloody result of today's #Kiev regime shelling in #Lugansk At least 20 civilians …

18.07.2014 15:24:25

@mikko It is good that they are keeping us safe from the evil terrorists and other people who might not share their right views.

18.07.2014 13:21:50


18.07.2014 11:10:15

Miksi suomalainen media on niin uskollinen Yhdysvalloille? Kaikki jenkkien suoltama soopa julkaistaan kritiikittä sellaisenaan.

18.07.2014 09:43:14

@tomsavory And who profits most from killing them?

18.07.2014 09:42:22

@TheMurdochTimes More likely American than Russian weapons...

18.07.2014 08:47:01

@JDRedding Same here. They should really start inventing new pretexts because the old ones are becoming way too obvious to believe in. #MH17

18.07.2014 08:40:02

@FearDept Don't forget RMS Lusitania, which helped you to get into World War I just in time before all others reaped the handsome profits.

17.07.2014 16:57:01

@FearDept @BloombergNews Well done, this should stir up some anger & fear to escalate war! It already started to look a bit lame in Ukraine.

17.07.2014 16:42:48

@oliver_wright @jyrkikasvi Oops, sorry, it was World War I, not II.

17.07.2014 16:41:12

@oliver_wright @jyrkikasvi Why did USA send RMS Lusitania to waters crawling with German u-boats during World War II?

17.07.2014 16:38:35

@SeaNick_ @JamesHible This could also be just another pretext for escalating the conflict just like giving Syrian rebels chemical weapons.

17.07.2014 13:04:40

@Jimkental You name-calling others idiots proves that your god is dead. Otherwise he would punish you. Love Thy Neighbour.

17.07.2014 12:11:51

@Jimkental @Greenpeace Sorry to tell you, but god is dead.

17.07.2014 09:23:42

It is not positive if you believe doing at least something is better than nothing, when the thing is causing all in all more harm than good.

17.07.2014 08:45:13

@wikileaks Don't understand why you bother playing by their rules when they don't. Laws are written by idiots for other idiots to follow.

17.07.2014 08:03:40


16.07.2014 20:19:15

@RicardoPatinoEC @wikileaks Human rights are just a bad joke. They are not respected nor enforced by any nation state. #humanrights

16.07.2014 16:52:56

@wikileaks Unfortunately also @UN is in the #USA's pocket.

16.07.2014 16:29:43

@wikileaks Sweden demonstrated once again how corrupt their justice system is by leaving Assange hanging on loose rope. Shame on #Sweden .

16.07.2014 16:09:16

@wikileaks That's pretty optimistic considering how badly corrupted Swedish justice system is.

16.07.2014 15:41:50

@wikileaks You gotta pay more than USA for professionalism. In every war the first victim is always truth. They publish mere war propaganda.

16.07.2014 14:57:33

@TerraFuocoCielo They gotta get rid of Palestinians to get the gas for themselves. Also tensions help their ally USA to sell more weapons.

16.07.2014 13:02:23

@KLFDesMoines @wikileaks No worries, he is already free: he is not afraid.

16.07.2014 12:31:25

@svengrundberg @wikileaks If they had nothing to hide and there was no wrongdoings, there would have been no need to kick media out. #shame

16.07.2014 12:13:35

@jhaklis Automaattisesti päivittyvä ftp-giffiarkisto Jiopissa näytti kyllä paljon mukavammalta kuin weeweewee.

16.07.2014 10:54:52

@wikileaks Hope she is not yet another corrupt Swedish fat ass sponsored by the #USA, but that's probably too much to ask for. #Sweden

16.07.2014 09:44:18

@Greenpeace @UN @guardianeco And at the same time keep polluting China with their solar power instead of #degrowth. Bad Germany, bad.

16.07.2014 07:47:02

RT @FearDept: In the old days we regarded journalists as pests. Now we think of them as our pets.

16.07.2014 06:48:38

Don't invest in Finland. A Finnish supreme court judge failed to separate a risk investment from a capital loan. #invest #finland #startups

15.07.2014 16:03:51

@RancidTarzie @FearDept No, that's the bullshit they use to reason spying :) Guilty until proven innocent just like constitutions state.

15.07.2014 15:53:01

@RancidTarzie @FearDept Only the guilty have something to hide, the rest are more than happy to divulge even their most private secrets.

15.07.2014 13:06:28

@Greenpeace @GilesParkinson @guardian ... assuming you want to promote polluting even more. Think #degrowth instead!

15.07.2014 10:51:27

The L-countries: Luxembourg and Liechtenstein #globalnomads #ttot #newblog #Luxembourg #Liechtenstein #photos #travel

15.07.2014 09:07:10

@JarnoLim @jyrkikasvi Sodat loppuvat sotimalla ja mitä enemmän maailmassa on aseita, sen rauhallisempaa on eli lisää aseita ja äkkiä NATOon!

15.07.2014 06:51:24

@FearDept Unrests in Syria, Palentine and Iraq are indeed starting to pay off. Congratulations! Maybe they will join soon NATO, too.

15.07.2014 06:04:41

RT @FearDept: MT @nevergiveup065 Pictures of Libya & Iraq, before @FearDept and after:

14.07.2014 20:19:21

@AssangeInSweden @wikileaks Can't help feeling pity for those clowns. Anybody with a thick enough wallet can buy verdicts like in #Finland.

14.07.2014 20:13:42

@AssangeInSweden @wikileaks Also the case of #thepiratebay was shameful: Swedish legal system is unjust and thoroughly rotten. #sweden

14.07.2014 17:25:10

@wikileaks Well, it¨s still better than using the same money for weapons and killing people, but burning it would have been more productive.

14.07.2014 16:01:44

@wikileaks No worries, #USA is probably funding that as well as the efforts of the Swedish (in)justice system. And they can print even more.

14.07.2014 12:25:29

Didn't have to watch TV yesterday to know that #Germany won. We heard subdued noise-like sounds about 30 seconds in the middle of the night.

14.07.2014 12:16:17

Bee happy

14.07.2014 08:01:04

@GreenpeaceAustP @Greenpeace @lwbean That's bullshit. There is no such thing as overfishing. Killing/eating any animal is outright wrong.

13.07.2014 11:17:03

Anything genuine or original is the most fake.

13.07.2014 09:30:26

@FearDept @Kampf_Kaefer Only when peace is more profitable than war, we shall experience world peace.

13.07.2014 09:29:50

Only when peace is more profitable than war, we shall experience world peace.

13.07.2014 08:28:50

RT @FearDept: Ukraine fired an artillery shell into Russia, hitting a house and killing one Russian via @Kampf_Kaefer

12.07.2014 08:38:33

Recent attack to #Palestine and #genocide is about controlling gas in #Gaza:  Yet another war on p̶r̶o̶f̶i̶t̶ terror.

11.07.2014 22:55:00

@club4degrowth @GaiaEducation @Earth_Deeds Yes: humor value. Even at its best, it takes focus away from the most important thing: #degrowth.

11.07.2014 22:51:53

@carlbildt @jyrkikasvi Not really. Not many old people in any African countries thanks to HIV, and the related myths that help to spread it.

11.07.2014 20:21:11

Think how much children waste time at school to study countries while they could learn how to get along with others without murdering them.

11.07.2014 15:25:49

@WheresP What if that what you perceive negative is positive for them?

11.07.2014 11:49:36

@gioyork @GreenpeaceUK Actually they already lost by having the video clip censored.

11.07.2014 11:47:54

@GreenpeaceUK @Greenpeace Upload the file somewhere, e.g. @piratebay, so that it can be downloaded and shared to make censoring impossible.

11.07.2014 11:35:08

@jaraparilla Great idea. All countries suck and we would be much better off without any of them. #antinationalism

11.07.2014 11:32:08

Where to get some toilet paper with the flags of all of the countries printed on it? #toilet #paper #countries #antinationalism

10.07.2014 21:43:03

RT @FearDept: Israel relocated Palestinians to lands above oil and gas fields. It was an honest mistake they're trying to correct. http://t…

10.07.2014 16:10:19

@Greenpeace @Shell @LEGO_Group The apex of #capitalism is not #monopoly but #extinction where we are currently heading to rapidly.

10.07.2014 13:23:46

Still wandering what is happening in Ukraine?  Read this confidential US diplomatic cable in Wikileaks (2008):

10.07.2014 11:07:22

30-50% of annual global food production is wasted while 1.2 billion people suffer from hunger. #hunger #famine #food #suffering #waste

10.07.2014 11:06:36

@Don_Karloss @amnesty Exactly. See @SecFear .

10.07.2014 10:34:52

@Don_Karloss @amnesty The problem is that terrorists are badly needed. They help to create fear and boost #US weapons sales.

09.07.2014 16:37:21

RT @wikileaks: Files on UK role in CIA rendition "accidentally" soaked in corrosive water says gov

09.07.2014 09:12:31

RT @AlcibiadesSlim: @FearDept in the World Cup of Bombing Defenseless peoples: Israel 450  Gaza 1.  US 98  Yemen 0. #FearDeptPartnersWin

08.07.2014 11:55:39

RT @GreenpeaceUK: Shh… @LEGO_Group bosses don’t want you to see this >> #BlockShell

08.07.2014 11:23:43

Losing #weight sounds like you miss your #fat instead of recovering from #obesity.

08.07.2014 10:54:42

@KarlSandstrom @FearDept Very true, so for stepping on your toes guys. Keep up the good work and god bless you your brave freedom fight!

08.07.2014 10:39:17

@KarlSandstrom @FearDept Perhaps a war on critical thinking and using ones own brains is also needed.

08.07.2014 10:36:07

@KarlSandstrom @FearDept Thank god history is written by the winners so the failures are omitted. Never read wrong versions of history.

08.07.2014 10:33:03

@KarlSandstrom @FearDept Go for nukes. The will multiply the fear factor on earth and also boost the sales of nuclear weapons.

08.07.2014 10:31:37

@KarlSandstrom @FearDept Remember the crusades 1000 years ago? What a glorious campaign. Just like Iraq when god told G. W. Bush to attack.

08.07.2014 10:25:59

@FearDept @KarlSandstrom It's all because of the evil infidel Muslims. You will need a war on Islam to fix it!

08.07.2014 08:45:04

@ItalObserver @FearDept ... while German banks get rescued by tax payers all over the Europe in the name of austerity!

08.07.2014 08:27:10

RT @FearDept: The more rights you give up, the more secure you will feel.

07.07.2014 16:52:53

Laws are written for idiots. Doesn't that make anyone following the law an idiot as well? #revolutionnow

07.07.2014 08:37:51

Bad food requires salt.

06.07.2014 14:28:21

The apex of #capitalism is not #monopoly but #extinction where we are currently heading to rapidly. The only remedy is #degrowth right now.

06.07.2014 11:15:45

@Kampf_Kaefer @FearDept Perhaps he would be safer in #GITMO? #suggestion

06.07.2014 11:12:06

@jyrkikasvi Kuulostaa yhtä asiantuntevalta kuin @SuomenPoliisi n s̶e̶n̶s̶u̶u̶r̶i̶ lapsipornoestolista. Vrt. #poliisi

06.07.2014 11:06:48

RT @FearDept: BREAKING: Israel has sentenced our young citizen to house arrest for the crime of getting beat up by their soldiers. http://t…

05.07.2014 17:18:13

@jhaklis Kokeile pienempiä vaihteita. Tarpeeksi pienillä sotkee vaikka pujottelumäkeä ylös.

05.07.2014 17:13:21

@ihp000 #Windows8 is the biggest piece of crap we have seem for a while. UI is horrible, it's fully of annoying bugs, and low usability.

05.07.2014 07:27:48

New quarterly (actually this time half-yearly) newsletter is out:


04.07.2014 12:01:17

@Greenpeace @guardian @GerdLudwig Is Chernobyl really the worst and not Fukushima? Are you sure?

04.07.2014 11:07:04

@ghazishami @FreePublicTrans Not a surprise. The only way to win a war is not to start it as nobody can force peace by killing other people.

04.07.2014 07:00:36

If #Kurdistan becomes independent, #USA will have another country they need to i̶n̶v̶a̶d̶e̶ ̶liberate in their war on o̶i̶l̶ terrorism.

04.07.2014 06:42:16

RT @FearDept: Individuals are entitled to all rights not reserved by corporate entities or abrogated in the name of national security #REAS…

03.07.2014 18:11:51

RT @FearDept: In the Spirit of the 4th of July, we'll be treating all US-bound passengers as if they're Terrorists

03.07.2014 13:52:20

@Greenpeace These one day for this and that campaigns lull people, but a real change requires permanent action.

03.07.2014 10:48:24

@GpBulgaria @Greenpeace So time to start polluting with solar panels? Bad idea.

03.07.2014 10:46:46

@peuhkuri Tuosta tulee mieleen vanha kasku: ennen jeesus ratsasti aasilla Betlehemiin, nykyään aasit ratsastavat jeesuksella eduskuntaan.

03.07.2014 08:04:27

@gpph @Greenpeace Much better to have a plastic bag free life....

03.07.2014 07:35:43

@gpph @Greenpeace No need for ban, it's enough just to stop using them and all other oil products. They all increase evil and pollute earth.

02.07.2014 15:24:10

@Greenpeace @Shell @LEGO_Group The chairman of Shell is the same Finnish guy who destroyed Nokia: Jorma Ollila. What else can you expect?

02.07.2014 08:08:30

@jhaklis Opittiin toi kantapään kautta. Kun saa kropan rikottua, tulee helposti kuukausien breikki ja sitten kaikki alkaa alusta.

02.07.2014 07:23:29

@jhaklis Sun pitää pitää välipäiviä, muuten lihakset ei palaudu. Nyrkkisääntö on 1 taukopäivä per 5 km + 1pv. Eli esim. 10km = 3 välipäivää.

01.07.2014 14:13:23

Do you know anyone needing a pet-sitter, house-sitter or work exchange slaves in Europe, North Africa, or Western Asia during Sep-Oct 2014?

01.07.2014 07:19:34

@Greenpeace @guardian @chinadialogue To tackle with this we have to stop consuming any products of Western companies that are made in China.

30.06.2014 11:15:30

@jhaklis Lämmintä olutta ja kylmää kastiketta, enjoy!

30.06.2014 11:14:47

@arikemppinen Kuulostaa samalta kuin Tsernobylin räjähdyksen aikoihin STUKin vakuuttelut siitä, että säteily kyllä kiertää Suomen rajat.

30.06.2014 10:23:51

#Japan is contributing cancer to all living beings in the name of progress:

Please stop that, you damn idiots!

30.06.2014 09:49:37

@Greenpeace @BusinessGreen That's a bit dumb as #degrowth is the only sustainable solution.

30.06.2014 09:37:43

@arinassi Kiitos!

30.06.2014 09:18:57

Nomadiväitökseni Tilburgin yliopistossa Hollannissa

30.06.2014 06:03:31

Päivi got her second PhD from Tilburg University, Netherlands

29.06.2014 21:52:28

@TerraFuocoCielo Thank you!

29.06.2014 20:50:24

Päivi's defense and graduation ceremony in Tilburg University, the Netherlands: #PhD #PhDPhD #TilburgUniversity #film

29.06.2014 18:55:36

Using scale is pointless because the weight depends on how much stones you have in your pockets.

29.06.2014 17:23:22

@BillGates @jyrkikasvi That "innovation" is already killing our planet by pollution. What we really need is serious and radical #degrowth.

29.06.2014 07:51:24

RT @wikileaks: US pressured Denmark to close Kurdish TV so Rasmussen would become NATO chief | RT Cable: https://t.c…

28.06.2014 15:51:09

RT @EFF: It's true. EFF and @Greenpeace flew a 135 ft. airship over the NSA data center in Utah.

27.06.2014 08:30:43

RT @FreePublicTrans: Capitalism the problem. #Peakoil the symptom. #Austerity the reaction. War the method. #Degrowth the solution.

27.06.2014 08:17:27

RT @FreePublicTrans: US funds enemies. Then sends troops. A way to keep a hand in all energy market sources and routes.…

26.06.2014 16:07:53

@Greenpeace @BBCNews But do the manufacturing pollute less, do they last longer, and can they be repaired? #solar

26.06.2014 12:58:28

@Greenpeace #Malaysia side of #Borneo was pretty bad 4 years ago when we lived there. Had 2 weeks with no rain. They cut jungle for #PalmOil

25.06.2014 18:53:51

@democracynow @wikileaks That is probably just waste of time. As the #bitch of #USA, #Sweden does whatever they order them to do.

23.06.2014 12:25:48

@Greenpeaceafric @Greenpeace Recycling is a scam:

23.06.2014 11:56:40

@Greenpeace @BarackObama Do you mean by signing Monsanto protection acts like this one: ? Don't think so.

22.06.2014 19:10:18

RT @FearDept: Our dollar is backed by a̶ ̶s̶t̶r̶o̶n̶g̶e̶r̶ ̶e̶c̶o̶n̶o̶m̶y̶ m̶o̶r̶e̶ ̶g̶o̶l̶d̶ a greater capacity for violence than any othe…

22.06.2014 07:20:32

RT @FearDept: Summer's here. We've issued "Warnings and Alerts" to frighten anyone foolish enough to leave. http://t…

22.06.2014 07:17:22

RT @FearDept: Gallup asked, which country is the biggest threat to world peace? via @sasha031

19.06.2014 04:58:37

@solidarityvigil @wikileaks Human rights are a load of bullshit. Only fools believe in them. Not a single court on earth that respect them.

17.06.2014 09:57:29

@arikemppinen Kiitos, pidetään mielessä!

17.06.2014 09:51:59

The world is saved! They confiscated our lethal 2 table spoons dose of olive oil at Helsinki Airport before we managed to end the world.

16.06.2014 19:48:31

@arikemppinen Kiitos kutsusta! Nyt ei enää ehditä, mutta seuraavan kerran poiketaan mielellään. Missäpäin olette?

16.06.2014 19:16:43

Revisiting Family and Friends in Finland #newblog #post #finland

14.06.2014 19:50:54

Uudet ihmiset vallassa eikä taaskaan mikään muutu. Kauanko säilyy usko demokratian irvikuvaan?

14.06.2014 19:02:09

RT @FearDept: Ukraine may be the first nation to use white phosphorous on its own population. So far, we've only used it on Iraqis. http://…

14.06.2014 17:10:41

@jyrkikatainen sössi Suomen talouden kuralle ja upotti sen velkasuohon. Palkitaanko hänet nyt kiitokseksi koko EU:n talouden sotkemisella?

14.06.2014 16:47:16

@arikemppinen Thänks!

12.06.2014 18:23:44

@arikemppinen Joo, ei sentään :)

12.06.2014 14:49:19

@arikemppinen @mikko Jep, M.U.L.E löytyy ilmaiseksi C64:n PC-emulaattorille:

12.06.2014 12:42:39


12.06.2014 12:06:39


12.06.2014 11:08:04

Terve ihminen ei sairasta päivää näe.

12.06.2014 11:02:32

#Americans should not travel. Otherwise they might learn how their government is murdering people all over the world and become #terrorists.

12.06.2014 11:00:54

It's a #shame how #bloodthirsty #Buddhists have nowadays abandoned #Buddha's teachings. #Tibet #DalaiLama #SelfImmolation

12.06.2014 08:59:17

RT @FearDept: Our support for jihadists in Syria brought chaos to that country. Now they've brought chaos to Iraq.  #MissionAccomplished

11.06.2014 16:52:33

RT @FearDept: John Kerry over at State got caught lying.

11.06.2014 11:02:11

@FreePublicTrans And to make people more afraid and destabilize world for selling more weapons and forcing countries to ally with their NATO

11.06.2014 07:39:23

#USA messed up #Iraq and they are still hurting very badly. USA should be stopped before they hurt others like #Ukraine and #Syria, too.

10.06.2014 15:13:41

"Suomi tarvitsee uskottavan puolustuksen"  ... ehkä sitten kun Suomella on ydinase. Sitä ennen voi syytää rahaa jenkkien aseteollisuudelle.

10.06.2014 12:14:08

RT @FearDept: To increase tensions in Europe, we sent two B-2 stealths (call signs “Death 11″ and “Death 12″) across the Atlantic. http://t…

10.06.2014 08:40:17

@jyrkikasvi Miksei sitten luovuttaisi kokonaan kunnista?

10.06.2014 08:37:56

@Greenpeace @TreeHugger That's how politics are done in Finland. Nobody expects any decision to hold, and always postpone them to next term.

10.06.2014 08:35:58

@Greenpeace @TreeHugger Future governments will have countless opportunities to revert and water down those decision in Finland before 2050

09.06.2014 17:19:50

@jyrkikasvi Tehokas hallinto <> byrokraattien määrä, hallintopalatsit ja verot. Nykyisin on ollut tarjolla lähinnä viranomaismielivaltaa.

09.06.2014 16:53:17

Do you need an awesome monitoring software that is also open source? Check out this:

09.06.2014 13:37:04

RT @FearDept: We had @AmbassadorRice admit that we've been sending ‘lethal aid’ to jihadists in Syria. via @JbJabron…

08.06.2014 20:17:09

RT @UNHCRUK: Top #refugee-hosting countries


1 #Pakistan

2 #Iran

3 #Jordan

4 #Lebanon

5 #Kenya

6 #Turkey

7 #Chad

8 #Ethiopia…

08.06.2014 18:50:31

United States bombings of other countries: #us #bombing #war #killing #murder #waronmoney #iraq #syria #Ukraine #usa

08.06.2014 17:26:45

RT @FearDept: Mission Accomplished. > With Libya's Return to War, Democratic Dream Is All But Ruined

08.06.2014 14:47:56

Would it be better if #Russia did not warn #Finland about joining warmongering #NATO, and just invaded Finland when it happens?

08.06.2014 14:21:25

@Independent @jyrkikasvi That thing is very easy get messed up. Just keep answering it yes or no and it starts repeating itself like retard.

08.06.2014 13:50:58

@KimDotcom @wikileaks If there nothing else but corruption in White House? Don't think so.

08.06.2014 13:50:24

RT @KimDotcom: Look at the White House corruption that destroyed Megaupload:


That's why I'm offering a $5M bounty t…

07.06.2014 15:45:10

RT @FearDept: DoF Scorecard: Bush vs Obama

Gitmo Releases

B - 532

O - 87

Drone strikes

B - 51

O - 330

WB prosecutions

B - 0

O - 7

Pardons …

06.06.2014 16:20:41

There are no #warcrimes, #war is always a crime.

06.06.2014 12:33:21

Yet another nationalistic sports competition to ignore: #WorldCup2014.

05.06.2014 11:43:51

@Greenpeace #degrowth

05.06.2014 08:10:14

Syria has a mutual defense pact with Iran making invasion harder for US. Is that why the western media calls Syrian elections "a disgrace"?

04.06.2014 11:07:30

@wikileaks Those bloodthirsty Swedes wanting so badly to be the #1 bitches of the USA.

04.06.2014 09:29:04

RT @AnonQC: SSL: The Internet security equivalent of treating AIDS with a potato

04.06.2014 09:27:53

RT @FearDept: C̶o̶l̶d̶ ̶W̶a̶r̶ ̶I̶I̶ ̶F̶u̶n̶d̶

L̶e̶t̶'̶s̶ ̶M̶a̶k̶e̶ ̶2̶0̶1̶4̶ ̶L̶i̶k̶e̶ ̶1̶9̶1̶4̶ ̶

European Reassurance Initiative http://…

03.06.2014 20:25:42

RT @FearDept: $1 billion invested in starting Cold War II could mean enough defense contracts to benefit every member of Congress. http://t…

03.06.2014 12:22:09

@Greenpeace @adidas No more Adidas products until you stop poisoning our planet. Thank you and good bye.

03.06.2014 12:17:56

RT @FearDept: CNN is covering today's e̶l̶e̶c̶t̶i̶o̶n̶ crisis in #Syria:

150,000 dead...

How fair...?

...A sham?


03.06.2014 09:28:26

Lehdistötiedote ja kutsu Päivin nomadiväitöstilaisuuteen Hollannissa:

02.06.2014 09:01:24

#USA: in #god we trust, others we #spy.

02.06.2014 08:10:41

RT @FearDept: Turkey allows its citizens to protest #Syria's government, but not their own. v @quinnnorton #BestPrac…

31.05.2014 17:41:06

@FearDept @FearAnchor You misunderstood. They are evil Al-Qaida operatives hired by Putin to destabilize the country for annexing it to Iran

30.05.2014 18:45:14

Euro on metrin

30.05.2014 15:27:40

RT @FearDept: During the drug raid we threw a stun grenade into a toddler's crib. What can we say? Mistakes happen.

29.05.2014 10:04:38

RT @FearDept: We spent 3 years watering the seeds of extremism in #Syria. Now some jihadis are ripe and it's time to cut them down. http://…

28.05.2014 16:00:34

RT @FearDept: "The U.S. will use [unilateral] military force ... when when our livelihood* is at stake."

– Obama


* our corporate partners'…

28.05.2014 14:41:58


28.05.2014 14:35:27

@mikko M.U.L.E. is the best of them. We have been playing it quite a bit in the past few years cultivating planet IRATA.

28.05.2014 14:03:12

@jyrkikasvi Selvää yrittäjäainesta!

28.05.2014 11:05:41

Finnish nature is beautiful & clean when the wind blows from right direction not bringing in stink of polluting paper factories&coal plants.

27.05.2014 18:09:53

Do you know some native English speaker to help proof read a scientific article and a scientific book sample for free or as a work exchange?

27.05.2014 18:05:07

RT @hostel_cr: Manuel Antonio, paradise on earth. The hostel is located just 5 minutes from the Beach, and right next to the...…

27.05.2014 16:59:25

@FearDept ...and people who are afraid are easier to control plus more willing to give away all their freedoms. It's win-win!

27.05.2014 15:41:48

@Greenpeace Stop using oil products before it's too late. As long as people buy their products, they keep poisoning our planet.

26.05.2014 21:47:28

Is there any single country on earth that is not run by the corporate sponsored criminals?

26.05.2014 08:33:28

Eurovaalien äänestysprosentti oli ylen mukaan 40,9. Tämä tarkoittaa sitä, että 58.1% piti äänensä itsellään ja äänesti järjestelmää vastaan.

25.05.2014 15:45:25

@wikileaks That's a very dangerous demand. #US might get angry and #invade them! Oh wait, have they already invaded #Afghanistan...

25.05.2014 13:42:42

False hope is the highest form of self deception.

25.05.2014 13:12:59

#Google and #Facebook are pushing people to give away their votes for politicians that are in their pockets. Are you sure you want to vote?

24.05.2014 11:10:23

RT @FearDept: BREAKING: A judge has ruled we can continue force-feeding the never-charged, prisoners-for-life we keep at Gitmo…

22.05.2014 16:45:40

Kävimme tänään turistikierroksella TTKK:lla, öh eikun siis TTY:ssä. Paikka ei ollut entisensä ilman Ilkkaa..

22.05.2014 10:42:27

@FearDept That's what you get when you place a US puppet king #Bhumipol to power and cheat ignorant peasants to worship him as a #god.

22.05.2014 09:12:01

@FearDept @aaroncynic Actually they were protecting people from becoming too rich and lazy for their own good.

22.05.2014 08:55:21

@CraigMWhitlock @FearDept They are preparing to i̶n̶v̶a̶d̶e̶  democratize Africa.

22.05.2014 08:52:15

RT @CraigMWhitlock: US military boots now on the ground for ops in Chad, Niger, Mali, Djibouti, Somalia, CAR, SSudan, Uganda, Congo, Kenya,…

22.05.2014 08:51:40

Äänestämällä huijaat itseäsi ja muita. #eurovaalit #vaalit

22.05.2014 08:49:24

#Salt is an addictive poison. Quit using salt for a few months and you will see what happens, and how sick you become when you use it again.

21.05.2014 14:07:36

Finnish police censors PirateBay EU parliament election advertisers: #censorship #Finland #police #eu #elections

21.05.2014 13:56:44

@gregorydjohnsen @FearDept Perhaps easier to ask who not.

20.05.2014 19:03:21

@MitroRepo Pikaisella vilkaisulla tuo vaikutti CIA:n sponsoroimalta sivustolta, joita on ilmaantunut myös esimerkiksi Syyriaan&Venetsuelaan.

20.05.2014 18:43:15

@Europarl_FI Emme kannata. Demokratia on silmänlumetta ja edustaa enemmistön tyranniaa. Vain äänestämättä jättämällä voi vaikuttaa.

19.05.2014 18:59:41

RT @FearDept: Our sanctions may shake Iranians' faith in democracy & help transform the country into a military dictatorship.…

18.05.2014 15:16:24

Confession and motive: #USA went to #Ukraine because of their #oil reserves

18.05.2014 15:10:28

No more snowing in #Finland, awesome!

18.05.2014 12:58:19

RT @FearDept: To maintain a supply of citizens desperate enough to kill for us, we've stabilized the poverty rate at 15%…

16.05.2014 18:04:26

RT @club4degrowth: We're at a crossroads: profit 'til collapse or scale back to survive. Which path should we take? @GuardianSustBiz http:/…

15.05.2014 20:41:05

RT @FearDept: Turkey's PM punches protesters and his aid kicks them via @__aysee_ #BestPractices #Leadership http://…

15.05.2014 13:38:32

RT @FearDept: As our corporate partners' trashing of the planet may lead to protests, we've made arrangements to crush them.…

15.05.2014 12:10:59

@MitroRepo Kiitos linkistä!

15.05.2014 10:53:42

RT @MoonofA: New on MoA: Ukraine: French Photographer Confirms U.S. Mercenary Presence -

15.05.2014 10:23:05

RT @FearDept: For us, the silver lining of #NSA leaks is that citizens are learning to self-censor themselves online.…

15.05.2014 09:11:39

@lzmuston @jyrkikasvi Who needs any saving when #Finland will have exciting military expeditions ahead invading countries like #Afghanistan?

15.05.2014 06:17:28

@MitroRepo Tässä on USA:n vuotanut diplomaattisähke, joka todistaa heidän provosoineen Ukrainan levottomuudet:

15.05.2014 06:14:26

@Calle_Haglund NSA-koplaus selittää tämän Yhdysvaltojen valkopesun Syyrian suhteen. Onnea jenkkien sylikoirana ja sotamenestystä Natossa.

15.05.2014 06:02:15

@TravelYourself Actually many places. The latest were Nicaragua and Costa Rica. Before that Hong Kong, France, Italy, Morocco, ...

15.05.2014 05:54:18

@TravelYourself Voted for you, hope you will not get disappointed. We spent a few days in #Trinidad-#Tobago and it was already way too many.

14.05.2014 06:40:59

It is snowing and ground is white. Oh fuck.

13.05.2014 19:34:45

@timoheinonen @jyrkikasvi Tuo Ukrainan konflikti oli kyllä Yhdysvaltojen jo vuonna 2008 suunnittelema:

13.05.2014 18:31:07

RT @FearDept: Everyone be patient. We're doing what we can to escalate the situation with Russia.

13.05.2014 09:16:58

"...kun vallalta evätään sen vaatima huomio, se menettää merkityksensä. Biovalta vaatii ... yhteistyötä, ja tässä piilee sen heikkous."

13.05.2014 09:11:47

RT @wikileaks: NATO was fully aware of how to bring unrest to Ukraine and did exactly that: #NATO #HATO #Ukraine #C…

12.05.2014 15:39:16

Durable Backpacks Are Designed to Break  #updated #oldpost #blog #savotta #123

12.05.2014 12:43:00

Vapaana elämisen taito (Atena, 2014): "Jokainen antamatta jätetty ääni on ääni järjestelmää vastaan."

12.05.2014 08:07:41

RT @FearDept: Our Supreme Court has refused to hear Hedges v Obama, thereby allowing your military detention without trial.…

12.05.2014 05:44:00

"Mitä järkeä äänestäjien on valita kopiokoneella tehdyistä puolueohjelmista ja jäädä odottamaan vaalilupausten rikkomista?" (Atena, 2014)

11.05.2014 14:35:13

@FearDept You can make peace by killing people.

11.05.2014 07:35:27

RT @FearDept: We did it! Viva la Revolution! #Ukraine

10.05.2014 15:23:19

@rbrowne Keep dreaming on and good luck.

10.05.2014 10:11:52

@rbrowne @mikko Yes, you efforts in defending the fundamentally faulty system are futile. The only way you make a difference is not voting.

10.05.2014 06:49:26

@rbrowne @mikko You can't fix it because democrazy is irreversibly faulty. For a change you need to voting and let the system collapse.

10.05.2014 06:03:18

@rbrowne @mikko Supporting the illusion of democrazy is like building a perfect sand castle, it's not constructive and creates nothing good.

09.05.2014 16:05:23

Vapaana elämisen taito (Atena, 2014): "Kun kaikkien puolueiden ohjelmat ovat lähes yhtäläiset, on sama ketä tai mitä puoluetta äänestää."

08.05.2014 06:05:50

If we are aware of the rat race and still choose to run, that is perfectly fine as a conscious choice instead of something given or forced.

08.05.2014 00:43:24

@FearDept It certainly is, when one is killing in the name of peace. And it can actually work, if you manage to get everyone else killed.

08.05.2014 00:41:50

RT @FearDept: War is humanitarian intervention.

06.05.2014 16:17:25

RT @FearDept: The American Dream is landing a job with an intelligence contractor.

06.05.2014 08:21:24

@rbrowne @mikko With the level of governmental corruption in India it is a true miracle that the vote rate is not way over 150% :)

06.05.2014 07:30:50

@jyrkikasvi @iltasanomat Suomessa on kielletty väärät mielipiteet. Kumpi mahtaa olla isompi paha?

04.05.2014 06:42:14

@JithinSK @mikko A highly educated Indian journalist confirmed that what many claimed to us, but we'll ask the details when see them again.

03.05.2014 15:57:45

@JithinSK @mikko That's what we were told. You need some papers to get it and those cost. It was something birth certificate or some proof.

03.05.2014 13:34:10

@FreePublicTrans It's very green to have pollution in China while the products are consumed in the West hoping it stays forever in China.

03.05.2014 13:30:59

@JithinSK @mikko How can those people who can't afford to buy required ID vote? We know they get papers for free if they sell their vote.

03.05.2014 11:35:02

@rbrowne @mikko We heard it from many Indians while travelling there. Most of the very poor are unaccounted and not visible in statistics.

03.05.2014 07:26:26

@mikko Actually the whole "India-worlds largest democracy" is nothing but a huge scam. Over half of the voters don't have required papers.

03.05.2014 06:22:24

RT @wikileaks: RoboCop movie's propaganda easter egg: "@Greenpeace attacked by @wikileaks hackers"

03.05.2014 06:20:51

@jyrkikasvi @engadget Soon we will be seeing headlines like "A software bug killed a pedestrian and two cyclist."

02.05.2014 19:50:27

@Aztecable @Greenpeace The good thing is we don't need governments, greenpeace, etc. We can be the change we want to see in our world!

02.05.2014 17:04:27

Äänestäjille olisi taloudellisesti kannattavampaa myydä itse oma äänensä suoraan vaalirahoittajille ilman poliitikkoja välikätenä. #vaalit

02.05.2014 15:32:28

@Aztecable @Greenpeace Well, then it's a perfect time to stop being hypocritical and start protecting all life equally, not only some tunas.

02.05.2014 11:32:53

@Greenpeace Why not to stop murdering all animals, not just bluefin tuna? They are sentient beings with lives as valuable as ours.

01.05.2014 15:44:36

RT @FearDept: We don't execute citizens under age 18 unless the President has signed off on the hit. We only kill kids for national securit…

01.05.2014 11:41:58

Help make it happen for The Travel House: A Free Home For Travelers on @indiegogo

01.05.2014 08:49:35

Kirjatohtorin uusi kuukausikirje on ilmestynyt tällä kertaa todella eksoottisesta paikasta: #uusi #päivikannisto

30.04.2014 15:55:52

@AtlanticCouncil @jyrkikasvi Not really. #Obama is doing his best to wage wars, right now in #Venezuela, #Ukraine and #Syria.

29.04.2014 16:57:02

@mikko @thecounter Are you sure that is not some kind of malware/scam? Often something that sounds too good to be true is not true.

29.04.2014 16:54:41

@BillGates @jrjohnson @SharkWeek Mosquito is far less dangerous animal than humans. We murder millions of humans and billions of animals.

29.04.2014 16:32:06

@WheresP Purovida or puravida? If you are looking for a hostel, check out in Manuel Antonio beach. Enjoy Costa Rica!

28.04.2014 15:45:12

@mikko That's very cheap. Any Russian patriot can afford it to avoid being stigmatised homosexuals without the off-spring #Putin desires.

26.04.2014 19:20:48

RT @wikileaks: Analysis of #CANVAS, US funded government-overthrow consultants present in #Ukraine, #Venezuela #otpo…

25.04.2014 16:51:17

@wikileaks If they could get enough strategic resources (oil and gas), arms sales, and military jobs, they might even give up waging wars!

25.04.2014 07:54:37

@StealthEntry @mikko Wouldn't it be even better to bribe some programmers or pay software houses to make critical bugs and open back doors?

25.04.2014 07:19:36

Trans-Atlantic #Repositioning Cruise USA to Europe #2014

02.04.2014 04:41:32

@KSvartholm @wikileaks @TheHowardLeague @Asher_Wolf What a bunch of idiots they are with USA pulling the strings.

01.04.2014 18:59:23

@AnonQC Bloody stalkers ;)

01.04.2014 18:36:08

RT @FearDept: We plan to wrap up the War on Terrorists by 2038 when we will introduce the War on Extraterrestrials. You'll want to stick ar…

31.03.2014 19:59:27

Back in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

29.03.2014 23:36:52

Earth hour sucks. It should Earth all-around-year. There is no other way but serious #degrowth right now. #EarthHour @earthhour

29.03.2014 16:27:19

Thinking about April fool's prank and had to check calendar for that. Guess what we found out? Today is Santeri's birthday.

28.03.2014 12:44:08

@RunawayJuno You believe whatever you want to believe. Anyway, good luck.

28.03.2014 11:16:51

@RunawayJuno To us it sounds fishy knowing the Malaysian regime with their track record of dealing with dissidents and fixing ballots.

28.03.2014 01:04:27

@RunawayJuno Malaysian airplanes have recently had a tendency of "disappearing" without a trace...

27.03.2014 16:53:00

@RunawayJuno Flying in Malaysia

27.03.2014 02:59:51

@RunawayJuno Not afraid?

26.03.2014 22:17:55

Why people can't sell directly their votes to large corporations but they must use politicians as intermediary and forfeit all the profits?

26.03.2014 22:14:24

RT @FreePublicTrans: US President says don't compare Ukraine to Iraq. One is about oil and the other is about natural gas. Get it?

26.03.2014 16:43:14

@Greenpeace @ProcterGamble So, why you keep advertising them if you don't like what they are doing? Just stop buying their products.

26.03.2014 16:21:02

Voting is opium for the people.

26.03.2014 13:43:06

@FearDept Countries thrive from fear. It helps to keep citizens on a short leech and within their grasp, and it's also good for business!

26.03.2014 13:14:22

Vote for a change: stop voting.

26.03.2014 02:52:51

@AnonQC Yes, not voting is a vote against corrupt system and that is the only way to get it fixed. When clear majority stops, they must act.

25.03.2014 20:59:24

@FearDept Exactly! Russian are evil, they advocate peace and non-violent conflict resolution. Very bad for arms industry and military jobs.

25.03.2014 20:57:16

@Greenpeace And why is that? Because people keep consuming and buying their products. The only sustainable solution is radical #degrowth.

25.03.2014 18:14:52

Being critical takes courage,

25.03.2014 03:50:35

@FearDept Expected move. Russia is a threat. They might have prevented the escalation of the crises if there was a venue for talks, like G8.

24.03.2014 20:03:22

RT @Internals: Who must be isolated? @FearDept @russian_market #FearForAmerica #Obama  #Bush #USA #Putin

23.03.2014 20:25:03

@Greenpeace @savethearctic Save the artic, stop using oil base products like Zeppelins!

23.03.2014 08:06:23

@WheresP The non-alcoholic variant is the best drink in the world.

23.03.2014 08:05:37

@WheresP Giving up the illusion of time. It is an artificial concept to stealing our freedom and enslaving us with clocks and time cards.

23.03.2014 00:38:26

Tietoverkkotrilleri Takaportti kertoi jo vuonna 2009 Windowsin takaportista (s. 25) #windows #nsa #takaportti

22.03.2014 14:30:47

@gpph @Greenpeace

21.03.2014 12:46:01

RT @AnonQC: #Microsoft sells your Information to the #FBI; Syrian Electronic Army leaks Invoices

20.03.2014 01:06:04

@AnonQC Bus is good, it pollutes less than private cars.

20.03.2014 01:03:25

Dental floss, second only to a toaster.

17.03.2014 13:35:24

RT @TerraFuocoCielo: Dalla violenza che lega tutti gli esseri si libera l'uomo che supera se stesso.

17.03.2014 13:33:34

RT @wikileaks: US ambassador: #Modi "insular, distrustful person.. reigns by fear and intimidation..  hoards power.. " (2006)…

15.03.2014 22:58:53

The best country in the world is East Germany.

15.03.2014 12:21:01

It is time to abolish the slavery of animals.

13.03.2014 13:37:22

@nowherenoone The ultimate security is to have no data you can't afford to lose and the best backup is sharing it publicly in the Internet.

12.03.2014 19:15:34

@nowherenoone 100 € is small price to pay for not feeling shit and keep thinking about Seagate, Let it be. Was it 2TB? They are the worst.

12.03.2014 17:44:25

@nowherenoone Might be better to let it be and avoid @Seagate in future. Their failure rates are double compared to e.g. Hitachi.

12.03.2014 16:58:59

@mikko Silly you. We, the people, are all terrorists.

12.03.2014 14:24:14

@MitroRepo Obama olisi oikeampi osoite vetoomuksille. Yhdysvaltain johtavat sotateollisuuyritykset kukoistavat Ukrainan kriisin ansiosta.

11.03.2014 19:18:43

@Greenpeace Better to start downshifting and reduce our own energy consumption to make dangerous nuclear power not necessary. #degrowth

11.03.2014 18:43:49

@MitroRepo Kannattaisi kysellä Krimin tapahtumista paikallisilta eikä uskoa Yhdysvaltojen sepittämää mediassa leviävää sotapropagandaa.

11.03.2014 11:40:29

Travel insurance is some countries visa requirements is insane. They believe travel insurances compensate something, or just receive bribes?

08.03.2014 18:07:37

It sounds only natural the peace prize of dynamite inventor, Nobel, goes to war mongers.. #nobel, #obama #putin #dynamite #peaceprize

08.03.2014 17:07:13

Google doodles are more like pooples.

08.03.2014 14:40:26

No Thanks To International Women’s Day #oldpost

07.03.2014 22:14:30

RT @FreePublicTrans: There is a big reserve of oil to be tapped. The oil wasted by cars every day.

#autosprawl #peak…

07.03.2014 15:57:25

Plastic is a miracle substance. It turns tap water into luxury and keeps advertising the product up to 1000 years on road sides and seas.

06.03.2014 11:51:08

@jimmynomad India appears to attract drug users seeking for chemical enlightenment, especially in areas like Goa where we didn't go.

05.03.2014 20:32:48

@jyrkikasvi @petterij Toivottavasti ihmiskunta tulee järkiinsä ja luopuu niistä saastuttavista häkäpöntöistä ja penisproteeseista.

05.03.2014 20:30:00

RT @ProfessorsBlogg: New published: 459 US-#drones have killed 1138 civilians (children N=214)| In meta-analysis of H-R reports…

05.03.2014 16:38:45

RT @FearDept: Good news! Tues our 4th, 5th & 6th largest defense partners—Gen. Dynamics, Raytheon, L-3 Com—traded at all-time highs http://…

05.03.2014 16:38:05

RT @FearDept: Estonian Foreign Minister *recorded* saying snipers hired by #Ukraine's new rulers shot at both sides.…

05.03.2014 15:05:22

@jyrkikasvi Vai olisiko kyseessä vain terve skeptisyys median levittämää sotapropagandaa kohtaan? Ei unohdeta niitä Irakin massatuhoaseita.

04.03.2014 14:36:57

RT @FearDept: This chart shows our bombing record since World War II. via @pronobiscum

04.03.2014 14:36:24

@FearDept For the sake our animals, nature and our planet, hope it will be the total annihilation of human kind with no collateral damage.

04.03.2014 14:32:20

RT @FearDept: Our Cold War II initiative is really paying off. Across the defense sector, awesome news for investors.

04.03.2014 12:32:11

Geckos - small, insignificant creatures with tiny brains - have managed to grasp the ultimate meaning of mankind: toilet seats full of shit.

03.03.2014 01:45:16

RT @FearDept: Lockheed Martin ($LMT), the world's largest defense contractor, is also trading at an all-time high! #…

02.03.2014 19:04:02

@FearDept Nothing has changed, except USA has replaced Nazis in almost every sense.

02.03.2014 17:13:34

RT @FearDept: Just as World War II was more profitable than World War I, we anticipate Cold War II will rake in EXPONENTIALLY more cash tha…

02.03.2014 16:46:18

Many Finns appear to be very scared about Russia right now and that is driving them to the arms of USA.

02.03.2014 14:25:22

@jimmynomad True. And that is not all. When you go to your train, they try to tell you the station has changed and offer you a taxi drive.

02.03.2014 13:53:41

@jimmynomad Go to the second floor to the foreign ticket office and before you get there don't believe anything people say you.

02.03.2014 13:52:33

What makes them so desperate to start yet another war?

01.03.2014 19:32:42

RT @Cephurs: 'Murica700 via @mikko @TrustyCon

01.03.2014 16:57:33

RT @AnonQC: Canada exported more than $80,000 worth of weapons to the Yanukovich regime #cdnpoli

01.03.2014 14:42:35

RT @FearDept: Weak! Obama wouldn't have asked Congress. > Putin Asks Parliament to Use Military in #Ukraine

01.03.2014 14:40:14

@jyrkikasvi ... toisin kuin Obama.

27.02.2014 19:13:27

RT @FearDept: Whereas the Russians had been propping up #Ukraine's economy, now that will be your job. > US Offers Aid to Collapsing Ukrain…

27.02.2014 17:51:11

Liittymällä nyt Kirjatohtorin kuukausikirjeen postituslistalle ehdit mukaan Vapaana elämisen taito -kirjan arvontaan

27.02.2014 14:53:52


26.02.2014 22:33:20

@SupermanTweets @Greenpeace @GreenpeaceUK We were in Borneo in 2012 and experienced there 2 weeks of no rain, unforeseen in a rain forest.

26.02.2014 14:33:21

@jyrkikasvi @linjaaho @socialrank That looks like some kind of malware or at least spam...

26.02.2014 14:20:43

@SupermanTweets @Greenpeace @GreenpeaceUK Not just shampoo, but all palm oil products including bio diesel. They cut rain forest to crow it.

26.02.2014 14:17:55


26.02.2014 14:02:05

@jyrkikasvi Tai kännykkää tai pankkitiliä...

25.02.2014 19:07:51

@AnnetteGerdstro @Greenpeace @GreenpeaceCA All life is sacred, all life. If someone has to eat flesh, better eat people instead of animals.

25.02.2014 15:29:25

@EnergyDesk @Greenpeace And you keep causing that by buying products that are made in China....

25.02.2014 15:00:30

@Greenpeace @GreenpeaceCA That is pretty hypocritical, unless you are not eating any flesh and products of any animals. They are all sacred.

24.02.2014 01:57:34

@MacBook and @Dropbox: the 2 biggest enemies of well-functioning hostel network. Don't use them in hostels in the 3rd world countries.

22.02.2014 16:58:44

RT @FearDept: Our media partners are busy tweeting photos of President Yanukovych's scandalously vast estate (though 3/5 U.S. senators own …

21.02.2014 15:38:04

Syria-Venezuela-Ukraine: can you spot the common denominator?

21.02.2014 11:11:10

Looks like #Cia has been busy producing #YouTube videos about unrests in #Venezuela just like they did in #Syria. Shame on #USA.

20.02.2014 19:04:09

RT @FearDept: Unless your riots have Western corporate sponsors we're not going to support you. #remember

17.02.2014 20:33:12

Vapaana elämisen taito

16.02.2014 22:32:29

@digitalvillages Luopumalla rahasta.

11.02.2014 13:15:58

Kirjan Vapaana elamisen taito traileri: via @youtube

10.02.2014 13:17:53

Earth would be a paradise without people.

10.02.2014 11:25:47

Äänestä Jouni J. videota (Impivaara Jones) osoitteessa

09.02.2014 02:12:35

@ClimateReality @jyrkikasvi If we get lucky, humankind will drown itself before it manages to kill the whole planet and all other animals.

09.02.2014 02:10:41

Education is effective to persuade us to sacrifice own happiness and sell our time for making others, who impose education on us, richer.

07.02.2014 20:38:21

@AnonQC And then those same idiots go to the Olympics or at least talk about them. If they really cared, they would not go and ignore games.

06.02.2014 21:22:21

@Greenpeace @climateprogress @c40cities Too much. But instead of whining you can actually do something and move out of cities, right?

06.02.2014 15:38:01

@MariaPetterss0n @jyrkikasvi Sellaista se on kun leikitään demokratiaa ja teeskennellään kansanvaltaa: aloitteet on tehty naureskeltaviksi.

03.02.2014 13:57:38

The hope of the humankind: voluntary extinction.

01.02.2014 23:52:09

There is no science fiction: science is fiction.

01.02.2014 18:30:40

We are looking for a #petsitting gig in #Florida in April. Have prior experience&references. Do you know anyone interested the free service?

28.01.2014 01:38:03

@paivisanteri PS. We admit we have played #angrybirds, but we were not dangerously good in that.

28.01.2014 01:37:28

Dear #NSA,


to which address we can send all our private personal information to show that we are not scary terrorists?


Thank you.

27.01.2014 20:26:23

@digitalvillages Puhumattakaan siitä, että viedään huomio pois kaikista tärkeimmästä eli leppoistamisesta, kulutuksen radikaalista laskusta.

27.01.2014 15:27:48

@FearDept @kgosztola They could just take the whistles away. No more blowing after that....

27.01.2014 14:22:39

Life may not be a zero-sum game. Animals don't have to lose their lives for us to sustain our lives. #vegan #AnimalRights #freedom

26.01.2014 12:48:54

@FearDept Terrorism

26.01.2014 01:53:57

We are looking for pet-sitting and house-sitting opportunities. Do you happen to know anyone that could benefit from our free service?

26.01.2014 01:41:05

Coffee is great, but because of bad taste it is better to flavour it with e.g. vanilla, and to avoid health hazards, drink decaffeinated.

25.01.2014 16:28:11

RT @FreePublicTrans: Time to tell your mayor that people have tools to find walkable towns.

25.01.2014 14:38:03

@WheresP Where are you?

24.01.2014 19:35:16

@FearDept Nothing. They would be too afraid that will be shipped immediately to Guantanamo bay concentration camp if they open their mouths.

24.01.2014 19:28:00

@FearDept Sounds a bit like Howard the coward when he was justifying participation in the invasion of Iraq.

24.01.2014 19:27:17

RT @FearDept: "[Snowden] represents unprecedented treachery… [He] continues to shamefully betray his nation."

- Australia's Foreign Ministe…

24.01.2014 17:09:29

@Greenpeace @Shell Quit using oil-based products, and we will achieve that. As long as people consume that back poison, nothing will change.

24.01.2014 14:03:31

Miksi äänestää? Se tukee vain valtarakenteita. Puolueet&poliitikot ajavat omaa etuaan. Äänestämättömyys on ääni todelliselle muutokselle.

24.01.2014 07:28:35

@jyrkikasvi Vihreillä näyttäisi nykyään olevan hyvin vähän tekemistä ympäristönsuojelun kanssa. Miksi äänestää vihreitä? Tai edes äänestää?

23.01.2014 20:21:51

#AskSnowden Is #NSA using Snowden as a honeypot to locate dissidents for drone strikes? You are safe only after you have murdered everyone.

22.01.2014 20:44:12

RT @Blondetigressnc: @Hakimyasin @FearDept @IanMcc6 Also, the west is criticizing the Ukraine for passing laws that we in the US ALREADY HA…

21.01.2014 22:06:00

@FreePublicTrans @Greenpeace @Burberry If public transportation was free, it would not require buying and hence it would be more ecological.

21.01.2014 15:28:42

@Greenpeace @Burberry Easier, safer & more effective is to reduce consuming drastically.  Whatever we buy, it pollutes. We need #degrowth.

20.01.2014 16:39:01

@Dropbox is an evil piece of shit in countries with slow internet. Makes internet totally stuck. Is that because it is spying you for #NSA?

19.01.2014 20:34:10

Consuming is polluting.

18.01.2014 22:11:57

Have you noticed that whenever someone connects a #Apple #Mac to wifi, Internet becomes slow and laggy. Is it uploading your data to #NSA?

18.01.2014 03:46:16

@FearDept Laws are necessary and valid only against the people.

17.01.2014 23:10:38

Break the law

17.01.2014 22:10:55

Break the law

17.01.2014 20:05:55

Break the law

17.01.2014 18:22:09

Break the law

17.01.2014 17:42:57

RT @FearDept: How many times the President used certain words in his #NSAspeech:

war - 17

terrorist - 12

9/11 - 8

totalitarian - 2

liberty …

17.01.2014 16:15:30

@mikko Could not resist asking him about how he thinks about gays :)

17.01.2014 16:14:17

@e_kaspersky @mikko How do you feel about gays, Mr. Kaspersky?

17.01.2014 16:12:45

@WhiteHouse @mikko More lies and empty promises on the way, better not to waste any breath or time to that bullshit.

17.01.2014 16:10:23

@mikko Sometimes people in Russia can be a bit totalitarian and tend to group-think. Maybe he is also afraid of gays, too. Ask him!

16.01.2014 12:22:19

Hit by a shit.

13.01.2014 19:14:43

A nation state deprives its subjects from freedom and rights in birth, and sells a fraction back against lifelong slavery and hard labour.

13.01.2014 00:41:31

Parisuhdekirja Onnelliset yhdessä

12.01.2014 20:26:04

RT @FreePublicTrans: This is why electric cars won't solve anything: what a car burns is of little importance.


12.01.2014 17:23:25

Racing the Rest of Central American Countries #newpost #blog #ttot

12.01.2014 09:06:50

We can end poverty today. There is enough colourful pieces of paper in our world to fill every pocket. The same applies to famine.

09.01.2014 17:57:11

Football would make a great sport if there was only one team that would win every time.

08.01.2014 22:51:11

It is sad to see how people don't see the connection between pollution and weather anomalies. Changes need to become way more drastic ASAP.

08.01.2014 16:24:49

RT @mikko: I have added an update to my Open Letter to the Chiefs of EMC and RSA:

08.01.2014 00:48:22

Planless life, freer life.

07.01.2014 15:14:43

@ianbremmer @mikko Funny, but from that list China, Vietnam and Iran are probably the only countries where the USA is not the root cause.

06.01.2014 21:57:33

@satuhassi @jyrkikasvi @HarriHaanpaa @SusannaKaukinen Noista LED-valoista leviää ympäristöön lyijyä, arsenikkia ja muita myrkkyjä...

04.01.2014 18:15:59


02.01.2014 21:11:29

Autoilu on hölmöjen hommaa.

31.12.2013 15:28:36

Day filled with a meaningless numbers and worshipping the illusion of time. Today is no different from any other newyears. Seize the moment!

30.12.2013 23:40:48

@wikileaks That's what some Venezuelans were guessing when we were there some 8 months ago...

30.12.2013 21:59:01

The constitution of Finland is worthless crap that nobody in power respects, very much like in the US. How is it there where you are now?

30.12.2013 20:26:25

@Sea_Devil @FearDept They have a new enemy, it is they the people.

30.12.2013 20:24:03

@FearDept It's not a war per se. They are being liberated from their sovereignty and free will to be a proper, free US-style democrazy.

30.12.2013 02:08:03

RT @AnonQC: Terrorist Identification Chart

29.12.2013 17:11:47

@SanastoInfo Kiitos tarjouksesta, mutta emme halua osallistua Afganistanin kansamurhan rahoittamiseen maksamalla Suomeen veroja.

28.12.2013 20:44:16

@FreePublicTrans That's great. The air there is so incredibly polluted and bad thanks to hundreds of thousands of cars blocking traffic.

28.12.2013 01:47:59

@RT_America @wikileaks Just like the media all over the world. There is no such thing as a free lunch.

25.12.2013 23:01:45

RT @AnonQC: Secret panel can put Americans on "kill list' - "White House refuses to comment"

25.12.2013 13:20:18

@European_Union @jyrkikasvi Well said. A prison just like all the countries in the world including Russia, Ukraine and Finland.

23.12.2013 18:14:56

No wonder Thais revolt. #Thailand is a military dictatorship run the by the US installed king #Bhumibol who also happens ot be a US citizen.

22.12.2013 12:16:59

Why is it so hard to see the connection between pollution, climate change and extreme weather changes everywhere on earth?

21.12.2013 18:06:54

Cars suck.

21.12.2013 12:34:20

RT @FreePublicTrans: The beauty of #freetransit is that it saves much more than it costs. A lot of the savings are immediate.

19.12.2013 17:37:39

@Asher_Wolf @SeaNick_ Have you ever heard of any government officials who are not criminals? Or politicians?

19.12.2013 17:36:26

Rich and important pollute more. Why on earth would anyone want to do that?

17.12.2013 18:22:43

@SanastoInfo @Eija_Makinen Eikä sellaista saa ellei halua olla mukana rahoittamassa Afganistanin kansanmurhaa maksamalla veroja Suomelle...

17.12.2013 14:27:27

@SanastoInfo Niistä on iloa vain Suomeen veroja maksaville. Esimerkiksi me emme saa lainauskorvauksia. Systeemi on mätä. #lainauskorvaus

17.12.2013 14:26:14

@Eija_Makinen @Tietokirjailija Niistä on iloa vain Suomeen veroja maksaville. Esimerkiksi me emme saa lainauskorvauksia. Systeemi on mätä.

16.12.2013 22:42:25

RT @mikko: When setting up Google's two-factor authentication, isn't it so cute when Google pretends that they don't already know your phon…

16.12.2013 17:33:09

The difference between money and paper is all in your mind.

16.12.2013 14:02:42

RT @wikileaks: Tweetstorm today for #Anakata - WikiLeaks consultant, extradited by Sweden, now held in solitary without trial…

14.12.2013 03:23:13

If you want to see enlightenment, get a dog. If you want to gain enlightenment, live like a dog. God is dog reversed..

14.12.2013 02:38:08

@KimDotcom But @BarackObama is very angry to North Korea for executing someone, so that makes his little wedding massacre perfectly OK.

13.12.2013 16:55:23

Lisää oikeuksia rikollisille:

13.12.2013 04:51:23

RT @firetomfriedman: The 15 civilians killed by "mistake" in Yemen today is more people than have died in US from terrorism this decade htt…

12.12.2013 21:05:14

RT @TorontoStar: U.S. drone strike in Yemen kills 13 en route to wedding, officials say

11.12.2013 16:08:24

@wikileaks How can the magazine loose something it never had? They are just lackeys of the power elite writing whatever they are asked to.

09.12.2013 18:32:01

@jyrkikasvi Koko roskasta pääsisi eroon ilman autoja...

09.12.2013 14:10:43

The ultimate success of a business: closing it up.

08.12.2013 18:06:30

RT @FearDept: When the IDF kills a kid in the West Bank the story gets reported (though not by our media), but when we off a Mexican nobody…

07.12.2013 23:26:28

Before #Mandela got power there was apartheid against the black people, after that it turned against the white people. Did anything change?

07.12.2013 17:58:16

Itsenäisyyspäivä pähkinänkuoressa: eliitti mässäilee verovaroilla kansalaisten palvovien silmien alla poliisin suojeluksessa.

06.12.2013 08:52:13

Today #Finland is celebrating #independency, once again with swastikas, and by whitewashing the legacy of war criminals and murderers.

05.12.2013 03:53:35

Something positive for everyone who believe in science: +

04.12.2013 16:16:38

@mikko The same applies to all reviews written in Internet.

04.12.2013 03:20:17

The best thing about #Christmas is that it can be ignored.

02.12.2013 22:01:25

@mikko When we were living there during unrests there the same happened. They censor internet in #Thailand like all military dictatorships.

02.12.2013 20:03:58

Waiting on a roadside for the right moment to cross the road while dreaming of a world free of cars.

30.11.2013 21:35:48

Humans are the stupidest animals on earth.

30.11.2013 16:18:21

@wikileaks Actually #Sweden has never been decent. It is a corrupted country, almost as bad as #Finland where the police stands above law.

30.11.2013 16:15:59

RT @brokep: For those interested in the flaws of the swedish legal system, you should read this document: (by @KSvar…

29.11.2013 14:29:06

Miss maailma? No sielhän se oven takana.

28.11.2013 13:01:29

Tens of millions of native Americans were massacred when colonising Americas. To celebrate this, please spare at least the lives of turkeys.

26.11.2013 16:33:34

RT @onekade: Obama says "we are a nation of laws" and so can't just stop deporting people. Law doesn't get in the way of spying and killing…

25.11.2013 18:35:36

Nothing good ever comes from money. Blessed are the poor.

23.11.2013 22:51:24

An execution of a jewish bastard fails and there is a big, long lasting fuzz. The same happens in Iran with a minimal attention. Weird.

23.11.2013 17:31:44

Lovely Belize #travel #ttot #newpost

22.11.2013 18:21:12

@scooptub Sure!

22.11.2013 18:19:33

@RunawayJuno That is actually one of the very few countries we would never visit as they accept only rich tourists willing to spend lavishly

22.11.2013 18:15:07

Home is a voluntary prison.

20.11.2013 20:15:43

90 companies guilty for global warming? Not really, those of us who keep buying their products are guilty. #degrowth

19.11.2013 22:14:17

@mikko With a fast colour printer one could have easily made over a billion in a year...

18.11.2013 23:40:24

Mexican Hospitality #travel #ttot #mexico #border #sancarlos #guadalajara #mexicocity #cancun #chetumal #bus #blog

17.11.2013 05:52:39


17.11.2013 05:50:27

@FearDept Usually it is enough to just disagree and be a dissident. These thought-crimes are the most serious ones.

16.11.2013 20:42:21

Postponing decisions into future is how our world functions in economics and environmental issues. Soon nothing is left to save. #Degrowth

14.11.2013 16:56:15

@endelostrelos Thanks! Yes, countries don't matter and it would be the best to see our world without any countries. We are all one.

14.11.2013 16:55:09

Consuming is polluting.

13.11.2013 01:31:45

20 Awesome Cities You Need To Visit In Your 20s: -

31.10.2013 05:49:59

@WheresP wot is World of Tanks. it is a semi-free MMO. See

31.10.2013 04:21:15

@WheresP Been lately enjoying wot obsessively and excessively. Now in level 8/10. There is no better way to waste ones life than gaming ;)

31.10.2013 04:07:09

Yet another volunteering&wwoofing scam this time in #ElSalvador "Tropical Organic Farm In El Salvador": #travel #ttot

30.10.2013 21:26:11

RT @washingtonpost: Two engineers with close ties to Google exploded in profanity when they saw this slide http://t.…

29.10.2013 14:08:19

Today began our 10th year on the road.

28.10.2013 20:54:06

Tony Espinoza fired and @Couchsurfing looks like it's dieing: #cs #c$


We are so grateful that there is @BeWelcome!

27.10.2013 16:33:37

@OverYonderlust Sounds excellent!

27.10.2013 00:25:31

@OverYonderlust Here is something little to read before becoming involved with that:

23.10.2013 21:26:14

@AnonQC Yes, then they can use the info to force judge's hand to do whatever they want in our constitutional state and democratic society.

23.10.2013 20:51:39

@AnonQC Might work if only the courts were not part of the same mafia...

23.10.2013 20:25:40

Today is our ninth wedding anniversary on our everlasting honeymoon trip

21.10.2013 21:12:35

@FreePublicTrans The great thing is that anyone can start walking right away and ditch their polluting tin cans. You don't even need shoes.

21.10.2013 19:25:16

@google @mikko Naturally sponsored by NSA like all Google products...

21.10.2013 04:51:09

@GreenpeaceNZ @Greenpeace If you really want to make a change, minimize your use of petrol-based products and consume as little as possible.

19.10.2013 17:33:31

@MrIvanJohnson @FearDept @dunablue How about arms dealers & arms manufacturers? War is better for business than peace. No money  = peace.

18.10.2013 14:34:48

Why are not all bastards conceived by the holy spirit?

18.10.2013 02:24:52

@FreePublicTrans Regress,

15.10.2013 14:02:03

@Greenpeace They might be immediately freed and deported if they told they were gay-friendly.

15.10.2013 13:51:48

@JulianKiani Nope, you need to murder the staff as well and take over their store.

15.10.2013 12:55:31

If one million people like this, we will do nothing:

14.10.2013 18:47:31

@gkrizek @wikileaks Unbiased? But unbiased simply does not exit.

14.10.2013 17:49:46

Injecting discord into national discourses makes the glass walls surrounding the societies momentarily visible.

14.10.2013 15:53:34

@SeaNick_ They should be as they might be future terrorists, you know. Everybody is a threat in society of fear. Obey and never disagree!

14.10.2013 13:42:22

Our nomad friend Rita is also looking for a house/pet sit for October in the Northwest US. Internet and quiet are important for her writing.

14.10.2013 13:40:24

Would you like to pet-sit a nice medium-size dog in #Guadalajara #Mexico on December 2013 for 3 weeks while the owners will be travelling?

13.10.2013 22:17:54

@SUNYLF @FreePublicTrans @Gazette_Edtior That would be actually excellent. The world without any countries would simply be awesome.

13.10.2013 15:24:35

@FreePublicTrans Yeah, the biggest genocide in numbers in the world history: the murder of the indigenous people in the Americas.

13.10.2013 15:22:12

RT @charlesfrith: Israel wins the Nobel prize for carbon and phosphor research

12.10.2013 02:53:32

Pelicans Fishing in San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico #travel #ttot #nature #pelican #mexico

08.10.2013 21:57:15

@AnonQC Why would they bust those whose pockets feed them?

08.10.2013 20:04:41

Oletko vakavasti otettava kirjailija? #ntamo  #ntamogate

08.10.2013 19:42:13

@jyrkikasvi Myös wifiboksit menevät vuorokaudeksi toimimattomiksi.

08.10.2013 19:27:52

Getting again used to hanging and lagging Internet connections in #Mexico. Wish we would not know about anything better...

08.10.2013 19:25:02

@k2gdub13 Just about the border areas. At the time there was no scurity concerns from Puerto Obaldia towards North, but there are no roads.

01.10.2013 21:52:25

We got new nick names from local Mexicans: perra (bitch) after refusing to buy souvenirs and loco (crazy) because we were jogging. #Mexico

01.10.2013 17:12:45

Päivin uusin Kirjatohtorin uutiskirje on ilmestynyt. Lue kuinka meidän hulluuteemme on Suomessa havahduttu:

01.10.2013 13:17:11

@paivisanteri #governmentshutdown

01.10.2013 13:06:39

Shutting down a government gives an excellent chance for noticing how little we actually need arbitrary bureaucrats to patronize ourselves.

01.10.2013 00:42:53

@WikiLeaksParty @wikileaks Would it be possible to stop posting this political crap through wikileaks? Please stop retweeting it. Thank you.

28.09.2013 15:09:33

#Exceptionalism sounds pretty retard.

27.09.2013 13:56:21

Avocados cost in the US $1 each, in Mexico $1/kg (2 lb).

27.09.2013 01:46:50

David Cesarani: in terms of the sheer numbers killed, the Native American Genocide exceeds that of the Holocaust.

27.09.2013 00:42:14

Hardships are a choice in life.

25.09.2013 13:38:04

Last night a scorpion came to our room and today we saw this #Tarantula

24.09.2013 22:08:15

RT @wikileaks: WikiLeaks: US at first warned Kenya not to invade Somalia (archive)

24.09.2013 19:43:26

@RunawayJuno Solution is getting rid of home. It is the single most dangerous place on earth. Most fatalities and injuries happen at home.

24.09.2013 14:54:52

@gp_russia @Greenpeace It's not a crime but terrorism because if you disagree, you are a terrorist. Keep up the good f̶i̶g̶h̶t̶ terrorism!

23.09.2013 15:08:43

RT @wlpress: US visas denied for plaintiffs wanting to testify against Chevron-Texaco. #Ecuador #WikiLeaks #Cablegate

23.09.2013 00:38:30

@RepublicanDalek @FearDept Fear is more profitable!

22.09.2013 23:15:54

@kurteichenwald @FreePublicTrans Car industry must be one of his sponsors. Maybe next he will outlaw shoes or something.

22.09.2013 20:30:55

Somehow it looks that the only party to benefit from  #Westgate #Narobi #terror #attack was the corrupt government. The whole story stinks.

22.09.2013 19:59:19

USA Without Car: Travel Information And Tips #travel #usa #nocars #ttot #greyhound #publictransporation #us #bus

22.09.2013 19:23:04

@mikko Funny. Finns are now attacking Kenya, too :D

22.09.2013 13:57:15

New photo album: USA Without Car #travel #photos #ttot #usa #NoCars

20.09.2013 17:17:50

@30Traveler  Nice :) This is our 9th year on the road on an open-ended trip.

16.09.2013 21:56:32

San Francisco looks and feels a bit like Guangzhou minus the pollution coming from the products made in Guangzhou consumed in San Francisco.

15.09.2013 00:01:40

@FearDept Democracy: a government approved and endorsed by the US. See for example Turkey, Egypt, Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Colombia, Panama

14.09.2013 02:38:12

Our shopping receipt today Friday 13th #diabolic #beast

13.09.2013 18:41:15

@Asher_Wolf @FearDept We could release all our information public, scan passports, IDs, finger prints, etc. That would undermine secrets.

12.09.2013 22:32:02

@FearDept What constitution? Wasn't it cancelled when Manning for crucified for @BarackObama's sins?

12.09.2013 18:46:37

@AnonQC Wonder why most Americans disagree with that. The country is run by arms dealers...

12.09.2013 18:43:28

@AnonQC Yeah, they are lame and pathetic, like always.

12.09.2013 18:26:33

RT @FearDept: We're alleging that Assad killed as many children in one chemical weapons attack as we've killed in 5 years of drone attacks.…

12.09.2013 18:07:41

RT @FearDept: .@AnnaNeistat Thanks for not mentioning our recent huge arms shipments to the rebels. Keep this to yourself:…

12.09.2013 17:44:57

RT @FearDept: When an imperfect foreign leader comes up with a disarmament plan, we have Human Rights Watch attack him…

12.09.2013 16:32:23

@Greenpeace Yeah, just keep buying stuff, consuming and driving cars :(

12.09.2013 05:06:50

@WheresP Nope, that is only for blogger. You need something else and they are all crap according to our experience ;)

12.09.2013 04:12:40

@WheresP That's what they always say. Have you considered using some blogging platform host like blogger? They have had 100% uptime.

12.09.2013 00:47:20

@WheresP Are you using an ISP or service provider, or running it on your own server? It looks like some kind of server configuration limit.

11.09.2013 23:30:00

9/11 would be a perfect memorial day for everyone to remember not to trust their governments blindly.  #conspiracy #usa #wtc #terrorism

11.09.2013 22:03:20

@WheresP Works again, it was just a temporary glitch. Here is the rest of the error:..being limited, Webmaster: please contact support. (9)

11.09.2013 21:59:36

@WheresP Have you noticed that your website is down:  User has reached the maximum amount of processes while ...

11.09.2013 19:09:01

@WheresP Freedom

11.09.2013 15:41:19

RT @SeaNick_: #911truth

11.09.2013 06:47:09

@incognito1570 Haven't had a TV, or even telephone for 7 years now, and don't read any newspapers. People are much better source for info.

11.09.2013 05:07:32

@incognito1570 @SeaNick_ We met a Syrian guy last summer in Turkey. His only wish was that US will not invade and make Syria another Iraq.

11.09.2013 03:26:08

@FearDept Thanks, yeah, no doubt. He is an idiot and if people in the US support his newest war, they are suckers, too.

11.09.2013 03:12:25

@incognito1570 @SeaNick_ Isn't it always full of lies, pure war propaganda?

11.09.2013 02:39:15

RT @FreePublicTrans: Europe: car sales down, happiness up.

11.09.2013 01:55:42

@FearDept Don't mean you, but the department ;) Why else would they eavesdrop everyone and spy even their own citizens. A bunch of chicken.

11.09.2013 01:54:36

@FearDept If that is a direct quotation, he is a moron. He gave the weapons to rebels for creating a pretext for yet another war on oil.

11.09.2013 01:50:51

@FearDept You could improve your logo by changing the eagle to chicken. It would be more realistic, being afraid of everything like chicken.

11.09.2013 00:21:06

RT @AnonQC: We live in a world where the diplomacy of a homophobic russian dictator overshadows a nobel peace prize recipient's desperate c…

10.09.2013 23:38:41

@markoforss @jyrkikasvi OK. Tuo vaikuttaa ihan yhtä mielivaltaiselta pykälältä kuin kunnianloukkaus, josta voidaan kuka tahansa tuomita.

10.09.2013 22:56:31

@WheresP Sounds like more fun than blogging :)

10.09.2013 21:52:07

Our legacy:

10.09.2013 18:59:58

@markoforss @jyrkikasvi Kuinka monta jätettiin tutkimatta?

10.09.2013 18:35:28

@markoforss @jyrkikasvi Mitä tarkoittaa "juttuja"? Rikosilmoituksia? Tutkittuja tapauksia? Syytteitä? Tuomioita?

10.09.2013 15:31:27

RT @UnToldCarlisle: #ObamaWasResponsibleFor droning children with hellfire missles

10.09.2013 05:28:39

Wrong, right?

09.09.2013 21:52:12

@jyrkikasvi What a bunch of idiots.

09.09.2013 19:18:24

@jyrkikasvi Mitäpä sitä ei tekisi vaalimenestyksen eteen...

09.09.2013 17:33:55

@Calle_Haglund Näin siinä tapauksessa ettet halua tahrata käsiäsi syyrialaisten vereen... Tietysti voisit myös kyseenalaistaa "todisteita".

09.09.2013 16:32:36

@Calle_Haglund Ei kannata antaa lausuntoja "todisteista", sillä USA käyttää niitä hyväkseen tuen osoituksina, lisätodisteena ja oikeutuksena

08.09.2013 21:54:20

Petition: give your money to @BarackObama  so that he does not have to attack #Syria and murder Syrians to make more money.

08.09.2013 21:44:49

RT @Today_LA: Protest Against Possible Military Strike On Syria Planned In Hollywood

08.09.2013 20:05:53

@Calle_Haglund Jos Suomi tukee USA:n aggressiota niin ainoa uskottava syy ovat lehmänkaupat Niinistön pääsemiseksi kylään valkoiseen taloon.

08.09.2013 18:39:25

@Calle_Haglund Täältä löytyy aikajana Syyrian tapahtumille, joka istuttaa ne vähän laajempaan kontekstiin:

08.09.2013 18:38:02

@Calle_Haglund Jos luet noita Wikileaksin paljastamia Yhdysvaltain dokumentteja, niin niistä selviää että tätä suunniteltiin jo 2006-2007.

08.09.2013 18:36:36

@Calle_Haglund En, mutta Yhdysvallat tuki kapinallisia ja aseisti heidät tekemään hyökkäyksen. Tarvittiin tekosyy sotaan kuten Irakissakin.

08.09.2013 18:18:03

@Calle_Haglund Tässä vielä suora linkki noita Ranskan "paljastuksia" käsittelevälle blogisivulle: . Haisee pahasti.

08.09.2013 18:11:28

@Calle_Haglund Kannattaa lukaista myös tämä amerikkalaisten oma arvio tilanteesta:

08.09.2013 18:04:06

@Calle_Haglund Ranskalaiset ovat vain "lainanneet" ja jakaneet amerikkalaisten sepittämiä todisteita:

08.09.2013 02:27:08

RT @SeaNick_: This is what a police state looks like. #Syria #NYC #NoWarWithSyria

07.09.2013 21:22:06

Peace cannot be made by killing people  #NoWarWithSyria #syria #nowar

07.09.2013 19:47:24

@Calle_Haglund Kannattaa lukea tämä juttu ennen kuin menee laukomaan typeryyksiä USA:n sepittämistä Syria-todisteista

07.09.2013 19:22:08

@SeaNick_  Excellent! Keep up the good work.

07.09.2013 19:21:49

RT @SeaNick_: Taking the streets. #NoWarWithSyria #syria #nowar #nyc #ows

07.09.2013 19:11:52

@FreePublicTrans It is sad that those people who drive do not see the connection with air pollution and roadsides filled with animal corpses

07.09.2013 19:00:26

RT @Ammar_Aziz: 'Chemical Weapons won't be tolerated' #Imperialism #US #Vietnam #Iraq #Syria #HandsOffSyria

07.09.2013 05:55:24

@WheresP OK. Finding an optimal time sounded just a bit stressing, like you had a must or schedule to do it.

07.09.2013 05:34:32

@WheresP Why do you need to write?

07.09.2013 01:15:55

@ETW_EattheWorld @nextamazingtrip @2TravelingMoms @TravellingKing1 U.S.A. You?

07.09.2013 00:59:35

@digitalvillages We have some contacts if you ever decide to move on.

07.09.2013 00:57:03

If only money could buy #worldpeace, or at least peace would be more profitable than #war. Hope we get rid of #money soon. #syria #obama

06.09.2013 22:20:51

@digitalvillages We know some people who have tried, got frustrated and quit. Can't really recommend. You can't rely on anything there.

06.09.2013 21:48:59

@digitalvillages If you want to lose your money. The country is practically bankrupt.

06.09.2013 19:33:01

@fransmayra It could be stopped if we share all our stuff freely with everyone without any encryption or protection, scanning passports etc.

06.09.2013 19:11:14

@ewenmacaskill Funny, he failed miserably to "find out" what it going on when he was back in the US, too. Why should he succeed this time?

06.09.2013 16:55:27

@30Traveler Are you on an open-ended trip?

06.09.2013 16:05:30

Happy Friday, it is the only day of the week that exists for us.

06.09.2013 14:17:25

@nextamazingtrip Watch out for your valuables and have fun.

05.09.2013 18:04:02

@mikko You shouldn't reveal state secrets this way unless you are ready to apply for a political asylum from Russia, Iran or Syria ;)

05.09.2013 15:51:32

@JarnoLim @jyrkikasvi Ulkopuolisin silmin suurempi uhka on USA:n epätoivoinen hännystely ja sotilaiden lähettäminen Afganistaniin.

05.09.2013 15:08:44

This article shows how all the current events in Syria were planned by the US many years earlier: #syria #wmd #usa

04.09.2013 19:05:37

@HuffingtonPost Wouldn't he be stupid if he didn't when the bloodthirsty war criminal Obama is scheming to murder Syrian people like Iraqis?

04.09.2013 19:02:40

@deanmeek That's what the Wikileaks released documents are hinting. It was all planned half a decade ago to grab their oil.

04.09.2013 06:36:17

RT @FreePublicTrans: U.S. surgical war: "The operation was a success, but the patient died." #somalia #iraq #afghanistan, #pakistan, #yemen…

04.09.2013 04:10:52

If you are interested in what happened to Nokia today, you might want to watch this film: #nokia #microsoft #symbian

03.09.2013 23:25:24

@ErikAssadourian Our approach is individualistic and we don't support any societies or nation states. We humans are like a cancer on earth.

03.09.2013 22:33:23

RT @jyrkikasvi: With $7.17 Billion Nokia Buy, Microsoft Brings Its Trojan Horse Home | Wired Business |…

03.09.2013 19:23:51

Syria, the next Iraq?

03.09.2013 18:20:21

@AnonQC Did you see this: . It's a good analysis of the French media betrayal.

03.09.2013 18:06:08

RT @wikileaks: WIKILEAKS RELEASE #Vietnam: 40 very sensitive emails from US intelligence contractor #Stratfor #gifil…

03.09.2013 17:56:20

@digitalvillages Meillekin ikioma Tsernobyl!

03.09.2013 17:52:15

@jyrkikasvi Suomalaisten Nokiassa mädänneiden eläkemiljardien tilalle saadaan talo, jossa on läjä tietokoneita? Hyvä diili... Microsoftille.

03.09.2013 17:28:47

@wikileaks First messing with politics and now with judicial system. Guys, you are support by those actions the very system you criticize.

03.09.2013 17:10:37

@mikko Breaking the holy separation of hw and sw manufacturers has always been the beginning of the end, at least in the past. It will fail.

03.09.2013 16:41:54

@Tietokirjailija Saitteko kokoustettua ja päätettyä laiteapurahoista?

03.09.2013 14:46:08

@Greenpeace In a limited space like Earth the only sustainable development is #degrowth, no  development. Everything else is self-deception.

03.09.2013 13:56:59

@WheresP The questions is more like do you want to do it. It would mean selling your principles & integrity to highest bidder. #travel #ttot

03.09.2013 05:11:37

@jyrkikasvi Tuo oli päivänselvää, kun Elop valittiin. Miehen työnä oli kääntää OS-kurssi, ajaa markkina-arvo alas ja liittää devices M$:ään.

03.09.2013 02:10:12

#EcoEveryday @kaskadia @FreePublicTrans @SustainBTH @enviroeagle @greenroofsuk @Ecotrust @e3network @victorrsmith @Pinnochia @ecochange

03.09.2013 00:43:23

@vishrutarya @Greenpeace The great thing with gifts is that you can give them without debt, dependency and exploitation. It depends on you.

02.09.2013 22:54:15

RT @FreePublicTrans: The United States: "the example not to follow.": Economy - John de Graaf | Center for Humans & N...…

02.09.2013 22:34:01

@vishrutarya @Postwachstumbot @Greenpeace We prefer gift economy.

02.09.2013 19:42:47

How we became #degrowth believers

02.09.2013 19:31:27

@vishrutarya @Postwachstumbot @Greenpeace You are welcome. Degrowth is poison for media and power elite and a real threat to the economy.

02.09.2013 15:46:08

@vishrutarya @Postwachstumbot @Greenpeace After living in China and seeing all the pollution there we realised it is the only choice.

01.09.2013 18:22:09

Have you ever wondered how to use car so that it does not pollute the environment and kill animals? #car #green #eco

01.09.2013 18:15:06

USA found out that Syrians had stolen the lost WMDs from Iraq. Go kill them all and don't forget to take their oil! #wmd #syria #iraq #obama

01.09.2013 16:48:50

@Greenpeace The only clean and sustainable solution is #degrowth.

01.09.2013 16:48:19

@Greenpeace Why do you keep bullshitting people that solar power is clean renewable energy? Shame on you.

31.08.2013 22:19:27

@mikko It is so easy and cheap to spy, just buy the channel and watch it.

31.08.2013 22:02:18

Usually, if a puppy is sick and bites people, it is put to sleep. In the USA they become presidents. #obama #syria #iraq #bush #sickpuppy

31.08.2013 19:23:12

@mikko Having own satdish internet connection abroad required bribes for a license. With satphones you could have bypassed the corruption.

31.08.2013 19:19:48

RT @onekade: The #NSA hacked into Al Jazeera's communications. No huge shock, given that it killed and imprisoned AJ journos.…

31.08.2013 18:45:54

Test do you travel like a Global Nomad #travel #ttot #globalnomad

28.08.2013 01:37:36

RT @AnonQC: 8 US soldiers whose horrific crimes got them less time than #Manning

28.08.2013 00:53:15

Use this FB application to see how many animals are being murdered for food right now: #vegan #meat #murder #flesh

27.08.2013 23:00:42

You can't make peace by killing people. That is simply not possible. #syria #iraq #wmd #war #obama

27.08.2013 20:05:05

@30Traveler Walking is the best option. The air is already crazy polluted so better not to increase it: #ttot #travel

27.08.2013 07:25:51

RT @wikileaks: "We acquired Carl Bildt": The man  Obama is going to see in Sweden to spite Putin over #Snowden and #Syria…

27.08.2013 06:16:02

#USA is to expand their #WarOnProfit to #Syria. Hope #Russia will help to prevent these western imperialist aggressions. Shame on #Obama.

27.08.2013 06:01:26

Remember the weapons of mass distractions? Now they exist in Syria, too. What an awesome pretext! #wmd #bushshit #iraq #syria #pretext #war

26.08.2013 23:38:54

What if vampires are suffering from rabies? #medicalcondition #vampire

26.08.2013 21:31:21

@conarelli @AnonQC No worries, the US has plenty of experience thanks to Iraq. They will fabricate the missing evidence. #wmd #iraq #syria

26.08.2013 16:25:57

@WheresP Here is a music video on the subject:

26.08.2013 00:27:41

What happens, if there appears a rainbow somewhere in Russia?

25.08.2013 20:14:37

RT @wikileaks: Syria: "Air intervention would[n't] happen unless enough media attention on massacre like Benghazi"  …

25.08.2013 08:21:33

RT @RVenalainen: An open letter from Nordic newspapers to Mr. David Cameron.

25.08.2013 05:50:08

@WheresP Oops, sorry, 7 years.

25.08.2013 05:49:02

@WheresP Congratulations! We've been 6 years without and it has improved our lives a lot.

25.08.2013 05:48:17

@WheresP Yeah, we were also thinking about going over to help them in the next few months, but not any more.

25.08.2013 05:46:35

@WheresP Same effect with all phones, too. Take the focus away from this very moment.

25.08.2013 05:42:00

@WheresP No idea. Another nomad was volunteering there half an year ago and had no problems or fees. He is trying to sort it out with them.

25.08.2013 05:40:59

@WheresP OK. Were justing thinking has #hospex worked so badly for others, too. So far no luck for us. Almost as bad as #Spain or #Vietnam.

25.08.2013 05:39:28

@WheresP Our friends volunteered to work for them for free, but then they invented a US $35 fee for volunteering out of the blue sky...

25.08.2013 05:14:59

It is not a virus or poison that turns people into zombies but #TV.

24.08.2013 22:21:18

Over 3000 have watched our Crossing the Darien Gap documentary (40 minutes, 2013) #travel #ttot #dariengap #dariéngap

24.08.2013 19:09:48

RT @AJEnglish: #Manning, #Snowden, #Assange, #Greenwald and the saga of the whistleblowers - on this weeks' @AJListeningPost |…

24.08.2013 01:37:56

@WheresP Have you used hospex in Canada/USA?

24.08.2013 01:21:10

@WheresP Remember that Sonati hostel you suggested? Our friends were going there and told it was a scam. We recommended it to them. #travel

24.08.2013 00:59:25

@robraws You are welcome. Happy to help and happy hacking!

23.08.2013 20:28:16

@mikko It's those famous little birds ;)

23.08.2013 20:21:26

Elämäni nomadina

23.08.2013 20:00:11

Watch out for the violent Finnish men !

23.08.2013 18:33:22

RT @AnonQC: It's Obama who should be requesting pardon to #Manning, not the other way around.

23.08.2013 15:45:00

RT @wikileaks: NSA paid millions to Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Microsoft to "help" cover "costs" of spy backdoors #PRISM…

23.08.2013 02:36:09

@RunawayJuno Here is our analysis of what is happening there #travel #india #rape #sex #ttot #arrangedmarriages #love

22.08.2013 18:47:02

RT @wikileaks: Obama DoJ Asks Court to Grant Immunity to Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld For Iraq War

22.08.2013 17:59:09

RT @ladygaga: The news of Bradley Manning's sentencing is devastating. If our own can't speak up about injustice who will? How will we ever…

22.08.2013 17:40:39

RT @GregMitch: Went viral yesterday: My full report on what Bradley Manning's leaks revealed--an amazingly long list.

21.08.2013 22:57:51

RT @wikileaks: UK forced David Miranda to give up his email and social media passwords on threat of prison http://t.…

21.08.2013 21:37:16

@jyrkikasvi Voihan arvon komitea aina vetää kynnet irti jos ne eivät miellytä.

21.08.2013 20:31:28


21.08.2013 19:21:17


21.08.2013 17:44:29

@wikileaks Nothing about #freedomofspeech and #firstamendment, the key points in #BradleyManning case. Freedom seized to exist in the US.

21.08.2013 16:54:01


21.08.2013 02:20:13

Getting from Colombia to Panama and Away

21.08.2013 01:20:00

RT @club4degrowth: Today's #overshoot day, when we've consumed more than the #planet can produce #sustainability #de…

20.08.2013 23:34:25

Your enemies are your best friends as they dare to challenge you.

20.08.2013 22:46:45

@club4degrowth That's otherwise nice piece of news if they were not at the same time promoting renewable, #greenenergy sources as a saviour.

20.08.2013 22:42:46

Agreeing is open-minded while disagreeing is closed-minded. Never mind.

20.08.2013 17:25:56

Do we really need more laws for the officials to disregard?

18.08.2013 17:14:43

@wikileaks You can get them from here with only US $32.

18.08.2013 15:19:51

@Soros foundation is funding research that promotes their interests. What happened to research that creates new knowledge & critical views?

16.08.2013 22:03:55

Why critical views are perceived negative?

16.08.2013 20:00:40

RT @club4degrowth: How many tweets w/ #sustainable, #sustainability, or #ecolabel are about #business, #growth, and #GDP versus the need fo…

16.08.2013 08:07:09


15.08.2013 17:55:36

RT @club4degrowth: Why air conditioning isn't the answer to climate change--those saying otherwise are holding onto the #growthMyth http://…>

15.08.2013 15:17:26

Free as a Global Nomad: Our Own Copies #book #globalnomad #nomad #travel #rtw #paperback #ebook #driftingsandspress

15.08.2013 02:51:45

English is less gender-neutral with mrs, mr, sir, madam, he, she, man, woman. They separate people, not unite. Why not to get rid of them?

14.08.2013 15:03:00

@Greenpeace It is all financed by the paying customers. As long as you keep buying oil products, you finance that. The choice is yours. #oil

14.08.2013 13:18:43

Fancy Brunei #oldpost #travel

14.08.2013 11:06:16

There can be no freedom as long as there are any countries left on earth to take it from us. #CelebrateFreedom

14.08.2013 10:59:34

@RunawayJuno We've been told that Finns remind of Mongolians and Sauna and Finns both come originally from Russia. #travel #ttot #Finland

13.08.2013 23:53:05

RT @jyrkikasvi: International Olympic Committee Forbids Athletes to Speak Against Russian Antigay Laws | http://t.c…

13.08.2013 17:01:28

RT @AJListeningPost: Interview with brother of Reuters cameraman killed by US fire - infamous #Wikileaks video | htt…

13.08.2013 11:24:15

@Greenpeace So, what do you suggest people to do instead of just feeling bad about it?

12.08.2013 15:27:31

Russian Rainbow gathering in Karelia #oldpost #travel #ttot #russia #karelia #rainbow #welcomehome

12.08.2013 15:11:44

@Alannad9c5oz Thanks for spreading malware.

12.08.2013 14:13:00

@Greenpeace And why? Because we keep buying products made in China. It is our fault and only we can stop it by reducing consuming, degrowth.

12.08.2013 13:41:16

@Greenpeace That can be done by reducing the use of oil and oil based products. It is a good start to quit using cars and plastics.

11.08.2013 17:52:22

RT @theangelwinks: EXCLUSIVE: CIA didn't always know who it was killing in #Drone strikes, classified documents show

11.08.2013 13:25:02

@WanderingEarl The CSS of your website didn't load a few times, but it looks like it was just a random glitch.

10.08.2013 22:51:22


10.08.2013 20:59:21

RT @Kallisti: NSA firing 90% of its sysadmins to eliminate potential Snowdens

10.08.2013 19:08:09

@mikko @jyrkikasvi Better terminate them, gags might get lose.

10.08.2013 16:41:57

Happy True Friend's Day!

09.08.2013 21:59:11

@GrungeJeff @wikileaks No need to thank. We have been seeing a lot of same shit all over the world: Thailand, Myanmar, Colombia, Panama, ...

09.08.2013 20:28:57

@driftingkiwi Uncle got MS from polio vaccine :(

Times have changed and so has pharmaceutical industry:

09.08.2013 20:07:15

@AnonQC Because sane individuals don't watch it. It is broadcasted for the idiots. Total indifference works much better against the system.

09.08.2013 20:04:33

@driftingkiwi E.g. the pig flu vaccines worked badly, had plenty of nasty side-effects & cover-ups. Will this be somehow different? Why?

09.08.2013 18:16:33

@in_camden Nope. When I click the link I get the error message. Is the any alternative sources or can be be censored in the US?

09.08.2013 17:14:39

@GrungeJeff Thanks. Last year we had a great time there and promise to come back soon, preferably near the harvest period. Loved the food!

09.08.2013 17:09:47

@driftingkiwi Write a blog so we can debate, or comment our blog! Want to learn your views, too.

09.08.2013 15:38:00

@driftingkiwi OK :) Had nice nice discussions in Kenya, Tanzania and Sambia (no SA) on subject and they are all included in that article.

09.08.2013 15:12:58

@driftingkiwi Have you talked with locals in Africa? Here is what we learned from them: That vaccine might not help.

09.08.2013 14:34:59

@GrungeJeff @wikileaks Yeah, Serbia is evil. They had competing businesses with the US so they had to be attacked

09.08.2013 14:25:42

@carlbildt @wikileaks @WilliamJHague What a great opportunity to fabricate some rape charges also against #EdwardSnowden & #BradleyManning!

09.08.2013 13:17:58

@wikileaks "Sorry, the page you are looking for has moved."

09.08.2013 12:25:45

@driftingkiwi Think about all exciting side-effects people will be experiencing! Malaria medication is one of the biggest scams in our time.

09.08.2013 11:29:28

RT @wikileaks: al Jazeera: Sweden's shame in violating human rights

09.08.2013 02:10:52

@driftingkiwi Everybody is terrorist who does not agree with govt. That is the definition of terrorist. Earlier they were called communists.

09.08.2013 00:12:29

@WheresP It's not good for anyone.

08.08.2013 23:01:54

Free as a Global Nomad: Our Own Copies #book #free #freedom #travel

08.08.2013 21:43:01

Our new friend Toby

08.08.2013 20:58:37

RT @stuartmillar159: Every line of Lavabit founder's statement is extraordinary

08.08.2013 17:53:59

@wikileaks The bad guys must come from North Korea, otherwise it is not credible and politically correct for Hollywood and the US.

08.08.2013 16:37:31

@adventurouskate Your country? We don't have any country and we don't give a shit about any country. Any more false assumptions?.

08.08.2013 16:31:08

@WanderingEarl @TravelYourself @Brendanvanson @ExpertVagabond @adventurouskate Tours are great for visiting the North Korea, but not for us.

08.08.2013 16:27:54

RT @LisbethQuass: Interview with journalist from Al Jazeera who was held at #Guantanamo for >6 years: His file: http…

08.08.2013 15:21:26

#Savotta accepted our challenge for developing durable backpacks that suit better for nomadic rambliongs

08.08.2013 15:19:16

@Greenpeace Might be more influential to stop eating in any Chinese restaurant and those who sell shark fins. Or even better: become vegan.

08.08.2013 14:21:45

@Greenpeace Time for all of us to take action and reduce energy usage and buy less products. #Degrowth is our only sustainable solution.

08.08.2013 14:13:41

Nation states adore freedom of speech, but don't tolerate critical views, dissidents, or whistleblowers. #Snowden #WikiLeaks #BradleyManning

08.08.2013 12:23:18

@ExpertVagabond Sure LOL

08.08.2013 12:22:39

@adventurouskate Maybe you could buy them some twitter followers to ease up their lives?

08.08.2013 12:20:24

RT @wikileaks: U.S. directs agents to cover up DEA-NSA program used to investigate Americans

08.08.2013 11:06:30

@Greenpeace Sustainable way to reduce palm oil production is reducing use and consumption of products that require it, and those it replace.

08.08.2013 10:30:14

@WheresP @VacayCanada Yeah, it is all about making places/things appear more popular than they actually are. It used to be called cheating.

08.08.2013 00:58:36

@driftingkiwi This going with only one plan: no plans :)

07.08.2013 22:24:38

@Pokie_Tango Too stupid to understand, sorry :)

07.08.2013 22:20:47

@Pokie_Tango This sentence: "Only if you have a negative view on life."

07.08.2013 22:20:21

@Pokie_Tango Don't need validation, just asking because you used the word negative and we wanted to understand how you perceive negative.

07.08.2013 22:15:38

@Pokie_Tango Not wrong, yes, but do you believe that other people share exactly your perception of what is negative or positive?

07.08.2013 22:12:41

@Pokie_Tango Sorry, but where is this comment of being high related to?

07.08.2013 22:09:19

@Pokie_Tango What if your negative is positive to us? Who is wrong then? And what if there are no rights or wrongs, just various opinions?

07.08.2013 22:08:13

@Pokie_Tango Sounds a bit like TRUST NO ONE :D

Dead serious.

07.08.2013 22:06:40

@Pokie_Tango Label, description, both work the same way.

07.08.2013 22:04:01

@Pokie_Tango She had been living there for a long time, not a new place...

07.08.2013 22:02:12

@Pokie_Tango The best is to have no labels, then people can put whatever labels they want on you. It tells always more about them than you.

07.08.2013 22:00:51

@Pokie_Tango For us the idea that it's the victims fault if she gets raped because she happened to be out later than XXX is pretty strange.

07.08.2013 21:53:39

@Pokie_Tango You should have told that to our female friend who got attacked twice in #India. The police blamed her for being out too late.

07.08.2013 21:52:17

@Pokie_Tango We are not really tourists or travellers, more like homeless loiterers who have been on the road continuously since 2004.

07.08.2013 21:51:11

@Pokie_Tango Thanks. Good to know and happy to get acquainted with people from there :) We lost touch when our friends moved to NZ.

07.08.2013 21:43:01

@Pokie_Tango For us, being open-minded and being critic do not form binary opposition Better being critic than tout.

07.08.2013 21:40:20

@Pokie_Tango If you have patience, update them to that blog post as a comment for everyone can enjoy them. We know many who share our views.

07.08.2013 21:35:00

@Pokie_Tango Travelling can be a pain, all the fun things forever gone: no more joints, booze, smokes, flesh, coffee, gluttony, ...

07.08.2013 21:31:46

@Pokie_Tango Yeah, true, in 2005. After 2007 no more cars... We were also eating flesh and much less conscious about environment etc.

07.08.2013 21:30:31

@Pokie_Tango Please please please update the facts, hate to have outdated information.

07.08.2013 21:29:51

@Pokie_Tango Cool. Our only SA friends got tired and moved to NZ. Are you living there? Hmm, women's day Sorry ;)

07.08.2013 21:23:42

@Pokie_Tango Are you guys from South Africa?

07.08.2013 21:08:59

@Pokie_Tango We saw a very different #SouthAfrica in 2005 where animals were stuffed into parks for charging fees.

07.08.2013 21:03:34

@Pokie_Tango Have you located alternative sources of income to support you?

07.08.2013 21:02:09

@Pokie_Tango Those can't be fixed. It has to be old enough to have electrical wires inside ;) Moreover, we got it as a gift.

07.08.2013 21:00:33

@Pokie_Tango Cleaner environment and animal well being are far more important. We dream about world without any economies & countries.

07.08.2013 20:55:55

@Pokie_Tango The only downside is that the alarm just died and we will need soldering iron to fix that. Loudspeaker wire got a bit loose.

07.08.2013 20:54:50

@Pokie_Tango Seriously speaking, we travel with fancy computer that can view us dates, temperatures and even time.

07.08.2013 20:51:42

@Pokie_Tango Well, it is all the same what day it is when every day is Friday :D

07.08.2013 20:49:15

@Pokie_Tango We never use cars/taxis but walk and take public buses/trains everywhere. Don't want to pollute and support such businesses.

07.08.2013 20:43:25

@Pokie_Tango We had, but it was just not nice not be able to come as go as we pleased. Seems it is still the same except in brochures.

07.08.2013 20:38:01

@Pokie_Tango Nope, as long as we book it for Friday LOL

07.08.2013 20:16:36

@Pokie_Tango Oh, ok. We got rid of the nuisance of remember what day is it by agreeing that every day is a Friday some 8 years ago.

07.08.2013 18:29:30

@Pokie_Tango What is that, never heard of it?

07.08.2013 16:31:16

RT @democracynow: How The @WashingtonPost's New Owner Aided the CIA, Blocked @WikiLeaks & Decimated the Book Industry…

07.08.2013 15:42:10

@ExpertVagabond @adventurouskate @TravelYourself Reason was was to see if the situation has changed. Seems not. Good luck w/ your marketing.

07.08.2013 13:17:40

@digitalvillages Toivottavasti ei räjähdä käsiin. Toisaalta, miksi aina pitäisi olla myytävää tai kasvua? Luonto kiittää talouden alamäestä.

07.08.2013 12:56:01

@digitalvillages Väite kuulostaa äkkiseltään perusteettomalta optimismilta.

07.08.2013 03:37:23

@RhysCrawley China's activities become pretty clear if you go there and try to google e.g. Tibet :) Internet connection halts immediately.

07.08.2013 03:30:49

#AssangeHangout "Not lying to voters would be a start" That's funny.

Q: Isn't politics all about lying and trying to obtain bribes?

07.08.2013 03:26:34

#AssangeHangout "I think it's important government takes responsibility..." That sounds like a politician talking which is quite sad.

07.08.2013 03:13:01

@Jaq_Reid Individualism is the key. Politicians pretend to help others when they are only helping themselves.

07.08.2013 03:11:10

@jaraparilla No, indifference. We need to get rid of countries, all countries. They are the source of the biggest evils in our world.

07.08.2013 02:52:00

@paivisanteri AFAIK the only way to oppose any system is total indifference. Everything else ends up fuelling and supporting it.

07.08.2013 02:42:57

#AssangeHangout Why do you want to support the corrupt political system by participating? Your participation will only strengthen it.

07.08.2013 01:24:17

@WheresP You will do pretty well as long as you don't try to hitchhike in front of an open prison camp like we did ;) #ttot #epicfailure

07.08.2013 00:55:41

@WheresP We made a not-too-serious hitchhiking guide after thumbing in New Zealand:

06.08.2013 22:19:07

@ExpertVagabond @adventurouskate Shady guys following my wife in a country where 50% of women have been raped and 1/3 has HIV. She disagree.

06.08.2013 22:16:17

@Tabathainkqp Spreading some malware?

06.08.2013 19:15:16

Was #Hiroshima the biggest terrorist attack ever on earth?

06.08.2013 19:13:58

#HowToResistSex #WhyToResistSex

06.08.2013 19:12:07

RT @wikileaks: Obama's new axis of evil (cartoon)

06.08.2013 15:34:37

Travelling in tours is like visiting the North Korea no matter where you go. You experience only what they want to show you. #TTOT #travel

06.08.2013 15:32:46

@jyrkikasvi Erinomaista. Mitä vähemmän kulutamme, sen hitaammin maapallo hukkuu jätteisiin ja saasteisiin. Käynnit Kiinassa avasivat silmät.

06.08.2013 11:06:16

@adventurouskate We have been there, but did you go there with a tour?

05.08.2013 22:10:33

Englanninkielinen nomadikirja julkaistiin: Free as a Global Nomad

05.08.2013 21:57:53

@WheresP If you stop by in Ohio until the end of August or Seattle on September and we can remove your hair. We travel with the machine.

05.08.2013 21:32:09

RT @wikileaks: The Manning Verdict: Obama's Defining Injustice | SPIEGEL

05.08.2013 20:20:08

Ping @SamuliSeppala

05.08.2013 20:19:41

@jyrkikasvi Maailma elää täydessä epäsuhdassa maapallon kantokykyyn nähden. Siksi talous, tuotanto ja kulutus tulisi saada romahtamaan.

05.08.2013 20:14:17

@jyrkikasvi aloitti 20 vuotta sitten. Tosin nyt virkavalta näyttää tahtovan, että Samulikin lopettaa yrittämisen.

05.08.2013 19:42:25

@jyrkikasvi Eikö toisaalta ole hyvä, että luontoa saastuttava teollisuus vähenee, paitsi jos Metso kuskaa tuotantonsa saastuttamaan Kiinaa?

05.08.2013 19:28:49

@TravelYourself @Brendanvanson @WanderingEarl @ExpertVagabond @adventurouskate Have you been on tours? We've done only independent travels.

05.08.2013 16:33:50

Some 20 years ago people used to defect from Russia. Now the tide has turned. #Snowden

05.08.2013 02:36:17

Updated the dynamics views failing fix, check the new instructions here #google #blogger #dynamic #views #fix

05.08.2013 01:05:41

@TravelYourself That's why we were asking ;)

05.08.2013 00:32:26

@TravelYourself We don't believe in news, they are just war propaganda. in both countries a combination of statistics and own experiences.

04.08.2013 20:32:12

@TravelYourself @SouthAfrica @flySAA_US For us it has been scary only in India and South Africa. Both are notorious for women being raped.

04.08.2013 19:04:03

@TravelYourself @SouthAfrica @flySAA_US You don't get followed there by some shady guys when you go to walk outside alone after the dark?

04.08.2013 17:57:29

@TravelYourself @SouthAfrica @flySAA_US Have you been in SA? How was it? For us it was a bit hard to cope with high rape and HIV statistics.

04.08.2013 17:12:35

@wikileaks They have to protect Nobel's legacy as the inventor of dynamite. That is why they prefer awarding war criminals. #NobelPeacePrize

04.08.2013 00:58:00

@WheresP No worries. If you are able to program, please join our programming team!

04.08.2013 00:53:47

@WheresP Yeah, shit hit the fan really hard. BeWelcome is 100% non-profit and it can not ever be sold for profit, the foundation is solid.

04.08.2013 00:45:44

@WheresP Are you aware of the recent wows in C$: deleting profiles, censoring discussions etc?

We like BeWelcome more

04.08.2013 00:41:24

Quite stunning to see so many people smoking in the US, much like in China 2 years ago, although in China the amount has decreased a lot.

03.08.2013 16:12:24


03.08.2013 12:39:47

Only explicitly #fake can be genuinely #authentic as it does not #purport to be authentic.

03.08.2013 11:31:24

The amount of flags indicates high level of nationalism in the US, a bit like it used to be in Nazi Germany.

02.08.2013 13:47:40

@Greenpeace That means everyone who use their precious little tin cans consuming oil and polluting to move around. #car #pollute #oilspill

02.08.2013 00:11:52

Which is more dangerous: pressure cooker in backpack or toothpaste in the cabin luggage? #travel #TTOT

01.08.2013 19:29:02

RT @RaniaKhalek: Police raid New York blogger’s home after she did Google searches for ‘pressure cookers’ | The Raw Story…

01.08.2013 12:09:35

RT @wikileaks: FLASH: Edward Snowden has successfully acquired refugee status in Russia and will shortly leave the airport.

29.07.2013 21:00:10

@30Traveler JFK was OK for budget accommodation in NYC, cost $0. If they would switch off announcements for the night it would be excellent.

29.07.2013 20:52:21

Recycling Tricks To Consume More #degrowth #recycling

29.07.2013 20:48:48

Backpacks Are Designed to Break #savotta123 #Osprey #Fjällräven #Deuter #Haglöfs #Halti #Rei #backpack #travel #ttot

29.07.2013 15:13:29

@Greenpeace The best thing is that we can all influence to pollution by stopping to use and buy cars. Let's walk and public transportation!

29.07.2013 14:55:43

Travel - Yagoloo chat room -

29.07.2013 02:48:59

Made a bucket list

28.07.2013 15:20:31

Celebrate #peace, not #war

28.07.2013 14:48:30

New York City Hike: Brooklyn-Manhattan-Central Park

25.07.2013 17:36:13

RT @wikileaks: NSA is the only part of the US government that actually listens to the people. h/t @diezauberer

25.07.2013 17:19:45

Work Exchange in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

25.07.2013 00:41:58


25.07.2013 00:41:30

@driftingkiwi It's probably enough to become vegan if you want to leave right away.

24.07.2013 16:09:16

There are already way too many human beings on this planet. It can not support all the pollution and destruction we cause. #RoyalBaby

24.07.2013 15:17:05


24.07.2013 13:52:10

Enjoying life as #vegan letting everyone live  #fb #application #animal #kill #counter

23.07.2013 22:28:38

Now also in Spanish: #nationalparkbackpackers #manuelantonio #hostel #hostal

23.07.2013 18:30:44

@netsolcares Thank you so much!

23.07.2013 18:12:15

@netsolcares Down again, please reboot. Thank you.

23.07.2013 16:11:08

@villoks @h_ingo Missä?

23.07.2013 15:09:43


23.07.2013 13:39:41

@jimmynomad They caught us by surprise with the prices and credit cards. We were advised how cheap it is there but that was just marketing.

23.07.2013 13:17:58

@Greenpeace No government will react as it does not profit them on the short them. People need to take action and first take back power.

23.07.2013 13:15:14

@jimmynomad Hope #Greece is no more expensive. 3 years ago thanks to #crises prices had skyrocketed. And no one accepted #creditcards. #ttot

23.07.2013 13:12:56

RT @Salon: Obama's "collateral damage": Report reveals Pakistani drone strikes have killed 147 civilians, 94 of them children…

22.07.2013 19:08:23

The #secret of morning #jogging is to go well before #sunrise when #animals are alive and well. After sunrise they will become #roadkills.

22.07.2013 18:36:21

@Greenpeace @greenpeace_de Wish they would block also shipments of chicken, pork and beef. All the living beings are equally important.

22.07.2013 18:24:09

@Open_Ministry @h_ingo The parliament was openly laughing at the previous initiative they received, total #ban of #furfarming in #Finland.

22.07.2013 16:51:43

@netsolcares Down again...

22.07.2013 14:26:03

@netsolcares Thank you!

22.07.2013 14:23:08

@netsolcares  is again down, please reboot the server. Thanks.

22.07.2013 12:09:27

Less industrial and more undeveloped countries have cleaner air to breath and less polluted nature. What an ode to DeGrowth.

22.07.2013 03:00:40

House-sitting in Managua, Nicaragua

22.07.2013 01:47:08

Welcome to Necropolis #trapani #sicily #italy #travel #ttot #video

21.07.2013 20:04:24

RT @TheTweetOfGod: The Bible is 100% accurate. Especially when thrown at close range.

21.07.2013 18:02:07

When you get richer, someone else becomes poorer. Using money, consuming, pollutes our planet. #Money is toxic #waste and mental #pollution.

21.07.2013 03:42:44

Book trailer: Free as a Global Nomad: An Old Tradition with a Modern Twist

20.07.2013 00:35:28

@driftingkiwi We are enjoying writing long personalized replies to all spams we receive in order to be less effective and productive.

20.07.2013 00:34:01

@tproger @h_ingo Quite optimistic to think there is only 117 left.

19.07.2013 17:52:59

@carlaraguseo You are welcome, happy to help!

19.07.2013 12:59:22

New review: Free as a Global Nomad #book #ttot #travel #nomad #free #freedom #globalnomads

18.07.2013 23:33:27

RT @NSA_PR: We're launching a new PRISM opt-out campaign, just go to http://███.███.███/prism/opt-███.html

18.07.2013 22:25:28

Twitter and Facebook as Travel Marketing Tools

18.07.2013 21:44:45

@PolymathPoet @wikileaks Actually everyone in court gets fucked. Luke 6:37 "Do not judge, and you will not be judged." + Love Thy Neighbor.

18.07.2013 19:38:19

@wikileaks Just like all trials are: justice is nothing more than revenge. Absolute and unconditional forgiveness is the only true justice.

18.07.2013 17:33:14

Twitter followers and facebook likes for sale: #ttot #travel

18.07.2013 15:53:37

@theecowarrior @Greenpeace Wish South-Africa had not turned from white apartheid to black apartheid with 1/3 having HIV and 50% women raped.

18.07.2013 04:37:13

RT @wikileaks: Will Australia now protect Julian #Assange? | The Courier #wikileaks #auspol

18.07.2013 03:55:00

@WheresP Congratulations for getting rid of the stuff.

18.07.2013 02:12:21

@WheresP Why not? Forgive him and you will feel better. We are all one so helping him will be helping yourself.

18.07.2013 02:10:57

Our publisher kindly asks that if you have read Free as a Global Nomad, please write a review to Amazon or GoodReads

18.07.2013 01:36:59

RT @wikileaks: Google, Microsoft, Yahoo to hand over data on over 100 enviromental rights activists/lawyers to oil company Chevron http://t…

18.07.2013 01:24:01

@WheresP Why don't you donate them to him? Anyway he is doing you a great favour by relieving you from your possessions and being possessed.

17.07.2013 23:14:15

@embedprivacy @AnonQC In a free world there are no societies or states, they are the antithesis of freedom. Just free individuals.

17.07.2013 22:10:10

@AnonQC They are real only if you believe so. All justice is injustice - revenge. Courts can not function without people believing in them.

17.07.2013 22:02:49

@AnonQC True, so does laws and courts. If you choose to believe in them, they become real to yourself. We are all one.

17.07.2013 21:54:52

@AnonQC Laws and courts serve revenge. The only real justice is forgiveness - absolute and unconditional forgiveness.

17.07.2013 19:25:11

@netsolcares Thanks.

17.07.2013 19:22:39

@netsolcares Again down, please reboot.

17.07.2013 17:07:12

In #Hollywood #movies people always eat crap that will rotten their teeth, make them obese and sick, but they still look healthy. #reality

17.07.2013 16:10:03

RT @SaveBradley: More than 80,000 have signed in support of whistleblower Bradley Manning receiving the Nobel Peace Prize:…

17.07.2013 14:53:24

@netsolcares Thanks for reboot. What is wrong? It is unusual to have the server down twice in one week. How do prevent that in future?

17.07.2013 13:38:26

@netsolcares is down, please reboot the server. Thanks.

16.07.2013 23:17:04

It is funny how in #films & #TVseries there is a lot of #smoking, but otherwise you never see that. #advertising #productplacement #image

16.07.2013 22:39:19

@Calle13Oficial The existence of any country is the root cause of all problems, not any single country. Get rid of them and we are all free.

16.07.2013 22:33:10

@wikileaks Venezuela felt the most free 3 months ago, and Bolivia 7 years ago. All the rest were the bitches of USA. #MiCasaEsSuCasaSnowden

16.07.2013 22:10:44

@wikileaks @Calle13Oficial It does not matter what country it is as the same problems persists with all the nation states. They are all bad.

16.07.2013 00:49:39

@Pokie_Tango That is a choice. You could also choose quite your jobs and live on the road, minimalistically, together all the time like we.

15.07.2013 23:23:59

@travelsofadam Murphys law says you lost it, but when you rewrite it, it will be much better than the original. No worries.

15.07.2013 18:18:43

@driftingkiwi We got rid of address. No more risk of getting any mail. That is a very good way to increase freedom, as good as no phone.

15.07.2013 15:00:37

RT @wikileaks: Edward #Snowden nominated for Nobel Peace prize #nobel #nsa #prism

15.07.2013 13:53:18

@Tony_Virtanen Trains work nicely with China, also in and out, but nowadays they are pushing their stupid and expensive bullet trains.

15.07.2013 13:10:17

@Tony_Virtanen Our experiences are based on what we saw first hand in China 6 & 2 years ago. China does not consume much, but it produces.

15.07.2013 12:06:06

@Tony_Virtanen  Much lower. China is crazy polluted, far beyond sustainable level thanks to Western companies making their products there.

15.07.2013 11:16:36

@travelsofadam Silence. It is the most beautiful sound ever.

15.07.2013 11:13:46

@Tony_Virtanen @jyrkikasvi We believe that DeGrowth is the only sustainable and viable solution. It is easy to implement on personal level.

15.07.2013 10:35:38

@Greenpeace The only sustainable solution is degrowth. Green/renewable energy sources etc. are a mere fools paradise.

15.07.2013 10:06:49

@jyrkikasvi How to stop climate change?

14.07.2013 23:43:55

@BarackObama and his administration is afraid of you, not Snowden #Snowden #NSA #PRISM

14.07.2013 22:57:37

@Pokie_Tango Why not to be all the time together?

14.07.2013 20:59:54

@Pokie_Tango Our home is wherever we travel, so we are always at home and never feel homesick. Earth is our home.

14.07.2013 18:48:53

@mo_draj He was very social and cute until Päivi freaked out.

14.07.2013 18:22:12

This huge iguana came to visit us

14.07.2013 17:40:49

Huge iguana is coming to our room.

14.07.2013 17:38:30

@Treksplorer @TrekkerHeck Is there still the funny billboard advertising Bolivian navy?

14.07.2013 16:37:14

@club4degrowth A planet no more reminding of a giant junkyard, breathable air in South-East Asia and the ozone hole over Australia gone.

14.07.2013 15:41:03

@WheresP Lucky you, you got the enjoy the moment instead of playing with the camera and worrying about how the photo will come up.

14.07.2013 15:36:43

RT @wlpress: President Morales says US intelligence hacked Bolivian leaders' emails.

14.07.2013 13:54:03

@DTravelsRound We were living in a condo populated by expat sex tourists. Were you alone? Perhaps it happened because we were as a couple.

13.07.2013 19:39:56

Thanks for RT @Arobas_it !

13.07.2013 19:14:55

Fix to blogger dynamic views failing to load properly #bug #fix #google #blogger #workaround #dynamicviews #template

13.07.2013 16:52:10

Often when someone is strongly against something, he is uncertain of that thing in himself. Is this the case with Vladimir Putin?

13.07.2013 15:53:40

@the_HoliDaze We are turning the planet into a giant junkyard...

13.07.2013 15:37:05

@Suitcases2 If you have found such places, please share them! So far we have failed to find any ethical nurseries.

13.07.2013 14:51:51

Do you prefer energy saving bulbs? #green #eco #degrowth #scam #pollution #superpoison #save #energy #lightbulb

13.07.2013 14:46:24

@WheresP Yeah, you are right, not bad. We might check it when we go to Nicaragua next time.

13.07.2013 14:30:53

@WheresP Read about them in Nicaragua. Can't access environmental program to check it: A nomad friend went there.

13.07.2013 13:28:30

@WheresP Good morning!

13.07.2013 13:03:24

@Suitcases2 None. They exploit animals to make money. Almost as bad as zoo or safari. Don't want to support such activities. What are yours?

13.07.2013 13:01:07

@TLWH Easier to avoid all restaurants. When you cook by yourself, you know exactly what you eat, it is cheaper and no unpleasant surprises.

13.07.2013 12:22:39

Today morning we saw a #tapir youngling that got road-#killed. Here is a much better way to use cars #car #video

13.07.2013 05:34:11

@netsolcares Thanks a lot for the info!

13.07.2013 05:04:20

The only sustainable growth is degrowth

13.07.2013 04:58:44

@netsolcares This server is down, please reboot it: Thanks!

13.07.2013 04:52:56

#NSA is helping people by #protecting them from their #privacy.

13.07.2013 04:36:12

@GreenGlobalTrvl @holeinthedonut They are not secrets, just google. Degrowth is much better than the fools' paradise of solar panels.

13.07.2013 02:57:55

@DTravelsRound #ChiangMai & #PhnomPenh, the only cities where we lived over 6 months and didn't make any friends. Hospex is dead there, too.

13.07.2013 01:04:13

Looks like we managed to get blogger dynamic views problem fixed by changing JS timeout timing. Yehaa!

13.07.2013 00:11:54

@Suitcases2 That being remembered after we are gone thing is driving us to pollute the planet like crazy, so our legacy is a giant junkyard.

12.07.2013 23:41:48

@blogger, or at least someone claiming to be affiliated with #blogger finally reacted to the #dynamicviews #bug:

12.07.2013 23:12:28

@Youssef_Kobo yes, that is it: don't think, just do. There is enough people in the world who just think and think and never do anything.

12.07.2013 22:58:46

@holeinthedonut @GreenGlobalTrvl Otherwise excellent, but...

12.07.2013 22:21:09

@angelatravels11 @theplanetd Good reviews where? Hope not in tripadvisor:

12.07.2013 22:05:42

@theplanetd For us: it is more than just an accommodation, e.g. making friends, living with locals (hospex), house-sit, work exchange, free.

12.07.2013 21:53:22

@Youssef_Kobo Don't think it.

12.07.2013 21:25:14

@GoSeeWrite @ReineOG It has been quite obvious for some time. When they are ready, it will be a death kiss to websites like #tripadvisor.

12.07.2013 20:55:21

RT @imillhiser: This is my tampon. There are many like it, but this one is mine. My tampon is my best friend. It is my life. #hb2

12.07.2013 20:02:14

@WheresP We are still looking for such a hostel, so far no luck. Regarding volunteering we are quite sceptical.

12.07.2013 18:50:23

@WheresP See this for more information about critical vs. negative and tourism as advertising: #travel #ttot #oldpost

12.07.2013 18:49:11

@WheresP Critical yes, negative only if you want to see/perceive it that way. We have no urge to advertise anything and no affiliations.

12.07.2013 18:46:52

@WheresP Hostels (and generally tourism) are not the places for any of such activities. Hospex might work much better

12.07.2013 18:13:27

@WheresP They are all the same old same old fake stuff created to depart travellers from their money, rock piles of all shapes and forms.

12.07.2013 18:06:38

@WheresP That could be pretty boring. People going from hostel to another, talking the same talks, and then forgetting everyone they met.

12.07.2013 17:55:21

@rtwdave Lucky you, total freedom in life assuming you left also phone to the room :D

12.07.2013 16:57:20

Do paid followers RT and favourite tweets or are they a mere passive show-off in the profile?

12.07.2013 16:55:47

@Suitcases2 We liked walking there at night. In the morning they collect all the trash. We not not so much into architecture and rock piles.

12.07.2013 16:34:38

@Ayngelina Yes, just like all other destinations and #worldheritagesights. #Responsible travellers don't go to see them, they look photos.

12.07.2013 16:20:17

@Suitcases2 There was more trash in Buenos Aires than in any other city we have see, It's the trash capital of the world right after Sicily.

12.07.2013 15:55:46

@JasonAndAracely @mashable Human rights are the joke of the century.

12.07.2013 15:54:29

Everyone is spamming photos, blogs etc, nothing that matters. Don't be afraid of sharing views and talking real issues. Get real, people!

12.07.2013 06:37:16

@amzkiz SEO is a bait to push it, and forcing people using other google services to sign-up g+ as well. Pretty desperate and doomed to fail.

12.07.2013 05:35:38

@Suitcases2 Can't forget those huge piles of trash spread all over by cartoneros in the Centro at night, and rats jumping all over them.

12.07.2013 05:31:30

@amzkiz Why did you join? So far we have heard about only one happy use so it seems to be pretty dead compared to FB.

12.07.2013 03:45:21

@OverYonderlust Are you on some chat like FB or gtalk? Perhaps we could continue this discussion there.

12.07.2013 03:40:33

@OverYonderlust Hmm. What are you biggest costs other than the rent? Work exchange can work without passive income, too.

12.07.2013 03:35:46

@OverYonderlust $300 is quite a lot. We usually pay $150 or less. We have sorted out the income problem by cutting down our costs.

12.07.2013 03:29:30

@OverYonderlust Keeping a house somewhere (or home) can be quite expensive. Have you though about doing work exchange? And/or house-sitts?

12.07.2013 02:10:02

@NomadicSamuel @GreenGlobalTrvl Could not actually spot anything green or eco-friendly from those. No degrowth there.

12.07.2013 01:18:41

@driftingkiwi Airports are secure, clean, have free wifi and no cost. Just bring along your camping mattress and water kettle for cooking.

12.07.2013 01:11:51

@driftingkiwi We've done a week or so a few times e.g. in KLIA and nobody got upset. There are in many places people who live in airports.

12.07.2013 01:03:59

@driftingkiwi If you user hospex, there is one great but he is not around on August either. We decided to camp on floor in JFK.

12.07.2013 00:11:39

@umarket Or an addiction, that drives you to work so that you are able to pay for it, just like alcohol and other drugs.

11.07.2013 23:18:14

Thanks for RT @usetrippy!

11.07.2013 22:17:51

@OverYonderlust Why don't you just get rid of everything and hit the road? Life becomes pretty cheap if you don't work.

11.07.2013 20:28:03

#Potato tree, very rare shot from #Uruguay

11.07.2013 18:13:26

@rtwdave That's one of the biggest negatives of sedentary life. Hope we will soon get rid of all countries and borders.

11.07.2013 18:05:43

Critical Eye On Tourism

11.07.2013 16:43:51

A life on your own term, free as a Global Nomad #book #nomad #globalnomad #nomadic #free #freedom #global #lifestyle

11.07.2013 15:16:05

#SolarPanels and energy saving bulbs are not as green as we think. Only #DeGrowth can #SaveOurPlanet #green #eco #bio

11.07.2013 02:16:27

All you ever wanted to know about French cheese #travel #cheese #france #foodie

11.07.2013 00:02:09

Link to the TOP 100 travel websites list and your website is guaranteed to be in the #1 position: #top100 #list #ttot

10.07.2013 21:35:44

RT @Suitcases2: Who's behind Suitcase Stories? Glad you asked :) Our story -

10.07.2013 19:48:14

The theme of the day: programming php.

10.07.2013 19:32:32

@anthonyasael What's up?

10.07.2013 14:35:50


10.07.2013 02:06:34

Nothing is more important than travelling and even that is not important.

10.07.2013 02:02:24

@WorldLillie Oh, ok. Thanks for the information. Can't help much with that as we believe in unlearning instead of learning and teaching.

09.07.2013 23:47:12

@WorldLillie Sorry for newbie question, but what means finding followers? We have understood that followers find you unless they are bought.

09.07.2013 23:14:51

New video&photos page @ Comments welcome!

09.07.2013 21:12:47

Our travel photos, 116 albums and thousands of photos, free for everyone to use: #photos #travel #free #nocopyright

09.07.2013 20:47:31

Natural Medicine in Masatepe, Nicaragua #video

09.07.2013 19:53:02

RT @Suitcases2: “People travel to faraway places to watch, in fascination, the kind of people they ignore at home.” – Dagobert D. Runes

09.07.2013 18:30:34

RT @Youssef_Kobo: The Israeli army - the guys who've killed 1,547 Palestinian children in the past 12 yrs - are wishing the muslim world a …

09.07.2013 17:58:27

@krmaher @jyrkikasvi @ashk4n That assumption forms the basis of all western democracies nowadays.

09.07.2013 17:53:50

Time exists only if you choose not to stop believing in it.

09.07.2013 16:27:40

@the_HoliDaze We saw in Kenya that they didn't survive. What is left is a bunch of clowns performing for tourists for a few slices of toast.

09.07.2013 15:16:45

#Ecofriendly is mostly #egofriendly as eco-minded care about their own #health and not so much about #environment and #nature. #green #ttot

09.07.2013 14:28:38

Happy True Friends Day Everyone!

09.07.2013 13:52:41

How to deal with Malaria and Malaria medication in the risky areas like Africa

09.07.2013 03:56:34

Interview of Cindie Cohagan

09.07.2013 03:14:08

@peggy_tee More a nuisance. Need constant charging, sim cards, attract thieves and take the focus away from travelling and the very moment.

09.07.2013 03:12:18

@RunawayJuno Our favourite class. Less bedbugs than in higher classes and less transvestites showing their penises than in lower classes.

09.07.2013 02:52:05

Courts serve revenge. The only justice is absolutely, unconditional forgiveness.

09.07.2013 01:36:59

La Habanera: The Escape From The Rat Race #free #book #ebook

08.07.2013 21:54:23

Bunch of new photos and a slider script in :

08.07.2013 21:30:23

@Laveraae6vwc thanks for spreading malware!

08.07.2013 21:21:42

@chris2x Isn't there already enough pollution in China from all those gadgets that are made there? It will not stay there forever.

08.07.2013 21:09:17

@BrianRathbone @groundedtravelr If you want to compete, achieve and win something, you have much bigger things to conquest within yourself.

08.07.2013 19:23:19

If you want to make money, buy a colour printer.

08.07.2013 13:59:14

@Suitcases2 Good to know, thanks for sharing your experiences.

08.07.2013 13:17:47

6.94 ABSOLUTELY Vital Travel Tips

08.07.2013 12:47:27

@WanderingEarl It is the myth that drives them to expect dirty clothes from travellers like you and us, hence surprise.

08.07.2013 12:45:30

@Suitcases2 Are you sure people really go and see your posts? We don't know anyone else but you. Google just push those accounts to all.

08.07.2013 05:25:57

Vapaa parisuhdekirja Onnelliset yhdessä #kirja

08.07.2013 02:34:15

@Suitcases2 How do you use it? To drive traffic to your web site? Nobody seems to use it like facebook, for keeping in touch with friends.

08.07.2013 01:41:32

Built-In Failure

07.07.2013 23:22:00

Twitter could be easily automated:

N tips for XXX in YYY http://... via @blahblahblah #Oldpost

07.07.2013 21:14:10

@chris2x The best way to save money is travelling.

07.07.2013 17:24:30

@RunawayJuno How do you like the stink of burning flesh, filth, sewer water and smoke coming from the dead bodies that are being burned?

07.07.2013 16:53:18

@Suitcases2 Have you found it somehow useful? Judging the way how Google desperately push it, and the lack of substance, it looks very dead.

07.07.2013 16:32:16

@bob_moss @notch Not really bizarre, just war-time propaganda like most news nowadays are in the Western countries. Wars justify everything.

07.07.2013 15:50:42

@Suitcases2 Both are required for a proper feng-shui place.

07.07.2013 15:10:10

@perilisk Who is Tery? How is your biking?

07.07.2013 13:56:16

Welcome to visit Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland #oldpost #travel #ttot

07.07.2013 02:48:54

Is travel writing marketing and critique negative? Critical Eye On Tourism #ttot #travel #oldpost

07.07.2013 02:12:30

It is better to lose two teeth than one. That allows you to fit toothbrush between the teeth and clean the side.

07.07.2013 02:11:33

@Suitcases2 Nope, not that, but open-mindedness regarding countries, borders, and in general nationalistic ideals and provincialism.

06.07.2013 22:40:24

@Suitcases2 As well as to open-mindedness, at least long-term travel.

06.07.2013 22:00:53

RT @Plinz: Fascinating. Sweden decides to veto an EU investigation of US and British wiretapping of EU offices. And Swedish media ignore it…

06.07.2013 21:23:22

Please RT! According to @Blogger there are over 2 million dynamic views users suffering from this bug #bug #google

06.07.2013 20:17:22

@nomadbiba ;ore like #animalcruelty and #exploitation like #safari, #zoo, national parks and most of animal related activities for tourists.

06.07.2013 20:05:57

Somebody managed to smuggle tooth paste on board?

06.07.2013 19:48:04

Tibetan folk music video we filmed in McLeod Ganj last year #tibet #music #video #mcleodganj

06.07.2013 19:41:40

@Velomad Today would be a perfect day to condemn the self-immolations and make that atrocity to stop.

06.07.2013 19:18:58

Holy And Mysterious Tibet #oldpost

06.07.2013 18:25:53

RT @the_HoliDaze: Discuss: Are Cell Phones a Necessity When Traveling? via @TheTripologist

06.07.2013 18:24:01

@jyrkikasvi Thanks to technology, more realistic view is a gigantic junkyard where the air is barely breathable and most animals are dead.

06.07.2013 17:46:00

@hill_post @ludoworld Today would be a perfect day to condemn the self-immolations and make that atrocity to stop.

06.07.2013 13:27:24

@DotComHippie @DalaiLama Today would be a perfect day to condemn the self-immolations and make that atrocity to stop.

06.07.2013 01:36:19

@peggy_tee Thanks. Happy travels!

06.07.2013 00:51:24

@peggy_tee We don't like any of those so we left. Hope you will find there what you are looking for and say hi to giraffes and elephants!

06.07.2013 00:50:21

@peggy_tee We figured out that there are 3 things attracting people to Africa: Volunteering, Charity & Safari #africa

06.07.2013 00:34:19

@peggy_tee Africa can be rough and pretty expensive for us non-Africans. Last year in Melbourne AUD was strong and salaries pretty high.

06.07.2013 00:05:03

@peggy_tee Are you living on the road, too? Or are you tied to some specific country/income?

06.07.2013 00:00:48

@peggy_tee If they come from Europe, euros, from USA, dollars, and currently we work for food and lodging so no any currencies are involved.

05.07.2013 23:51:38

@GoSeeWrite Don't forget that he comes from the dark side.

"Mysterious are the ways of the Force." -Yoda #ttot #quote #travel

05.07.2013 23:49:05

@gran_tourismo Yep, now it works like a charm and for the comment posted. Just thought that you should know what's happening there.

05.07.2013 23:47:37

@peggy_tee Being expensive is the perception of all those who don't live on the road. It doesn't depend on currencies/price levels. #ttott

05.07.2013 23:35:48

@GoSeeWrite Walking might not have made such a big difference ;)

05.07.2013 22:20:42

@gran_tourismo You website went down just when we were posting you a comment. It returns internet error 500. Might need a reboot.

05.07.2013 20:45:52

Thanks for RT @armandinawazgAQ!

05.07.2013 20:44:05

@paivisanteri So far we check #travelpod, #lp, #slowtalk and they all suffer from that: #ttot

05.07.2013 20:40:17

Most #travel-related discussion forums appear to be compromised by #censorship and #groupthink. How about creating a new, free forum? #ttot

05.07.2013 19:09:15

@BeersandBeans That religious sight has entrance fee only for foreigners. #Myanmar was more interested in making money and gold than Buddha.

05.07.2013 18:26:27

Finding Compassion in China: A Bicycle Journey into the Countryside #bike #biking #bicycling #travel #china #book

05.07.2013 16:25:11

What is the least expensive way to get from #Seattle to #Vancouver, Canada?

05.07.2013 16:21:00

@theplanetd @ChrisPirillo #Facebook was pretty aggressive in their hunt for #spammers and closed accounts. This looks a bit the same. #ttot

05.07.2013 16:18:30

@travellocalHQ @WildJunket Very true, and generally all home cooked food. You know what it is made of and can do it exactly how you like it.

05.07.2013 16:10:17

@peggy_tee For us travelling has been 15-20 times cheaper than sedentary life in Finland, so we would not claim #travel is expensive. #ttot

05.07.2013 15:27:08

Welcome to DriftingSandsPress - Books, Spiritual Journeys, Out Of Ordinary Life via @sharethis

04.07.2013 23:46:59

Fixed 187 blog posts and 119 photo albums after merging picasa accounts. It was supposed to be OK.

Thank you @google for keeping us busy.

04.07.2013 21:02:03

@Suitcases2 We would love to see them all gone ;)

04.07.2013 20:03:38

A Perfect Day #oldpost

04.07.2013 18:20:57

Thanks for RT @TheTripologist!

04.07.2013 17:46:00

@turkishtravel @TheTripologist We have been 7 years without phone on the road. It took our focus away from this very moment and travelling.

04.07.2013 17:34:00

Holy And Mysterious Tibet #freedom #tibet #travel #ttot #oldpost

04.07.2013 17:00:30

@RunawayJuno A solution:

04.07.2013 16:58:13

@RunawayJuno Had a few technical problems with an Indian ISP which was also a mobile phone operator and sorting them out was a living hell.

04.07.2013 16:54:10

@RunawayJuno So the business is the root problem ;)

04.07.2013 16:48:18

@RunawayJuno Phones are a nuisance, you could be much better off without.

04.07.2013 16:46:59

@Suitcases2 This is probably no what you were looking for, but earth without any countries or borders and all people living as one.

04.07.2013 16:19:33

Are you tired of writing travels blog and stories? #oldpost

04.07.2013 16:02:40

The Most Dangerous Country In The World #oldpost

04.07.2013 14:45:51

@theplanetd @ChrisPirillo What do you think, what will happen now to those users who purchase followers?

04.07.2013 13:33:01

@Suitcases2 We have met the opposite, too, but maybe the envy is the mentality promoted by the Finnish welfare state and society.

04.07.2013 08:28:40

@TravMonkey Excellent for work exchange but just for travelling and/or living a bit pricey.

04.07.2013 08:22:24

@TravMonkey Costa Rica

04.07.2013 08:05:09

@TravMonkey Depends on geographical location. Here it is 2am which is pretty late for locals.

04.07.2013 07:56:53

@TravMonkey There are no exotic locations left on Earth and all the travel is mere me-too except self-exploration.

04.07.2013 07:47:49

Less Harmful Nuclear Power #oldpost

04.07.2013 07:31:47

@InspirngTrvlrs That's actually quite a rare sight nowadays. Less and less people are obsessed to kill themselves and gas their neighbours.

04.07.2013 05:35:04

Visiting Mr. Dracula in Transylvania #oldpost

04.07.2013 04:53:59

RT @20sTravel: Is Tourism Good for Cambodia? #oldpost

04.07.2013 03:50:11

@google #Combined #Picasa photo albums from a few #accounts and that broke slideshows and links. Instructions said it should not. #bug

04.07.2013 02:28:00

@Suitcases2 Same here, that is sheer luxury. Have you met envious people judging you for that and claiming it is somehow sick or wrong?

04.07.2013 00:23:10

@TravelYourself Both :)

03.07.2013 23:48:31

@WildJunket @travellocalHQ Our Indian friends taught us to cook pure vegetarian dishes which we made vegan, so all's well that ends well.

03.07.2013 23:20:58

@travellocalHQ @WildJunket For vegans India is nightmare. We had fish bone in one vegetarian dish and another they happily fried in pig fat.

03.07.2013 23:07:31

@TravelYourself @ArenasDelMar @ParadorQuepos Sure, we are helping the hostel with SEO and marketing, so that would be very helpful.

03.07.2013 23:02:40

@ValryLand @travelsofadam Cheese is bad, very bad. Lost 110 pounds in France and Italy with water fasting.

03.07.2013 21:38:24

@Paradiseguide Nope, Costa Rica, in Manuel Antonio making a work exchange for National Park Backpackers;

03.07.2013 21:35:12

@TravelYourself Where did you stay? How did you find that place? Are you thinking about coming back some day?

03.07.2013 21:34:15

@Paradiseguide Hi Karl, nice to see you here! How are you?

03.07.2013 21:17:20

As long as there are presidents and countries, people will never have power or freedom. #Egypt #Mursi

03.07.2013 21:04:58

@CareerBreakSite @traveldudes We figured out that they need more babies so badly that nothing else matters because Finns are dieing out.

03.07.2013 20:52:49

@CareerBreakSite @traveldudes We have been testing them in 70 countries for 8 years. The worst was #Finland: 2 broken in 3 months.

03.07.2013 20:35:51

Ban Ki Moon's comment made UN to look like a useless lackey of the US: #Snowden #freedom #humanrights #UN #US

03.07.2013 20:17:44

Decided to crash on the airport floor at JFK. It looks actually pretty OK: #travel #airport #ttot

03.07.2013 18:40:12

Got the tickets so our next destination is set.

03.07.2013 17:53:29

RT @wikileaks: Edward Snowden should seek asylum in the only place truly beyond the reach of US law enforcement. Wall Street. #snowden

03.07.2013 17:49:11

@traveldudes @CareerBreakSite Or "Made in #China" especially for the Western countries for "#bigger" #men and with bigger need for #babies.

03.07.2013 16:25:59

@Treksplorer Yes, Uspenski is not lutheran protestant like most Finnish churches They even played there our own wedding march composition.

03.07.2013 16:03:26

@Treksplorer Awww, our wedding church almost 9 years ago...

03.07.2013 15:55:59

@runawayjane Sorry, of course it was Austria, you know, the country of kangaroos.

03.07.2013 15:54:53

@runawayjane If you will fly away from Australia, better make sure that #Snowden is not on board. Otherwise #US might shoot down the plane.

03.07.2013 15:34:39

@DestnUnknown @turkishtravel Damn, still not for us. We have been thinking going there but haven't yet found any free place to crash there.

03.07.2013 15:07:49

RT @MsEntropy: Next time Obama is flying over a foreign country, can someone stop Air Force One to look for a war criminal? #Bolivia #Snowd…

03.07.2013 15:06:04

The #truth is that there is #notruth, just different opinions

03.07.2013 14:50:43

Why we left the rat race? This #free #book was the first we wrote together: #travel #ttot #ratrace #nationless #free

03.07.2013 14:46:50

Updated the contact page, hope its shows now better: #hostel #manuelantonion #nationalparkbackpackers #travel

03.07.2013 13:37:18

@hobotraveler There is plenty of similar sentiments around thanks to the #NSA #PRISM spying row and the lack of #freedom in the US.

03.07.2013 13:33:21

@turkishtravel @DestnUnknown Is #Norway as crazy expensive as travellers say?

03.07.2013 13:08:27

@CareerBreakSite @traveldudes Condoms made in Western countries that need desperately more babies break more often. Kenyan were excellent.

03.07.2013 12:44:48

@RunawayJuno With hospitality exchange you have kitchen at your disposal most of the time. People love when you cook for them. #travel #ttot

03.07.2013 03:38:27

@TravelYourself Doing a work exchange for in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. You?

03.07.2013 02:36:33

@driftingkiwi It is not as bad as getting malware links.

03.07.2013 02:34:09

@reidontravel @thatbackpacker Readers expect marketing exotic sights and places from the genre. In that sense it is a marketing job.

03.07.2013 02:31:11

@TravelYourself Hello. We are a couple of global nomads. Left Finland in 2004 and have travelled the world ever since.

03.07.2013 01:07:43

The website we have been working with is ready for testing: #hostel #manuelantonio

03.07.2013 00:42:46

Flying ants invaded our bed.

02.07.2013 23:11:08

@ETW_EattheWorld Thanks: It was too much for the Finnish television. Luckily they censored it and thanks to that we can show it publicly :)

02.07.2013 18:58:02

@ESLCarnival @ETW_EattheWorld Sure!

02.07.2013 18:51:47

@TravMonkey It is more pleasant if you take one at the time.

02.07.2013 18:13:44

@ESLCarnival @ETW_EattheWorld It does not really matter how do you do it as long as you do it.

02.07.2013 18:12:23

@HeckticTravels @mo_draj Yeah, that is why we cook all our food. In China they make dumpling sometimes from carton ;)

02.07.2013 17:25:59

@ESLCarnival @ETW_EattheWorld Thanks a lot!

02.07.2013 17:16:45

@ESLCarnival @ETW_EattheWorld There is actually hundreds like us. We interviewed 30 of them to Free as a Global Nomad

02.07.2013 17:14:24

@IC_NYBarclay Perhaps around the end of July. Thanks for your kind proposal, but unfortunately we can't afford to pay for the accommodation.

02.07.2013 16:56:52

@ETW_EattheWorld We did not save money, but we sold and got rid of everything before we left. Our 5 year average spending is US $752/month.

02.07.2013 16:46:00

@HeckticTravels @mo_draj Never visit a bakery where they make them and check what goes in. The same applies to dumplings in China.

02.07.2013 16:19:47

@runawayjane @ESLCarnival Give the devil your little finger...

02.07.2013 16:06:50

@theaussienomad We have seen and lived in too many big cities. The same happened with sights, they all turned into historical rock piles.

02.07.2013 15:58:44

@theaussienomad A good reason to avoid big cities. Anyway they are all the same, only the amount of rat varies. Some has more, others less.

02.07.2013 15:55:50

@runawayjane No necessary downward slope, it will be just killing you... slowly.

02.07.2013 15:53:14

@20sTravel Keep your gun, brass knuckles and combat knife close and stay vigilant ;)

02.07.2013 15:50:35

@artofbackpackin We have been thinking about taking a huge risk and crossing USA by bus. Is it more dangerous than the Darién Gap? #tott

02.07.2013 15:47:27

@20sTravel We have been thinking taking a huge risk and crossing USA by bus. Will it be more dangerous than the Darién Gap? #tott #travel

02.07.2013 14:20:07

@CareerBreakSite @traveldudes In some countries like Kenya it is better to buy them onsite. Thanks to HIV they cost only 1-2 cents each.

02.07.2013 14:17:07

@WanderingEarl That is an old myth. Dropped a more detailed comment to your blog.

02.07.2013 13:57:21

@Youssef_Kobo Awww, couscous. Enjoy!

02.07.2013 13:29:37

@the_HoliDaze That is what many global nomads dream about. We can make it true. We can all fight from within using indifference. Join us!

02.07.2013 03:15:47

Three Reasons Why To Travel To Africa: Volunteering, Charity & Safari #ttot #lp #travel

01.07.2013 21:43:04

Coming soon: Hippies Never Die by Drifting Sands Press #book #travel #ttot #globalnomads #new

01.07.2013 21:21:52

Top 100 Travel Websites in the World #top100 #list #generator

01.07.2013 18:07:29

@the_HoliDaze We are not against the US, but against all the nation states. We would like to live in a free nationless and borderless world.

01.07.2013 18:01:31

@the_HoliDaze We know many people doomed to carry the US passports who have done exactly the same. We left Finland 8 years ago.

01.07.2013 17:45:46

@the_HoliDaze Yeah, saw them. That is a shame, but at least it is no longer a secret.

01.07.2013 17:10:31

@the_HoliDaze The only way to fight a nation state is to do it from within and the best weapon is indifference. No power can resist that.

01.07.2013 15:56:07

RT @mikko: First US declares they will consider any foreign hack against their governmental systems an act of war.

Then they go and hack EU…

01.07.2013 13:27:07

Our newest quarterly newsletters is out: Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica (Q2/2013) #travel #newpost

01.07.2013 04:08:56

Any suggestions about places where to crash for a night or two in New York? Is sleeping in the airport/train station allowed?

01.07.2013 03:43:55

#NSA/#Prism is protecting people from their privacy.

01.07.2013 03:05:02

@karen_dawkins Nothing. We would love to see the world free of all nation states and all nations one without any borders separating them.

01.07.2013 01:23:08

@Suitcases2 Great, thanks!

01.07.2013 00:56:14

@Suitcases2 Cool. It is National Park Backpackers. A hostel, but they have a swimming pool so it is quite a luxury place for a hostel.

01.07.2013 00:46:20

@Suitcases2 OK. Would you be interested in trading a review for a free stay? We don't do reviews but they would surely help in marketing.

01.07.2013 00:23:35

@WildJunket Eco-friendly city is oxymoron.

30.06.2013 23:26:43

Top 100 Travel Websites in the World #travel #ttot #top100 #list #generator #free #awesome #cool #super

30.06.2013 20:58:12

@Suitcases2 Sure. Are you guys doing work exchange or write blogs/reviews for the hostels you visit? They might be interested in such.

30.06.2013 18:12:27

@paul_steele It was quite disturbing to see people celebrating self-immolations and Dalai Lama doing nothing in McLeod Ganj last year.

30.06.2013 18:06:52

@Suitcases2 Any plans for re-visit?

30.06.2013 16:11:26

How to live your life on your own terms and be freer: Free as a Global Nomad #book #travel #ttot #freedom #free

30.06.2013 16:06:50

@LandLopers That depends on the point of view ;) Coffee addiction is positive as it gives you the chance to enjoy quitting coffee.

30.06.2013 15:52:57

@Wanderingtradr We were living there 9 months after the previous collapse in 2005 and it was pretty cheap for foreigners at the time.

30.06.2013 15:49:07

@LandLopers We've had better health and less expenses after quitting coffee 5y ago. #Coffee causes surprisingly strong #addiction.

30.06.2013 15:44:52

@Suitcases2 Want to visit Manuel Antonio?

30.06.2013 15:44:15

@holeinthedonut @qiranger Looks more like Western propaganda.

30.06.2013 15:27:02

Pasta and olive oil: how it's made

30.06.2013 12:36:48

Every dollar and euro we spend ends up polluting our planet, creating poverty, and increasing the misery of all living beings. #quote #money

30.06.2013 12:17:23

A stray dog joined us today morning jogging.

29.06.2013 20:34:22

@OverYonderlust We are pretty sure that our lunch, cabbage in mustard-curry sauce with rice and avocado. tasted better than a sword.

29.06.2013 20:30:50

@mjwin57 @Igor_Vasiliadis Have you ever met a dead person who has confirmed you that death really exists? So far we haven't.

29.06.2013 20:26:30

@20sTravel Our favourite place is KLIA & viewing platform, longest stay there 5 days. Never tried in China, we have used trains there.

29.06.2013 19:18:18

@Igor_Vasiliadis @mjwin57 Awesome piece of advice assuming that death exists.

29.06.2013 18:48:47

@20sTravel Next time when you see people doing weird stuff imagine us having an office, sleeping and cooking in a quiet corner on the floor.

29.06.2013 17:10:34

Time for a walk and getting some more hell hot chilly sauce.

29.06.2013 16:32:09

@20sTravel We #sleep sometimes a few days in #airports like many others. It's clean, secure, has electricity, wifi, AC & warm. #ttot #travel

29.06.2013 13:53:44

Makes feel proud and appreciate honest #LP Thorntree forum: #ttot #travel #scam @TripAdvisor

29.06.2013 04:46:16

@paul_steele Thanks, to you, too!

29.06.2013 01:01:42

Marimba Master Juan from Masatepe, Nicaragua #travel #music #musicvideo #oldpost #marimba  #Masatepe #Nicaragua

29.06.2013 00:55:16

@NomadicSamuel What is the point of any such lists? They all seem to be #HarrisonStetson variants modified according to the makers needs.

28.06.2013 20:13:26

@mytravellicious Thanks for RT!

28.06.2013 19:44:59

@Tripadvisor Practise #Censorship In Their Discussion Forum

28.06.2013 16:05:58

@netsolcares Now the webmail got broken: "PAGE NOT FOUND  We cannot locate the page you're looking for. Please check..."

28.06.2013 15:51:13

@netsolcares No need, they know the problem are tell that they are working to fix it. And now it started to work again. Thanks.

28.06.2013 15:46:12

@netsolcares "We're sorry, but we cannot process your request at this time." Fix your #broken #email system, it's been down for ages.

28.06.2013 13:34:52

#iwishicould live and #travel in a borderless world without any countries separating us from each other. #ttot

28.06.2013 12:22:12

@MuriNick Thanks. So far does not look too look. People buy followers just like they buy likes in Facebook. Pathetic. Any luck with paypal?

28.06.2013 03:05:40

@the_HoliDaze "He has so much money that he can afford some extra costs and problems." #travel #ttot #brazil #tourism

28.06.2013 02:33:56

@mytravellicious Thanks for RT!

28.06.2013 01:15:42

The final travel tip list you will ever need:

6.94 ABSOLUTELY Vital Travel Tips #travel #ttot #list #lp #humour

27.06.2013 19:19:02

RT @GovMatt: Obama "won't launch fighters" to intercept Snowden's aircraft. What a relief... wait... what?! He considered it?!

27.06.2013 18:43:21

@AndiPerullo @sixt We have similar experiences about most car rentals. That is why we walk and use public transportation and avoid cars.

27.06.2013 17:57:42

RT @reclaimuc: Ecuador refuses to give up Snowden, waives trade benefits, & offers $23 million a yr to US for human rights training. http:/…

27.06.2013 17:44:10

@OverYonderlust ROTFL

27.06.2013 15:55:33

@Ryo Same here. Please spread the world so that @google/@blogger will be forced to fix it: #dynamic #views #bug #fail

27.06.2013 15:50:04

Normit nurin: sori vaan kaverit, mutta olen somali #suomi #syrjintä #rasismi #kansallismielisyys #nationalismi

27.06.2013 15:46:02

@OverYonderlust Icy, hot but no spicy? Hmm... Does it involve sauna?

27.06.2013 15:43:44

@OverYonderlust We do all the time the same and never learn. To ease your pain: there are also worse areas than eyes to rub ;) It's soon OK.

27.06.2013 15:39:41

@SophieR Sad. 19 new sites soon to be destroyed by swarming tourists... #travel #ttot

27.06.2013 15:28:34

@umarket We stayed 5 months. Free tickets must be a similar pain like return tickets forcing to stick to plans and killing spontaneity :(

27.06.2013 14:53:29

@InspirngTrvlrs Watch out for toothpaste and drinking water, they turn to lethal in airplanes ;)

27.06.2013 14:47:03

@Brendanvanson @SouthAfrica You are not using AdBlock? Don't remember the last time we saw any ads. Is there still a lot of HIV and rapes?

27.06.2013 14:22:14

Awesome, new tld got registered for the hostel and we are soon good to go with website. Just a little more tweaking for mobile dev support.

27.06.2013 01:39:54

Geckos are making battle cries while hunting flying ants and mosquitos. They are quite loud and social here.

26.06.2013 22:28:53

@eurapart @Luba_Lukova Being boring is normal.

26.06.2013 20:42:34

@umarket That was quick. Didn't you just go to India?

26.06.2013 19:41:32

RT @codepink: Dozens of activists arrested in front of the White House now, demanding @BarackObama #CLOSEGITMO or the prisoners' blood is o…

26.06.2013 19:09:16

@NVRguys Why people are so excited when the state gives them back a tiny fragment of the freedom it originally stole from them? #SCOTUS

26.06.2013 17:26:17

@nickycruz2009 Thanks for sharing!

26.06.2013 15:06:20

@BeersandBeans #Tofu? It has a lot of #salt, soy boost #estrogen production, and it is most likely #GMO, but otherwise looks yummy!

26.06.2013 12:18:27

@Suitcases2 You are right, we were talking house-sitting. Got strayed from the subject, sorry. We should launch a truly free #housesit site.

26.06.2013 12:14:55

Today #jogging 30 minutes later and road was full of #cars. We should #ban those polluting #animal #killers that turn drivers into #maniacs.

26.06.2013 03:35:09

@thatbackpacker Threaten him that you will soon prepare Coq au vin if he doesn't stop. It usually helps or at least makes you feel better.

25.06.2013 23:30:29

@thearcticnomad Not sure about SEA but Laos rocks. Sometimes we pick up and adapt #recipes from locals like #RiceAndPeas in #Jamaica. #ttot

25.06.2013 22:29:56

@thearcticnomad We are vegans. #Laos was pretty compatible with the 3 awesome 2€ all you can eat veganbuffets in #Vientiane (see #Khouadin).

25.06.2013 22:14:25

@thearcticnomad It is, if you make it by yourself from raw ingredients and don't add there any chemicals.

25.06.2013 22:12:50

@Suitcases2 Until then we rely on bartering, exchange and gift economy. With $0 investment we have made countless people happy.

25.06.2013 22:11:23

@Suitcases2 When there is something meaningful to buy with #money, like #love or #worldpeace, we are happy to continue using money.

25.06.2013 22:07:45

@thearcticnomad You eat loads of MSG in China, DDT in Thailand, and dogs in Vietnam? ;)

25.06.2013 21:42:08

@Suitcases2 The non-#free we saw looked suspicious. We found free #housesits from Hospexes like #BeWelcome. Money turns all good things bad.

25.06.2013 20:36:39

@Suitcases2 What free service would you recommend? There is a lot of such services who advertise free service but ask for a fee.

25.06.2013 07:10:19

@travelsofadam Thanks for RT!

25.06.2013 06:51:33

Humoristic Tourism Guide for Brazilians - learn all the cheats and scams #free #ebook #satire #Brazil #travel #ttot

25.06.2013 06:40:33

@travelsofadam That's a great irony in life: after you have no use for extra time, you lose the need to #sleep. #Time is a mere illusion.

24.06.2013 23:50:06

@almostfearless Depends where you are. From #India probably a lifetime or two but from in #Estonia much less.

24.06.2013 23:39:47

Watch out for #Escazu spice bags. They poison spice bags with #MSG (at least Cayenne pepper). Bloody #idiots. #food

24.06.2013 23:25:20

@NVRguys Nothing really, it is just soft porn with a weak plot...

24.06.2013 22:59:44

RT @rtwdave: Around the World in 80 Jobs: Turner Barr vs. Adecco • Expert Vagabond #makeitright via @ExpertVagabond

24.06.2013 22:52:19

@GoNOMAD Latrines are good, but somebody should start picking up trash, too. That country was like a giant junkyard. #trash #nicaragua

24.06.2013 22:33:08

@GoNOMAD You are brave. When it breaks, you will not be able to salvage anything. How big disk did you get?

24.06.2013 21:38:10

RT @thearcticnomad: **New Post** Moose Safari: an Adventure by Canoe #ttot #tbex

24.06.2013 21:29:35

Added #NationalParkBackpackers to #OpenStreetMap

24.06.2013 15:31:04

@WanderingEarl We have visited 70+ countries with less than $1000/month with only a 2 exceptions: #Colombia and #Spain (we got robbed).

24.06.2013 14:46:05

@nowherenoone Planning to change your car?

24.06.2013 14:42:22

RT @ReutersIndia: Wikileaks' Julian Assange says #Snowden is healthy and safe and in contact with his legal team

24.06.2013 14:12:02

@BarefootNomads @WorldLillie We stayed there 2 months last year making this: #JaipurInn

24.06.2013 12:59:32

@theplanetd @offthepathcom Myanmar, the land of Holy Gold.

24.06.2013 12:58:31

@RunawayJuno Have have not seen them in Yangon, Vientiane and Phnom Penh either.

24.06.2013 02:36:21

RT @GoSeeWrite: The Revolt of the Global Middle Class

23.06.2013 23:57:27

Plastic bag? No thanks!

23.06.2013 22:20:32

@peggy_tee They forgot the best: don't have anything you can not afford to lose. #ttot #travel #tip

23.06.2013 19:44:50

@foxnomad Perception is reality and the truth is that there is no truth :)

23.06.2013 19:26:30

@KenKaminesky "Stop working, travelling is more fun."

~ 2 Global Nomads #quote #ttot #travel

23.06.2013 18:37:16

@mytravellicious Thanks for RT!

23.06.2013 17:27:54

@paivisanteri Here are #English, #Spanish and #Finnish subtitles for the film:

23.06.2013 17:19:13

How to cross the Darién Gap and walk from Colombia to Panama: #travel #adventure #ttot #dariengap

23.06.2013 17:10:36

@almostfearless Yeah, anything goes. But if you use wine bottle as rolling pin make sure it is a vintage wine and don't ruin the etiquette.

23.06.2013 17:07:52

@wdunlap Cool. We have been proposing a cruise meeting to the #globalnomads, maybe someday it will happen. We hope to try them soon, too!

23.06.2013 17:04:21

@OverYonderlust Jail is good, there is free food and accommodation. That is more than any society can offer to its members. Have fun!

23.06.2013 17:02:34

@almostfearless We've been doing them with 2 pieces of plastic but from a plastic bag and a rolling pin, they look artesanal but are tasty.

23.06.2013 15:34:20

@Treksplorer That is the global nomad way of travelling. Without home we have to carry everything and there is only one plan: no plans.

23.06.2013 14:11:37

@wdunlap Checked it, check out our path at

23.06.2013 14:03:33

@Treksplorer Omnia mea mecum porto; All that’s mine I carry with me — Cicero (106 BC – 43 BC). #quote #ttot #travel #rtw #globalnomads

23.06.2013 12:18:00

Travel Bloggers Are Selling Dreams #ttot #travel

23.06.2013 01:57:27

@rtwdave Perhaps he was just hoping for bribes.

23.06.2013 01:55:21

@HeckticTravels Have fun! Here are our experiences of #Poland, #Auschwitz etc: #ttot #travel

22.06.2013 23:29:19

RT @GoSeeWrite: Edward Snowden is formally charged in with espionage in N.S.A. surveillance case

22.06.2013 21:32:05

@GloboTreks @thetravelchica They are interconnected: #countries own us and use #passports to #control us. #Visas immobilise us #ttot #travel

22.06.2013 17:02:22

@wdunlap You have been busy. We have only some 70 countries in 8 years.

22.06.2013 16:55:04

@wdunlap @quotes You cannot travel the path until you have become the path itself” –Buddha

22.06.2013 16:43:40

@NomadicSamuel @OneMosaicGlobe The root cause behind all of them: money. So not having any money is the best protection.

22.06.2013 16:25:55

@almostfearless Today we will make some pumpkin stew and tomorrow rice and peas. Oatmeal for breakfast, mangos and papaya for snack.

22.06.2013 15:07:45

@thetravelchica @GloboTreks Wish we will soon get rid of visas, passports, and countries. They are all nonsense and exist to slave us.

22.06.2013 14:26:40

@HotelBookingUK @JacquiEnglish Exactly here where we are right now. When we feel like leaving, we always go right away.

22.06.2013 13:35:35

@bethanylooi How is the situation? We read some news that middle-class in awakening and on the streets. Sounds like a  good revolution.

22.06.2013 13:34:17

@bethanylooi Not so much, this is a work exchange gig we are doing here so less socializing.

22.06.2013 13:32:57

@foxnomad There is a strange anomaly in physical world. The distance back to home is always shorter and from home to destination.

22.06.2013 13:30:57

@karen_dawkins Yes. Usually when you take a photo you lose the moment and the beauty of it and all you think is focussing and framing.

22.06.2013 13:29:31

@KenKaminesky OK, cool, thanks for the explanation. But not being forgotten is not bad either.

22.06.2013 13:26:31

@AliAdventures7 We get proteins from beans, lentils, oatmeal etc. Realised that we love animals more alive than the taste of their flesh.

22.06.2013 13:17:07

@AliAdventures7 No more pizza for us after becoming strictly vegan 3 years ago. It happened in #Italy but pizzas had nothing to do with it.

22.06.2013 13:11:36

The #midsummer is over. #Finns start to wait for #Christmas and cure #hangovers. Funny how that #selfdestructive behaviour feels so distant.

22.06.2013 12:53:46

@AliAdventures7 @WalksofItaly Napolitan pizzas were minimalistic: tomato sauce, a few slices of mozzarella and a leaf of balisicum on top.

22.06.2013 05:33:36

@AliAdventures7 @WalksofItaly #Naples is the #pizza capital of #Italy. Try napolitana and you'll be surprised how little stuffings there are

21.06.2013 23:53:21

@TravelerSuggest Thanks for RT!

21.06.2013 23:51:03

@mytravellicious Thanks for RT!

21.06.2013 23:38:37

@chris2x Same old same old. #Tourism #industry really knows how to exploit animals to make a fast buck. Shame on them. #ttot #travel

21.06.2013 20:49:13

@1000xafrika ...every third has HIV, 50% of women raped, national parks abuse animals, violence, racism #ttot #travel

21.06.2013 19:44:45

Matkablogini muutti uuteen osoitteeseen

21.06.2013 19:18:03

@WorldLillie Done.

21.06.2013 17:36:26

@Aspiexplorer @mytravellicious Our friend was attacked twice in #Pondicherry in one month. The #police blamed her for going out too late.

21.06.2013 17:31:10

@InspirngTrvlrs @americainefrenc Our tolerance has become lower the more we have travelled. In #Spain we spent only 3 weeks (we got robbed).

21.06.2013 17:11:32

@WorldLillie Our long term average (past 5 years) for the two of us has been US$ 22 per day including everything.

21.06.2013 16:51:57

@Aspiexplorer @mytravellicious Rapes and harassing women is business as usual in India and often considered to be women's fault.

21.06.2013 13:50:33

@Aspiexplorer @mytravellicious Travelled in #India last year 5 months. Consider taking a man with you. #TTOT #Travel

21.06.2013 13:44:44

RT @hobotraveler: Selling Invented Travel Products On Amazon Com:


My Entrepreneurial Juices Are Flowing I Purchased 100 Barcod... http://…

21.06.2013 12:04:40

The best in #ManuelAntonio #CostaRica: sunrise #jogging 5-6am. Lot's of #animals and not many noisy, polluting cars @

20.06.2013 22:03:39

@LandLopers So the chat is over? Can we stop liking @TripIt now, please? #TripItChat :D

20.06.2013 22:01:55

@karen_dawkins Murphys law, can't help with that. #TripItChat

20.06.2013 22:00:00

@motherofalltrip As in not a mobile phone but a camera #TripItChat

20.06.2013 21:58:09

Follow-up question: Don't like phones, so any kind of camera would do nicely, but even better if it's not broken. #tripitchat @LandlopersP

20.06.2013 21:56:13

@karen_dawkins Here you go, enjoy: #TripItChat

20.06.2013 21:53:31

A6 Umm.. with a camera? We upload all photos to Picasa, full resolution, free of copyrights, for everyone to use. Good backup.  #TripItChat

20.06.2013 21:50:39

@motherofalltrip @LandLopers Gets way easier without any phone: nothing to lose, mind about, or steal. #tripitchat

20.06.2013 21:46:15

@jdm_designs  #tripitchat Very true, Päivi has also electric toothbrush and it is more important for her than the laptop for publisher.

20.06.2013 21:42:59

A5 We make our living by writing books so giving up laptop would make our publisher very angry. Other than that: nothing. #tripitchat

20.06.2013 21:39:29

@planetlew You should be. We got robbed in #Spain, so far its the only country. Been on the road since 2004 in 70+ countries. #TripItChat

20.06.2013 21:31:51

A4 We travel all the time with all our stuff as we have no home where to leave anything. So far we have not been in such places. #TripItChat

20.06.2013 21:23:14

A3 In public places like #railways stations and #airports sleep so that they are between us and a wall. Otherwise strap them on. #TripItChat

20.06.2013 21:14:05

A2 Apps referring to mobile phone applications? We gave up mobile phone in 2006 and thanks to that have much more time to travel #TripItChat

20.06.2013 21:06:58

A1 The less possession you have with you, the less your posessions possess you, and you are more free to travel. #TripItChat

20.06.2013 21:03:41

A1: Pack as little as possible and take half of the stuff away. #TripItChat @LandLopers

20.06.2013 19:46:12

Ongoing #rate for @Twitter followers is US$ 32 (24 €) / 1000:

With Twitter #followers less is certainly more.

20.06.2013 19:27:42

@KenKaminesky You meant that giving up (something/everything/whatever) is bad if you will not be remembered by others because of giving up?

20.06.2013 19:24:55

Please RT! Do you know anyone needing #petsit #free of charge for 1-2 months anywhere in the #world? #petsitting

20.06.2013 18:02:45

@KenKaminesky Most probably if you think so. What were you trying to say?

20.06.2013 16:24:59

Do you have a smart phone, tablet or some other mobile device with a small screen? We would need a little bit of...

20.06.2013 15:58:58

Happy True Friend’s Day

20.06.2013 15:56:38

#Zen And The #Art of Making #Money #pirsig #tolle #books #buddhism

20.06.2013 15:49:26

@blogger Still not fixed: blogger Dynamic Views Fail To Load Properly

20.06.2013 14:51:51

@foxnomad A few of them has actually done that, but in general sedentaries #travel only for short holidays and destinations we avoid. #ttot

20.06.2013 14:40:41

@foxnomad #USA, and now we are seriously considering going there to see our friends. Ain't life a bitch.

20.06.2013 14:38:49

@mytravellicious Thanks to the crisis it was pretty expensive at least 2.5 years ago:

20.06.2013 13:34:44

@NomadicSamuel That is the most frustrating, stupid and meaningless travel on Earth. #Thailand #visa-system keeps humiliating foreigners.

20.06.2013 13:30:24

@KenKaminesky Is that so bad? To gain something really meaningful we often need give something else up.

20.06.2013 06:29:06

@driftingkiwi Yeah, and Civ taught more useful words like nuclear arms. In Spain they treated those speaking Argentinian like peasants ;)

20.06.2013 06:19:47

@driftingkiwi There is a downside. Santeri learned Spanish playing Baldurs Gate in Argentina and now he can only speak Argentinian dialect.

20.06.2013 06:04:24

@driftingkiwi RPGs are another excellent way to learn languages if you like to play them. Lots of dialogue and offer motivation.

20.06.2013 05:53:11

@AsWeTravel #Thailand is no good for #vegetarians. They add oyster sauce & MSG in all foods. List is missing the best: #Laos. #travel #ttot

20.06.2013 04:56:55

Blogger decided to lose all our links. If yours is missing, please let us know and we'll add it there. Thanks!

20.06.2013 03:14:51

@bethanylooi We are doing work exchange: making website in exchange of food+lodging. After this we might travel around USA visiting friends.

20.06.2013 02:36:27

@bethanylooi A few years ago we stopped travelling for places and started to travel to meet interesting people. That has been rewarding.

20.06.2013 02:20:22

@bethanylooi Countries and years don't really matter. There is always others who have travelled longer and only 192 countries to visit.

19.06.2013 22:33:04

#Travel #Bloggers Are Selling Dreams

19.06.2013 21:12:53

@Twitter is cluttered with #commercial #spam and hardly nothing else, just spammers tweeting with other spammers. Why are YOU using twitter?

19.06.2013 20:56:47

@thaihouse No, only by the entrance fee. Making #money with #religion is disgusting.

19.06.2013 19:01:47

Why #travel #bloggers are compelled to #advertise destinations and paint rosy pictures? Readers will end up feeling cheated. #Corruption?

19.06.2013 16:20:48

@for91days If you ask cocaine addicts, they will strongly disagree :) Try without and you'll see.

19.06.2013 16:11:54

@InspirngTrvlrs @americainefrenc Not really like or dislike, just had enough of #Finland.

19.06.2013 16:10:09

@for91days They are more addictive than cocaine...

19.06.2013 15:28:38

Some critical views on #volunteering, #charities, and #safari

19.06.2013 14:50:33

@DTravelsRound They have a kind of suction cups in their toes.

19.06.2013 14:36:26

Do you travel like a Global Nomads?

19.06.2013 14:31:24

@for91days We stopped carrying the mobile nuisance in 2006 and that was one of the best decisions we have ever made. #sim #mobilephone #cell

19.06.2013 14:25:33

Check out the new mobile layout here and let us know if you have any problems! #driftingsandspress #books #publisher

19.06.2013 14:20:53

@thatbackpacker Our favorite was the dirt cheap mandarins until we learned about the generous use of #DDT. Well, at least there was no #MSG.

19.06.2013 12:58:09

@AliAdventures7 Nice is always nice

19.06.2013 11:53:33

@InspirngTrvlrs @americainefrenc Perhaps because you have not lived in #Finland for 34 years like we did...

19.06.2013 11:12:50

Raining, raining, raining, all day long in #ManuelAntonio, #CostaRica

18.06.2013 21:45:28

We lost our camera. In future there will be less photos with better quality. — feeling happy

18.06.2013 21:15:01

What do Global Nomads really do?

18.06.2013 21:13:25

About Päivi & Santeri | 2 Global Nomads Paivi and Santeri: travels, thoughts, books, and films via @sharethis

18.06.2013 19:28:51

@adventurouskate If you never leave, you can't experience the joy of returning.

18.06.2013 03:17:36

@Wanderingtradr @Brendanvanson Works like the Western #zombie #drug that make #politicians give #tax money to #banksters for their bonuses.

18.06.2013 02:22:59

Bed is full of flying #ants and the wings they have dropped... not sure if the #queen wants to have #sex in the #bed. But geckos have feast.

18.06.2013 00:50:29

Cute #batman visited us today. He tried to crawl outside, discovered bright sunlight and quickly retreated to a shady hideout behind sofa.

17.06.2013 19:07:53

@shelfemployed It is #broken and @google @blogger don't bother to fix it: #dynamicviews #bug #blogger #google #crap

17.06.2013 18:46:50

@mrsoaroundworld In 2004 when we left #Finland there was no remote controllers. Perhaps next time we need a mobile phone and a text message.

17.06.2013 18:42:54

@OrdinaryTravelr @mrsoaroundworld We could not turn sauna on in Finland. Finally we found a remote controller for that. #sauna #technology

17.06.2013 17:10:28

@LandLopers The truth was very different in Serbia #Serbia #Croatia #Albania #Balkans #Yugoslavia #Nato #US #Invasion

16.06.2013 20:45:34

@Brendanvanson If you are interested in travelling as a lifestyle, you could try our book Free as a Global Nomad:

16.06.2013 19:56:01

@foxnomad Sounds like a politician. Are you anywhere near? Have you  talked with locals how they take it?

16.06.2013 19:47:08

@foxnomad Our Turkish friends told the opposite, but was speaking about #democrazy more generally:#Afghanistan, #Iraq. #Libya, #Palestine...

16.06.2013 19:37:15

@foxnomad It is. #Democracy has been redefined: a #US approved and installed government. #Freedom is another empty word. #Turkey #Democrazy

16.06.2013 18:43:39

@bethanylooi Left in 2004, been in 70+ countries and still on the road with no plans to stop travelling. Currently in #CostaRica. You?

16.06.2013 18:18:21

@foxnomad Or more like when the government fears the people, everybody are considered to be terrorists and treated as such. #turkey

16.06.2013 16:21:33

@WanderingEds @TravellingKing1 Thinking about visa-runs helps.

16.06.2013 16:09:03

@theplanetd @MatadorNetwork Sounds more like a little list of travel horrors with some of the worst ever tourists traps all over the world.

16.06.2013 11:55:03

In a bus Costa Ricans threw their trash to the floor, Nicaraguans out of the window and Westerners hid them into...

15.06.2013 20:18:38

@Hannes_Swoboda @HeckticTravels @RT_Erdogan In our world human rights is just a fancy word with no substance, actually 2 words #occupygezi

15.06.2013 19:01:56

Do you travel like a global nomad?

15.06.2013 17:25:29

15.06.2013 00:17:39

Which search words would you use to #google for #backpacker accommodation in #ManuelAntonio, #CostaRica?

14.06.2013 01:21:51

@blogger @google Still not fixed: Blogger Dynamic Views Fail To Load Properly. #google #blogger #dynamicviews #bug

14.06.2013 01:19:44

#House-sitting proved to be awesome. We are open to offers all over the #world! House-sitting in #Managua, #Nicaragua

14.06.2013 00:39:35

We returned today to help Diego with the website, SEO, and social media marketing. Any ideas how to develop the...

14.06.2013 00:28:15

@TravelWithAMate Tried to see the about page and when it failed, checked up other pages to see if they work. Now all works like a charm.

13.06.2013 23:46:16

Back at #nationalparkbackpackers in #manualantonio #costarica helping with their #website, #SEO and #socialmedia. Felt like returning #home.

11.06.2013 13:12:40

Heading back to the road. So long and thanks for all the fish.

11.06.2013 10:20:31

@TravelWithAMate About-us and registration. Now they worked.

11.06.2013 03:07:15

@TravelWithAMate You web site is throwing an error: Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started ...

11.06.2013 02:13:29


11.06.2013 02:10:12

@google @blogger Still not fixed #blogger #bug: Blogger Dynamic Views Fail To Load Properly

11.06.2013 01:46:42

@rtwdave That's actually pretty early ;)

10.06.2013 23:32:12

@rtwdave For us it was a surprise. First visit there and a complete shock after Venezuela...

10.06.2013 23:25:41

@rtwdave Enjoy #Colombia and prepare mentally for higher prices. We were there 4 months ago and it was crazy #expensive. #Haggle always.

10.06.2013 23:21:10

@rtwdave Cool. Travel agency booking is less risky as it is fully legit, quick to get and free compared to DIY. Just walk in and ask!

10.06.2013 23:15:32

@rtwdave When there are no travel agencies around to print a booking, nomads often make fake tickets. They work pretty well, too.

10.06.2013 23:12:02

@rtwdave Just a word on the print. Does not mean it has been paid. They never check that. The booking expires in a few days if not paid.

10.06.2013 23:07:53

@rtwdave Why not to just make a confirmed booking in any travel agency and ask them to print it for you? It's free and has worked for us.

10.06.2013 20:40:24

RT @mashable: 'Obama Is Checking Your Email' Tumblr Mocks NSA Surveillance Program

10.06.2013 15:37:36

@rtwdave @hostelworld We are living on the road with a tiny budget. Panama and Costa Rica had way too expensive accommodation for us.

10.06.2013 15:28:22

@rtwdave We passed by Panama city a few months ago and could not find any. Ended up staying in the bus station which was not too bad.

10.06.2013 15:11:53

At first glance we were wondering what #sushi and #shit has to do with each other... #funny #restaurant #name

10.06.2013 14:30:25

@theplanetd We used to be sad for not having a dog until we discovered that the world is full stray dog, especially non-Muslim countries

10.06.2013 14:13:47

@theplanetd Stray dogs, especially puppies. Here is a short video of a stray dog family that adopted us in Sicily:

10.06.2013 05:37:56

@WildJunket Interesting story, quite a bit like ours - #ratrace #travel

10.06.2013 01:34:22

@WildJunket Here is another, necessary for all travellers. The ultimate tip list #travel #tips

09.06.2013 23:12:06

@spilling_beans @traveldudes @thetravolution One more list: 6.94 ABSOLUTELY Vital Travel Tips #list #travel #tips

09.06.2013 19:46:20

@Brendanvanson Same here. In the past 8 years there has been way too many historical rock piles and fancy island to excite us any more.

09.06.2013 19:41:05

@Brendanvanson A perfect reason to stay away from all sights and hostels.

09.06.2013 15:41:10

@umarket @Mikeachim Teaching to read is causing irreversible damage. Reading can not be unlearned...

09.06.2013 15:34:57

Just saw a colibri feeding from hibiscus. So beautiful that didn't want to ruin the moment by taking a photo.

09.06.2013 05:21:18

@umarket Don't let them grab your wallets or boobs :) Here are your travel experiences from India from the last year

08.06.2013 18:14:24

Nicaragua 2013

08.06.2013 17:23:05

A new blog and a bunch of new photos.

08.06.2013 16:27:01

@titmeister @TuomasEnbuske Paremminkin kovan luokan bisnesmies. Sillä on enemmän rahaa ja valtaa kuin muilla buddhalaismunkeilla yhteensä.

08.06.2013 16:22:56

Blogger Dynamic Views Fail To Load Properly #google #blogger #dynamicviews #bug

08.06.2013 00:49:41

@blogger @google 6 months old bug: blogger dynamic views fail often to load custom CSS.

#blogger #google #bug

06.06.2013 18:33:30

@Blogger Custom CSS fails often to load with blogger dynamic views. This is old bug. Any hope for a fix? #bug #blogger #css

06.06.2013 18:08:18

@CarrefourFrance Carrefour Product and Service Quality #carrefour #productsafety

06.06.2013 15:56:59

All about French Cheese #cheese #france #fromage #saycheese

06.06.2013 13:46:07

Johannesdahlin 11 vuoden kidutus ohi - "Hienoa, että virhe pystyttiin korjaamaan"

05.06.2013 17:38:49

Truly #analog #tv by #claro #nicaragua #fun #photo

05.06.2013 05:14:22

@anthonyasael Beautiful.

04.06.2013 22:51:17

Sixteen ways to entertain yourself in #Trans-Siberian #train ride in Russia #transsiberian

03.06.2013 21:44:29

Brasil Bra$il! - Guía de turismo para brasileros #tourism #guide #studybook #brazilians #brazil

03.06.2013 15:54:34

Free as a Global Nomad #travelbook #nomad #nomadism #perpetualtravel

03.06.2013 13:19:33

Our first ever blog post we wrote just before we left in October, 2004

03.06.2013 12:58:59

Wonderful jogging this morning. No road kills or wasting time running astray. #roadkill #jogging #nicaragua

02.06.2013 23:14:23

Have you been bookmooched? #bookmooch

02.06.2013 17:23:23

@maddoghall Love.

02.06.2013 16:32:39

Crossing the Darién Gap

02.06.2013 16:31:56

Posters From The Fool´s Paradise

02.06.2013 16:31:10

What do Global Nomads really do?


  1. No more twitter. They kicked Santeri our for reporting and blocking "promoted" spammers. The only way to get back would be buying a phone and giving the number to Twitter which is not going to happen. Good luck twitter, you will need it!


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